L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


house meeting agenda
MC may bring in new taxes
Hoteliers likely to be asked to shell out more as beautification tax
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
The general house meeting of the Municipal Corporation is expected to be convened this week as the agenda is almost ready and it will be sent to the councillors anytime. Sources said the civic body was all set to impose new taxes and increase the old taxes/fees, which have not been revised for the past more than 20 years.

According to the sources, the civic body will be bringing in beautification tax, which will be levied on hotels. The trade licence fees, which have not been revised in the past 20 years, are expected to be revised with the approval of the general house. In addition to these, the fee (penalty amount) imposed on rehris will also be enhanced.

One of the MC officials said: “The civic body is facing a tough time. Unless we take certain strict measures, things will not improve. Additional revenue can be generated if these taxes and fees are increased, provided there is no political interference. All money will be spent on providing more facilities to the city residents”.

The Superintendent, Zone D Tehbazari Wing, Jasdev Singh Sakhon, said the penalty imposed on rehris had not been increased for a long time. “They are doing business in an illegal manner. When we impound rehris parked on public property, the vendors have to pay a penalty to get them back. The amount varies from Rs 500 to 1,500,” said Sekhon.

He said the defaulters should be asked to pay the penalty on the spot as influential persons pressure them to spare the vendors. “Unless the fine is increased, vendors will keep on encroaching on the public roads and lanes,” said Sekhon.

Will shut business, threaten hoteliers

The move to levy beautification tax on hotels has not gone down well with hoteliers. They feel restaurants, industrialists, shopkeepers and residents should also chip in to make the city beautiful. Amarvir Singh, general secretary of the Hotel Association, Ludhiana, said they were already paying 8 per cent of the room rents as luxury tax and this additional burden was not justified. “In case this tax is levied, we will shut our hotels,” he said.


fleecing at parking
Deputy Commissioner comes to visitors’ rescue
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
To check overcharging at the multi-level parking complex near the Mini-Secretariat, Rajat Aggarwal, Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana, today deployed two police personnel there.

The Deputy Commissioner said: “I was receiving complaints of overcharging at the multi-level parking complex almost daily. Some visitors complained of unnecessary arguments by the employees of the parking contractor. We meet many expenses through the revenue generated from this parking lot. To provide the best services to visitors, I have decided to seek the help of the Police Department. After the deployment of police personnel at the parking complex, there will be no complaints of overcharging. Such issues will be sorted out there and then.”

Aggarwal said many a time the parking contractor told me that his employees not only fleeced visitors but also him (contractor). “I told the contractor that he should get an FIR registered against his employees if they fleeced him. But he did not take any action against his employees.”

Meanwhile, visitors heaved a sigh of relief as they did not face any harassment at the parking complex. Neeru Katyal, Additional Deputy Commissioner (General), also visited the parking complex and interacted with visitors.



Woman held in youth’s murder case
19-year-old youngster was found dead at a hotel near the bus stand
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Nearly three days after a youth was found dead in a hotel room near bus stand, the city police arrested the woman, who had stayed in the hotel along with victim Prakash Singh Rana and his aide.

The 29-year-old woman, a resident of Janta Nagar, near Shimlapuri, was allegedly a sex worker.

She was caught last evening while she was planning to flee the city. According to Dharampal, Station House Officer of the Division No. 5 police station, the accused was presented before a court here today.

She told the police that Prakash and his aide had promised her money for spending a night with them. She accompanied the duo. On reaching the hotel, they hired two rooms. She, along with Prakash’s aide, stayed in one of the rooms.

The woman said she accompanied them over food and drinks and then went to her room. As she was in a separate room, she did not know what transpired between Prakash and his aide.

Prakash Singh Rana’s aide asked her to leave the hotel early morning. Pleading her innocence, she claimed she fled the hotel suspecting that there was a police raid.

