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The big Friday is here
Counting begins at 8 am; updates to be announced after every round
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
Finally, the D-day has arrived when the fate of 17 candidates, sealed in EVMs, will be decided. The counting of votes will be held at the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology (CCET), Sector 26, from 8 am onwards tomorrow and counting updates will be announced after every round.

The staff involved in the counting process will reach the counting centre at 6 am. The counting centre has been barricaded to restrict unwanted entry. There will be a heavy deployment of police around the centre.

The candidates who contested the elections for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat and 28 counting agents of each candidate will be allowed to sit inside the hall where counting will be held. The entire counting process will be video recorded.

The voting agents have been asked to reach the counting centre by 7 am.

An official of the UT Election Department said supporters of the candidates would not be allowed near the counting centre.

The returning officer and area returning officers will be seated on the stage to have a clear view of the counting process. 

Info you can use

* Counting staff to report at 6 am

* Counting agents of candidates to reach by 7 am

* Counting begins at 8 am

* Get registered by sending an SMS, REG on 9216164606 to get counting updates after every round on your mobile phone

* Votes polled by each candidate will be updated on the website of the UT Election Department ceochandigarh.nic.in

* An LED screen has been installed outside the counting centre for the live telecast of the counting

* Liquor vends will be closed throughout the day

* The area falling in the 100-metre radius of the counting centre will be restricted for the public 



Tight security arrangements in place; 3,000 cops deployed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
As many as 3,000 policemen have been deployed to maintain law and order in the city during the election results tomorrow. The counting of votes for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat will take place at the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology, Sector 26, from 8 am onwards, where 2,000 policemen will be deployed.

The police have also identified 14 trouble-prone areas for the counting day, where extra force will be deployed. Quick reaction teams and separate teams for victory processions have been constituted. The policemen will be deployed from 5 am tomorrow. A meeting was held by UT IGP RP Upadhyaya to take stock of the security arrangements at the centre.

All wings, including the Police Control Room, traffic, CID and security, have been assigned duties. Police Control Room Gypsies have been assigned duty at the counting centre and with the victory procession by the winning candidate.

The police have planned to provide security in three cordons, covering all gates leading to the counting centre. The outer cordon will have policemen outside the boundary wall of the counting centre. Barricading will be done and nakas will be set up to avoid unwanted entry.

The inner cordon will have law and order arrangements with deployment along the boundary wall and the main entry gate of the counting centre. The last section will be a proximate cordon around the counting centre. Video recording of the area will be done by the police. A fire tender and an ambulance will be stationed at the counting centre.



A day before the result, candidates relax at home
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
Though a bit anxious and jittery, prominent candidates in the fray from the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat spent the day before the counting of votes relaxing at their home. They, however, took out time to plan for the counting day with their party workers.

Congress candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal preferred to unwind at his home with family members. He held a meeting with party members and discussed the plan for the day of counting.

Similarly, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidate Jannat Jahan-ul-Haq spent the day at her home with her family. “I didn’t go anywhere and spent time with my kids; although a brief meeting with party workers was held,” she said. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Gulkirat Kaur Panag spent the day briefing counting agents, organising a drill for them and studying EC guidelines.

Panag tweeted, “Can’t speak for others, I am looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow”.

BJP candidate Kirron Kher held a meeting with election agents of her party at a hotel in Sector 17 this evening. Sources said Kirron also held a brief meeting with party leaders and supporters.



Bansal, Kirron mum on Facebook, Twitter
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
A day before the Lok Sabha election results, a majority of the candidates preferred to remain silent on their social networking sites.

Be it Congress candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal or BJP candidate Kirron Kher, both did not post anything on their social networking accounts.

It was only AAP candidate Gulkirat Kaur Panag, who posted this evening that she spent the day organising a drill for counting agents, briefings and studying EC guidelines, and said she was looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow.

Before this, she had posted a comment on May 12 after the UT Administration had demolished five colonies in Sector 52.

A look at the Facebook and Twitter accounts of BJP candidate Kirron Kher reveals that she last posted a picture of her campaign on her Facebook account on May 8. Similarly, on her Twitter account, she last posted on April 24 in which she had mentioned that she voted in the Mumbai elections.

