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City bus service on bumpy patch
Drivers call off strike, give five-day ultimatum to authorities to meet demands
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
The drivers of the City Bus Service, who went on strike yesterday, called off their agitation for the time being on the condition that if their demands were not met within the next five days, they would continue their strike on July 25.

The drivers went on strike yesterday after the company, which has recruited them, decided to cut their wages for the days when buses were not plied during the conductors’ strike. The drivers said they were present on duty during the strike.

The president of the City Bus Service Drivers’ Union, Parjit Singh, said the drivers were ready to operate the buses during the strike but the authorities did not allow them to do so in the absence of conductors. “The tussle was between the conductors and the authorities but why should we pay for it? We had offered them our services during the strike. They have decided to cut our wages without any fault of ours. We oppose this step,” he said.

The bus operators said the company had cut drivers’ salaries up to Rs 2,500 each. While submitting a memorandum to the General Manager of the company here, the drivers said they were asked to perform duties for about 12 hours whereas the salary was given for just 10 hours. “This is exploitation. Apart from all this, the company disburses salaries after the 10th of every month. The salaries should be disbursed by the 7th of every month,” said the drivers.

They said there was no facility of washrooms at the depot.

The in charge of the City Bus Service here, Baljit Singh, said it was between the company and the drivers to reach some conclusion. “We can penalise the company for causing inconvenience to the MC or commuters,” said Baljit Singh.


Monkeys stalk residents of Bhaura village
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Village Bhaura and its adjoining areas on the Jalandhar bypass are in the grip of monkey scare. Around six cases of monkey bite have been reported from this village. A one-and-a-half-month baby boy was badly mauled by a monkey today.

The child was taken to the Civil Hospital where the doctors referred him to the Christian Medical College and Hospital.

Raj Kumar, the child’s father, said his baby was lying under the porch when they saw a monkey attacking him. “I somehow managed to catch hold of my baby. He has suffered critical injuries on the face,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Ann Jal Sewa Trust is looking after the baby since he belongs to a weaker section of society and needs financial assistance for his treatment.

Members of the Trust today visited the village. They came to this was not the only case of monkey bite in the village. They took two more girls, Rajji and Roshni, to the hospital.

“We have brought the girls as they need proper treatment. Their parents got the wounds stitched but the girls need medical care,” said Shiv Ram Saroay, president of the Trust.

The villagers said there were around three monkeys in their village.

Officials of the Forest Department said they had put up cages to trap the monkeys.

What one should do in case of animal bite

  • For minor wounds: If the bite barely breaks the skin and there’s no danger of rabies, treat it as a minor wound. Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water. Apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection and cover the wound with a clean bandage.
  • For deep wounds: If the animal bite deeply punctures the skin or it is badly torn and bleeding, apply pressure with a clean and dry cloth on the wound to stop bleeding. See a doctor immediately.
  • For infection: If you notice signs of infection, such as swelling, redness and increased pain, see a doctor immediately.
  • For suspected rabies: If you suspect the bite was caused by animals, including any wild or domestic animal of unknown immunisation status, which might carry rabies, see a doctor immediately.



Meagre funds at disposal, youth clubs strive to maintain existence
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Youth clubs working under the Nehru Yuva Kender are striving for their survival as the government provides a meagre grant for running social welfare and awareness programmes. These clubs have to manage resources on their own. There are around 450 such clubs in Ludhiana district.

Sample this. A club was asked to hold a sports tournament with a grant of Rs 15,000 only. The amount was just enough to pay the tent house charges. All other expenses burnt a hole in the pockets of the office-bearers of the club.

For holding many other programmes, in which youngsters participate enthusiastically, grants provided are too less. There are more than 12,000 members of these clubs. The spirit of these youngsters dedicated to social welfare can be gauged when they say: “We don’t need anything for ourselves but for holding programmes they should give us the required money.”

Santokh Singh, president of the Aseem Youth Welfare Club, Kotala, said: “It gives us immense satisfaction to do good work for society. But what can a club do without the required funds? Recently, we planted 300 saplings on Todarpur Road with the help of the Hockey Club, Samrala. None paid us for this noble cause.”

Hardev Singh, president of the Shri Guru Ravidas Youth Club, Ayali, said: “In the recently held meeting of the youth clubs conducted by Isha Kalia, then Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development), Ludhiana, month-wise themes on social problems were allotted to us. But when we asked for funds, we were told to make use of our own resources. It is ironical that the government wants us to work for the betterment of society but gives us no funds.”