It was on July 18 when a 19-year-old youth was found dead in a room of a hotel near the bus stand. The victim was identified as Prakash Singh Rana, a resident of Gaind village, Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand. While checking in, Prakash had told the hotel authorities that the man and the woman accompanying him were his brother and sister-in-law.



Monetary dispute behind kidnapping
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
A monetary dispute was the reason behind the kidnapping of Dr Sanjiv Kumar Das. Dr Das was rescued from Jaladiwal village, near Raikot, last night. Four persons, who were forcibly taking him in a car, were arrested.

According to the police, Dr Das is posted as Deputy Director, Public Provident Fund (PPF), in Rajasthan.

It has come to light that Dr Das’s mother is a stock exchange broker at Feroze Gandhi Market. According to sources, one of the accused Jagjit Singh, a native of Bathinda, has a monetary dispute with Dr Das’s mother.

The victim visited the city to settle the dispute. Last evening, Jagjit Singh, along with his aides Ranjit, Baljinder and Gagandeep, also residents of Bathinda, visited the office of Dr Das’s mother at Feroze Gandhi Market to settle the dispute. A heated argument ensued. Jagjit Singh and his aides pushed Dr Das into their car and drove away.

The victim’s mother reported the matter to the police. The police arrested them and rescued Dr Das. They were produced before a court that sent them to remand.



Finally, forest staff tranquilise rogue monkey
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Monkey, which had stalked residents in the Jalandhar bypass area, was trapped by employees of the Forest Department today. A team of the department launched a search for the monkey in the area. It dunked a tranquiliser shot. The team chased the monkey and finally caught it in the evening. It was put in a cage after giving tranquiliser.

“The monkey, which had created panic in the Jalandhar bypass area, has been caught and people need not to panic now,” said District Forest Officer Daljit Singh.

A cage was put up in the area by the Forest Department staff yesterday after cases of monkey bite were reported from Bhaura village. A one-and-a-half-month-old boy was badly mauled by the monkey yesterday. He is undergoing treatment at the Christian Medical College and Hospital. Around three or four more children were injured by this monkey.

“We are finally feeling relieved. Children were scared to venture out. It was seen in a residential area in the morning,” said Rani, a villager.



Sonic boom shakes city, residents panick
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
A loud sound of explosion, caused by sonic boom, shocked the city residents today. At the same time, the explosion triggered all sorts of rumour. While there were some who claimed that some unidentified flying object (UFO) had crashed near Sahnewal, many others were seen inquisitively reading messages about a UFO strike and forwarding them to others.

It was at around 11:10 am that a loud sound of explosion took a majority of the residents by surprise. At some places, the sirens of cars equipped with anti-theft systems went off. Residents complained that the explosion shook the doors and windows of their houses.

The residents were seen frantically calling their friends and relatives to enquire about the explosion. Some came out of their houses for safety.

The police were clueless about the phenomenon. It was later during the evening that police sources said the explosion was caused by sonic boom

What is sonic boom

Sonic boom is the sound caused by shock waves created by an object travelling through the air faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms generate enormous amount of energy, sounding much like an explosion.



Better Ludhiana: camera in trial room
Society reeks of snoopers
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
The recovery of a spy camera from the changing room of City Style Cloth Shop on July 15 has sent shock waves through the city. Residents want strict scrutiny of changing rooms as the circulation of changing room multi-media messages (MMS) has devastated the lives of many innocent women.

Dr Tersem Bahia, former professor and columnist, said: “Rot has settled in our society. Once worshipped, women are now being used as commodities. There is a rat race going on to make money by showing her bodily parts. Woman is a beautiful creation of nature. There has been a great influence of women on our literature, culture and poetry. But sadly sanctity of women’s beauty has been ruined.”

Fashion Designer Tanu Vohra said: “It is a direct attack on a woman’s dignity. It is not less than a rape. The cloth shop should be immediately closed down and strict action should be taken against the accused. The owner of the cloth shop should not be allowed to run the business.”

