L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Power plays hide-and-seek
 Unscheduled power cuts turn up heat as demand exceeds 1,250 lakh units in state
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, May 19
Tall claims of the Punjab Government of having surplus power with the ability to meet the demand in the paddy sowing season have fallen flat as unscheduled power cuts are being imposed all across the state.

In the industrial capital of the state, people are facing power cuts of half-an-hour to an hour several times in a day, with the sizzling heat adding to their misery.

Sources in the headquarters of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) at Patiala said generation in all three thermal plants at Bathinda, Ropar and Lehra Mohabbat had gone down drastically as only four units out of the total 14 were operational on Sunday. One unit each at Bathinda and Lehra Mohabbat had tripped on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday.

The sources said erratic and inadequate supply of coal to the thermal plants, coupled with the work to rule agitation by power engineers, had made the going tough for the partly operational thermal plants in the state.

PSPCL officials said as the mercury kept soaring, the power demand in the state had exceeded 1,250 lakh units on Sunday which necessitated certain restrictions and regulatory measures on power supply to all categories of consumers. Even though no power cuts had been imposed officially till now, the power utility was resorting to sudden power cuts through telephonic messages to zonal headquarters of the PSPCL.

While Rachpal Singh, chief engineer (Central Zone) of the PSPCL, confirmed that power cuts of one-and-half-hour were imposed in the city and tubewell connections were also provided less than the stipulated four-hour power supply, residents in several city colonies complained that the supply kept playing hide and seek through the day.

Cuts are being imposed right from early morning at regular intervals even as the paddy sowing season is still quite far away. "It seems that the city residents like those in other parts of Punjab have a tough summer ahead, taking into account the grim power situation prevailing at present," said Rajan Gulati a city-based businessman.


Auditors’ rap for LIT officials
Face wrath for ignoring drain on financial resources
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, May 19
The apathetic attitude of the staff of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) towards a drain on financial resources has earned them the wrath of auditors of the Local Fund Account, Punjab.

During the audit of account for the financial year 2012-13, the auditors raised objections to the payment of electricity bills under various schemes of the trust on an average basis rather than on actual consumption.

A copy of the audit report obtained by Arvind Sharma, secretary, Council of RTI Activists, under the Right to Information Act revealed that energy meters under various schemes of the LIT were either non-functional or faulty with the result that electricity charges for power being supplied for streetlights and parks were being collected by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) on an average consumption basis for the past several years.

The auditors pointed out that under the 256-acre Maharishi Valmiki Nagar schemes, average bills were being raised by the PSPCL for three electricity connections from April 2010 to date while for two other connections, average consumption charges were being collected from November 2012 to date.

Similarly, under the 475-acre Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar scheme, average consumption charges were being paid by the LIT for two connections from March-April 2010 and for another connection from June 2012 to date. Under the 129-acre Rajguru Nagar scheme, the trust was making payment of electricity bill for one connection on an average basis from March 2010 to date.

The audit note states that the staff/officials of the trust ought to take up the matter with the PSPCL authorities, so that faulty or non-functional energy metres could be replaced and the payment of electricity bills was made on an actual consumption basis. “Persistent negligence in this regard can cause financial loss to the LIT by way of excess payment to the PSPCL or penalty if the actual consumption is more than the average consumption being charged,” the auditors said.



Death of five-year-old child at Phambran
Residents fear diarrhoea outbreak
 Express concern over contaminated water supply, approach authorities
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
After the death of a five-year-old boy at Phambran, residents are fearing a diarrhoea outbreak in the area. Complaints pertaining to the supply of contaminated water have been pouring in. Diarrhoea cases have also surfaced at Phambran and the other localities.

Earlier, medical camps were organised by the health department at Fatehgarh Mohalla and Jawaha Nagar Camp from where cases of diarrhoea were reported. After the death of the child yesterday, the department organised a camp in the area.

Dr Anil Verma, district epidimologist, said, "The heath department has been organising camps on a regular basis. Today, a team consisting of the Medical Officer and paramedical staff examined 108 patients. Around 27 old cases of mild diarrhoea were reported. Two new cases of mild diarrhoea also surfaced. No patient was admitted to the hospital. Stool samples and water samples were collected. Most of the patients complained of fever, bodyache, backache, pain in abdomen and other ailments. ORS packets, chlorine tablets and pamphlets were distributed. The remaining patients will be examined tomorrow."

