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Imposter takes police on a bridge too far
Poses as an IAS officer, seeks officials’ help in tracing missing wife who tells a different story
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
The man, who was claiming himself to be an IAS officer and took the police for a ride yesterday, turned out to be an imposter.
Later, Sidhik faxed a written complaint to the Jamalpur police, seeking legal action against Jyoti, wherein Sidhik claimed himself to be a public servant and an Indian Embassy member. When this correspondent told Sidhik about the External Affairs Ministry’s version, Sadhik replied, “I am on my way to Delhi. I will make you (this correspondent) speak to the minister.”
Later, Sidhik faxed a written complaint to the Jamalpur police, seeking legal action against Jyoti, wherein Sidhik claimed himself to be a public servant and an Indian Embassy member. When this correspondent told Sidhik about the External Affairs Ministry’s version, Sadhik replied, “I am on my way to Delhi. I will make you (this correspondent) speak to the minister.”

The imposter, who introduced himself as Dr Sidhik Abdul Rehman, a 2001 Kerala batch IAS officer, working on a Central deputation in Delhi and attached with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, had met a senior police official yesterday, seeking the latter’s help in tracing his missing wife.

Since the issue involved a “Babu”, the matter was kept under wraps. The police department swung into action and traced the woman to Bhamian village.

Soon, the Jamapur police was informed about the matter. Dr Sidhik Abdul Rehman requested the police officials that he wanted to accompany them. He was given a VIP treatment. While one official was rushing to get a soft drink, the other was busy arranging food.

The police went from one house to another looking for the “supposedly” IAS officer’s wife. Late last night, the woman was rescued from a farm house near Bhamian.

However, the woman narrated a different story to the police. She said Dr Sidhik Abdul Rehman was not an IAS officer. The woman, who introduced herself as Jyoti, told the police that she was not Sidhik’s wife. She further went on to claim that Sidhik was not an IAS officer and was tricking the police.

Jyoti reportedly told the police that she met Sidhik in Chandigarh three months ago. She said Sidhik had told her that he was an IAS officer and the two fell in love. But later she got to know that Sidhik was not an IAS officer. Feeling cheated, she left him and returned to Ludhiana.

Jyoti maintained that Sidhik was pressing her to continue the relationship, when she refused Sidhik reportedly played his IAS card and was in the process of taking her away with the help of police. An attendant at the office of the Ministry of External Affairs confirmed that no such officer was attached with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

It has come to light that Sidhik had duped the Patiala police and got a VIP treatment at the Pattran police station three months ago.

Before the police could understand anything, Sadhik fled the scene. While speaking to The Tribune, Sidhik Abdul Rehman maintained that he was an IAS officer attached with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Sidhik said a friend of his had introduced him to Jyoti four months ago. “Her real name is Palak Arora. She lives near Jalandhar Bypass. She was married to Sunny, who owns a Dhaba chain in Ambala. But she was deserted after Sunny found out that Jyoti (Palak) was having an affair with a servant named Monu.”

Sidhik added, “Jyoti had requested me to help her. She told me that after being deserted by her husband, she was reeling under financial crunch and that she had handed over her son to her friend Naresh Vij. She told me that Naresh had further handed over her (Jyoti’s) son to his sister in Pattran. I have even lodged a complaint against Jyoti’s friend.”

Sidhik further went on to maintain that on June 9, he got married to Jyoti by filing a petition in the High Court under the Special Marriage Act.

Sidhik claimed that he was staying in a rented accommodation at Punjab Mata Nagar. He said Palak was under debt and that he had helped her.

Later during the evening, Sidhik faxed a written complaint to the Jamalpur police, seeking legal action against Jyoti, wherein Sidhik claimed himself to be a public servant and an Indian Embassy member. When this correspondent told Sidhik about the External Affairs Ministry’s version, Sadhik replied, “I am on my way to Delhi. I will make you (this correspondent) speak to the minister.”

On the other hand, Sanjiv Kumar, investigating officer, said the police had received complaints from both the sides and appropriate action would be taken after discussing the matter with the senior police officials. When asked whether Sidhik was an IAS officer, Sanjiv Kumar replied that no identity card was shown to the police.

Bitter truth

  • An attendant at the office of the Ministry of External Affairs confirmed that no such officer was attached with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.
  • The woman, who introduced herself as Jyoti, told the police that she was not Sidhik’s wife and that he was not an IAS officer. Jyoti reportedly told the police that she met Sidhik in Chandigarh three months ago. She said Sidhik had told her that he was an IAS officer and the two fell in love. But later she got to know that Sidhik was not an IAS officer. Feeling cheated, she left him and returned to Ludhiana.


A puff that bluffs life
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Electronic cigarettes (electronic nicotine delivery systems-ENDS) are banned in the state. Still, they are easily available online and at shops.