Anita Sharma, president, Belan Brigade: “The police and the administration are playing a negative role. If the laws are imposed strictly, mischievous elements can’t even dare to do such a ghastly act. CCTVs, spy cameras and mobile cameras are meant for security purposes, but sadly nowadays the devices are being used for snooping women. Innocent girls are first caught on spy cameras or mobile phones in a compromising situation and then they are blackmailed. Some of them even go to the extent of committing suicides. The implementation of law should be such that the mischievous elements should think 10 times before committing such a crime.”

Narinder Makkar, a politician, said: “Such people should be dealt with sternly. There should be no sympathy for such people. The authorities should set an example once and for all so that such miscreants think twice before doing such a heinous act.”

Saurabh Kharbanda, social activist, said: “Such people are worst than terrorists. They not only ruin the life of a woman, but also devastate her near and dear ones. Instead of sympathising with the victim, society makes them an object of scorn.”

Ishwarjot Cheema, a politician, said: “Fortunately, this time the spy camera was caught and the incident which could tarnish the image of a woman was prevented. Imagine the plight of women who have fallen prey to such incidents in the past.”

KBS Sodhi, former professor, writer and poet, said: “The incident is a sad reflection of the moral health of our society. It shows that the number of sex maniacs is on the increase and the mania in this (spy pen camera in a changing room of a garment shop) case has surfaced in a new form.”



Beautification of rotaries a distant dream
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
An agreement was signed between the civic body and industrialists regarding the maintenance of 16 major rotaries in the city two months ago. Still, the work has not been started as “designs” have to be approved jointly by the industrialists and the MC. Industrialists have been asked to take care of the rotaries for the next five years.

Rahul Ahuja, convener, CII, Punjab, said they needed to hold meetings to discuss the designs.

“Although we had prepared our own designs, Commissioner Shruti Singh wanted that a committee comprising the civic officials and representatives from the industry should approve the designs. Since she was transferred, new Commissioner took over the charge. He assured me of holding a meeting at the earliest,” said Ahuja.

The rotaries that need to be maintained include Fountain Chowk (Nahar Group), Jagraon Bridge (AKC Motors), Hambran Road (Ashok Kumar and Company), Baba Than Singh and Subhani Building (Ganga Acro Wools), Ishmeet Chowk (Soin diagnostics) , Police Commissioner Resident Chowk (HSBC Bank) and Cheema Chowk (Association of Machine Tool Industries).

For two roundabouts, Aarti Chowk and Midha Chowk, new allottees will be given the task.

After the agreement, the rotaries were handed over for maintenance, but the work is yet to be started.



Rising snatching incidents
Online shopping is the way to go
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Seeing a rise in snatching incidents, women have stopped venturing outdoors. Some of them have started shopping online. Students, working women and homemakers have stopped going out alone. “Every time, I hear about a snatching incident, I feel traumatised. I no longer carry any bag or purse and avoid going out alone,” said Anjali Sood,” a BSc student.

“Rather than dealing with the trepidation of someone snatching my bag, I try to put my mind to rest by sitting at home,” she said.

“Ludhiana has become a scary place when it comes to moving out all alone,” she said.

“I shudder at the thought of being attacked. Shopping online from my smartphone is much safer and easier,” said Shikha Kochhar, another student.

Even the middle-aged and elderly are now taking to online shopping.

“I have started shopping online. Online shopping saves time and one does not have to wade through traffic chaos. So for me online shopping is the way to go,” said PAU professor Dr Tejdeep Kaur Kler.

“I have convinced other women to shop online for their safety and convenience,” she said.

“Every time, a snatching takes place, I feel petrified stepping out of home. If something can be managed sitting at home, why not do it,” said Simar, a mother of two.

Change of mindset

Earlier, people used to avoid shopping online fearing online frauds. Women who have started shopping online said it was convenient and safer. “With more online shopping portals offering cash on delivery option, it is safer to shop online.