Krishan Balram, a resident of Phambran, said although the health department claimed that the child, who died yesterday, was not diagnosed with diarrhoea, the reality is different. "Contaminated water is being supplied to our area and people are falling sick every day," he said. Sham Sunder, a resident of Sherpur, said the residents of the locality were worried as the water they were getting was not fit for consumption.

Cases of diarrhoea were reported from Fatehgarh Mohalla and Jawaha Nagar.

Wash hands with soap

Washing hands with soap and water can prevent the spread of diarrhoeal diseases in areas where comparatively costly interventions such as supply of safe water and improved sanitation are not possible. The common practice of rinsing hands with water is significantly less effective than washing hands with soap. Fecal pathogens lodge in the natural oils of hands and water alone will not dislodge them. Using soap adds to the time spent washing, removes oils carrying germs and leaves hands smelling pleasant 




MC’s solution—RO system
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
With contaminated water taking a toll on the health of residents in various parts of the city, the Municipal Corporation is mulling over floating tenders for the reverse osmosis system within a week.

Besides, the civic body has prepared a list of areas which need more attention.

Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria said it was more or less the responsibility of the staff to ensure that residents were supplied safe and clean water. "Despite taking preventive measures, our efforts often prove futile as residents lay pipes which come in contact with sewerage pipes. Before laying the pipes, the residents do not seek permission from the MC because of which such problems take place," said the Mayor.

Additional Commissioner, MC, Dr Sumit Jarangal, said it was a matter of grave concern and it was being alleged that due to contaminated water, a child had lost his life. "We are in the process of floating tenders for the RO system. We are going to issue directions to officials. In the next three-four months, the problem will be sorted out. Action will be taken against the guilty", said Dr Jarangal.

With the onset of summer and rainy season, water-borne diseases grip the city. Cases of diarrhoea and gastroenteritis are reported every year from colonies near Buddha Nullah, Hambran Road, Daba Road, Giaspura, Chander Nagar, Subhash Nagar and Hargobind Nagar.

The Municipal Corporation authorities swing into action when a casualty is reported. Day before yesterday, a four-year-old child died due to diarrhoea at Prem Vihar, Noor Wala Road. Area residents and the family of the deceased alleged that the child died after drinking contaminated water. 



Stubble creates trouble, pollutes air
 Farmers defy Deputy Commissioner’s orders, continue to burn straw
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Ludhiana is one of the most polluted cities in the world, courtesy industrial waste and stubble burning. Despite Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal instructing farmers not to burn stubble, the practice continues unabated.

After harvesting wheat from fields, the farmers burn the stubble. This not only adds to the air pollution, but also poses a threat to the lives of residents.

A number of residents approach doctors with one complaint or the other every day. The number of residents suffering from respiratory diseases is on the rise. The burning of stubble also causes skin allergy.

Aggarwal said, "As far as awareness level is concerned, everybody knows about the ban on stubble burning. In a few districts of Punjab, some entrepreneurs have set up power units where stubble is used. Muktsar and Faridkot already have such plants. NGOs, private agencies and Punjab Agricultural University need to put their heads together to solve the problem."

NGOs create awareness

Dr Arvind Kaur Walia, a city-based environmentalist and head of the Ludhiana chapter of the NGO State Vikas Forum, said: “We were unable to meet officials of the district administration during the elections. We visited six villages and asked residents not to burn stubble. We apprised them of its ill-effects. On May 20, we will go to Sheriyan village. Our efforts did not go in vain as some farmers refrained from burning stubble in their fields.” Dr Arun Mitra, general secretary, Bharat Jan Gyan Vigyan Jattha, an NGO, said, “Due to the elections, we could not do anything. Last year, we had launched awareness campaigns. We also delivered lectures to sensitise farmers against the ills of stubble burning. We will encourage them to use stubble in their fields.” 



Ludhiana becomes fifth city in India to have 4G services
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Ludhiana today became the fifth city in the country to have 4G services on mobile devices and the first city where the services have been launched simultaneously on mobile devices, Internet dongle and customer premise equipment(CPE) which is equivalent to Wi-Fi router.

Manu Sood, CEO, Upper North, Bharti Airtel, said after Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata and Chandigarh, Ludhiana was the fifth city where 4G services had been launched. "Punjab is an important market and the city has a large customer volume," he said.