Congress candidate Pawan Kumar Bansal, who has a Facebook account, had last posted on April 13 wherein he had wished the city residents on the Baisakhi festival.

BSP candidate Jannat Jahan, who was also active on social networking sites during the elections, had last posted some family pictures on her Facebook account on May 4.

Supporters predict victory of their candidates

While candidates preferred to remain silent on the election results, supporters of all political parties are predicting victory of their candidates from the Chandigarh seat.

The supporters have posted various messages and photos on social networking sites.



Punters give Kirron the edge 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
While election results for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat will be out tomorrow, punters here are giving the edge to BJP candidate Kirron Kher over Congress’ Pawan Kumar Bansal and AAP’s Gulkirat Kaur Panag.

A local bookie said they had closed the betting on May 12 and according to them, Bansal’s chances of winning the Chandigarh seat were very less. Therefore, they had placed Bansal at the third position and Kirron Kher at the first position, he said.

However, political experts said people should not consider the predictions of bookies. 



Postmortem hints at poisoning; friend sent to police custody
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
A day after the mysterious death of a college girl at a guest house in Sector 43, the postmortem of the body was conducted today. Though no definite opinion regarding the cause of death was ascertained, doctors conducting the autopsy hinted that death could be due to poisoning. The viscera samples have been sent to the CFSL for a chemical analysis to know the exact cause of the death.

Meanwhile, her friend Mohammad Arshad (29), who was arrested for causing her death in a culpable homicide case, was produced in court today and remanded in police custody for a day.

DSP Surjit Malik said they would interrogate him to know the exact cause leading to the girl’s death. The postmortem report also states that there are no signs of assault and no injuries on the body.

Babita Kashyap (22), a final-year student of Government College, Sector 42, died under mysterious circumstances at a room in a guest house in Sector 43 yesterday. A resident of Shanti Nagar in Mani Majra, Babita had gone there with a youth who was known to her for the past two years. The police had arrested Mohammad Arshad, a taxi driver in Palsora, under Section 304 of the IPC.

The girl had gone to a room in the guest house at the ISBT with her friend Arshad at 8.15 am. The police said the girl reportedly had physical relations with him in the room and then died as she consumed some intoxicant.



Beware! Snake scare days are here again 
Mehakdeep Grewal
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
Cases of snake scare are on the rise. In the past four months, at least 12 cases of snake scare and rescue have been reported with the Department of Forests and Wildlife of the Chandigarh Administration. Among the snakes spotted in the city were three most venomous species -- the common krait, russell viper and cobra.

Officials said the highest number of cases being reported with the department were of the common krait, the country’s deadliest snake which is almost 15 times more poisonous than the cobra.

Deputy Conservator of Forests, Botanical Gardens and Nature Reserve, Kuldeep Sharma said, "The department has a dedicated team of four members -- a range officer, forester, forest guard and snake catcher -- for rescuing snakes. The rescued snakes are released in the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary.”

Sharma said the department had a hotline, which was operational round the clock. The official said the department was equipped with four snake catcher sticks. The official said the number of snakes being spotted would increase during the monsoon.

The official said in case a snake was spotted at home, immediately a cloth should be thrown on the snake and people should not panic.

Capt Suresh Sharma, team leader of Snake Cell, a self-funded nature conservation project, said, “When you confront a snake, do not panic, for it only scares the reptile more.”

He said a majority of the people mistake rat snake for female cobra because of its large size, and they also mistake wolf snake for the common krait, which adds to chaos and often leads to the brutal killing of the reptile by people. Capt Suresh Sharma added that both species were non-venomous and did not pose any major problems and should not be pelted with stones. “The only cure for snakebite is an anti-venom serum injection,” he said.

Experts advise that a snakebite victim should be immediately rushed to a medical facility.

What to do in case of a snakebite

* Keep the victim calm, restrict movement

* The limb, which has been affected by the bite, should be immobilised with a splint and should be kept below the level of the heart. A compression bandage (not tight) should cover the entire limb with the splint.

