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Diwali pollution chokes industrial city
Level of pollution this Diwali higher than last year | Stubble burning adds to smog problem
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

City receives light showers in the evening.
City receives light showers in the evening.

Ludhiana, October 28
A thick smog cover has engulfed the city for the past couple of days. Post-Diwali pollution, stubble burning and western disturbances contributed to this hazy weather. According to experts, the particulate matter remains in the air for a few days after Diwali, thus leading to smog.

The level of pollution this year on Diwali was relatively higher than last year. It seems the city people’s vow to observe a green and eco-friendly Diwali was just a lip-service. While a week before Diwali, respirable suspended particulate matter (RSPM) was recorded at 272 micro grams per cubic metre in the commercial zone, it rose to 546 micro grams per cubic metre on the night of Diwali. The RSPM in the residential zone rose to 316 micro grams per cubic metre, which stood at 183 micro grams per cubic metre a week before Diwali. In the sensitive zone, the RSPM recorded on Diwali night was 362 micro grams per cubic metre as against 250 micro grams per cubic metre a week before.

“The level of ambient air quality on Diwali was relatively high compared to last year. The RSPM was the highest at 546 micro grams per cubic metre in the commercial zone,” said the Chief Engineer, Punjab Pollution Control Board, Gulshan Rai.

Dr LK Dhaliwal, Director, School of Climate Change and Agricultural Meteorology, Punjab Agricultural University, said the reason behind the smog is western disturbances that have raised the level of moisture. “The smog cover is also due to post-Diwali pollution and burning of stubble. The sky will clear after rain,” she said.

These weather conditions appear to have led to high dust concentration and higher concentration of oxides of nitrogen as the pollutants are unable to disperse due to inversion phenomenon, said weather experts. The smog in the city must be dense due to the RSPM above the normal level but the exact status can be known only after a detailed comparative analysis of the week. There has been a sudden dip in the temperature, due to which smog is not being dispersed,” said an official from the PPCB. 

Skies to open up after rain 

With the city receiving rain, residents had a sigh of relief and hoped smog would disperse soon. Dr LK Dhaliwal, Director, School of Climate Change and Agricultural Meteorology, PAU said: “The smog will clear after rain”.


Polluted air takes toll on residents’ health 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
Stubble burning and Diwali pollution has led to an increase in respiratory cases, especially patients of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Doctors have witnessed an increase in the number of such patients by 20-30 per cent in the past few days.

Farmers generally burn stubble in their paddy fields during this time of the year. Smoke emanating from the fields contains harmful substances, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. It leads to various kinds of health hazards.

According to medical experts, asthma, respiratory and throat problems and eye infections aggravate during this time of the year.

“People living both in cities and nearby villages are complaining of throat and respiratory infections. The problem aggravates during this time of the year due to stubble burning and post-Diwali pollution. The number of patients visiting the OPDs has increased by 20-30 per cent. Pollution in the air has increased manifold due to the burning of stubble,” said Dr Anil Kashyap, Associate Professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital.

The number of patients suffering from problems such as cough, throat infection, bronchial asthma and allergic bronchitis has risen in the past few days, said another city-based physician, Dr Gurdeep Kohli.

“Generally, we receive around three or four cases of asthma every day and COPD and these days we are receiving 10 or 12 cases per day. While asthma is more common among children, teenagers and adults, COPD is more common in elderly people,” he added.

“Using mask covering nose and face is helpful but one shouldn’t stop or cut down on asthma medication during this time,” say experts.

A city-based eye specialist, Dr Dinesh, also confirmed the increase in the case of eye irritation and allergy. He sites stubble burning the reason behind the it. “I daily get seven or eight patients with complaints of eye irritation and eye allergy,” he said.

“The high pollution level caused by stubble burning has increased the number of cases of air-borne contact dermatitis, resulting in itching and rashes. There has been around two times increase in the number of such cases at this time of the year,” said a dermatologist, Dr Sukhjot Kaur.



Dues not paid, factory owner kills self
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
A 30-year-old Youth Congress worker, who was allegedly harassed and humiliated by the owner of a factory when he asked the latter to pay his dues, committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan at his (deceased) factory in the Mahopuri area here today.