As you make the payment after a product has reached you and there are no concerns of online fraud and your product not being delivered after payment,” said Harpreet Kaur, a resident.

“I just browse for things online. After selecting the product I like, I enter my delivery address. You get an SMS or confirmation call for the purchase and product arrives in a day or so. And you make the payment when it is delivered. It is simple,” she said. “You can also return or change the product if you are not satisfied,” she said.



Four-laning of Doraha-Neelon stretch
Shopkeepers a harried lot
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, July 21
Residents, especially shopkeepers of Doraha, are paying a heavy price for the four-laning of the Doraha-Neelon stretch as the drain has been blocked and the rain water finds an easy way into the shops, thus damaging their goods.

“Never had we imagined that the closure of drain shall drain us of all our goods and wealth in no time. As we never had any hopes from the Administration, we just pray to the Almighty that it does not pour any more lest we should be left with nothing intact,” rued Harjit Singh, who runs a photo shop at the Railway road, Doraha.

“The Administration was very well aware about the ensuing problem and it should have taken immediate and necessary steps but till date, it seems, it is oblivious of the entire issue,” said Khushwinder Singh Jaggi, another shopkeeper.

“We try to make provisions but everything else fails when the water gushes in within no time,” added another shopkeeper. “It takes hours altogether for the water to subside. At that time, it becomes all the more deplorable,” said a shopkeeper. Pritam Singh Jaggi, who runs a karyana shop at the Railway road, rued, “This is the height of callousness on the part of the authorities. We were baffled when the water started entering our shops. The passersby aggravate the problem all the more as they spill water inside our shops with their vehicles. The problem is so grave that if it is not look into at the earliest, it may lead to more damages and further losses. And we are in no position to bear any more losses.”

The XEN, Roop Nagar, Inderjit Singh, who is in charge of the four-laning said, “The problem pertains to the Drainage Department. Since the work is going on, we will try our best to make the drain clear of mud and other obstacles so that residents do not face any further problems.”



Buddha Nullah cleaning begins at Machhiwara
Our Correspondent

Machhiwara, July 21
The Drainage Department today started the cleaning of Buddha Nullah near Machhiwara. The cleaning work had been pending for about 30 years. The weeds were obstructing the flow of the nullah, which was affecting the crops in the the area.

Two days ago, about 70 acres of standing crop of farmers near Machhiwara was inundated due to heavy rain. Some days ago, about 2,000 acres of standing crop was affected following a breach in the nullah.

The problem was highlighted by The Tribune. The Drainage Department launched the cleaning work today.

The cleaning work was started by teams of the Drainage Department. JCB machines were pressed into service to clean the nullah from the Lakhowal Kalan bridge to Powat. The officials of department were seen camping at the site.

Several farmers, on various occasions, had alleged that their crops were inundated due to the non-cleaning of the Buddha Nullah. The farmers also alleged that several trees had fallen in the nullah but no one bothered about removing them.

The XEN, Irrigation Department, Balvir Singh Sandhu, said the Irrigation Department was taking up the task of cleaning the nullah from Powat to Machhiwara. He said they had pressed two JCB machines into service and were clearing weeds and other material. Six more big machines have been sought to speed up the cleaning work.

Better late than never

The cleaning work had been pending for about 30 years. The weeds were obstructing the flow of water, leading to inundation of farmers’ fields in the area. The problem was highlighted by The Tribune and the Administration, following which the Drainage Department launched the cleaning work on Monday.



PAUta elections
Groups make the final pitch
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Both groups contesting the Punjab Agricultural University Teachers’ Association (PAUTA) elections released their manifestos with the promise to fight for the rights of teachers on the top of agenda.

The Kingra and Siag groups will vie for the stewardship of the association that goes to the polls tomorrow.

Activists of both groups remained busy motivating teachers to vote in favour of their respective nominees.