* Assure the victim and do not let him/her panic. Panic will enhance the heart rate and circulate the venom faster in the body

* Remove any rings or constricting items; the affected area may swell

* No alcohol/hot beverages should be given. The patient should not be allowed to exert himself in any manner

* Do not cover the bite area and puncture marks. The wound should be gently cleaned with an antiseptic

Helpline numbers

* Range Forest Officer, Wildlife Squad: 9417059520

* Forester: 9417216523

* Forest Guard: 9781711501

* Hotline number of the Department of Forests and Wildlife: 4639999

What the doctor says

Dr Gopal Bhardwaj, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, GMSH, Sector 16, said double-vision, paralysis, loosening of muscles and drooping eyes were alarming signs of a venomous snakebite. "When a venomous snake bites, the affected area will always be swollen. If these signs are not seen, there is no reason to panic. In case of a snakebite, the affected area should not be mobilised and the person should be taken to the nearest hospital," he said. 


It won’t be a cakewalk for the winner
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
Unlike the outcome of the 2009 parliamentary elections when Congress candidate, Pawan Kumar Bansal, emerged as a clear cut winner by taking a lead of 58,000 votes, it is not going to be a cakewalk for the winning candidate this time.

This time record 73.84 per cent polling, which otherwise should indicate the vote for change, has made it tougher for all the three stake holders, the Congress, the BJP and AAP to decide on their winning or losing areas before the actual results are out.

In withdrawal from the 2009, when the contest was mainly between the Congress and the BJP, the emergence of AAP has turned the battle in to a triangular contest. The AAP factor seems to have made dent in the traditional vote bank of both the Congress and the BJP.

Even in the general elections prior to 2004, the margin of the winning candidate had been around 20,000. The trend would be indicative this time also.

But the Modi wave and the anti-incumbency factor for the Congress are set to add their colour to tomorrow’s outcome of the result.

A section of voters, who did not favour the Congress due to the anti-incumbency factor, gave their vote to AAP as they did not approve of an outsider in the BJP.The winning probability of the BJP could be only due to the Modi wave and not due to local factors, pointed political analysts.

Winning Candidates over the years

Year Winning candidate Party Voting percentage

1967 C Goyal Bharatiya Jan Sangh 65.4%

1971 Amar Nath Vidyalankar Congress 62.9%

1977 Krishna Kant Bharatiya Lok Dal 67.4 %

1980 Jagan Nath Kaushal Congress 63.9 %

1984 Jagan Nath Kaushal Congress 68.9%

1989 Harmohan Dhawan Janata Dal 65.7%

1991 Pawan Kumar Bansal Congress 57.8%

1996 Satya Pal Jain BJP 58.4%

1998 Satya Pal Jain BJP 53.7%

1999 Pawan Kumar Bansal Congress 48.4 %

2004 Pawan Kumar Bansal Congress 51.1%

2009 Pawan Kumar Bansal Congress 65.5 %

Kirron reprimands counting agents

The BJP candidate, Kirron Kher, reprimanded counting agents who arrived late for a meeting organised at a hotel in Sector 17 to brief the agents about the day of counting.

No preparation for win in advance

Expecting a close fight, none of the candidates have ordered for sweets or dholis in advance. Party leaders claimed that the orders would be made after analysing the winning probability.

Live poll coverage at BJP Office

Bharatiya Janata Party, Chandigarh, is going to show live election coverage through projector at the party office, Kamlam, in Sector 33 on May 16.

Tough for stake holders

This time record 73.84 per cent polling, which otherwise should indicate the vote for change, has made it tougher for all the three stake holders, the Congress, the BJP and AAP to decide on their winning or losing areas before the actual results are out.



UPA will become history: Bedi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government will become history tomorrow as the new leadership will come to power at the Centre.

This was stated by Dr Kiran Bedi, who was in the city to launch a special scholarship scheme for girl students at the Aryans Group of Colleges, today.

Indicating that the BJP will form the next government at the Centre, Dr Bedi said, “The UPA will not be able to make a come back.”