The deceased has been identified as Naresh Kumar, alias Neeta. He was an active member of the Youth Congress and was handling the party activities in the Madhopuri area, said Congress leader Lucky Kapoor.

Neeta has left a suicide note in which he has held a person, identified as Bunty, owner of Starlight Factory, responsible for his death.

Chintu Kaushal, Neeta’s brother, said Bunty used to outsource work to Neeta’s factory and owed him Rs 14 lakh, Chintu added.

Neeta had visited the factory several times in the past and even requested Bunty to pay up the dues, so he could pay salaries to his employees. But Bunty refused to give him a single penny, said Chintu.

Neeta visited Bunty’s factory yesterday and asked for his dues. Bunty humiliated him, which drove Neeta into depression. He went to his factory in the morning and committed suicide in his office.

The matter came to light when a worker went to his office in the afternoon and found Bunty’s body hanging from the ceiling fan.

The police has recovered the suicide note and started investigation. Neeta is survived by a three-year-old child and wife.

Sukhwinder Bindra (Raja), president of the Ludhiana Youth Congress (West), demanded action against the culprit and the recovery of Neeta’s dues from Bunty.



BMW crash
Victim’s family demands FIR against survivor
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
Emotions ran high during the bhog ceremony of Gagan Sharma, who was killed along with his friend Rajat Dua in the BMW car crash on October 25, here today.
The relatives of the deceased demand the registration of a case under section 304-A of the IPC against Atul Bansal, who was driving the BMW car, and cancellation of his driver’s licence.

“We have learnt Atul’s family is trying to prove that Atul was not driving the vehicle at the time of the accident,” alleged Isha, Gagan’s cousin.

Isha claimed Atul suffered minor injuries in the accident and even accompanied them to the Civil Hospital where an injured Gagan was shifted.

“Soon, his family also arrived at the Civil Hospital. When we asked Atul who was driving the BMW car, he started shouting at us and left the hospital in a huff,” said Isha.

She said in order to save Atul from trouble, his family got him admitted to Ludhiana Mediways Hospital for the treatment of some clot in his brain.

Gurmeet Kular, one of the directors of Ludhiana Mediways Hospital, expressed ignorance about Atul’s admission to the hospital. “I will speak to the doctor concerned and only then I will be able to comment,” said Kular.

Gagan’s parents Ashok Kumar and mother Reenu were still in a state of shock. They refused to talk with media persons.

Deepak Nagpal, brother-in-law of Gagan, said Atul was suffering from severe mental illness. “Only a psychotic drives a car over 200km per hour. This man (Atul) used to perform car stunts. Earlier also, he was involved in serious accidents. One can visit his Facebook profile and find the videos of his car stunts he has shared with his friends.”

Nagpal blamed the police for botching up the investigation into the case. “Why Autl’s medical examination was not conducted to find out whether he was drunk or not? Even Gagan’s post-mortem was delayed for several hours as the police officer concerned took a long time to file the report.”

He said Atul should be debarred from driving. “Something needs to be done. We have lost our child and we do not want a similar thing to happen to anyone else,” said Deepak Nagpal.

Megha, also a cousin of Gagan, said: “Following the incident, we spoke to the Atul’s paternal aunt and told her about Atul’s habit of reckless driving. She tried to distance herself from the controversy by claiming that Atul did not listen to them.”

The trio of Atul, Gagan and Rajat were childhood friends and studied in New Senior Secondary School.

Rajat’s family was tight-lipped refused to comment about the incident.

Stunt proves fatal

It was learnt that Atul first raced the car full throttle and pulled the handbrakes to perform a stunt. The car tossed and rammed into a tree before splitting into two halves. The police found the handbrake of the BMW pulled up.



Youth booked for rape 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
The city police have registered a case against a youth for raping a girl while she was visiting her friend’s house.
The accused has been identified as Happy, a resident of Boothgarh village in the Meharban area.

The incident took place yesterday when the victim was visiting the house of her friend. Her friend left the house to buy some vegetables.

In the meantime, the accused entered the house and bolted the door from inside and raped her. After raping her, Happy warned the victim against disclosing the matter to the police.