From the incumbent Kingra Group, KS Sanga is contesting for the post of president, Chander Mohan for vice-president, DK Sharma for general secretary, Tarsem Singh Dhillon for joint secretary and Inderjeet Singh Grewal for treasurer.

From Siag Group, Mukesh Siag is giving competition to Sanga, Navprem Singh is vying for the post of vice-president, KS Saini for general secretary, Anil Sharma for joint secretary and Sanjeev Chauhan for treasurer.

Last year, Sanga had contested for the post of secretary and won with the highest margin of 66 votes.

Talking about the achievements of the present team, former president Harmeet Singh Kingra said they took the several steps for speedy promotions of teachers and assured timely disbursement of salaries.

Most teachers, meanwhile, are in favour of members of a single group occupying various PAUTA posts. Teachers also demand decentralisation of power and an end to the ad-hoc system in the varsity.

“The president and secretary should be elected from the same group; otherwise, the association will not be able to function properly,” said a teacher.

Dr Sukhpal Singh, returning officer for the elections, said: “According to a provision, if anyone is not available on the day of voting, he or she can vote a day before the elections. We have received 13 pre-poll votes. All the preparations for peaceful voting have been done.”

There are a total of 766 voters, including 562 from the university campus and 204 from other stations. Last year, more than 700 voters exercised their franchise.



Residential schools for meritorious students’ counselling
Dept announces last-minute change in venue
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
A day before the counselling for admission to the upcoming residential schools for meritorious students, the Education Department has shifted the venue to respective districts.

The Society for Promotion of Quality Education for Poor and Meritorious Students of Punjab uploaded the information late this evening. The society asked the teachers to make the announcement through loud speakers at gurdwaras.

Now, the counselling of Ludhiana-based students will take place at the newly built school near Rose Garden, instead of Mohali.

Gurbeer Singh from Math Teachers’ Association said: “It is sheer harassment of poor students. May of them will leave for Mohali as they were unaware about the change in venue. They will also miss the counselling at their respective districts. The Education Department should have taken this decision at least two days before the counselling.”

District Education Officer Paramjit Kaur said: “We got the information this afternoon. We have mailed a letter to all schools. However, it is too late to inform the students.”

On July 19, The Tribune had highlighted the problems being faced by financially weak students in visiting Mohali for the centralised counselling.



Barricading of roads finds no favour with students at Punjab Agricultural University
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
The barricading of internal roads on the Punjab Agriculture University campus has not gone down well with the students. In order to keep a check on miscreants and curb unwanted traffic after 5.30 pm, the authorities have set up barricades on roads around the College of Agriculture, Student’s Home, girls’ hostel and Thapar Hall.

The students, however, are planning to meet the authorities to seek relaxation on some roads.

PAU Student Association president Karanveer Singh Sandhu said, “We have been facing inconvenience since the setting up of these barricades on the campus. The authorities must remove the unwanted hurdles.”

Sources said the movement of vehicles on the internal roads used to increase after 5.30 pm. Youngsters on SUVs and other high-end cars used to threaten the security personnel and roamed freely on the campus.

Estate Officer Dr Jaskaran Singh said: “We planned to put up barricades some month ago. These barricades will not disrupt the movement of any person. Vehicles have a valid entry pass are allowed to pass freely through all the posts. We will only be strict with those who roam around the campus unnecessarily after the classes. Those having any problem with these barricades should meet us. We will try to resolve the issue.”



Agriculturists get tips on fish farming
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
A five-day training programme on fish farming concluded at the College of Fisheries, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. Eighteen people keen on starting fish farming to supplement their existing agriculture and livestock farming activities attended the training programme.

All participants were made aware of various technical aspects of construction, preparation, stocking and management of fish ponds through demonstration and hands-on training. Practical training in water quality testing, fish feed formulations and strategies, induced breeding and seed production of fishes, packaging and transport of fish seed, integrated fish-cum-duck farming and processing of fish for preparation of value-added products was provided to the participants, said course co-ordinator Dr Meera D Ansal.