Asked if she would accept a role in the new government, she said, “I haven’t given it a thought but if the party wants, I will offer my services. It will require a lot of re-engineering mentally to be in politics.”

Meanwhile, the scheme will provide 100 per cent scholarship to five meritorious students who score more than 90 per cent marks.

For 25 students scoring 75 per cent and above marks, half of their fee would be waived off, while the other half would be financed by an education loan from the Dena Bank.

Meanwhile, a toll free helpline was also launched to facilitate the registration of students.



Assembly of five or more persons prohibited around counting centre at Mohali
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 15
Special nakas will be set up in the town in view of the counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections tomorrow.

District Magistrate Tejinder Pal Singh Sidhu said there was a ban on gathering of five or more persons within a radius of 200 metres of Shivalik Public School, Phase VI, where the counting of votes for the SAS Nagar and Kharar assembly segments of the Anandpur Sahib parliamentary constituency would be held. Nobody would be allowed to hold meetings or raise slogans in this area.

Sidhu said entry to the counting centre would be permitted only with specially issued photo identity cards. Nobody would be allowed to disturb law and order in the district.

To facilitate the counting process, 14 tables have been placed and 126 officers of the counting staff would be deputed for the work.

Sidhu said mobile phones would not be permitted in the area where the counting of votes would take place. Authorised counting agents would monitor the counting process at their respective tables. EVM engineers would be available to tackle technical problem, if any.

To facilitate the media, special identity cards had been prepared and a media room had been established near the counting centre wherein facilities of internet, fax etc. would be available, he added.



MC serves notices on eating joints
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
Going ahead with the drive against eating joints, wherein, sites are being used for the purpose other than permitted, the Estate Officer, Mohammed Shayin, today issued three-day public notice to violators failing which their premises would be sealed.

In the public notice, the Estate Officer said it had come to notice that certain sites would be sealed as they were violating the building bylaws under the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act, 1952, and Estate Rules, 2007.

The sites are Karan Dhabha, Sector 7, Tandoori Express, Rok All over kabab, Pick N Move Krishna's , Bamboo Curry, Lava, Tikka Freaks - all located in Sector 8 market; La Pino'z Pizza and Jaffa, Nik Bakers, Pizza Foresta - all located in Sector 9; Fire 'n' Grill, Sector 10 and Subway and Quiznos - all located in Sector 11.



40 bus passengers stranded
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
Nearly 40 passengers of a Haryana Roadways bus en route Chandigarh from Rohtak were put to a great hardship following a scuffle between the bus driver and a passenger here yesterday. 

The incident occurred when a passenger, who boarded the bus from Rohtak, refused to get down at a makeshift bus stand on the busy Ambala-Kalka highway in Singhpura village in Zirakpur at about 5.45 pm.



Security arrangements reviewed
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 15
The district administration has claimed to have made elaborated security arrangements to conduct the counting of votes peacefully at counting centres at Government College for Girls, Sector 14, and community centre at BEL Colony, Sector 14, here.

To review the security and other arrangements, the District Election Officer-cum DC SS Phulia and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Panchkula, Ashwin Shenvi, visited the counting centres and directed the police and paramilitary forces to remain vigilant.

To avoid any untoward incident, the police have set up metal detectors at every entry and exit points of the counting centres. To keep an eye on the entire process, CCTV cameras have also been installed at various strategic points that would be monitored from the control rooms set up at both counting centres. LCD and LED screens have also been installed at media centres set up outside the counting centres.

All roads around the premises of the counting centres have been virtually sealed and heavy police force has been deployed around these.

Poll observers hold meeting with leaders

Election observers Sudhir Kochhar and Kiran Kulkarni for Panchkula and Kalka segments of the Ambala LS seat today held a meeting of leaders of different political parties and advised them to abide by the Election Commission guidelines.

They also asked the counting agents of different political parties, the leaders and their supporters not to carry mobile phones and other electronic gadgets inside the counting centres.

They also directed the agents to neither exchange their seats nor tables allotted to them. The strong room would be opened at 7.30am while the counting will be started at 8am sharp. Entry of security personnel to the centres has also been restricted and the entire counting process would be videographed, the observers said.