On mobile devices, Airtel 4G services can currently be used on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c apart from Xolo LT 900 and LG G2. He said the company was offering 4G services as 23 MHz and only these four mobile handsets were compatible for using 4G services.

“Apart from the mobile handsets, 4G services can be experienced on Airtel 4G Dongle, Wi-Fi CPE,” he said. He said consumers of Ludhiana would get high speed Internet on wireless network and customers could experience 4G by upgrading to USIM (Universal SIM) or 4G SIM. USIM shall be free with the purchase of dongle or CPE, it is available for Rs 49 for mobile users.

Many plans are available at 4G services and the customers can experience live demos of the Internet speed at the company’s outlet in Sarabha Nagar. 



Two youths attacked
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Two persons suffered injuries after an eatery owner attacked them at Hargobind Nagar. The injured have been identified as Prabhjot and Sahil. They were bashed up with rods used for baking chapaties in tandoor.

The incident took place when Sahil, along with his brother Rachit and friends Sahil and Salem, visited the eatery. While having food they had a heated argument with the eatery owner, who along with his employees, attacked the youths. They were rushed to the CMCH.



summer vacations
Private schools announce dates
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Most of the schools in the city have announced their summer vacation dates. The vacations at DAV Public School would be starting on June 1 and would conclude on July 13. Meanwhile, the management of Greenland Senior Secondary School has decided to start the vacations from May 26 till July 6.

The vacations at Guru Nanak Public school would start from June 1 and conclude on July 8. BVM School will start the summer vacations on June 1 to July 13. While the vacations would start from May 31 at Guru Nanak International School and conclude on July 9.

Meanwhile, a number of schools have planned to organise summer camps and other activities. Schoolteachers have also asked the students to take part in hobby classes during the vacations.

Not only this, the schools have been planning local and international tours for the students.

Changed pattern of homework

The private schools in the city have been changing the pattern of homework during the summer vacations. The schools authorities seem interested to sharpen the creative skills of students during vacations. It has been observed that schools have prescribed the students to come with any creative project work instead of written work.

Earlier, the students used to submit heavy written work after the vacations. But with the change of trend most of the private schools nowadays give project work to sharp the creative skills of students.

Ravinder, a teacher at a school, said, “Vacations are to distress the students from work load. So, it is not fare to assign a lot of written work to them. I think they should be relaxed rather than tensed.” 



Health Dept to distribute deworming medicines in govt schools on May 23 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
The Health Department will be distributing deworming medicines to around two lakh students studying in government schools and aanganwaris in the region on May 23. Instructions have been issued by director health to distribute the medicines and the department is preparing in full swing for this round of medication.

Dr Sanjeev Hans, district immunisation officer, said schools had already been informed about the medication. Primary students who get their mid-day meal at schools will be given medicine after their meal and senior students have been asked specifically to bring their lunch on May 23 as the medicine will be given to them, which cannot be consumed with empty stomach, Hans said. Those students who will remain absent on the day will be given their dose next day.

“The second round of medication will be repeated after six months i.e. in November. Deworming is necessary in kids as it hinders growth and also results in anaemia sometimes. All the instructions have been passed to the schools and the Health Department plans to make this round of medication a success,” added Dr Hans. 

Experts take

Q What are intestinal worms?

A Intestinal worms are of different types, namely ring worms, whip worms, round worms. They are parasitic in nature, i.e. they live off their host. The infected child shows symptoms such as malnutrition, stomach ache, vomiting, weakness and failure to gain weight as per their age. In order to kill these parasites, paediatricians recommend a child should go in for deworming regularly—a process where a child is given medication to kill intestinal worms.

Q When should children be dewormed?

A Ideally, a child should get dewormed six months after birth, since this is the time when they tend to touch various things and put their hands in their mouth. It is important for parents to remember that the deworming dose should be repeated once every six months even if the child does not show symptoms of intestinal worms. The practice should be followed because the deworming medication kills only adult worms and not their eggs.

Q What are the symptoms of intestinal worms?

A The most common symptoms are itching in the anal region, loss of appetite, increase in the sugar intake and grinding of teeth (while this is not directly due to the worms, it is a sign of some underlying medical condition). Some children may even have worms coming out of their anus while passing motion. In some cases they may show signs of excessive hunger. Excessive hunger is usually a sign that the body is craving nutrition, which is usually due to a parasitic infection. 


