Couple chemistry
It started in 2008 and is still going on strong. Mr and Mrs Sodhi of Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah tell us why Gokuldham has become a globally loved society

This chap had a strong resolve. He studied pharmacy, worked as a medical representative for a few months but left soon to be Mr Sodhi of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. The first episode was on air in July 28, 2008 and is still enjoying a good run. Gurucharan Singh is known world over as energetic Mr Sodhi and is a favourite of young and old alike. In Chandigarh, on Friday with his on-screen wife Mrs Sodhi (Dilkush), the Sodhis from Gokuldham society regale those present with interesting anecdotes from real and reel life…

Acting bug

Fond of films, I always wanted to be an actor. When a dear friend of mine suggested that I should cut my hair and move to Mumbai, I told him that I will be an actor with my hair by Waheguru's grace. I trained in acting, landed in Mumbai and in seven months' time I got Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. It's been a super journey ever since. I did a few more projects but couldn't do much, for Taarak Mehta… is quite exhausting.

Fan following

As Mr Sodhi, I have got immense recognition. Fans come on the sets and also track me down wherever I am. I duly take the feedback and try to keep the character strong. I am most touched by kids' love. Playing it so long, Guru and Mr Sodhi are almost identical except for two things—Mr Sodhi drinks, I don't; he is married and I am not. I credit SAB team and our creative writer and producer Asit Kumar Modi for keeping the serial fresh despite the long run. I did take a break from it but came back on the demand of the audience. Now, I am with Tarak…till it runs. Maybe films after that but yes I will maintain my sardar look.

Game for it

It's been fun-filled times in our society. Gokuldham Cricket League is on and we, Mehta Ke Maharathi, are all set to take on Jetha Ke Jaanbaaz. I got to play some sixes and fours and really enjoyed myself. With IPL just over and Indian team's recent performance in Bangladesh, our audience is sure to enjoy our game and the show.

Worldwide fame

The show's popularity has amazed me on a number of occasions. I was in the US, when at a Subway store in Los Angeles, an Indian settled in Fiji and the store owner treated me with warm hospitality. I am a vegetarian and both made sure I had warm home-cooked food throughout my stay. Even in London sometime earlier this year, as I walked out of restaurant Pind Baluchi, I was looking for a transport. A car stopped, asked me if I was Mr Sodhi of Tarak Mehta's and dropped me at my destination.

Dilkush vs Mrs Sodhi

Taarak versus Jetha in Taarak Mehta... In real life, Dilkush looks nothing like Mrs Roshan Sodhi of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Dressed in a blue short dress, she is not a simpleton like her character too much in love with her husband, kid and household. A hundred ads old and with a long stint on telly, Dilkush has found home in the popular show. "I am all for fun-filled realistic situations that our show brings out," says Dilkush. This Mumbai girl takes immense pride in the show's popularity, "Fans regularly visit our sets; when they say 'Roshan bhabhi, aap to hamare ghar roz aate ho, aaj hum aapke ghar aaye hain,' I am floored every time. Dilkush agrees that 12- hour shifts and 20 days or more a month do get hectic, but the fresh script and a happy team keep it going. "Fans actually think that we live in a society and want to buy a home there," giggles the girl who enjoyed the ramp and ad world before moving on to the small screen.

world music day
Wired for sound
How do you pay a tribute to this wonderful phenomenon called music? By playing the best music of course! Chandigarh-based bands are all geared up to do just that 
Amarjot Kaur

Parth, the drummer of Since music, in all its capacity to transcend all mental and physical barriers, opens the doors to the soul, it is necessary that one pays tribute to music. Here's how Chandigarh is celebrating the World Music Day today…

Green chorus

He has been in the music scene since 2011 and they were the finalists for Channel V Launch Pad. They recently won the Teen Till I Die event organised by Spice. With Gurnazar on vocals, Sahil on lead guitar and vocals, Bhupinder on drums, Ravi on flute, Deepak on Dhol, Gurkanwar on guitar, Nitin on bass guirar and Abhishek David, The Green Chorus are here to rock you!

All and about: "We play sufi, Bollywood and Punjabi. We have original songs too, including Sunny Leone, Dukhre, and Ek Paisa Dooji sharab and we also do covers," says Gurnazar.

Lend them an ear: The band has given the songs and music for Punjabi film, Yaran da Catchup, while the lyrics have been penned by Gurnazar. The band will perform these songs at the venue. "We will be celebrating the success of local music and bands on this music day," says Gurnazar.

Time and place: 9.30 pm at Satva.