Substandard food being served to children
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
The Chandigarh Commission for the protection of Child Rights, during their surprise visit to check the preparation of mid-day meal at Shivalik View Hotel today, found shortcomings in the quality of food, infrastructure and cleanliness.

During her visit to the premises where food was prepared, the commission chairperson, Devi Sirohi, found that the quality of rice used for the meal was of low quality.

The team found that the room in which the staff were preparing the food for around 20,000 children was very small and no cleanliness was maintained.

Sources said that the commission had received complaints from the children about the repetitive menu of the meal which was served to them twice a day (morning and afternoon).

The team also found that there was no change in the menu for the week.

The staff deployed at the midday meal centre told the team that the rates for the meal per day/per child was Rs 450 a month and had not been revised since long.

Even though a number of requests had been made to the authorities in the Education Department but no action had been taken so far.

When contacted, Devi Sirohi said that she was going to write to the Education Department and ask them to revise the meal rates and provide better quality and different varieties of food to the children.

She said that the recommendation would be made to the Education Department to improve the infrastructure and to upgrade the cooking technology used to prepare the meals.



Rayat-Bahra students top in Asia
Had designed an all-terrain vehicle weighing 235 kg; built at a cost of Rs 35 lakh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
The students of Rayat-Bahra Engineering College are riding high on their success of bagging the first position in Asia in an international competition held at the University of Texas, USA.

The 10-member team of students had designed an all-terrain vehicle for the competition. Built at a cost of ~35 lakh, the vehicle weighs 235 kg.

The off-road vehicle was an entry in the US Baja race, which was held from April 24-27.

A total of 100 teams took part in the race, which included seven from India.

Lead by Abhinav Sharma, the team has built and designed a prototype of a single-seated vehicle, which is able to traverse through rough terrains, semi-inclined land and even ponds without causing any damage. The vehicle has been built for a non-professional, off-road enthusiast.

Discussing his innovation, Abhinav said, “It was a childhood dream to do something different for the society.”

Earlier in 2008, 2009 and 2012, the students of the college had participated in three international competitions wherein they designed a super mileage car, Formula car and Moonbuggy car, respectively.

Meanwhile, the college stood first in Asia in all the three years.

Creative minds

The team has built and designed a prototype of a single-seated vehicle, which is able to traverse through rough terrains, semi-inclined land and even ponds without causing any damage. 



NavSankalp donates Rs 1 lakh for child’s treatment
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
NavSankalp, the charity association of DAV College, Sector 10, today provided financial assistance to the parents of an ailing child, Amritpal Singh, for his surgery. Amritpal (11), is suffering from hemolytic uremic syndrome.

He has undergone an extensive medical surgery, wherein 10 kits of platelets were used by the PGIMER.

NavSankalp has provided a financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh for the same.

Amritpal’s father Jagjit Singh was unable to afford the medical treatment of his child.



City lad chosen for leadership programme
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
A student of St. John's High School has brought laurels to the school and the city by getting selected for The Shri Ram Ananta Aspen Leadership School Programme. Salman Ahmad was selected from among 56 students from across the country

The school authorities said the Aspen Institute, India, along with The Shri Ram School, have come together to offer a one-week residential programme, open to students from Classes IX-XII from schools across India.

Salman, who comes from a humble background, will participate in The Shri Ram Ananta Aspen Leadership School Programme to be held in Rishikesh from May 18-31.

Meanwhile, the authorities said the curriculum included Socratic dialogue, leadership studies, adventure sports and experiential learning.



PU announces date sheet

Chandigarh, May 15
Panjab University today announced the date sheet for MTech. ME, MEd., B Pharmacy and BSc. (agriculture).

PU Controller of Examination Prof Parvinder Singh said the date sheet had been uploaded on the PU website http://exams.puchd.ac.in/datesheet.php. The courses are M.Tech./ME, MEd. (educational technology), MEd. (guidance and counselling), MEd. (general) 2nd semester (regular and re-appear) May and June, 2014, B. Pharmacy 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semesters (regular and re-appear), B. Pharmacy 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters (re-appear) and B.Sc. (agriculture) 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th semesters (regular and re-appear). — TNS



Students’ council submits memorandum to VC
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
The Panjab University Campus Students Council (PUCSC), today submitted a memorandum to the Vice-Chancellor, raising issues of the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) and the University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (UICET).