Meanwhile, Balbir Singh Rana, accountant of the Nehru Yuva Kender, said: “The amount given to these clubs is very less compared to the expenditure incurred by them in organising different programmes. Four clubs are asked to hold four sports tournaments in a year. Each club is given Rs 15,000 for such events. The maximum amount given is Rs 20,000 for holding a district-level cultural programme. This amount comes to us from the Central Government and we disburse it accordingly.”

District Youth Coordinator of the Nehru Yuva Kender SS Bedi said: “The funds provided to these clubs are very less. I have also taken up this issue at different meetings with the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development), Ludhiana.”

While pinning his hopes on the new government at the Centre, another officer said: “As these clubs come under the Central Government, we hope something good is in store for them.”

Can't do much without funds

It gives us immense satisfaction to do good work for society. But what can a club do without the required funds? Recently, we planted 300 saplings on Todarpur Road with the help of the Hockey Club, Samrala. None paid us for this noble cause

Santokh Singh, president, Aseem Youth Welfare Club, Kotala

Grants don’t match expenditure

The amount given to these clubs is very less compared to the expenditure incurred by them in organising different programmes. Four clubs are asked to hold four sports tournaments in a year. Each club is given Rs 15,000 for such events. The maximum amount given is Rs 20,000 for holding a district-level cultural programme.

Balbir Singh Rana, accountant, the Nehru Yuva Kender



Youth attempting suicide attacks cops
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
The police have booked a man for attempting suicide and assaulting an on-duty head constable (HC). The accused has been identified as Gurvinder Singh, a resident of Rajori Garden, Barrewal Road.

The case has been registered on a complaint of Jagir Singh, head constable of the Punjab Police. Jagir has suffered an injury near his right eye after Gurvinder hit him with a stick.

Jagir Singh, who was posted at the PAU police station, said on Friday, he received information about a brawl from the Control Room and reached the spot at Rajori Garden along with his colleagues. When he reached the spot, Gurvinder’s wife, children and uncle were standing outside the house. They told the police team that Gurvinder had locked himself in the room and was trying to kill himself.

The policemen broke the door of the room and prevented Gurvinder from hanging himself from a ceiling fan. Gurvinder picked up a stick and attacked the police party. He also assaulted his wife, children and uncle.

The policemen overpowered him. The police today booked him for attempting suicide and assaulting an on-duty policeman.

Gurvinder reportedly told the police that he was fed up with constant pestering by his wife.



Kidnapped doc rescued, 4 held

Ludhiana, July 20
A doctor, who was kidnapped from Feroze Gandhi Market this evening, was rescued from Jagraon. The victim has been identified as Dr Sanjeev Kumar. According to information, seven persons were involved in the kidnapping. Four have been arrested. They have been identified as Jagjit, Ranjit, Baljinder and Gagandeep, all residents of Bathinda.

Dr Sanjeev Kumar is posted in Rajasthan. He had come visit his mother, who lives in Ludhiana.

A monetary dispute was suspected to be the reason behind the kidnapping.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Nilamberi Jagdale confirmed the development. — TNS



Man booked for raping wife’s sister

Ludhiana, July 20
The police have booked a resident of Peeru Banda Colony for raping his wife’s younger sister. The accused has been identified as Hardeep Singh. The case was registered on a complaint of the victim’s father.

The girl’s father said he noticed his younger daughter (18) was depressed. Yesterday, when he asked her the reason for her depression, the victim unfolded the shocking rape story. She said Hardeep had been raping her for the past two months.

The victim told her father that the accused used to visit their house when she was alone at home.

The victim’s father complained to the police. The police booked Hardeep Singh for rape under section 376 of the IPC and started investigation. — TNS



Better Ludhiana: camera in trial room
Watch out for the slimy spy
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
The recovery of a spy camera from the changing room of City Style Cloth Shop on July 15 has sent shock waves through the city. The circulation of changing room multi-media messages (MMS) has devastated the lives of many innocent women.

Further the poor handling of the case, which also saw the suspension of Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Charanjit Singh, goes on to show that lower-rung police officials are not trained to deal with such cases.

They treat such sensitive cases like routine matters and make victims and their families suffer.