Recently, the Health Department collected samples of two e-cigarettes, one from Ferozepur Road and the other from Malhar Road.

“The samples have been sent for testing. Before issuing challans, we will have to prove in the court that it is an e-cigarette,” said Dr Kulwinder Singh, District Health Officer.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a hit with the youth. Experts said it had been marketed as a product that could help stub the habit of smoking.

“However, not many people know that inhaling nicotine can be dangerous. It is also harmful for passive smokers,” said Dr Mona Wadhwa, a city-based doctor.

Research states that e-cigarettes do not offer a viable and healthy way to quit conventional cigarettes and that these do pose a threat to non-smokers. Issuing a warning, experts said e-cigarettes should be prohibited and subject to the same marketing restrictions as conventional cigarettes.

What are e-cigarettes?

e-cigarettes are devices that allow users to mimic smoking, inhaling nicotine in an unspecified quantity.

These battery-powered devices are filled with liquid nicotine, a highly addictive chemical, which is dissolved in water and propylene glycol. The e-cigarettes were devised in 2003 by a Chinese druggist.

Red flag by WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has red flagged the growing market for e-cigarettes in India, underlining that the use of the devices is no less harmful than traditional cigarettes.



1.6 lakh applicants yet to get HSRPs affixed
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
More than 1.6 lakh applicants are yet to collect their high security registration plates (HSRP) from AGROS Impex (I) Private Limited, the company entrusted with the installation of the plates.

The applicants said they were tired of making rounds of the company’s office at Dana Mandi.

Nitin Singh, zonal operation manager of the company, said, “Only a few applicants have turned up so far. Those, who had applied for the plates in 2012 and 2013, are yet to come to get the numbers affixed.”

He said, “We can’t be relieved until the backlog is cleared.”

“If a plate is misplaced. we issue a new one,” Nitin said.

Anil Garg, District Transport Officer, Ludhiana, said, “The company has sought one month’s time from State Transport Commissioner Anurag Aggarwal to improve its services.” The DTO said the company employees should contact the applicants, asking them to collect their HSRPs.

The zonal operation manager of the company said: “We do not have contact numbers of the applicants. However, we have started saving the numbers of new applicants.”

Nitin Singh, zonal operation manager, AGROS Impex (I) Private Limited, said, “For details, one can log onto our website www.HSRPpanjab.com. We had also launched helpline numbers, but following complaints that the applicants were unable to get through to the staff, we created the website.”

He appealed to the applicants to come and get their number plates affixed at Dana Mandi.



Colonies that house disappointment, false promises
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 23
If those investing their hard earned money in illegal colonies complain of poor development and other facilities in such colonies, it is understandable, but fate of residents of licensed and PUDA-approved colonies seems to be no better if condition of a couple of colonies in the city is any indication.

Residents of Ansal’s Bachittar Enclave Colony on Bhamian Road and Basant Avenue near Dugri, developed by Damini Resorts and Builders, while lamenting poor internal development works and unfinished infrastructure in the colonies, have lodged several complaints with the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA), the regulatory body for the licensed colonies, without evoking any response till now.

PP Singh, general secretary, Ansal’s Bachittar Enclave Welfare Society, said the developer had ditched plot and property owners, adding that he had failed to complete internal development works in the colony spread over 34 acres.

He said due to slack regulatory measures on the part of GLADA authorities, the developer had refused to abide by the five years maintenance clause while his bank guarantee for Rs 1.97 crore had also expired in October 2010 and no efforts were made to get the guarantee extended. Residents of Basant Enclave, a colony located near Dugri Phase II, had a similar tale to tell. They alleged that several phases of the colony developed under different licences had been clubbed together and a single sewerage treatment plant was catering to the colony in contravention of the terms and conditions of the licence. Preet Mohinder Singh and Ravinder Singh, president and general secretary, respectively, of the Residents Welfare Society asserted that parks and roads in the colony were in a state of neglect, streetlights were non-functional, water supply was insufficient and erratic and other facilities such as parking and community centre remained elusive. The residents attributed the pathetic condition of their colonies to the negligence of PUDA/GLADA.

“If the residents, plot or property owners are to remain at the mercy of the developer even in a licensed colony, why should the people pay more to buy plot/property in such colonies when prices of land are much less in unlicensed colonies,” said PP Singh. Without being specific, GLADA officials said complaints received against licensed developers were being looked into and appropriate action, as per rules, would be taken against the erring developers.



Victory of good over social evil heralds Navratra
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Stop killing the girl child and let there be light. Spreading the message, the authorities of Shri Geeta Mandir, Vikas Nagar, will worship 700 girls on the first Navratra.