* Maintain proper hygiene in the house

* Keep an eye on what the child is touching or putting in the mouth

* Wash the child’s hands with soap and water as often as possible (at least 10 times) in a day

* Ensure that the child always wears shoes while going outside the house, especially in muddy areas

* Domestic help, who handles the child, should maintain hygienic living standards in order to avoid passing the infection to the child



Chaura Bazar, Akalgarh Market remain shut as traders protest against PSPCL
Demand management of loose, mangled wires that trigger fire incidents
Tribune News Service

Shopkeepers shout slogans outside the office of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited; and shops closed at Chaura Bazar in Ludhiana on Monday.
(Top) Shopkeepers shout slogans outside the office of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited; and shops closed at Chaura Bazar in Ludhiana on Monday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, May 19
A day after a fire broke out in Chaura Bazar, destroying stocks worth lakhs of rupees at a garment showroom, traders of Akalgarh Market and Chaura Bazar staged a protest outside the office of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) here today.

The shopkeepers shouted slogans, demanding proper management of mangled wires that hang loosely at Akalgarh Market and lead to short circuits, triggering fire incidents in the area.

Shopkeepers, who had shut their establishments, sat on a dharna for two hours, before senior officials of the PSPCL came there to pacify them. The officials promised to address the problem, following which the protesters lifted the dharna.

One of the shopkeepers, Gagandeep Singh, criticised the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation for not having an adequate number of employees in the Fire Brigade.



Veteran Congress leader ask PPCC chief Bajwa to resign
Our Correspondent

Khanna, May 19
Veteran Congress leader and former member, Disciplinary Committee, PPCC, GD Joshi in a statement demanded resignation from PPCC president Partap Singh Bajwa. He hold Bajwa responsible for the defeat of Congress in the state as he had failed to gear up party activists. Joshi asked how Bajwa can lead the party in the state as he has lost in his own and his wife’s constituency during the elections of Lok Sabha.

He alleged that Bajwa adjusted the handpicked persons, friends and relatives of leaders on key posts and ignored the claims of senior functionaries and laid the foundation of poor performance of the party in the state.

Joshi hold Bajwa responsible for illogical allotment of tickets ignoring tested Congressmen.

He demanded that Bajwa should step down immediately in the interest of party so that party could be saved in the state from more desertions and can capture lost vote bank .



Mercy chance students await exam datesheet
Our Correspondent

Doraha, May 19
The students appearing under mercy chance for MA, MCom and MSc annual examination for Part-I and II seem to be at the mercy of Panjab University for the release of fresh date.

Earlier, these exams were going to be held from 3rd May onwards. The students however rue that along with their roll numbers, PU sent them old datesheet. According to the old date sheet the exams were suppose to begin from May 3.

“As we began preparing accordingly, it appeared on the university website that the exams for these classes under mercy or improvement chance have been postponed due to administrative reasons and that the revised datesheet will be shortly notified,” said one such candidate. “Since then and till this date, I have been visiting the Panjab University website daily but the date sheet has not been issued. The exams of the semester classes are going to begin from May 23 and PU might conduct the mercy chance exams along with the semester exams.

“It has been nearly fifteen days now that we are waiting for the fresh datesheet. The Panjab University should at least tell us the reason for the delay,” said another candidate.

“Not even a single person is ready to tell us anything about the release of the fresh date sheet. It appears that even after giving thousands of rupees to the university as fees, we are still at its mercy as we have simply no idea as to when the date sheet is going to be released or it sometimes appears as if the university has forgotten about the conduct of these exams,” said a student. Prof Arun Singla, centre superintendent at one of the local centers said they have no idea about the date of the mercy exams as there is no information has been issued by the Panjab University. “It is being planned that these exams may be conducted in the month of June after the semester exams. But everything shall be known only after the final release of the fresh date sheet,” said a university official on the condition of anonymity.



Kitchlu Nagar shopkeepers flout norms
 Encroach upon the corridor outside shops, officials look the other way
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
While the authorities claim to be working hard to present a favourable action-taken report on the removal of encroachments to the Punjab and Haryana High Court, new violations galore in many areas.

The corridor of the main market at Kitchlu Nagar has been encroached upon by shopkeepers, but the officials concerned seem to be least bothered.

Some shopkeepers have gone to the extent of blocking the corridor by constructed walls to store their material in the enclosure.

Ashu Jain, a resident, said around 10 of the 15 shopkeepers had encroached upon the corridor by constructing permanent walls.