Instead of adopting proactive measure and seizing mobile phones, computers of salesmen and the shop owner, the police reportedly helped the accused, Rohit Sahni, his wife and mother flee the police station before the registration of a case, giving sufficient time to the accused to destroy the evidence.

So far, no updates have been provided by the police, whether spy camera, which has a capacity to store 4GB data, has caught more women in the changing room.

Police sources said worried women were approaching the police.

The installation of the spy camera has also triggered panic among garment shop owners across the city.

A sizeable section of businessmen feels that the installation of the camera in the changing room could be a set-up meant to ruin the business of the store owner.

While a number of businessmen believe that some salesmen would have been involved in the act.

“No sensible businessman would ever do such a bizarre act as it would potentially ruin the business. Women always prefer to shop in a safe environment and such incidents force them to keep off showrooms. I have learnt that Rohit had a stock of over Rs 50 lakh in his shop. He was dominating the business in the mid market clothing segment. In such cases, it could be a well-planned strategy to dent his business or it could be a handiwork of some salesmen. Since Rohit is the owner, ultimately the onus is on him to check the shop,” said Bawa, a businessman dealing in bags and accessories.

Residents commended Kiran Makkar and her husband Natinder Makkar for raising their voice against the shop owner.

There have been incidents where people have decided to stay quiet and hush up the matter fearing embarrassment. But Kiran and Narinder turned out to be whistle-blowers and perhaps saved the modesty of many women.

“It is no joke and a victim (if the MMS goes viral) undergoes immense psychological trauma in such cases. It also affects the life of her family. Stern action should be taken against the accused,” said TS Anand, former principal of GGN Khalsa College.

Narinder Makkar said: “Like every individual, I thought of playing down the issue, but then I thought that if I would not raise my voice, someone else’s wife or sister would become a victim. How can these people play with the life of an individual? Are they selling clothes or making hidden camera videos. The police need to thoroughly investigate the issue,” Narinder said.

Following the incident, Narinder is planning to form an organisation consisting of college students to deal with such cases.

Narinder said they would take the help of the police and officials of the district administration to check changing rooms of shops.

In a shocking revelation, Narinder claimed that the spy pen had captured other persons as well.

“The officials have told us that the accused would also be booked under the Information and Technology (IT) Act,” said Makkar.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP- III) Satvir Atwal said the matter was under investigation and necessary action would be taken.

Policewomen to keep a check

In order to prevent the occurrence of a similar incident, a team of policewomen posing as customers will visit garment shops of the city to check trial rooms. The move has been initiated to instil confidence in women as the recovery of the spy pen from the trial room has resulted in fear psychosis.

The incident

High drama was witnessed near Mall Road on July 15 after a hidden camera was found in a changing room of a garment shop. In her statement to the police, Kiran Makkar said she picked up a few dresses and went to the trial room. When she came out, her husband Narinder Makkar, former general secretary of the District Youth Congress, spotted a spy pen camera in the changing room.

The couple got furious. Narinder pulled out the camera and entered into a heated argument with the owner and staff of the shop. Later, owner of City Style Shop Rohit Sahni, his wife Neetu and mother Meena were booked under Section 354-C of the IPC.

What section 354-C states

Any man who watches or captures the image of a woman engaging in a private act in circumstances where she would usually have the expectation of not being observed either by perpetrator or by any other person at the behest of the perpetrator or disseminates, such image shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than one year, but which may extent three years, and shall also be liable to fine, and be punished on a second or subsequent conviction, with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than three years, but which may extend to seven years and shall also be liable to fine.


Police Commissioner Pramod Ban said: “Strict action will be taken against the shop owner. An association comprising social activists, police officials and students will be formed to keep a check on trial rooms.”



City comes together for Earth Hour
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Punjabi actor-comedians Gurpreet Ghuggi (right) and Rana Ranbir take part in the drive
Punjabi actor-comedians Gurpreet Ghuggi (right) and Rana Ranbir take part in the drive. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, July 20
With the Guinness World Records on their mind, residents came out in huge numbers to plant tree saplings in Ludhiana this morning. Young children and the old, barely able to hold the saplings, showed as much zeal as anyone else in reaching the target of planting one lakh tree saplings within an hour.

The occasion was Earth Hour and by the end of it everyone was confident of having done the needful.

The strategy

Five volunteers were stationed at each of the plantation sites: one recorded the video, one took photographs, one counted the planted saplings and the remaining two helped and guided the residents.