Pardeep Kumar Dhall, founder general secretary of the temple, said, “On September 25 (first Navratra), we have invited 700 students of MGM Public School, Dugri, for “Kanjak Pujan”. We will also light 108 earthen lamps. It’s our bid to change the mindset of society and root out female foeticide. On the one hand, we worship girls while on the other we don’t even think once before killing them in the womb. Our efforts will bring about a change for good.” Gurleen Kaur, a representative of Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana, said: “We have joined hands with the temple committee for the noble cause. We will present gifts to the girls and will urge people to launch a crusade against such social evils.”

The temple committee will also gift handbags to the girls. “We will distribute pamphlets conveying the message “Save the Girl Child”. We will also launch a signature campaign,” said Dhall.

He added: “Together we can make the difference.”

The temple had started its crusade against female foeticide in 2006.

Rajat Sood, senior vice-president of the temple committee, said, “Every Navratra, we get a new idol of Goddess Durga prepared by a special artist. Earlier, coconuts, rudraksh and barley were used, but this time, we have used 21,000 pearls.



Youth festival begins amid fanfare
Tribune News Service

Students take part in various events during the Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at the Government College for Girls in Ludhiana on Tuesday
Students take part in various events during the Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at the Government College for Girls in Ludhiana on Tuesday
Students take part in various events during the Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at the Government College for Girls in Ludhiana on Tuesday
Students take part in various events during the Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at the Government College for Girls in Ludhiana on Tuesday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, September 23
The Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival started today at the Government College for Girls. About 1,000 girls participated in various events such as shabad, bhajan, lok geet, giddha, mime, drama, creative writing, classical dance, group dance, folk instrumental, folk orchestra, fine arts, mehandi, pakhi making, elocution, debate, quiz, spot photography and many other.

Akali leader Mahesinder Singh Grewal inaugurated the Zonal youth festival at the college hall. The principal of the college, Gurminder Kaur, welcomed the chief guest.

In the evening session, Sikander Singh Maluka was the chief guest. While addressing the gathering, he appreciated the efforts of the college for good results.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Education plays an important role in a life of a person. The need of the hour is an improvement in the education system in Punjab. People should donate goods to the educational institutes like they do at the religious places for the improvement of infrastructure.”

He stated that Punjab has now 21 universities.


Group shabad/bhajan-First-Government College for Girls, Second-Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women, Third-DD Jain Memorial College for Women

Individual prizes for group shabad-First-Damanpreet, Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Second-Jyotika, Khalsa College for Women, Third-Prabhjot, Government College for Girls

Classical vocal-First-Anureet, Ramgarhia Girls College, Second-Amandeep, Master Tara Singh College, Third-Jasdeep Singh, SDP College

Story writing-First-Parminder Kaur, Khalsa College for Women, Second-Simranjeet Kaur, Government College for Girls, Third-Prabhjot Kaur Saini, AS College for Women

Poem writing-First-Sakshi Mahajan, Government College for Girls, Second-Kirandip Kaur, Guru Nanak Girls College, Third-Aarti, DD Jain College

Essay writing-First-Raveen Singla, Guru Nanak Girls College, Second-Bhavneeshroop Kaur, Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Third-Vaishali Sharma, Government Khalsa College for Women

Phulkari/bagh-First-Rupinder Kaur, Khalsa College for Women, Second-Parminder Kaur, Ramgarhia College for Girls, Third-Simranjeet Kaur, AS College for Women

Dasuti/cross stitch-First-Babbalpreet Kaur, Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Second-Rupinderjit Kaur, Khalsa College for Women, Third-Rupinder Kaur, AS College for Women

Crochet-First-Muskan, Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Second-Gurpreet Kaur, Khalsa College for Women, Third-Tanya, SDP College

Rangoli-First-Kiranpreet Kaur, Government College for Girls, Second-Jashandeep Kaur, AS College, Kulwant, Ramgarhia Girls College for Women.



MC chief orders major reshuffle
Efficiency on his mind, shifts 13 superintendents, 38 inspectors, 96 clerical staff
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 23
In a bid to achieve efficiency in the working of the civic body, the Municipal Corporation Commissioner has carried out a major administrative reshuffle.

As per the new posting orders issued by MC chief Pradeep Aggarwal today, as many as 13 superintendents, 38 inspectors and 96 members of the clerical staff have been shifted.

Among the superintendents reshuffled, Surinder Pal Singh has been moved from the RTI (HQ) to Zone A, Rohit Kumar from the enquiry and complaint branch to Zone A, Tejinderpal Singh Panchi from Zone D to Zone A, Jasdev Singh Sekhon from Zone D to Zone B, Naveen Malhotra from Zone C to Zone B, Neeraj Jain from Zone B to Zone C, Sanjeev Uppal from HQ to Zone C and Rajeev Bhardwaj from Zone A to Zone D. While Upinderjit Singh has been shifted from Zone C to Zone D, KP Singh has moved from Zone A to RTI (HQ), Tarun Goyal from Zone C to HQ, Harvinder Singh from Zone B to HQ and Manoj Kumar from HQ to the complaint and enquiry branch.