"We have complained to the authorities many times, but to no avail. No official is bothered to take action against the violators,” said Jain.

Another frequent visitor to the market said during rains, a person could not even take shelter in the corridors.

"The shopkeepers have openly encroached upon the public land. These are influential persons against whom officials do not take any action,” said the visitor.



Anganwadi workers warn govt against delay in salaries
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
All-India Punjab Anganwadi Workers Union staged a protest outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office here today. A large number of anganwadi workers and helpers took part in the protest.

President of the district unit Nachatar Kaur said the state government had converted the Central grant from non-plan to plan.

“It would affect anganwadi workers, as they will not receive salaries for next few months,” she said.

The workers warned the state government that if their salaries were delayed, they would intensify the protest.



Mayor, civic body officials visit Gunda Nullah
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria along with Additional Commissioner Dr Sumit Jarangal and other senior municipal corporation officials visited Gunda Nullah in the Islam Ganj area here today.

After the inspection, the Mayor said, "The area is in a deplorable condition. It needs to be developed on a priority basis.”

No headway made in covering stream

Tall claims made by the MC regarding covering the stream have fallen flat, as even after several years Gunda Nullah, near the Civil Hospital, continues to pose a threat to residents in the area.

Yesterday, an auto-rickshaw driver had a narrow escape when his vehicle broke the wall constructed along the stream.

The work to cover the nullah has been initiated many times, but for one reason or the other, it gets stalled. For past two years, nothing has been done in the regard.

Area residents continue to suffer

"We have requested the area councillor and officials of the civic body to cover the nullah, but no one has come to our rescue. It is very dangerous to cross the nullah at night, as at times streetlights don’t work", said Raghbir Kumar, a shopkeeper in the area.

A resident complained of the nullah emitting foul smell throughout the day.

"We have to bear with the foul smell all the time. During the rainy season, it becomes difficult to live here, with mosquitoes and flies all around us. Crores of rupees are being spent on the development of the city, but covering the nullah seems to be nowhere on the priority list of the authorities", said Sarabjit Kaur, a resident.

The Mayor, however, said the MC should not be blamed for everything.

"Residents should not throw garbage in the nullah. We are doing our bit; the people, too, must share the responsibility,” said Gohalwaria.



‘Sooner they learn to save money, brighter will be their future’ 

A recent directive of the Reserve Bank of India now allows children above the age of 10 years to operate a savings bank account independently. Ludhiana Tribune spoke to parents and children about this directive.

"Children these days are living in a world of cut-throat competition. The sooner they learn to handle their finances, the better they will do as they grow up in these fast-paced times. It is a good step to allow children to operate their bank accounts on their own." — Avtar Singh, a resident

"It is a great step. We can learn to save money for our higher education. We also save our pocket money in piggy banks at home, but having a bank account is a better way of saving money. In case I want to buy something, I can save my pocket money in a bank account and purchase it later when I have enough money to do so. " — Eknoor Kaur, a student

"This directive will have a positive result as children will now get more conscious about saving money. Learning the value of money and managing money at an early age in life will make them stand in a good stead, as they grow up. For children, this is one of the first practical steps towards learning to manage finances." —Gurpreet Kaur, a resident

"I think allowing children to operate accounts independently is a good initiative. For transactions to take place, however, parents must countersign. Children must not be allowed to operate their accounts without any supervision." —Gurpreet, a resident

"It is a good initiative. As children, nowadays, are savvier than the previous generations in terms of technology and finance, this step will allow them to learn the ways to handle money at an early age." — Preesha Kumar, a resident



New session begins

Ludhiana: A hawan was organised at Green Land Convent School, New Subhash Nagar, to seek the blessings of the Almighty at the commencement of the new session. The entire staff and students of the school participated in the holy act. They offered ahuti and prayed to God for the prosperity of the school. Students and teachers also recited melodious hymns.

Students enter national level of science expo

Students of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, won laurels in the CBSE Science exhibition 2014 held at Sanskriti KMV School, Jalandhar. Models based on the theme of 'Scientific and Mathematical innovations' and sub-theme- 'Environment' were prepared. Model named 'Energy Self Reliant Zero discharge campus' got selected for the national level. The model was presented by Devashish and Pushkar, both students of Class XII of the school. Manager OP Sabharwal and Principal Bandana Sethi appreciated the efforts and hard work of the teachers' in-charge, Seema Gupta and Narender Singh Rawat, and the team of six students.