The soul

The Sufi fusion band formed in 2009, The Soul has been performing in the city for two years now. The band comprises Sagar Bhatia on lead vocals, JD Verma on Keyboards, Bobby Pathak on percussions, Gaurav Ghelot on drums and Surjeet Gupta on flute.

All and about: "We are a fusion band. We fuse Sufi with jazz, blues and rock music," says Sagar Bhatia.

Lend them an ear: "On the World Music Day, we will be celebrating the sprit of Indian classical music as we will fuse the classical thumri and taane, and perform Bulle Shah's kalams," says Sagar while adding that he will also be performing originals.

Time and place: 10.30 at Peddlers.

Fete de la Musique

Like every year, Alliance Françoise is celebrating the Fe?te de la Musique, which allows entries from across the city to perform at the open stage.

All and about: It is a way found by French Ministry of Culture to bring people out on the streets to share their talents and music.

Lend them an ear: For the sheer uncertainty and the sound of local music, there is all the reason why you should be attending this festival if you like the raw sound!

Time and place: 7pm to 10 pm at Alliance Francaise.

The Light Ear

The band was formed in December 2013 and it is a four-piece band. Although the formation of The Light Ear is fairly new, the artistes in the band have been playing and making music for years. While Atul Sharma is a lead vocalist of the band and the alumni of Trinity College Rockschool London, Parth Julka is the drummer, who has been performing for the past eight years with artistes like Yo Yo Honey Singh. Meanwhile, VRock is the bassist and Harsimran is the guitarist of the band, who is also from the Trinity College Rockschool London.

All and about: "We like to play classic rock from the 60s and 70s. However, we do not like sticking to any genre in particular," says Atul Sharma.

Lend them an ear: "We will essentially be performing EDM and that too live. Also, the songs that will be performed will be ranging from the 60's era to 2014," says Parth, the drummer of the band. The band will also be performing a set of classics and will be paying a tribute to AR Rahman, House Mafia, and other pop artistes.

Time and place: 9.30 pm at the Courtyard, Elante Mall.

The Local Train

Formed in 2009, The Local Train comprises Sahil on drums, Paras is on the lead guitar, Raman Negi on Acoustic guitar and vocals and Ramit, who is the bassist for the band. The band has performed across the country, including the Hard Rock Café, Delhi and it is one of the city's oldest independent band.

All and about: The band is essentially a Hindi rock band and the music of this band borders along the political and social parameters, while they also have a couple of love songs.

Lend them an ear: "We will be playing all our original songs in the gig, some of them which are also from our new album that's titled Aalas ka Paidh. Also, we will be screening the music video of our song, Aaogay Tum Kabhi for the first time, which you will also hear on MTV and other music channels," says Ramit.

Time and place: 7.30 pm at the courtyard of Elante mall. 


Karan has been a part of Chandigarg-based band Swastik and he performed at Leap Frog in Coke Studio at MTV.

All and about: He will be performing an acoustic set with the guitarist, Nitin Prashar, and he will be doing covers and contemporary Sufi music.

Lend him an ear: He will be performing his original songs along with Sufi covers.

Time and place: 8.30 pm at Mocha, Elante Mall. 

Blending with the background
Jasmine Singh

Diljit Dosanjh and Sonia Bajwa A little noise, some obvious rustlings and dollops of drama, the digital music launch of Punjabi film 1984 had all these and lot more. Well, it also had the star cast of the film—Diljit Dosanjh, Pavan Malhotra and Sonia Bajwa. But if we were to get straight to business, this is the first Punjabi film that doesn't have a single lip-sync track. All the tracks are in the background.

For Punjabi films, in which an actor-singer singing his own songs is a must, 1984 is one film that breaks this unwritten rule, and guess who is most excited about it? Singer actor Diljit Dosanjh!

"It was a totally different experience. Since as an actor it is taken for granted that we will also sing and dance. In 1984, however, all the tracks that I have sung are in the background," says Diljit who can't stop raving about the title track Channo. This song is sung by Diljit Dosanjh, music is given by Nick Dhammu and the lyrics of this song are written by Veet Baljit. Not only the tracks, but also the way the songs have been picturised, bring in freshness to the film. Adds Diljit,

"Director Anurag Singh along with everyone else gave a lot of emphasis on detailing. From the make-up which is reduced to a bare minimum, to the props, everything is close to being original." Another track from the film Rangroot is already rising in the popularity chart. Punjab 1984 releases on June 27 and another actor Pavan Malhotra can't wait for it. "This is my debut film and I am excited about it."