Among inspectors, Raj Kumar Mehra, Naresh Kumar, Surinderpal Gupta, Gurparkash Singh, Knawalnain Singh, Pawan Kumar, Gurdev Singh and Bhupinder Kaur will go to Zone A; while Ravinder Sehgal, Ravinder Singh, Vijay Kataria, Charanjit Singh, Vijay Pathak, Hardeep Singh, Pardeep Jhanji and Reena Rani will move to Zone B.

Those shifted to Zone C are Vinod Duggal, Vijay Gandhi, Devinder Ahuja, Hans Raj, Harinder Singh, Satish Kumar, Gurcharan Singh, Praveen Kumar, Rajinder Mohan, Raj Kumar, Om Parkash, Rajinder Kumar and Raj Kumar.

Om Parkash Ahuja, Ashok Garg, Chaman Singh, Malwinder Singh, Kamal Chand, Kanwardeep Kaur, Mandhir Singh, Anil Bhalla will go to Zone D, Gursharan Kaur will move to the complaint and enquiry branch and Jatinder Kaur and Chanchal Rani will now be working at the accounts branch.



PSPCL employees continue protest against sale of land
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 23
Employees, officials and engineers of the Aggar Nagar division of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) today held a protest rally against the proposed sale of 32-acre land comprising administrative offices and residential colonies on Ferozepur Road here.

Addressing the rally, Bhupinder Khosal, SS Walia, Swarn Singh, Parkash Mann and Kaur Chand said that the PSPCL management and the Punjab government had decided to transfer 32-acre prime land to the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority for commercial exploration.

They said in order to get the land vacated, administrative offices of the central zone of PSPCL were being shifted elsewhere, while hundreds of officials and employees residing in the two power colonies were being dislocated. With the offices being shifted to different places in the city, the public at large would also suffer in their day-to-day dealing with the power utility, they said.

The protesting power staff said on the culmination of division-level gate rallies today, a zone-level dharna would be staged at the office of Chief Engineer tomorrow to build pressure upon the management and the state government to revoke the decision. The further course of action will also be announced during the dharna.



BSNL authorities are being indifferent, say staff
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Members of the joint action committee of BSNL unions and associations held a daylong dharna in front of the office of General Manager, Telecom, on the call of its central headquarters for the settlement of long-pending staff issues.

During the lunch hour, massive demonstration was also held. Addressing the gathering, joint action committee convener Balwinder Singh said the non-executive employees were facing several problems since a long time. He said their unions had made all possible efforts to settle the issues, but the management was being indifferent and adamant.

“Regular workers of BSNL are debarred from annual increments, leading to financial problems. The salary of the direct recruited employees has reduced since the time of wage revision in 2007. Discrepancies in the non-executive promotion policy are not being settled. Leave travel concession and fixed medical allowance are freezed. The wards of deceased employees are not getting jobs on compassionate grounds,” said Paramjit Singh, BSNL Employees Union district president.

The protesters said if the issues were not settled, they would observe a two-hour walkout on September 30, followed by a one-day strike in November.



Ex-executive officer to get President’s Award
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 23
Former executive officer Subash Joshi has been chosen for President’s Award for outstanding performance during the National Census, held in 2011. Joshi will be receiving the citation and silver medal during a function in Chandigarh on Wednesday.

Joshi said the step would encourage rank and file in departments which are normally entrusted with the additional duties related with census work periodically.

“I will organise a brief function to pay gratitude to my colleagues,” said Joshi recognising the efforts of his colleagues.

Former councillors, led by former president Ravinder Puri, said this gesture will go a long way in encouraging members of the council to put their best foot forward in future as well.



UCPMA annual meeting expected to be stormy affair
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
The annual general meeting of United Cycle Parts and Manufacturers Association (UCPMA), scheduled for tomorrow, is expected to be a stormy affair.

While immediate past president Gurmeet Singh Kular had sought presence of police during the meeting, now, general secretary Rajeev Jain has levelled some serious allegations against the president, Charanjit Singh Vishivkarma.

Jain accused the UCPMA working committee of running a “jungle raj” during a press conference here today.

He pointed finger towards the appointment of “unconstitutional and illegal posts” of chairman and five vice-chairmans.

“On the very first day of joining the office after elections, Charanjit Vishivkarma appointed Joginder Kumar as chairman and five others as vice-chairmen. I had opposed to this move and even submitted in written that these posts were unconstitutional and illegal as per the memorandum and articles of the UCPMA. Neither the president nor the managing committee has the power to appoint or create any new post. However, with majority of the office-bearers being from the winning team, my plea objected went unheard,” said Jain.