Besides making the farmers aware of the present status and potential of fish farming in the state, important issues related to marketing and availability of seeds and feed were also discussed.



Guru Nanak Stadium to host I-Day parade
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
The district administration will be celebrating the 68th Independence Day of India at Guru Nanak Stadium on August 15. Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal said the chief guest will unfurl the National Flag and take the salute during the march past.

The administration will honour freedom fighters and give tricycles and sewing machines to the poor and the needy. Also, achievers from different fields will be honoured, said the DC.

Aggarwal made this announcement while holding a meeting of officers from different departments of the administration.

He said the march past will include the Punjab Police, Home Guards and National Cadet Corps (girls and boys) besides school and college students of different institutes.

A cultural programme will also be held on the occasion, said the DC.

Rehearsals for the function will start on August 1. While students will practise at their respective schools and colleges, the Punjab Police will conduct rehearsals at the police lines.

On August 7, 8 and 11, rehearsals will be conducted at the venue, followed by the full dress rehearsal on August 13.

The meeting was attended by Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Neeru Katyal, Civil Surgeon Dr Subhash Batta and District Transport Officer Anil Kumar Garg among other officers.



tribune impact
Local organisations lend a helping hand to Pakshi Sewa Samiti
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Some city residents have come forward to help the NGO Pakshi Sewa Samiti that has been treating injured and sick birds for the past seven years. It was on July 20 that the Ludhiana Tribune carried a report, “Finding no help in city, Good Samaritan decides to wind up Pakshi Sewa Samiti”, which stated that how the founder, Vipin Bhatia, was having difficulties in running the NGO.

Talking to this correspondent today, Bhatia said: “Yesterday, three persons—Sahm Singh Harika, Manmohan Singh and Avtar Singh—visited my house and saw the injured birds that I have been taking care of. All of them are members of Dev Samaj Society. They have invited me to their organisation’s meeting on Sunday, where issues related to Pakshi Sewa Samiti will be discussed with other body members.”

Praising Bhatia for his endeavour, Sham Singh Harika, honorary chairman, Road Safety Minded Citizens’ Council, Ludhiana, said: “Vipin Bhatia is doing a wonderful work along with his mother. We have invited him to our society on Sunday. We will try to come up with some solution so that he does not have to wind up his non-governmental organisation and can keep taking care of suffering birds.”

Bhatia said he did not need financial help, but wanted people to help him in taking care of the birds.

“I have got a good response from Pakshi Sewa Society that is ready to take care of four injured crows at Rakh Bagh,” he said.



Power cuts: Congress to stage dharna tomorrow
Our Correspondent

Khanna, July 21
A meeting of the Congress Party Block Khanna was held at Khanna, under Police District, Khanna, Congress chief Lakhvir Singh Lakha. During the meeting, a senior Congress leader Ashok Tiwari was declared as block Congress Khanna chief and he was given a nomination letter by Lakha.

In his address, Lakha said the nomination was done following the forwarding of the Congress MLA, Khanna, Gurkirat Singh Kotli, by the Punjab Congress president, Partap Singh Bajwa.

He also said a dharna will be organised at Samrala on July 23 against power cuts. He appealed to the Congress men and people of the area to assemble in large numbers for the proposed dharna.

Several other local Congress leaders and workers of the area were present during the meeting.



Flavours that add to taste
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Sauces and mayonnaise are gaining popularity. With the availability of mustard sauce and mayonnaises, youngsters have started using these in salads and sandwiches. As a number of restaurant have come up, the city has been introduced to a variety of toppings, sauces and fillings for burgers and sandwiches.