She mustered courage and reported the matter to the police. 



World Stroke Day 
Stroke no longer a disease of developed nations 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
World Stroke Day is observed on October 29 every year to understand the serious nature and high incidence of stroke, create awareness on its prevention and treatment and ensure better care and support for the survivors.

Stroke is the third leading cause of death and fourth leading cause of permanent disability worldwide and its incidence is increasing in India like diabetes and heart disease, probably because of sedentary lifestyle, urbanisation and improved life expectancy.

Dr Monika Singla, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, said stroke is mainly of two types. It can be because of occlusion of blood vessel (blood clot), leading to ischemic stroke, or because of rupture of a blood vessel, leading to haemorrhagic stroke. It usually affects elderly persons.

“The patients, who have hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol levels, are also at high risk of stroke. But these days, stroke among the youth is also getting common. Although young patients with addictions like smoking, alcohol and multiple substances are also prone to stroke, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease still remain the common causes because of inheritance of these diseases in families,” said Dr Singla.

Dr Gagandeep Singh, Professor and Head of Neurology at the DMCH, said stroke is the third leading cause of death and fourth leading cause of permanent disability worldwide.

“Stroke was known to be the disease of only developed countries. Now, its incidence is increasing in India too,” said Dr BS Paul, Associate Professor of Neurology.

Dr Rajinder Bansal, Professor of Neurology, DMCH, said the symptoms of stroke included sudden weakness of one side of the body, with or without facial weakness, numbness of one side, inability to speak or slurring of speech or imbalance of body. 

Stroke and women

Though women also have similar risk factors like men such as family history of stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, being overweight, sedentary lifestyle, they have some additional risk factors. Women, who take birth-control pills and use hormone replacement therapy are more prone to stroke. Besides, they are also at risk of stroke during pregnancy and post-delivery. Those having big waistline and high triglyceride levels post-menopausal are five times more at risk of getting stroke than men. Women having migraine headaches also have three or six times more risk of stroke compared to women without this condition. 

Prevention better than cure

  • Controlling blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol reduces stroke risk.
  • Shun smoking
  • During pregnancy, women should get their blood pressure checked
  • Elderly women should be screened for irregular heart beat.



Bus service: Last date for filing tenders extended again 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
The Municipal Corporation authorities have again extended the last date for receiving tenders for City Bus Service. In view of the stretched holidays and requests made by certain bidders, the last date has been extended for the third time.

Neeru Katyal, Additional Commissioner, MC, who is in charge of City Bus Service, said the last date for receiving tenders was October 28. After discussing the matter with the higher-ups, it was decided to extend the date to November 11.

When asked about the reason for the extension, she said there were continuous holidays and then certain bidders requested the authorities to extend the last date for receiving tenders as they could not apply for the same. She said at present, four bidders had shown interest in operating the bus service.

Ever since the City Bus Service contract awarded to a private company, it has suffered major losses. As the losses mounted to Rs 3 crore, the company abruptly discontinued the service in July.

Now, around 105 buses of City Bus Service are gathering dust in godowns and open areas in the city. Earlier, the Municipal Corporation had claimed that it would start the service within two months.

This time, the authorities have decided to award the contract to multiple bidders on the route basis. 



Parents object to shifting of school
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
About 200 persons, including a number of parents of students studying in the Government Primary School, Kundanpuri, protested against the shifting of the school to Government School at Chander Nagar.

The District Education Officer (Primary) had ordered the school, being run from a Dharamshala, to be shifted to Government School, Chander Nagar. The decision was taken after the building was declared unsafe, following inspections by the chief engineer and the PWD Department.

The protesters even locked the teachers. The shifting of stationery and other material from the school was also stopped by them.

They said they would not send their children to study at the school in Chander Nagar as it is about 2 km away from the present school and also the students would be shifted to the evening shift.

Some of parents said they would rather take their wards out of the school, than sending them away from home.

The president of BJP District, Parveen Bansal, present on the occasion, said the building could have probably become unsafe due to washermen drying clothes on the roof of the building. “This may have caused the dampness,” said Bansal.

The DEO (Primary), Gurjot Singh, said the Education Department cannot give grant for repairwork of the building because it is a private land. The Education Minister and the District Administration have taken a notice of the matter, he added.