The general secretary said he was not being allowed to access records on computers or use the SMS pack. He said the staff had been threatened not to tell him the passwords.

“Nearly five employees have been shunted out because they wanted to work as per law. All e-mails of the UCPMA are not shared with the general secretary, but passed on to the president and chairman,” he said.

Jain also alleged that some non-members were being taken on foreign trips by getting subsidies from the ministry.

Vishivkarma, however, rubbished the allegations. He said the post of chairman had been created during the past term.

“It was only a day before the annual general meeting that he realised all these things. Why was he silent for the past one year?” questioned Vishivkarma.

Only the agenda items would be discussed during tomorrow’s meeting, he said.

Earlier, previous president Gurmeet Singh Kular had met Shimla Puri police station SHO Raj Kumar to request the presence of police to avoid any conflict at the venue.



Telecast of India's Mars Orbiter Mission on EDUSAT
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
The Deputy State Project Director, Punjab EDUSAT Society, Rajeev Sharma, has asked the teachers of the government schools to make the arrangements for the live telecast of India’s Mars Orbiter Mission to enter Mars Orbit on EDUSAT on September 24.

The teachers and students have to reach school on 6.45 am to watch the live telecast on EDUSAT, relay from DoorDarshan.

It is worth mentioning here that September examinations of Classes VI to XII have been going on in schools.

A letter has been issued to all District Education Officers and in charges of schools where EDUSAT is installed.

As per the letter, these instructions are from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

The officials of the Education Department have asked school in charges to make sure maximum numbers of students watch the programme on EDUSAT in their respective schools.

The letter was issued to schools a day before the telecast of the programme. Most of the teachers have condemned the move of the Education Department.

“The movement of Mars Orbiter is important to watch for the students but why is it necessary for them to watch it live? The students can watch the recorded programme on EDUSAT. If the government wants the students to watch it live, then why in schools? The students can watch same programme at their homes as well. Such impractical instructions disrupt the smooth functioning of schools,” said a teacher.

“Around 30 lakh students will suffer early in the morning to watch a programme that they can watch at their homes easily,” said another teacher.

The Deputy State Project Director, Punjab EDUSAT Society, Rajiv Sharma, said, “It is not mandatory for all students to watch the programme in the school. Schools have to arrange it on EDUSAT but, the students can even watch the programme at their homes.” This information is, however, not mentioned in the letters issued to schools.



Government to introduce smart classes at school for meritorious students soon
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
The State Education Project Director, KS Bhullar, Residential School, visited the Senior Secondary School for Meritorious students here today.

Bhullar, during his visit, announced that the government will provide the facility of smart classes to the students of the school soon. KS Bhullar said the project is in the pipeline and that it would be implemented within the next six months. He also assured the students that the remaining infrastructure in computer and science labs would be installed soon.

Bhullar said by January, all the modern facilities would be provided to the students.

“The library will be opened in the school very soon. A study room would also be available in the library building,” said Bhullar.

On the occasion, Bhullar expressed satisfaction on the ongoing construction work of various blocks of the school building and hostel. Bhullar claimed that almost 90 per cent of the work has been completed and remaining 10 per cent would be completed by next academic session.

He also said the society for residential school has called the tenders for coaching classes for competitive examination. The classes would begin from November. The government would take help from the British Council to train the school staff to teach students in English.

Responding on question about permanent appointment of a principal, Bhullar said they have conducted two interviews but has not yet got a suitable principal for meritorious schools. “We will change some conditions of recruitment in new advertisement for recruitment of principals,” said Bhullar.

An interaction session with students was also organised. Anoop Passi, officiating principal of the school, was also present on the occasion.



from schools
School donates blankets

Ludhiana: Students of Guru Gobind Singh Public School donated clothes, blankets and food for the flood-affected. Students of kindergarten donated blankets and money. Principal Dr Manjit Kaur appreciated the efforts of the students.

Sky Day at Cherry Fields Nursery School

On the occasion of the Sky Day, a special function was held for students of Cherry Fields Nursery School in the school lawn. Special videos depicting space ships, stars, knowledge of the celestial objects was shown to the students. The children came dressed as moon, sun, stars etc. Avika, Manmeet Kaur, Armaan, Dhariya Jain, Anshika Goel and others won prizes on the occasion.

Blue Day celebrated

The tiny-tots of BCM Kindergarten, Basant Vihar, celebrated Blue Day. They were dressed in blue-coloured dresses.The students carried out various educative activities. Pasting of clouds, thumb printing, hand impression and fishes were made with blue colour.