“I prepared sandwiches at home and found that the taste is quite similar to food offered at restaurants,” said Amit, a student. “One should try different flavours,” said Ritika, a homemaker. “More and more people are purchasing these,” said Satish from a departmental store. Mint, cheese and chilly flavours are available these days. “I eat sandwiches once or twice a week. Now, with the availability of toppings and mayonnaise, I have a lot of options,” she said.



Poor response to Rahat Scheme
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
The Rahat Scheme has failed to yield good results. Launched by the Excise and Taxation Department in February this year, the scheme was the brainchild of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal and aimed at ending “inspector raj” in the state.

Only a few applicants have approached the department so far. Assistant Excise and Taxation Commissioner Darbara Singh said the response was poor. “We have received 80 applications from traders,” he said.

Under the scheme, traders having an annual turnover of Rs 25-50 lakh are required to deposit Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, respectively. For filing of complaints, a toll-free number, 18002582580, was also launched.

Sources in the department said the scheme did not have many takers as the traders hesitated to disclose their income. “We have been motivating the traders to avail benefits under the scheme, but they are not ready to listen,” said the sources.

Santokh Singh, a trader, who got himself enrolled under the scheme, said the department could no longer harass him.

“Now, the department cannot conduct raids. If an official wants to check a trader, he will have to seek permission from the Excise and Taxation Department,” he added.



Poets, writers share works during meeting
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Punjabi Ghazal Manch, Phillaur, held its monthly meeting at Punjabi Bhawan. Gurdyala Dalal presided over the meeting. Poets and ghazal writers recited their creations in Urdu and Punjabi and also narrated short stories written by them.

Ramandeep Singh, Janmeja Johal, Jagir Singh, Jai Kishan Singh Veer, Tarlochan Jhande, Pammi Habib and Sardar Panchhi recited their gazals. The only female member present at the meeting, Dr Pritthpal Kaur, narrated her story titled “Notan di Mil”.



Statement recorded
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
Lokpal, Punjab, recorded the statement of RTI activist Rohit Sabharwal on the issuance of challans to building bylaw violators. The activist said he had submitted a list of 127 challans slapped on buildings which had not been taken care of well by officials of the Municipal Corporation.

He said as far as compoundable buildings were concerned, owners had deposited the fee, adding that owners of non-compoundable buildings were asked to remove illegal structures, failing which action would be taken against them.



territorial army
Recruitment from August 1

Ludhiana, July 21
The Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) Sikh will hold a recruitment rally to fill the vacancies of soldier (general duty), soldier (cook) and soldier housekeeper (sweeper) from August 1.

The recruitment rally will be held at the office of Ludhiana unit near Jagraon Bridge. The interested candidates from Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Chandigarh can take the physical test on August 1. Candidates from Himachal Pradesh can participate on August 2.



Sahnewal gets best CHC award
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 21
The Community Health Center (CHC), Sahnewal, has received the award for the best CHC. It has successfully completed 1,262 cases of family planning.

Dr Parwinderpal Sidhu, Senior Medical Officer, received the award from Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jayani at a state-level function in Moga. Attributing the success to the entire staff, Sidhu said despite the fact that the CHC is short of staff, they worked hard.



Dental awareness

Rotary Club Greater Ludhiana organised a dental awareness-cum-check up programme at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Ludhiana, for employees/workers. Dr Rajan Bir Singh Thind was the key resource person for the programme. Dr Thind apprised masses of general awareness about brushing techniques, implants. More than 50 employees of Hyatt Regency Hotel took part in the interactive session.


Drivers and helpers employed with the A to Z company struck work on Monday. Demanding timely disbursal of salaries, they protested at Dholewal Chowk. They said the company did not prepare their ESI cards. The company officials have called a meeting with the staff on Tuesday.

Traders’ meet

A meeting of the Ludhiana Sanitary and Pipe Traders Association was held on Monday. Members discussed about the newly-introduced worksheet 7 by the Excise and Taxation Department and said the worksheet should not be introduced as it is not practically possible for the traders to give the required details. — TNS



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