Pool party

ABC Montessori, BRS Nagar, organised a 'beat the heat' splash pool party for the tiny tots on Monday. Students of LKG and UKG enjoyed the rain dance on rocking music. Colorful balls and balloons were thrown in the pool. The tiny tots dressed in their swimming costumes relished tasty mock tails, slushes and mixed fruit punches.

Student brings laurels

Harjot Singh, a student of Class IX of Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, has brought laurels to the school. He has secured the highest grade across Punjab in the International Assessments for Indian Schools (IAIS-2013) in Science. He has been awarded by the Educational Assessment Australia, of the University of New Wales, Australia. Students from 16 countries across the world participated in this test and Harjot is one of the students out of 15 schools in Punjab who has earned an EAA- Macmillan Medal. He has also brought laurels to the school by securing 103rd rank in the National Financial Literacy Test. Principal Mona Singh congratulated him and said he would serve as a role model for the young nanakians.

Freshers’ party

Doraha: A freshers' party was organised at Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School, Doraha, for the students of Nursery class. Tiny tots came dressed in gorgeous attires. They performed a cake-cutting ceremony in the presence of school treasurer Harjiwanpal Singh Gill and principal DP Thakur. — TNS



INIFD comes up with academy for interior designers in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Bollywood actress Mahek Chahal inaugurated the INIFD Academy of Interiors (IAOI) in Ludhiana today. Chahal said she was much closer to the world of design and had her own clothing line. Her mother is an interior designer. So, she feels connected to the field and appreciates good designs.

She added that regular design education was must for the students to become established designers in future. She guided the students and aspiring youngsters to join the fastest growing Interior Design Industry.

The INIFD Academy of Interiors is a part of nationwide chain for the exclusive interior design programmes. These are supported by international industry giants such as Duravit Living Bathrooms, CIA International and Hello Kitty Furniture as knowledge partners. These global brands will share knowledge with the interior design students of IAOI, said Arvind Gupta, INIFD centre director, Ludhiana.

The academy is offering two-year PG specialisation programme, three-year specialisation and two-year advanced programme.

At IAOI, students will have practical exposure and mentorship from industry experts. Leading industry experts have joined hands with the academy to provide mentorship, practical and latest learnings of the world of interior design. Another Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna is the chief mentor for the academy along with other mentors such as Massimo Ottone- head of CIA international, Italy/Hello Kitty; vastu expert Sundeep Kochhar; Wasim Khan- leading interior designer; Tarak Shah- Indian head of the Italian furniture chain ‘Minotti’, besides other experts will visit the academy.

A faculty member at the academy said there was a vast requirement of trained professionals in interior designing as spaces are squeezing and people are becoming conscious about the design, style along with optimum utility of interiors- be it offices, apartments, malls, hotels and residences. Career opportunities for interior design experts are growing in various areas like real estate, hospitality, lighting design, visual merchandising, exhibitions, home and retail, the faculty member added.



Scholastic college students receive awards

Ludhiana, May 19
The 14th annual prize distribution function was organised at the Partap College of Education in Ludhiana today. A ceremonial farewell-cum-good luck party was also organised for the students passing out to mark the culmination of the academic session 2013-14. Prof JP Singh, chairman, and Dr Ramesh Inder Kaur Bal, finance secretary, were the chief guests.

Principal Dr Balwant Singh read out the annual report of the college and applauded the untiring efforts put in by the partapians throughout the year. Students were honoured for their excellent achievements in academics and co-curricular activities throughout the session. — TNS



DC Design showroom opened

Dilip Chhabria's DC Design showroom was inaugurated in the city today. Their 2014 hybrid concept car Elaron was on display, apart from modified cars with interesting features including lounge design concepts were on display. MD of the company Bharat Siddheshwar Rai said this will be the first SUV with Targa top. He said DC Design has been launched in Ludhiana ahead of their launch in any other city of Punjab and added that another showroom will be launched later this year in Chandigarh.

President elected

Dr AR Sharma, CMD, Ricela Health Foods has been elected as the president of the International Association of Rice Bran Oil. Dr Xuebing Xu, head, Wilmar Global R&D Center, handed over the charge of the Association to Dr Sharma at the first International Conference held at Wuhan, China. The conference was organised by the association to create awareness about the health benefits of rice bran oil. At the conference, Ricela Health Foods Limited was also awarded for its outstanding contribution in the field of production and promotion of rice bran oil as healthy cooking oil in India.