Vedic maths workshop

A Vedic maths workshop was organised by Shiksha Sanskrit Uthan Nayas, Punjab, recently. The teachers from more than 30 schools from the Punjab board as well as the CBSE attended this workshop. The resource persons, Aashish Arora and Rakesh Bhatia, taught skills of correct calculations in the easiest possible way. — TNS



from colleges
Guest lecture

Ludhiana: Desh Bhagat University Faculty of Engineering and Technology organised a guest lecture on the working of CNC machines for its students under the Industry-Academia Interface Series. A large number of engineering students attended the lecture. The keynote speaker on the occasion was Randeep Singh (Head, CNC Machine Operations) from HMT Limited. While interacting with the students, the learned speaker said CNC machine comprises of a computer in which the programme was installed for cutting of the metal of the job as per the requirement. "The main purpose of these machines is to remove some of the metal so as to give it proper shape such as round, rectangular, etc. These machines have reduced the pressure of its operator because these are computerised and these can keep on doing the fabrication work all the 24 hours of the day," he said. The demand for operator of these machines is very high in industry and most of the manufacturing companies are now equipped with CNC machines. He also shared some important tips about the handling experiences of these machines with the students. The lecture was followed up by various queries put forward by students to which the learned speaker aptly replied.

World Peace Day

Members of the Peace Club of the BCM College of Education observe World Peace Day in Ludhiana
Members of the Peace Club of the BCM College of Education observe World Peace Day in Ludhiana. Tribune photographs

The Peace Club of the BCM College of Education observed World Peace Day on the college premises. A cultural programme was organised on the occasion in the college hall. The function started with a PowerPoint presentation by Kaushal Aggarwal, a BEd student, on the various aspects of World Peace Day. A meditation act was performed by teachers and students of the college later followed by poem recitation by another BEd student Akansha. A documentary on the life of Gautam Budhha was also presented by the members of the Peace Club. Officiating principal Dr Monika Sethi congratulated the teachers, in charge and members of the Peace Club for organising a wonderful programme.

Freshers’ party

Students walk the ramp during a freshers’ party at the Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology, Katani Kalan
Students walk the ramp during a freshers’ party at the Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology, Katani Kalan

The Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology, Katani Kalan, organised a freshers' party to welcome budding engineers in the college. The party was organised by the second year students. Kick-starting their college lives with a bang, first semester students were seen enjoying themselves at LCET. Grooving and dancing to the beats, the first year students had a great time. Dressed to the nines, the ladies cut a pretty picture as they sauntered down the hall. The party started with a Gurbani Shabad performance by students, followed by a melodious rendition of various songs sung by freshers. 'RunWay Revolution', a fashion show, was the center of attraction of the party. Fresher's introduced themselves and performed various tasks on the basis of which Satinder Singh and Shashi were selected as the Mr and Miss Fresher, respectively. — TNS



150 undergo free check-up
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Pancham Hospital organised a free check-up camp for patients needing orthopaedics, general and laparoscopic surgery.

More than 150 patients attended the camp. Dr Aseem Kapila, senior consultant, orthopaedics department, said osteoarthritis was the most common form of joint disease in adults.

Dr Kanwaljit Kaur, senior gynaecologist and CEO of the hospital, apprised women patients of the lifestyle improvements and diet changes required at various stages of life.

150 units of blood donated

Radisson Blu Hotel organised a blood donation camp in association with Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and Bhai Ghanaiya Ji Mission Sewa Society. The team of doctors collected 150 units of blood, which were donated to the Red Cross.



ludhiana scan
Contractor fined
Jagdev Singh Jassowal, chairman of the Professor Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation (second from right), addresses mediapersons
Jagdev Singh Jassowal, chairman of the Professor Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation (second from right), addresses mediapersons. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Rajat Aggarwal, Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana, fined the contractor of a multi-story parking of the Mini Secretariat of Rs 10,000 here on Tuesday. According to the sources, "The contractor was fined for maintaining two separate receipt books. " The DC confirmed it. He said, "I got it checked from my own staff and found that the contractor was carrying two types of receipt books with different rates for the same vehicles. So, I penalised him to pay Rs 10,000 as fine."

Salaries released

After receiving their salaries pending for more than two months, the Municipal Karamchari Joint Committee ended their 14-day-long protest in Ludhiana on Tuesday. While communicating with employees, Ghanshayam Dass Thori, Additional Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana, conveyed the message of Pardeep Aggarwal, Commissioner of MC, Ludhiana, that the pending salaries of employees had been released on Tuesday evening.

Hunger strike called off

The 24-hour hunger strike launched by activists of the Punjab Kisan Sabha in support of the pending demands of farmers, ended on Tuesday. Vice-president of the sabha Kartar Singh Bowani said this was a symbolic protest to safeguard the rights of poor farmers and if the government persisted with its anti-people and anti-farmer policies, the agitation would be further intensified. The demands put forth by the sabha included remunerative prices of various crops as per the recommendations of Dr Swaminathan Committee, social security for farmers, farm workers and artisans, ensured procurement by government agencies and adequate budget allocation for agriculture, irrigation and rural development.