“Two rooms are safe there,” said the DEO.

The president of the Bal Bhalai Committee, an NGO, Sukhdheer Singh Sekhon, said earlier also schools have been shifted to safer places. In this case, shifting is being obstructed because of vested interests. “Safety of children is paramount for parents. They are being incited to act this way,” alleged Sukhdheer Singh Sekhon.

Protest held

Around 200 persons, including a number of parents of students studying in the Government Primary School, Kundanpuri, protested against the shifting of the school to Government School at Chander Nagar. The protesters even locked the teachers. The shifting of stationery and other material from the school was also stopped by the parents. They said they would not send their children to study at the school in Chander Nagar as it is about 2 km away from the Kundanpuri school. The decision of shifting the school was taken after the building was declared unsafe, following inspections by the chief engineer and the PWD Department. 



Procurement of paddy 
Rain spells havoc for farmers 
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, October 28
Farmers had to pass through testing times as the region witnessed a moderate rainfall in the evening today. The situation gave rise to panic and chaos among farmers in the Jagraon Grain Market where their paddy crop was laying for procurement.

The farmers were seen covering their crops from rain. Other farmers, whose crops were standing in fields, were also concerned due to the rainfall.

Some anxious farmers at the local Grain Market complained that the government has failed to provide better facilities at the grain markets of Punjab and it as a result of the failure, that the crops are getting damaged in these markets.

“The procurement agencies were already observing strictness over the moisture level of the paddy crop. After the rain, the moisture of the crop is bound to increase. In such a situation, it will not be an easy task for us to sell our crop,” said Bhagwant Singh Toor, a farmer from Sherpur village.

Most of the farmers were irked over the arrangements made by the Market Committee for the visiting farmers. Some of the farmers rued that they were not even provided proper shelter during the rain.

The secretary of the Market Committee, Jaswinder Singh, claimed that the local Market Committee has made best possible arrangements for the facility of the farmers visiting grain market.

“We even provided covers to the farmers to cover their crops,” said the secretary of the committee.



Social awareness spread through chetna march at Machhiwara
Our Correspondent

Machhiwara, October 28
A chetna march was carried out by the Police Saanjh Kendra, Samrala, and Outreach Centre, Machhiwara, with the help of some social organisations at Machhiwara.

The march was held to aware masses about the clean campaign and to ensure smooth traffic in the town. Shopkeepers were told to not to display their products on the roadside. The crusaders appealed the shopkeepers to obey directives given by the government. A strict action will be taken against shopkeepers who do not follow the rules and regulations, said the inspector.

The march was led by Saanjh Kender in charge, inspector Parveen Sharma. Various representatives of different departments participated in the march.

A team of officials from the Health Department also inspected fruits, vegetables and sweet shops in the region.

The SHO, Machhiwara, Darshan Singh, sub-inspector Kulwant Kaur, social activist Shiv Kumar Shivly, members of the suvidha centres and general public were also present on the occasion.



ludhiana scan
5 test positive for dengue

Five more patients have tested positive for dengue. Three of the five are from Ludhiana, while two patients are from other districts. A 32-year-old male from Sunder Nagar, 8-year-old girl from Prem Nagar and 23-year-old youth from New Deep Nagar are undergoing treatment at CMC Hospital. 

A 25-year-old man from Hoshiarpur is admitted to DMC Hospital, Ludhiana, and 23-year-old female from Gurdaspur is being treated at CMC Hospital, Ludhiana. Total number of dengue patients diagnosed with the disease in Ludhiana hospitals has gone to 115, of which 79 are from Ludhiana, 31 from other districts and five from other states.

Larvae found

A team of 20 breeding checkers, along with the insect collectors and multipurpose health supervisor checked the coolers of different areas for breeding of Aedes Egypti (Larva of dengue). The inspection was carried out under the direction of Dr Subhash Batta, Civil Surgeon, and under the supervision of Dr Anil Verma, district epidemiologist. In Rishi Nagar X-Block, two coolers, one pot were found infected. In Purana Bazar Daresi, larvae were found in two coolers and four pots. The information has been passed to the Municipal Corporation officials for issuing fines and for deciding on the further course of action.