Printers hike prices

During a meeting of the Offset Printers’ Association held yesterday under the chairmanship of Kushl Kumar Jain it was unanimously decided to increase the prices at least by 20 per cent with immediate effect. This increase may adversely affect the prices of other commodities because of increase in the prices of packaging, said Kushl Jain. He further added that printers are compelled for the increase because for the last 3 to 4 months the prices of kraft paper, duplex board and other kind of paper has shown an increase of more than 30 per cent and it now impossible to withstand the increase, especially when the labour cost for skilled and semi-skilled workforce has also increased.

Plywood industry seeks lower power rates

Inderjit Singh Sohal, President and Ashok Juneja, Chiarman, Punjab Plywood Manufacturing Association (PPMA) viewed in it’s office bearers meeting held today that the entire plywood industry of Punjab has already been severally hit twice by PSPCL by increase in electricity rates. Now, third time electricity rates increase is on cards which will severally hit the entire industry again. Electricity rates on agro-based plywood units shall be reduced by 25 per cent to help the industry. — TNS



Better Ludhiana— medical menace
Admn must wake up from slumber
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 19
Quackery has become a flourishing business in rehabilitation colonies and slum clusters across the city. A number of deaths have been reported due to mishandling of cases by fake doctors. The district administration and the Health Department have failed to check the mushrooming of these “medical practitioners”. Ludhiana Tribune talked to a cross-section of society on the issue.

Poor end up spending more while trying to save money

Quacks are doing a brisk business and also advertising openly on television, while the authorities are not doing much to curb them. Poor people who cannot afford expensive treatment fall prey to them. Finally, however, they have to spend more money to get proper medical treatment when their ailments get complicated due to wrong medications. State-of-the-art facilities should be provided at the Civil Hospital and government-run healthcare centers, so that people do not feel the need to go to quacks to save a few bucks. — Jagrup Singh, retired government employee

Quacks openly advertise on television

Quacks target illiterate people who can be easily mislead and fleeced. They openly advertise on television, making tall claims. The surprising part is that the authorities concerned are not taking any action against them. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with seriously. — Monika Khurana, president, Women and Children Welfare Council

Operating right under the administration’s nose

It is shocking that some quacks operate right under the nose of the administration, i.e. from outside the Mini-Secretariat. Setting up their kiosks near the Deputy Commissioner's office, these fake doctors are throwing down the gauntlet to the authorities. It is time to wake up and get rid of this practice. — Avneet Kaur, schoolteacher

Why act only after receiving complaint?

The Health Department must take action against this medical menace. Officials says they act only when they receive any complaint, but what about those quacks who are openly sitting on the roadside and. The people, too, should be aware of the difference between a doctor and a quack. — Kawaljit Singh Shankar, BSNL employee

Government must take responsibility

The government must act responsible and check the mushrooming of quacks who are posing a grave threat to people with their fraudulent medical practices. They are making a quick buck with impunity, while the government sees the other way. — Ritu Johar, a professional

WE must know difference between doctor, quack
"Blaming the government for proliferation of quacks is not right. The onus lies on people as well. When government-run healthcare facilities are running in the city, then why do people go to quacks? We must understand the difference between a trained medical practitioner and a quack" — Vinod Sharma, shopkeeper




Phoolka slams civic body

AAP leader HS Phoolka blamed official and elected representatives for diarrhea death in Prem Vihar, Ludhiana. Criticizing the Municipal Corporation and the area councillor of inaction, he said the loss of an innocent life could have been avoided had the authorities taken timely action on receiving complaints of contamination of water. He further said immediate corrective measure should be taken to avoid any further loss of life and to give relief to the area residents. He demanded compensation for the aggrieved family and action against the officials responsible for the lapse.

Training for Army aspirants

Camp Commandant, C-Pyte Camp Ludhiana today in a release issued said Punjab government will be giving training to the youngsters who are keen to join Indian Army. Training for the written test and physical test will be given at ITI, Gill Road, from June 1 to July 31. Those interested in getting training should get character certificate, un-married and residence proof from village sarpanch. In addition to this they should get pictures with turban and patka. For any other 
query aspirants can contact 0161-2491883.