82,293 given polio drops

A child being administered polio drops on the third day of the drive in Ludhiana on TuesdayOn the third day of the pulse polio drive, 1,65,383 houses were visited by the teams and 82,293 children were administered polio drops. The polio drops are to be administered to every child in the age group of 0-5 years, said Dr Sanjeev Hans, District Immunisation Officer.

A child being administered polio drops on the third day of the drive in Ludhiana on Tuesday

Dengue cases

The total number of dengue patients diagnosed in Ludhiana hospitals has gone to 29. A one-year-old infant belonging to Dashmesh Nagar and a male of 35 years belonging to Hoshiarpur has been admitted to DMCH and has been confirmed suffering from dengue on Tuesday.

Aedes Egypti larvae found

A team of 20 breeding checkers along with insect collectors and multipurpose health supervisors checked the coolers of different areas for breeding of Aedes Egypti (Larva of dengue). This was carried under the direction of Civil Surgeon Dr Subash Batta and the supervision of Dr Anil Verma, District Epidemiologist. Eight pots, three coolers and one tank in Deep Nagar Civil Lines; one pot, three coolers, one container and five tyers in BRS Nagar H Block; one pot, six coolers and one drum at Jalandhar Byepass, and four coolers in Bhaura village were found breeding dengue larvae. The information regarding the same has been passed to MC officials for issuing fines.

Wedding expo

Designer Pawan Sachdeva is all set to showcase his latest men's and women's collection at Lavan Phere, a wedding exhibition on October 4-5 at Hotel Park Plaza. Delhi-based designer Pawan Sachdeva is really excited to showcase for the very first time in Punjab.


Dr Narotam Dewan, consultant surgeon, Dewan Hospital and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Centre, was invited to chair surgical sessions and as the national faculty to the 7th National Conference of Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of India, International workshop-cum-CME at Bhubeshwar. Dr Narotam Dewan presented a video research paper on 'Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Ectopic Left Sided Gall Bladder'. The presentation was based on a rare surgery of left-sided ectopic gall bladder done by Dr Narotam Dewan and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Centre. — TNS



woman’s murder
Husband, mother-in-law held
Our Correspondent

Dehlon, September 23
The local police have arrested a farmer of Rurka village in Ludhiana district, who had been booked for allegedly killing his wife three days ago. His mother, accomplice in the crime, has also been arrested.

The accused have been identified as Sukhwinder Singh and his mother Sukhdev Kaur.

Though the accused had succeeded in convincing the police that it was a suicide case and not murder, but intensive investigation by the police foiled their attempt. The police had earlier booked a case of abetment to suicide which has now been changed to a murder case.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Gill, Gurpreet Singh Sikand informed that a special investigation team led by Amandeep Singh Brar solved the case of death of Gurmit Kaur (33), whose body was found hanging at her home three days ago.

Joginder Singh of Chuhni Majra village in Fatehgarh district had stated before the police that his daughter Gurmit Kaur had allegedly ended her life by hanging with the fan at her house at Rurka village on the fateful day. Ten-year-old son of the deceased, Gurjot, had also narrated the sequence of the events leading to death of her mother to the police and the relatives.

Though the police had registered an FIR under section 306 of IPC against three persons, the circumstantial evidence made the police suspicious about the cause of death. External injuries on the body of the deceased suggested that her body had been hanged with the fan after killing her.

“Intensive observations by members of the SIT led by SHO Amandeep Singh Brar suggested that the injury marks on the neck were not like those of committing suicide by hanging. Though exact cause of death was yet to be ascertained, doctors performing postmortem supported the police’s suspicion,” said Sikand maintaining that further investigation had established that the accused had killed the victim by strangulating with a rope.

Investigations further revealed that the victim and the accused had a tiff. Failing to control his nerves Sukhwinder Singh strangulated Gurmit Kaur when she was lying on her bed in her room. As Gurjot Singh was watching TV in another room he did not notice what was happening in the house. The accused hurriedly hanged the body with the fan with a duppatta and then raised alarm about the stage-managed suicide. A private doctor was called who declared the victim dead.



crime brief
11-yr-old girl sets herself afire
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
An 11- year- old- girl was rushed to the Civil Hospital with serious burn injuries. While her parents claimed that it was an accident, her relatives said the girl had set herself on fire after her mother slapped her. Her condition is stated to be critical. No police complaint was filed.

Shoplifter turns out to be cop’s wife

The Sarabha Nagar police today went in a tizzy when a shoplifter caught on camera installed at a cloth shop in BRS Nagar turned out to be the wife of a police official. A resident of the South City area had lodged a complaint against the woman at the Sarabha Nagar police station.

The police official’s wife maintained that she had not stolen any bag and that she had even told the shopkeeper about it.

The matter was resolved after the police official’s wife agreed to return the bag.