NICHE-2014 at LPU

The chairman of the Indian Institute of Architects, Ludhiana Centre, Sanjay Goel, will chair the technical session titled “Futuristic and innovative initiatives” as the moderator during the Neo-International Conference on Habitable Environments (NICHE-2014). The conference will be held at Lovely Professional University (LPU) from October 31 to November 2. Nine experts from all over the world will share their research work and deliver lectures during the session.

Defaulters fined

Following the directions by the Senior Medical Officer, Community Health Centre, Sahnewal, Dr Parwinderpal Singh Sidhu, six challans were issued and a fine of Rs 1,900 was collected from defaulters. Masses were also made aware about the ill effects of smoking.

Cong leader threatens stir

Congress leader Krishan Kumar Bawa condemned the “wrong” policies of the SAD/BJP government. Bawa also accused the Municipal Corporation for the heaps of garbage in his area, Atam Nagar. Bawa said if authorities fail to lift the garbage within a week, then workers of Congress will get remove the garbage on their own and a protest will be held against the authorities.

Congress chief flays govt

The president of the Punjab Youth Congress, Vikramjeet Singh Chaudhary, accused the Punjab government of failing in all fronts. He claimed that the economy of the state is in bad shape. He, along with youth congress national secretary Anant Dahiya, was in Ludhiana to hold a special meeting of the youth congress activists. The objective of the meeting was to strengthen the party at the grassroot-level and hold a membership drive of the party.

Party meet

The chief of the District Mahila Congress will be formally announced next week, said the State Mahila Congress president, Kittu Grewal, on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Leena Taparia, the Ludhiana (Urban) Mahila Congress president, who had earlier been “replaced”, also attended the meeting that was called by the state chief.

Patient needs financial aid

A 24-year-old youth, Sumit Paul, diagnosed with severe aplastic anaemia is admitted to Christian Medical College and Hospital and is in need of financial assistance. He recently received ATGAM therapy with the help of financial support from the ESI. He still requires treatment. Currently, he has no financial support. If anyone is willing to contribute towards his cost of treatment, they can contact Clinical Haematology Unit, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, at 0161-5037957 or email at mjosephjohn@gmail.com. Cheques or D/D can be sent in favour of “Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, Society” payable at Ludhiana. Behind the cheque write-For treatment of Sumit Paul, Hospital Unit No: C- 7226066. Contact number: 09781966554. — TNS



Valmiki samaj activists lodge complaint
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
Engraving of Goddesses on coins has courted controversy. The Bharatiya Valmiki Dharam Samaj activists today filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police demanding action against the authorities concerned for hurting religious sentiments of followers.

The matter has been referred to the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP-I), Joginder Singh, for further investigation. The activists demanded action against the authorities concerned who gave the nod for issuing coins in the mint, on which the pictures of Goddess Durga and Laxmi were engraved.

Activists Sahiv Soni and Ravi Bali, who lodged the complaint with the police, said the coins with picture of Goddesses should be kept respectfully but unfortunately these are being used as auxiliary coins in the purse. The activists said before issuing such coins, the authorities concerned should have taken religious sentiments of people into consideration. 



Cong leaders demand resignation
Ashok Kaura

Phillaur, October 28
Senior Congress MLA Rakesh Pandey and PPCC secretary Parminder Mehta have sought resignations of Harsimrat Kaur Badal from the Union Government and Navjot Kaur Sidhu from the post of the Chief Parliamentary Secretary (Health) Punjab.

It is learnt that the leaders have sought the resignation as the alliance between SAD and the BJP is on the verge of separation, as indicated from the statements of the leaders from the respective parties.

Both the leaders, while addressing the mediapersons, today claimed that the both parties are befooling the people by showing false alliance only for the lust of power.

They described the claims and campaign of the Modi government of bringing back the foreign currency from Swiss Banks as mockery.

Both Mehta and Pandey also alleged that the people of the state are feeling suffocated due to Badal’s misrule.