As many as 3,500 students are enrolled in various courses in the engineering departments.

The council took up the issue that the students of UIET and UICET should be allowed to take the examinations in the subsequent semesters to get rid of the odd and even semester system.

Usually the students take the examinations of the odd semester in odd only and vice versa. The subsequent semester system examination is a common practice used by the IITs. Upon completion of the first year, few seats remain vacant every year. Also, there are students who are keen on changing their streams.

The council demanded that on the lines of students of the Punjab Engineering College (PEC), the UIET and UICET should be allowed to switch their branches in view of the vacant seats and based on the merit of students.

PUCSC president Chandan Rana said, “Earlier, too, a representation was give to the V-C and a committee was constituted in this regard. However, no decision has been taken by the committee till date.”

The demand

The council has demanded that the University Institute of Engineering and Technology and the University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology be allowed to switch their branches on the lines of the Punjab Engineering College. 



12,000 to take exam in city on Sunday
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 15
More than 12,000 students from across the country will take the PGIMER entrance examination at various centres across the city on May 18.

Adequate security arrangements have been made for the examination, which will be held at 10 centres from 10am to noon on Sunday.

In the wake of the PGIMER MD/MS entrance exam leak two years ago — wherein decoy candidates were caught using sophisticated Bluetooth devices — students will not be allowed to carry pens, jewellery, water-bottles and wrist watches inside the exam hall.

Through the PGIMER’s entrance examination, 160 medical graduates will be selected as Junior Residents in various specialties in the session, commencing in July this year.

In November 2012, the Central Bureau of Investigation sleuths arrested seven decoy candidates from different exam centres, who were found passing information to another 10 beneficiaries using sophisticated Bluetooth devices.

Acting on a tip-off, the CBI team followed the candidates to Chandigarh and caught them at the centres.

Later, the 10 beneficiaries and the mastermind were traced and arrested. The case is now pending before the special CBI court here.

Following the incident, the PGIMER has introduced multi-layered security checks, biometric attendance with videography and photograph verification at the exam centres, while banning nosepins, hairpins and watches inside the halls.

The results of the exam will be declared at 9am on the PGIMER campus on May 19. The results will later be uploaded on its website. The interviews will be scheduled within the next 15 days.



From schools


Buddha Purnima celebrated: Tribune Model School celebrated Buddha Purnima with great zeal and enthusiasm on the campus today. School chairperson Chand Nehru welcomed the guest of honour Ven Eshay Rabgay, a Buddhist monk. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp and a prayer.

Family day celebrations

The tiny tots of DAV Public School, Sector 8-C, celebrated ‘Family Day’ with great excitement and zeal today. The students of LKG to Class II were briefed on the importance of family.

Students bag laurels

The students of St. Xavier’s Secondary School brought laurels to their school by winning the overall trophy in the Uday Singh Memorial Debate Contest hosted by St. Stephen’s High School, Chandigarh. All ICSE-affiliated schools from the tricity took part in the mega event. The winning team comprised Nivedita Sharma and Devanshi.

Tiny tots make clay pots

The tiny tots of St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School, Sector 44-D, learnt the art of making earthen pots today. A potter was called to the school to show the students of kindergarten block how an earthen-pot is made.

International Family Day

The tiny tots of the British School celebrated International Family Day on the campus here today. As many as 100 students of the pre-nursery wing displayed their skills on the stage.

Protsahan Diwas

Hamari Kaksha School celebrated Protsahan Diwas at its Sector 7 branch today. Sandeep Hans, Director Higher Education, UT, was the chief guest. As many as 200 children were given prizes for their achievements in scholastic and non-scholastic fields. Twenty-two students were also given gifts for performing well in studies and other activities. The students of Hamari Kaksha School also organised an English-reading and speaking workshop in collaboration with Strawberry World School, Sector 26. — TNS



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