Meeting held

Meeting of District Taxation Bar Association was held here today. The newly elected team for the 2014-15 was given a warm welcome by the last year team. Newly elected president Arun Kanwal, vice-president Jaswinder singh, secretary Saket Garg, joint secretary Naresh Gaba took over charge. During the meeting new president thanked to all the members for the vote and support and gave assurance to all the members of DTBA (Sales Tax) to solve the problems regarding the new amendments, VAT refunds and password.

NGO flays BJP activists

Office-bearers of the NGO Action Against Corruption show a copy of ‘Modi Chalisa’ issued by the BJP activists in Ludhiana. A local NGO Action Against Corruption criticised the BJP activists who made the parody of Hanuman Chalisa, which went viral on social networking websites. Chandar Kant Chadda, national president of Action Against Corruption said the BJP activists presented the Narendra Modi as God by distorting the Hanuman Chalisa. It is highly condemnable and BJP should inform their activists the difference between God and human beings.
Office-bearers of the NGO Action Against Corruption show a copy of ‘Modi Chalisa’ issued by the BJP activists in Ludhiana. photo: inderjeet verma

Fogging schedule

Municipal Corporation has prepared a fogging schedule, which will continue till May 31. A meeting in this regard was held at Zone D office. The fogging will be done as a precautionary measure from diseases like malaria, dengue, chickungunya. Fogging will be done in all the four zones on daily basis and the vulnerable areas will be on the priority list. — TNS



410-kg poppy husk seized, 3 held
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, May 19
The local police have nabbed three members of a notorious gang of drug peddlers and seized huge quantity of poppy husk from them. The arrested accused had been running the illicit trade under garb of transport business, were identified as Buta Khan of Dehliz, Aslam of local ward number 7 and Shaukat Ali of ward number 5 Ahmedgarh. Sardar Ali, the driver of the tempo succeeded in dodging the police.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Amargarh Gurmit Singh said separate police parties supervised by SHO City Harvinder Pal Singh had seized over 410 kg of poppy husk from a tempo and Indica car intercepted on approach roads of the town.

The contraband weighing 360 kg was packed in 8 plastic bags, being carried in the tempo and 52 kg of the banned product was packed in small plastic bags being transported in Indica car.

Investigations revealed that the accused had been supplying drugs and narcotics for a long period. None of them was ever booked or caught as they had been running the illicit business under garb of taxi business and local transport.

The police have yet to ascertain source of supply and probable recipients of the present consignment. It is suspected that the accused had been receiving supplies from some inter-state gang and retailing the same in villages of the area.



Hockey festival kicks off at Jarkhar
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, May 19
Ludhiana Sports Club, Jagtar XI of Jarkhar and Sant Fateh Singh Club of Dolan, Jagraon, began their campaigns with victories in the senior section of the Fifth Olympian Prithipal Singh Hockey Festival that began at Bibi Surjit Kaur AstroTurf Stadium in Jarkhar village near here today.

The opening match played between Ludhiana Sports Club and Friends Club of Doraha remained unresolved at the sounding of the whistle, as both sides were tied on 8-8. In the penalty shootout, the local outfit came out triumphant 13-12.

For the winners, Daljit Singh Butala, Lovejeet Singh, Sukhpreet Singh, Harminder Pal Singh, Vishawjeet Singh and Ramanpreet Singh sounded the board to help their side romp home victorious. Ravinder Singh, Gurjit Singh, Sukhjit Singh and Harkamal Singh, meanwhile, enabled the Doraha team to wage a spirited battle.

In the second match, Jagtar XI, Jarkhar, got the better of Grewal Club of Kila Raipur 7-6.

For Jagtar XI, Gursatinder Singh, captain of the team, scored three goals while Maninder Singh Happy, Damanjeet Singh, Mandeep Singh and Tejinder Singh contributed with a goal each. For the losing side, Kuljit Singh and Sandeep Singh chipped in with two goals each. Navjot Singh and Jasvir Singh accounted for one goal each to reduce the margin.

In the third match, Sant Fateh Singh Club of Dolan defeated Akalgarh-XI 5-2. Taranpreet Singh and Gagandeep Singh scored a brace each while Joga Singh added a goal for the winners. For the losers, a goal each came off the sticks of Manjinder Singh and Jagdeep Singh.

Earlier, Bhai Surjit Singh Sahnewal, chief patron, Gurdwara Manji Sahib, Jarkhar, declared the festival open. Jarkhar Hockey Academy president Joginder Singh Grewal and chairman Surinder Singh Khanna welcomed the participating teams and wished them good luck.



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