Baba Isher Singh school wins in shabad gayan contest

Ludhiana, October 28
Guru Nanak International Public School, Model Town, organised Prof Gurbir Singh Sarna Memorial First Inter-School Shabad Gayan Competition.
The Chancellor of the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, Dr. Johal, was the chief guest and Ait Kaur Sarna, wife of Gurbir Singh Sarna, was the guest of honour.

Around 12 schools, including host school, participated in the competition. Shabads such as shubh bachan bol gun amol, sabeh ghat ram boley rama boley and har jan bolet sri ram nama were recited on the occasion.


First prize (along with cash prize of Rs 11,000)-Baba Isher Singh Senior Secondary Public School, BRS Nagar;

Second prize (along with cash prize of Rs 5,100)-GGN Public School, Rose Garden;

Third prize (along with cash prize of Rs 3,100)-Guru Gobind Singh Public School, Vill Daad; Consolation prizes-Guru Nanak International Public School, Nankana Sahib Public School, Gill Road. 

The other nine teams were given Rs 1,100 each. — TNS 



Stubble burning goes on unabated 
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, October 28
Despite repeated appeals by the district administration against burning of paddy stubble in the fields, the practice has been going on unabated in the region.

On visit to various villages in the area, paddy stubble was found burning in various fields. The situation is most grave in villages falling in the Bet area near Sutlej River and on the Ludhiana-Moga highway.

The practice of stubble burning not only causes pollution, but also leads to major health hazards and has an adverse impact on the fertility of agricultural land. The smoke billowing from the stubble burning in the fields also reduces visibility, leading to road accidents.

The Agricultural Department had urged the farmers to use the “Happy Seeding” sowing machine to prepare their fields for the next crop, but the farmers have shown little interest.

A farmer of Bodalwala village near here said he saw no harm in stubble burning. “Almost every farmer does it. We have been following this practice for several years as it is an easy and cheapest method to prepare the fields for next crop,” he said.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Jagraon, Apneet Rayat said the administration had warned the farmers against burning stubble.

“The administration has been creating awareness among the farming community about the harmful effects of stubble burning. We are doing our best to prevent the farmers from burning paddy stubble,” said the SDM. 



Farm varsity comes up with a solution
Technology for converting paddy stubble into biogas undergoing trials
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
Punjab Agricultural University has developed a technology to utilise paddy stubble for producing biogas.
Rajesh Soni, an associate professor at the School of Energy Studies for Agriculture, PAU, said: “The technology is yet to be commercialised, as trials are going on at four places in the state. The first trial started in 2012 at the Krishi Vigyan Kender (KVK).”

The remaining trials are being conducted at KVK, Batala, and fields of a Hoshiarpur-based and a Gurdaspur-based farmer.

Soni said the trials were going on successfully.

“After the trails get over, the technology will be transferred to farmers,” he said.

At present, about 85 per cent of paddy stubble gets burnt by farmers. Experts say it is not only hazardous for the health of human beings and animals, but also for the health of soil.

A microbiology professor at PAU said: “When paddy stubble is burnt in fields, the microbes residing in the uppermost layer of soil get killed and thus the fertility of soil gets affected. The microbes are responsible for the fertility of health.”

Soni said paddy stubble (except that of basmati) has silica due to which it is not good for animals.

“If the paddy stubble is used in boilers, problems like corrosion, slagging and clinker formation occur,” he said.

Soni said for a single unit of biogas plant, an expenditure of Rs 1 lakh would be needed. If there are two units, it would cost only Rs 1.5 lakh, he said.

“Biogas can be generated for about three months by using 16 quintals of paddy stubble, 6 quintals of cow dung and some water from a single unit. After about three months, the input of biogas decreases. So, the waste material is cleared from the plant manually within two to three days. The plant is then re-fed and biogas gets prepared within a week,” said the professor.

He said after harvesting of paddy, farmers could keep remaining paddy stubble in form of bales to be used later.

Technology holds promise, says expert

Punjab Agricultural University has already suggested various other methods of using paddy stubble to the farmers. These include mushroom cultivation, producing paper pulp, composting, incorporating it in soil and mulching. However, only five per cent of paddy stubble in the state is consumed using these methods, said Rajesh Soni, an associate professor at the School of Energy Studies for Agriculture, PAU. He said the biogas production method was expected to consume much more paddy stubble. He said its trials were going on successfully at four places in the state.