Baljit Kaur, from the NGO VMAD, said saplings were kept alongside the already dug pits the previous night.

She said more than 1.5 lakh tree saplings were planted during Earth Hour, which were higher than the target of planting one lakh saplings.

Families came out together to make the Sunday count and turn the Sambhav Foundation’s initiative into a success
Families came out together to make the Sunday count and turn the Sambhav Foundation’s initiative into a success. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

A community affair

It being a Sunday, families stepped out of their homes together to take part in the drive. Amandeep, who came to plant saplings with his children, said it felt great to see everyone participating in the plantation drive together.

“I have never seen such an event before. I am excited to see so many people planting saplings at the same time,” he said.

Another volunteer, Harminder Singh, said he was happy to see the change in the mindset of residents.

“Ludhianvis, in general, don’t plant saplings on their own, and would rather prefer gardeners to do the job. Today, however, everyone took part in the activity as a community,” he said.

Kamal Kumar, a senior citizen, said it felt wonderful to see residents plant saplings together in an endeavour to make the city a better place.

“Today, I feel proud to be a resident of this city. I am very happy to see everyone coming forward for this noble cause,” he said.

Ruhi, a teenager, said that Earth Hour had turned into a festival, just like Holi and Diwali.

“It should be officially declared a festival, so that every home celebrates the plantation of saplings every year,” she said.

The spirit of triumph

After returning to the NGO office, the team of volunteers who carried out the drive cheered for each other. They shared their experience and celebrated the completion of the event. Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria, too, appreciated the young volunteers.

Critical voices

While the hour-long event created a lot of enthusiasm among residents, there were a few who were also critical of it, calling it a “fake attempt” at making it to the Guinness World Records. They said it was not “officially verified”, and the organisers had failed to submit the required application to the world body.

They said the previous world record of planting more than 40,000 trees in one hour was achieved by just 100 people, and today’s attempt was not an “official” one as claimed by the organisers.

Shobhan Soi of the Sambhav Foundation, however, said it was an official attempt approved by the Guinness World Records. He said, as per the procedure, after compilation, around 15 visual evidence (videos and photographs) will be sent to the Guinness World Records for verification. Their experts will then verify the evidence and send their response within 20 days to confirm whether the record has been created or not. Soi clarified that today’s record attempt was not competing with the existing record set by 100 people.

Some residents also complained about insufficient spacing between the planted saplings. Soi, meanwhile, admitted to the wastage of some saplings during the storage and transportation. He said in such a massive campaign, some wastage was inevitable.

Many residents, however, said it did not matter whether the drive was an official Guinness World Records attempt or not. They said what mattered was that a large number of tree saplings were planted during the drive.

Celebrities encourage volunteers

Actor-comedians Gurpreet Ghuggi and Rana Ranbir visited various spots in the city to encourage residents planting the saplings. Addressing a team of volunteers, Gurpreet called the drive the beginning of a new Green Revolution. He said once again Punjab was leading this revolution that aimed at making cities green across the country. He said razing of trees to make space for construction activities was the result of a parochial and sick mindset, and it needed to be changed. Donning his satirical hat, he said that without caring for our mother earth, our life was just “vyarth” (useless). Actor Rana Ranbir told the volunteers that planting saplings was just the beginning; the real challenge was to help these saplings grow. He said planting of saplings should become a habit and should be undertaken on all special occasions and to mark our achievements.



Organisations join hands for Guinness record bid
Tribune News Service

Organisers distribute saplings to help residents achieve the world record in Ludhiana
Organisers distribute saplings to help residents achieve the world record in Ludhiana. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, July 20
The plantation drive carried out during Earth Hour today saw the participation of various government and non-governmental organisations. The Municipal Corporation, educational institutes, community-based bodies, NGOs and residents’ welfare associations extended a helping hand to the Sambhav Foundation’s initiative.

Arora Mahasabha, Sabhyacharak Sath, Lions Club-Ludhiana Greater and other organisations planted saplings in various localities.

Students and teachers from educational institutes such as Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Atam Devki Niketan, DD Jain College, BCM School, Guru Nanak International School, Guru Nanak Public School, Shifaly International School and Bal Bharti School not only planted saplings at their institutes but also volunteered at other sites.

Dr Sardara Singh Johl, Chancellor, Central University of Punjab, inaugurated the campaign by planting a sapling at Punjabi Bhawan.