Pavan Malhotra was seen in Jab We Met, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Delhi 6 and many other projects. "There couldn't have been a better project to enter Punjabi cinema but this one. I am a Punjabi, I am already doing three films—Zorawar and a biopic on Bhagat Puran Singh, but 1984 is a good start."

Pavan likes doing different roles and each act comes from his heart. "How else will I act if I don't feel the character?" says the actor who had to work on his Punjabi diction. "I know Punjabi but my dialect of the film was different, so I had to take help of my director and others around." 

first-day-first show
Triple the confusion

Directed by Sajid Khan and produced by Vashu Bhagnani, Humshakals is a Bollywood comedy film that features Saif Ali Khan, Ram Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh in triple roles!

The film is essentially a story about the confusion and mayhem created when three individuals have a look-alike of a look-alike, all with same names. While Ashok (Saif Ali Khan) and Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) are best friends, they are unaware of their look-alikes Ashok (Saif Ali Khan) and Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh), who are also best friends and are unaware of their look-alikes, Ashok (Saif Ali Khan) and Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh), who again are best friends. Also, Mamaji (Ram Kapoor), who is a look-alike of another Mamaji (Ram Kapoor), has another look-alike, Mamaji (Ram Kapoor). In short, it's the story of three individuals having triple roles.

Mindless comedy

I like the film because it is funny, but one can just about bear so much confusion and mindless comedy. If one has to watch the film, it is important that they leave their brains at home.

Nandita Sharma, homemaker

Waste of time

It's a sheer waste of time and money. I did not like the film at all. The jokes are stupid, mindless and absolutely witless. Also, the story has no head or tail. It's utter confusion. indless and witless.

Jasmine Randhawa, student

No plot

I did not like the film at all. It is not at all interesting or engaging by any standards. There is not a part in the film that one can appreciate and the film has no plot whatsoever!

Kanika Dhimman, student

As told to Amarjot Kaur)

Berry wild!
Manpriya Singh

While we might have countless facts and trivia on the berries and a dozen varieties of the small round juicy fruit, only a handful of the popular types make their way to desserts, yoghurts and snacks. Since it's 'berry berry hot', Red Mango takes the summer opportunity and presents Berry Mania Festival and introduces the wild berry.

Wild Berry frozen yoghurts mixes the raspberry, strawberry and raspberry; likewise for mixed berry power smoothie. A part of the menu includes power smoothies, fresh ades and shakes. There are four power smoothies to choose from - blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and mixed berry. While fresh ades can be had in flavours ranging once again from the blueberry, raspberry and red berry, the shakes come only in strawberry.

Top it all

Unfortunately, the berries are not available as toppings for the frozen yoghurts. Nevertheless, one can easily get a whiff of the flavours in wild berry frozen yoghurt, which is a mix of all the three berries. The festival also claims to offer a whole new range of toppings like Froyo scotch crunch, Coco pebbles, Marshmallow pebbles, Blackberries, Colas, Skittles, fresh fruits etc. Moving on, there are also popping bobas, gummy bears, rainbow sprinklers, Oreo and Choco chip. About 100 grams of frozen yoghurts sans the toppings packs in as less as 100 calories! Shares Tanvi Bhatia, the brand head, "We should be doing some event in August as well because that's when we complete one year here. Then we will be introducing some more new flavours…we keep rotating flavours every two months. At the moment, there are six flavours available at the outlet."

(The festival is on till June 30)

Hope sustains life

The team behind the short film Ek Asha A short film Ek Asha was released in Chandigarh on Friday. The film has been produced by Life Imaginers, written and directed by Shyam Juneja, and presented by Aashray, a NGO in Panchkula. The story of the film Ek Asha is about children begging.

The lead character, Babloo, is a beggar whose father had left him when he was very young. His mother wanted Babloo to study, but the poor conditions of the family compel Babloo to become a beggar to earn their livelihood. One day while begging, he sees that the purse of a businessman has fallen out without his knowledge. Babloo picks it up and returns it to him. Seeing his honesty, the businessman offers to help Babloo with his studies by bearing all his expenses. Babloo is hesitant, but agrees to his offer. He is admitted to a school where he proves his brilliance and is made monitor of the class. After completing his graduation, he prepares for IAS examinations and tops the list. —TNS

Shahid Kapoor is handpicking films! 

Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor was in a lengthy shooting and dubbing schedule for Haider. Having some time to spare now, the actor is actively reading scripts and deciding what he should be doing next. Shahid has dedicated 3-4 hours a day to reading scripts. He wants to ensure the film he signs is challenging and helps him push the envelope as an actor.