CBSE preferred over state board
PSEB-affiliated public schools are getting associated with central board now
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
Many PSEB-affiliated public schools in the city are getting affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
In the past few years, at least five schools in the city have changed affiliation from the PSEB to the CBSE. Most of the public schools that have come up in recent years are affiliated with the CBSE and not PSEB.

Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Guru Hargobind Public School, Baba Isher Singh Public School and Sacred Soul Convent School are now affiliated with the CBSE.

It is learnt that more PSEB-affiliated schools have applied for the affiliation with the central board.

As per the sources, because of relatively stagnant curriculum and syllabus of the PSEB, most of the schools are now opting for the CBSE. Other factors include the preference of parents to send their wards to CBSE schools, because of the better reputation and international recognition of the board.

Some of the schools, even in the rural areas, now seek CBSE affiliation instead of the state board association.

“Parents want their children to study from CBSE-affiliated schools,” said DK Sharma, principal, Guru Hargobind Public School. Parents want better future for their children and CBSE has a much better reputation that the state board, he added.

“System also seems to be lacking at the state-level board, because they keep on changing plans. It was evident from issue of conducting board examination for Class V or Class VIII,” said Sharma.

Due to timely updated curriculum, emphasis on activity-based learning and better implementation of continuous and comprehensive evaluation and quality education, the central board fare better than the state board.

“We have to send comprehensive detail about all our activities, reports to the CBSE. Teacher training is a must, which was not the case earlier. Activity-based learning gives a much better understanding of the concepts,” said the principal, Guru Harkrishan Public School, HK Chhina.

The PSEB officials and State Education Department officials focus on the government schools rather than the private schools, said an administration official of a school. He said the visits of board officials are mostly during the examination days and not after regular intervals of time. “Even the implementation of CCE is better in the CBSE,” added the official.

The director of Ludhiana School Sahodaya School Complex, the organisation of all the CBSE schools, Harmeet Kaur Waraich, said more schools are becoming members of the sahodaya.

The curriculum of the central board is well-planned and is also changed according to the latest research in education. Its main focus is on holistic learning and all-round development of students, she added.



Extension lectures at SD college

Ludhiana, October 28
A series of extension lectures was organised by the PG Department of Commerce and Management, Kamla Lohtia SD College, Ludhiana.

A lecture on “How to stay positive in tough environment” was delivered by Dr Kulbhushan Chandel, chairman and head, Department of Commerce, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, and a lecture on “Researh methodology” was presented by Dr OP Verma, former chairman, Department of Commerce, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. The head of the PG Department of Commerce and Management, Dr Rajesh Marwaha, welcomed the guests.

The president, College Managing Committee, Sunil Aggarwal, along with Sandeep and Brij Mohan Ralhan, vice-president, College Managing Committee, and principal Dr Shiv appreciated the efforts of prof Marwaha and his team. — TNS



School observes vigilance week

Blossoms Convent School observed vigilance week at Blossoms Convent School on Tuesday. Students of Classes VI to VIII wrote slogans on the occasion. A debate on the topic ‘e-ticketing i.e. effective in reducing corruption at booking windows’ was also held on the occasion. The principal, Amarjit Kaur Naaz, appreciated the efforts of the students. The Management Committee members were also present on the occasion.

Students visit Ludhiana Stock Exchange

DCM Presidency School organised a visit to the Ludhiana Stock Exchange. The visit was specially conducted for the students of Class XI, finance market management stream.The students were acquainted with the services provided at the exchange for stock-brokers and traders to buy or sell stocks, bonds and other securities. They also learned how stock exchanges help companies in raising finance. The students were briefed on the functions and importance of stock exchange in an interactive session. Principal Nupur Nutan said the visit has given students an overview about the stock exchange. — TNS



MC staff remove illegal kiosks
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
The Municipal Corporation’s tehbazari department staff today reached the Mini-Secretariat to remove “illegal” kiosks.
Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal said he had received several complaints regarding illegal kiosks being run in the area. He said he had asked the MC authorities to remove these for the convenience of general public.