The drive was also carried out by hospitals, including Pancham Hospital and Sankara Eye Hospital.

Members of industrial and professional bodies, such as the Federation of Industrial and Commercial Organisation and the Indian Institute of Architects, too, took part in the event.

A team of Baba Sewa Singh from Khadoor Sahib, along with the Aam Aadmi Party activists led by HS Phoolka, carried out the drive in different parts of the city.

Organisers Jaswant Zafar, Jatinderpal, Baljit Kaur, Vijay Arora and Balbir Pandher visited various spots during the drive. Zafar from the Sambhav Foundation urged people to take the joint responsibility of making the city pollution-free by the end of 2017.

Poets Sukhwinder Amrit, Tarlochan Lochi and Gurbhajan Gill also expressed their elation seeing the drive. During the monthly meeting of Punjabi Gazal Manch Phillaur, president Gurdyala Dalal and other members pledged to take care of saplings planted near their homes.

Rajesh Bagha, chairman, Punjab SC Commission, said though the initial target was that of planting one lakh trees in one hour, nearly 1.85 lakh trees were planted by the end of the event.



‘Reporters know it all’

A few days ago I got a call at the office landline number. The caller asked, “Tuhade ethhe paneer da ki bha hai?” (What is the price of cheese at your shop?) I replied that it is not a sweet shop number but the office number of a newspaper organisation.

The caller replied, “You people are usually well-informed, so please tell me the rate of cheese these days?” After a little hesitation, I just said, “Rs 250 per kg.” The caller said, “Thank you very much, mein te pehlan hi kaheya si, tuhanu lokan nu pata hi hunda hai.” (That is why I said that you people must be aware about it). And then the caller disconnected the phone. Of course the call was an amusing moment for me.

With poll over, common man forgotten

Elections are over and the new party and leaders have assumed their positions. The political parties have achieved what they wanted to, but what about the common man? While there is a change in the position of the political leaders, what about the road of progress travelled by the common man? Well, he still stands at the same spot. The leaders of political parties who used to make rounds of the houses of the common man during elections are nowhere to be seen now. Yesterday, while going for a walk, I saw the trademark cap of Aam Aadmi Party strewn over garbage on the roadside. What an irony! The immediate thought that occurred to my mind was the striking similarity between the condition of the cap and the common man. Now, common man has been sidelined and nobody is approaching him, at least till the next poll, when the cap will once again be decorated on his head. It is all about the show of the power indeed.

Children, too, come to the fore to save environment

With the efforts of those who want to save the environment, it was decided that at least 1 lakh saplings will be planted in the city. The step has been appreciated by all. Besides others, schoolchildren as well as those going to kindergartens were particularly excited to accomplish the task. The children seemed too keen to fulfill the responsibility of planting the saplings and nurturing them, all for a better future. Students seemed excited when the school authorities gave them small plants, so that they could go home, plant them and take care of the same for years. A four-year-old kid was heard saying to his mother, “Mom let us plant tree in our garden. So that when it will become big, I will sit under its shade.” Even if half of such plants survive, the city will get lungs.

Contributed by Anupam Bhagria, Manav Mander and Shivani Bhakoo



Restaurants dish out healthy options
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
As more and more people are becoming health conscious, hotels and restaurants have started offering healthy options to convince residents to eat out. Komal, a resident, said: “There has always been a contradiction between healthy eating and eating out.

Many people consider dining out as not a very healthy option. But owing to the increasing awareness about health and fitness coupled with problems caused by sedentary lifestyle, many people now demand healthy alternatives and restaurants have started paying attention.”

Chef Chandan, at the launch of a new menu at Orient Blade at Park Plaza, said they had changed the menu to add more dishes that were steamed and were healthier. He said according to changing tastes, they had now changed the cooking styles, including steaming, slow fry and stir fry, which absorbs lesser oil and is considered healthier. Buck wheat and gluten-free rice noodles are being offered as alternatives to noodles.

A restaurant that opened recently is offering healthier alternatives. “We are offering Italian and Mexican, but all that are much healthier,” said Vishal Kumar from The Holy Tree Restaurant. His wife Dr Veenu Kumar, a nutritionist, said people were becoming health conscious. “We are offering pastas, lasagne and burritos, but in a healthier way. The diet is without wheat and dairy products and healthier alternatives are used to reduce calorie-intake and maintaining the taste,” she said. “In place of sugar, they are using stevia, maple syrup and fruit flour as an alternative to maida and wheat,” she added.