Shahid's last outing was R… Rajkumar which was an out and out masala film, post which he started shooting for Haider. He also recently hosted the IIFA Awards with aplomb with Farhan Akhtar. Going forward, he is keen to do roles which allow him to experiment and build on his craft.

He is keen to explore different genres and diverse roles. A source close to Shahid shares, "He has been reading scripts and actively discussing work with close friends and family. He worships his work. All these link-up stories don't benefit him or the women and he would rather focus on work. He has even turned a producer with Haider." As of now, he has two films on the horizon. He will be seen in Vikas Bahl's Shaandar and Abhishek Chaubey's next. He and Vishal Bhardwaj are also considering making Maha Kaminey.

Spot the villain

While the debate continues over whether Sidharth Malhotra or Riteish Deshmukh is the real villain in the forthcoming Ek Villain, there is a new twist in the tale that has everyone in a tizzy. The plot thickens as it recently emerged on a blog that Shraddha Kapoor was the culprit. An online video that's doing the rounds depicts Shraddha wearing the menacing villain hoodie, which has triggered speculation.

Director Mohit Suri laughs, "Little did I know that the villain hoodie would become such a rage. In fact I've been wearing one on my own from the first day of shoot. People have been asking me if the hoodies are up for sale. The intrigue level is soaring. In my head, everyone is a bit of a villain." Tanuj Garg, CEO-Balaji Motion Pictures, adds, "We're enjoying the theories around the villain's identity. But there's much more to the film than just knowing who the villain is! Ek Villain releases on June 27.

Wedding can wait

Jacqueline Fernandez launched the Great Indian Wedding Book 2 at an event held at a club in suburban Mumbai. Sharman Joshi was also present. She says it will be a while before she gets married.

Guardian angel

Vir Das ensured that his co-star, a pug, from Amit Sahni Ki List, got a special air-conditioned room to himself to rest during breaks. The crew obliged to his request. When they were outdoors, Vir shared his vanity van with the pug. How sweet!

Thrice the trouble

Saif Ali Khan says that it was a challenge for him to play the triple role in Humshakals and an inexperience actor could not have pulled it off. He feels that Riteish Deshmukh makes the prettiest girl of the three of them.

Unusual pair

Vidya Balan and Ali Fazal make an unusual pair in Bobby Jasoos. The romantic song is now on air and has caught on pretty well.

Together again

Actress Surveen Chawla, who will be next seen in Hate Story 2, has started shooting with Jimmy Shergill in Vancouver, Canada for their upcoming film. The two were last seen together in 2011 Punjabi film Dharti.

A still from the movie Hate Story 2

Bang on!
In Abu Dhabi, Hrithik shot a chase sequence that involved more than 120 cars

Siddharth Anand, who is making Bang Bang, has managed to shoot the biggest action sequence ever in Bollywood. A chase sequence involving Hrithik Roshan driving a car had more than 120 cars in it.

It was shot in Abu Dhabi and the makers were careful that the pictures of the chase sequence don't get leaked. It was a well-guarded shoot. To ensure this mammoth task was carried successfully, Hollywood action director, Andy Armstrong was roped in to shoot the chase sequence. Before the actual filming, Hrithik did some dry runs of the car he was going to drive. Once he was comfortable with it, they stared filming. Also, all the cars from the shoot were hired from Abu Dhabi. Those are high end cars. But the car that Hrithik was using remains a mystery. 

On a song
They have proved their mettle as actors and now they are ready to give the singers a run for their money with their singing talent. Here are a few talented actor-singers

Priyanka Chopra: She is yet to sing in a movie but her international singles like In My City, Exotic and I Can't Make You Love Me have rocked the charts worldwide and there are fancy, accompanying videos too. She is a trained singer.

Alia Bhatt: She was fortunate enough to sing the lullaby Sohha Saha composed by AR Rahman in Highway and Rahman said that she could cut an album if she practiced for two years. We hear she is currently training for that!

Shraddha Kapoor: She comes from a family of singers and has trained in music off and on for a few years. She has sung the unplugged version of Galliyan in Ek Villain and the song is beautiful and has become quite the rage. She even sang live!

Farhan Akhtar: With his distinct and rather hoarse voice, he has become a very successful singer after Rock On in which he sang his own songs. He has even sung a few lines in Senorita from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. 

Ayushmann Khurrana: He made waves in Bollywood with his debut film Vicky Donor. Pani Da Rang, which Ayushmann sang in the movie, became immensely popular. He also sung two songs in his second Bollywood film Nautanki Saala. 