Minor raped

The Jamalpur police have booked a man for raping a minor. The accused has been identified as Sandeep Kumar of Jamalpur. The victim said Sandeep took her to Amritsar and raped her. She reported the matter to the police yesterday and got a case registered against the accused. The police are investigating the matter.



Rs 2,600 looted from elderly man
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, September 23
Two unidentified conmen allegedly looted Rs 2,600 from a poor labourer of Gure village near Jagraon today morning.

As per the information, the victim, Basant Singh, was going to meet his daughter, who is married at Barsal village. According to Basant Singh, he was going towards Barsal by foot and when he reached near Virk village, two unidentified persons riding a scooter approached him and offered him lift.

“They told me that they too are going towards Barsal and they would drop me. I accepted their offer and sat with them. After some distance, they stopped the scooter and forcibly looted Rs 2,600 that I was carrying,” alleged Basant.

Following this, the victim approached the police and informed it about the loot incident. However, no case was registered in this regard till the filing of this report. Jagraon Sadar, SHO, Lovedeep Singh said the police had received a complaint in this regard and an appropriate action would be taken after thorough investigation of the matter. 



katoch shield
Two tons put Jalandhar in commanding position
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 23
Powered by two tons struck by Taruwar Kohli and Pargat Singh, Jalandhar was set to post a mammoth score against Ludhiana on the penultimate day of the match in the Inter-District Senior Punjab State Cricket Tournament for the Katoch Shield at Punjab Agricultural University.

After restricting the hosts to 353 runs in the first innings, the visitors were well-placed with the scoreboard reading 532 for five after 117 overs.

Taruwar Kohli (25) and Pargat Singh (57), who were at the crease at the draw of stumps yesterday, went on to complete their centuries. While Kohli hammered 188 runs with the help of 24 boundaries and one six, Pargat scored 130 runs that included 15 hits to the fence and two over it. Another Jalandhar batsman, Robin Singh, missed the ton by just five runs.

For Ludhiana, it was a forgettable day as their bowlers were taken to task by Jalandhar batsmen. Rahul Singla grabbed three wickets while Deepak Bansal and Amritpal Singh accounted for one wicket each.

Brief scores

Ludhiana (first innings) 353 all out in 147.2 overs (Sunny Pandey 100, Abhinav Bhatia 41, Geetansh Khera 39, Vaibhav Narang 59 and Ankit Pursharty 45; Navdeep Singh five for 45 runs, Yogesh four for 104 runs and Rahul Sharma one for 75 runs)

Jalandhar (first innings) 532 for five after 117 overs (Taruwar Kohli 188, Pargat Singh 130, Robin Singh 95, Abhishek Gupta 57 and Himanshu Satyawan 53; Rahul Singla three for 120 runs, Deepak Bansal one for 30 runs and Amritpal Singh one for 79 runs).



pu inter-college cricket tournament
SCD Government College score big win
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 23
Piyush Likhi’s all-round performance steered Satish Chander Dhawan Government College for Boys to a convincing nine-wicket win over Lala Lajpat Rai DAV College, Jagraon, during the Panjab University Inter-College Cricket Tournament.

Playing on his home ground, Likhi remained not out on 66 runs before claiming five victims for 31 runs.

Batting first, the Jagraon college could muster only 101 runs before getting all out in 27.1 overs. Harmandeep Singh (19), Vineet Kumar (14) and Hatinder Kanda (16) remained the main contributors.

For the local college, Likhi was the most successful bowler. He was ably supported by Kashish and Vishwanath, who claimed two wickets each, while Ripandeep captured one wicket.

The hosts took just 11.2 overs to achieve the target, losing one wicket in the process. Likhi’s 66-run knock saw seven fours and three sixes. Kashish contributed 30 runs, while Jatin remained unconquered on 10 runs.



punjab baseball c’ship
City eves emerge champions
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, September 23
Ludhiana faced little challenge from Kapurthala on the way to a 6-1 win that helped them bag the title in the women’s section at the Eighth Senior Punjab State Baseball Championship.

The local eves stamped their supremacy among twelve teams that took part in the meet held at the Mata Gurdev Kaur Sahi Sports College of Physical Education, Samrala.

Earlier, in the semifinals, Ludhiana drubbed Amritsar 9-3, while Kapurthala fought a battle of nerves against Patiala to come out winners 2-1. In the match played for the third position, Patiala squeezed past Amritsar 2-1.

In the league phase, Kapurthala beat Bathinda 5-1, Ropar overwhelmed Moga 13-3, Sangrur defeated Tarn Taran 8-2, Jalandhar pipped Mohali 9-0, Patiala blanked Barnala 10-0, Ludhiana trounced Sangrur 10-0, Kapurthala routed Jalandhar 10-0 and Amritsar outnumbered Ropar 12-2.



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