City-based dietician Ruma Singh said: “Because of awareness and consciousness about health, people want to know more about what they are eating. Options to some extent were there earlier also, but now restaurants and hotels have started labelling it according to the growing demand.”



Tomato prices go through the roof
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
The prices of onion, tomato and garlic have gone up. The retail price of tomatoes is Rs 60 per kg. Poor supply and delayed monsoon are said to be the reasons behind the price rise.

“As the monsoon has delayed, production has dropped,” said Mian Mihir, a vegetable vendor.

“I was waiting for onion prices to come down, but retail prices of tomatoes have skyrocketed to Rs 60 per kg,” said Harish, a resident. “Housewives have started using tomato puree. Things have gone from bad to worse,” said Daman, a homemaker.



From a cerebral palsy fighter to a healer
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Jaspreet Kaur Virk walks with a help of a walker. Still, she keeps smiling. Suffering from cerebral palsy, she has been able to triumph over the condition physically to an extent, but with her high spirits, will and belief, she is not only self-dependent, but also helping and counselling others.

Because of the condition, no school was ready to admit her. But she did not give up; she took classes X and XII examinations and later completed her graduation.

“A schoolteacher told my mother to desert me. I was five-year-old at that time,” she said.

Jaspreet not only reads faces, but also counsels people. She has even started a counselling centre. “I look at a person and read his/her state of mind,” said the 27-year-old.

“Although I have never studied psychology, I feel that the ability to read faces is a God gift,” she said.

She goes for healing and physiotherapy sessions regularly.

Her father, an Armyman, Gurcharanjit Singh Virk, said he supported her throughout.

He said parents should support their children.

Jaspreet hopes to be completely all right as she goes for physiotherapy and healing regularly.

She has also written a book. “My life partner can read the book and get to know everything about me. I don’t want to be a liability,” she said. “One should follow one’s heart,” she said.



Filing of worksheet 7 put on hold
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
Much to the relief of traders, the Excise and Taxation Department has postponed the filing of worksheet 7. Traders are supposed to give information regarding their stock while filing the worksheet.

Some trade organisations said they would not file VAT returns.Now, the traders can claim the input tax credit (ITC) only after the goods have been sold by them and they have to give information about the stock while filing the VAT quarterly return.

The Excise and Taxation Commissioner said the dealers would be required to file cumulative worksheet 7 for the first and second quarter of 2014-15 along with quarterly return of second quarter ending September 30, 2014.

Arun Kanwal, president, District Taxation Bar Association, said it becomes difficult for the traders to give a detailed description of goods.

Rajiv Gupta, a trader, said: “Our demand to scrap the newly introduced worksheet still remains the same,” he added.



Cong vows to safeguard interests of Sikhs
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 20
Activists of the Congress have pledged to support Sikhs residing in Haryana, who have decided to establish an independent body to look into the affairs of their religious organisations in the state.

An oath was taken in response to a call made by Ludhiana MP Ravneet Singh Bittu at Dehlon village today.

“As leaders of the Congress, we do not wish to interfere in religious affairs. But, we have every right to stand by our brethren,” said Bittu, arguing that Sikhs of Haryana had adopted democratic process to constitute a body that would safeguard their interests and rights. Bittu alleged that SAD leaders had never fought unemployment and drug addiction in Punjab.



Anti-corruption mission merges with BVDS
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 20
All-India Shaheed Bhagat Anti-Corruption Mission has merged with Bhartiya Valmiki Dharam Samaj (BVDS), under the presidentship of Ashwani Sahota, national director of the BVDS.

The chairman of All-India Shaheed Bhagat Anti-Corruption Mission, Ravinder Singh Ravi, confirmed the merger.

Members of the mission took the oath of primary membership of the BVDS.

A resolution was passed on the occasion which stated that more seats should be reserved for Scheduled Castes in graduation. It was decided that a deputation of the BVDS will soon meet the Chief Minister of Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal, in this regard.



college notes
BCM college shines in national competition

The BCM College of Education has won an award from the NCERT under the project titled “Effect of mobile learning on achievement of BEd students”. The college had participated in the All-India competition on innovation practices and experiments in education of schools and teacher education institutions (2013-14).