Abhishek Bachchan: He successfully rapped through the song Right Here Right Now from Bluffmaster and sang a song in Bol Bachchan too. So he can consider becoming a rapper if his Bollywood career goes kaput. 

chatter box
Show goes on

TV show Main Naa Bhoolungi, which was supposedly inspired from the film Khoon Bhari Maang, has now got an extension. Although the show wasn't doing that well rating-wise, now it will continue till August. 

On the honour board

A still from Homeland Homeland's Damian Lewis has been given an OBE (Order Of The British Empire) in the Queen's Birthday Honors along with the other A-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie. London-born actor Damian said: "I was very surprised but very happy to accept the honour. I decided to do the very un-British thing of accepting the compliment."

Damian, 43, who is married to actress Helen McCrory and has two children, added that his family was "delighted."

Seasons 3 of Homeland is currently being aired on Star World in the 9 pm slot.

Child’s play

With hectic shoot schedules, actors have no time for other commitments in life. However, as soon as Puja Banerjee, who was shooting for upcoming reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 in Kolkata, got time, she started perfecting her dancing skills with her choreographer. Seeing their favourite star, a group of under-privileged kids approached them. Puja not only interacted with them but also posed for a picture. 

Astro Turf
P. Khurrana

ARIES: Being able to tie up all loose ends will be your priority today. Work will take up quite a bit of your time and attention but once you've dealt with it, things will ease out quite a bit. Tarot message: Do not transact in uncertain matters. Lucky colour: Forest-green. Magic number: 44

TAURUS: This can be a day to make a meaningful internal change. Start by mending strained relationships with either a family member or a friend. Reach out and let that person know that you still care. Tarot message: You gain by being practical; don't be emotional. Lucky colour: Saffron Magic number: 35

GEMINI: The day begins on a favourable note. Now will be the time to make some changes in your daily life, so that you can enjoy the element of newness and freshness. Tarot message: Emphasise on spiritual needs. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 28

CANCER: The day will be more challenging than usual. As a result, you will have to exercise all your intuitiveness and be as realistic as possible. Efficient and organised work will bring good results. Tarot message: Retain the fruits of your hardwork. Lucky colour: Cream. Magic number: 32.

LEO: Expressing what you feel is important and that is exactly what you will be doing today. Showing your love, support and friendship will be your key behaviours. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by not exploiting a contact from your past. Lucky colour: Sea-green Magic number: 49

VIRGO: It is important to concentrate on your core beliefs, values and morals since they will play an important role in your life. Relaxing and spending time with friends and family today will help. Tarot message: Consolidate your gains. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 26.

LIBRA: Businessmen will need to get some permission from government agencies and be able to rely on influential friends for the same. Money matters will not pose a huge concern. Tarot message: Frankness and ability to state the truth are your strong points. Lucky colour: Rainbow-pastels Magic number: 62.

SCORPIO: Decision-making should be quicker if you know what you want. Believe in yourself and use both your head as well as heart when dealing with various issues. Tarot message: Avoid friction with business partners. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 57.

SAGITTARIUS: Some of you can get surprising news. For health reasons, it is important that you don't worry about minor things excessively. In relationships, don't become too controlling Tarot message: Your own aims, ideas and opinion matter a lot. Lucky colour: Grey. Magic number: 38.

CAPRICORN: Finances and health will not be a major concern, but this will be a good time to get routine tests done. Relationships, marriage and friendships will be the highlight of the day. Tarot message: Do your duties on time. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 41.

AQUARIUS: This will be a day for love and romance. In relationships, you will be doing too much thinking and very little communicating. Pay attention to what you say and write. Tarot message: Your determination to succeed will pay dividends. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 52.

PISCES: The presence of Mercury in your sign for some more time will help you handle any disappointment that comes your way either at work or in personal relationships. Tarot message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 63.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is June 21...

The 21st day of June is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life. The energy of 3 allows you to bounce back rapidly from setbacks - physical or mental. Number 3 is a sociable, friendly and outgoing vibration. This is the perfect year for negotiation and discussions. Sportsperson will excel in their field. Investment in real estate will yield benefits. Legal affairs will settle down. Love affairs will surface. You shall earn though communications and marketing. Promotion, salary hike or payment of arrears are likely towards the end of the year are expected. Focus firmly on financial gains.

Positive colours: Golden, Red, Brown.

Select days: Sunday, Monday.

Favourable numbers: 1, 4, 2, 7.

Gems recommended: Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral, Ruby.

Charity on birthday: Donate utensils at the marriage of a poor girl.

You share your birthday with Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis (June 21, 1973, Los Angeles, US). Her career started with Melissa Etheridge music video Come To My Window. Later, she has appeared in more than forty movies and television series. 

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