The award ceremony was held in New Delhi. A cash prize of Rs 20,000, along with a certificate, was given to the institute. Satyanand Munjal, chairperson, BCM Management, SK Mehta, secretary, and RK Khanna, director and coordinator BCM College, congratulated the faculty and students for the achievement. Meanwhile, the college also introduced BEd special education course (learning disability).The course has been approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India and Panjab University, Chandigarh, and will open for students taking admission in the current session. As many as 25 seats are available. The course will prepare competent, creative and skilled teachers to cater to the needs of children with disabilities in general and special class setting in particular. — TNS



ludhiana scan
AAP meeting in New Delhi

An Aam Aadmi Party leader and Fatehgarh Sahib Member Parliament, Harinder Singh Khalsa, said the talk regarding selection of candidates for the byelections in Talwandi Sabo and Patiala Central are a mere speculation. He said the party has still not decided whether to contest the elections and any decision in this regard will be taken by the party leadership during a meeting in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Congress to stage dharna

The Congress will protest against the state government on the issue of power crisis. The District Congress Committee (DCC), Ludhiana (Urban) chief, Pawan Dewan, said the party will organise a statewide dharna on July 23. The DCC will stage a dharna at the district level, he added.

Sabhayacharak mela

International Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Punjabi Sabhayacharak Mela will be held in Ludhiana this year. A meeting to overview the preparations will be held on July 26. From the last ten years, the mela is being held outside Ludhiana but this year on the demand of lovers of folk art, it has been decided to organise the mela in Ludhiana.

Club meet

First general meeting of Lions Club Ludhiana 9B was held here on Sunday. President Pawan Goyal, secretary Varun Chandok and treasurer SP Sharma took charge of the posts. The new team contributed donation to Noble Foundation. Members of the foundation appreciated the efforts of the club for helping the underprivileged and needy.

Film released

Aandata, a film by Jatinder Singh Uppal, president of Sikhs Helping Sikhs was released here on Sunday. The film explored the subject of suicides by farmers. The cost of farming is increasing due to which farmers are forced to take loans, unable to pay them back, they are then forced to commit suicide, said Jatinder Uppal.

125 patients examined

Khanna: NGM, a Social club of Khanna, organised a free urology camp at AS Senior Secondary School, Khanna, on Sunday. As many as 125 patients were checked up on the occasion. Doctor Baldev Singh Aulakh (prof), Urology and Transplant Surgery and Head Transplant Unit of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), Ludhiana, examined the patients. Om Parkash Singla, an activist of the NGM Club, claimed that it was the second camp on urology. Free medicines were also provided to the patients on the occasion.

Artificial limbs distribution camp

Bharat Vikas Parishad, Tagore Branch, organised free artificial limbs distribution camp. Artificial limbs, calipers, crutches and hearing aids were given to 25 physically challenged persons on the occasion. Dr Sangeeta of DMC&H was the chief guest. Sunita Chatley, secretary, said the trust has provided artificial limbs, calipers, crutches and hearing aid to more than 40,452 physically handicapped persons. Besides, nearly 2,020 polio corrective surgeries were also performed. Patron Vijay Laxmi Kapoor and Shilpa were the guests of honour.

Helen Keller Day

The Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF) and the National Association for the Blind celebrated the 134th birth anniversary of Helen Keller in the Jamalpur Center of Association. The event is part of nationwide celebrations organised by the AOF, which has been working for the betterment of visually challenged for more than 15 years in India. The celebration commenced with a song by the visually challenged students. Diploma certificates were presented to students who have successfully completed six months of computer course from the AOF-NAB Computer Centre of Excellence. Aids and appliances such as white canes, IP slates and braille paper were also distributed to over 50 visually challenged students. An informative session on the latest technological advancements available for visually challenged persons was also organised.

Saplings planted

Rotary Club Greater, Ludhiana, under the leadership of president Amanpreet Singh Arora, along with club members, planted 2,500 trees in and around BRS Nagar. The drive started from ABC Montessori School, BRS Nagar. Plantation was done on the G Block main road, Sunet, near telephone exchange, Ferozepur Road, BRS Nagar Market and inner streets of BRS Nagar.

Scientific literature promoted

The Tarksheel society is on a mission to distribute scientific literature among the masses so that they shun orthodox thinking and do not get trapped in false promises made by self-styled godman. Members of the society said they have been distributing scientific books among schoolchildren. Books were exhibited near the Clock Tower on Sunday. The society received a good response and people from different walks of life brought books promoting scientific thinking. — TNS



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