Although the staff removed kiosks of a few fruit sellers and vendors without much resistance, they faced objection while trying to remove rehris belonging to a 1984 riot victim and a physically challenged person.

“A few women started raising slogans against the authorities when a kiosk belonging to a woman riot victim was being removed. As we were not accompanied by policewomen, we could not take any action. It is an illegal kiosk, which has to be removed,” said Satwant Singh, in-charge, tehbazari department.

While removing another kiosk, which belonged to a physically challenged person, the MC officials again faced resistance. As the owner was carrying the allotment letter, the officials left the kiosk. 



1984 riot victims extend support to Punjab bandh 
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, October 28
The Dangapeerit Welfare Society, a body of victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots, today announced that the riot victims and their families will support the call given by the All India Sikh Students federation (AISSF) for Punjab bandh on November 1 to lodge protest against the government’s failure to dispense justice to the victims.

President of the society Surjit Singh Dugri said the riot victims would join the AISSF workers to block the movement of trains and vehicles on roads in the entire state from 5 am to 10 am during the bandh.

Dugri said the fact that those responsible of killing innocent Sikhs, including women and children, remained unpunished to date was ample proof of collusion of successive governments with the culprits.

AISSF chief Karnail Singh Peer Mohammed said the call for Punjab bandh had been given on November 1 — the day anti-Sikh riots started 30 years ago.

He said it was to make it clear to the NDA government that the Sikh community would not take injustice being meted out to them lying down.

Connecting the anti-encroachment drive launched by the Municipal Corporation at the Mini-Secretariat here this evening with the call for Punjab bandh, Dugri alleged the MC staff, along with the police, had tried to remove a kiosk of fruit juice, put up by a riot victim, without any prior notice.

Find missing children, demands farmers’ union

Bharti Kisan Union (Ekta) activists today staged a protest outside the Mini-Secretariat, demanding action in the matter of missing children.

District unit general secretary Sudagar Singh said many children had gone missing from the state, but the government was showing a lax attitude.

The attitude of the police, too, left a lot to be desired, he said.

The protesters demanded cancelation of cases against the Faridkot Action Committee that was fighting for the cause of missing children. 



Schoolchildren get a classical treat 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
Delhi-based Bharatnatyam dancer Ragini Chander Shekhar captivated the audiences at Delhi Public School and Drishti Dr RC Jain Innovative Senior Secondary Public School, Narangwal, here today.

Performing at functions organised by SPIC MACAY, a society that promotes Indian classical music and culture among youth, Ragini delineated forms of “abhinaya” for the students and mesmerised them with her “nritta” presentation of “Krishna bal lila” and devotion of Mira Bai besides invoking Lord Shiva and Ganesha.

Daughter of veteran dancer Jamuna Krishna, Ragini has been performing for over 25 years and is a recipient of Ustad Bismilla KhanaTuva Pratibha Puruskar.

During her performances in the city today, she was accompanied by S Shankar on nattuvangam, K Venkteshwar on vocals, Chander Shekhar on mridangam and Rajat Prasana on flute.



Punjab govt cancels all APL cards
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
The Punjab government has cancelled all Above Poverty Line (APL) cards and ordered the authorities concerned not to issue these cards in future.

As per the notification, any card issued to receive ration can no more be used as residence or identity proof.

Referring to the letter issued by the Secretary, Food and Civil Supply and Consumers Department, DS Grewal, Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal said: “APL ration cards will not be issued to any beneficiary in future. The cards already issued will not be used as residence, identity or any other proof or for medical purposes.”



Burglary bid at bank
Our Correspondent

Machhiwara, October 28
Some unidentified burglars allegedly struck at the Central Cooperative Bank, Panj Graian, but failed to break open the gate. Later, they allegedly sneaked into a neighboring cooperative society’s premises, but failed to open the safe.

The Machhiwara police have registered a case under Sections 380, 457 and 511 of the IPC in this regard against unidentified thieves and are trying to trace them.

The burglars reportedly came to the bank on motorcycles and broke open the shutter with an iron rod, but failed to break open the iron gate. Later, they tried to break the wall of the building, but failed.

Later, they broke open the doors of a neighbouring agricultural cooperative society building, but could not open the safe.

SHO, Machhiwara, Darshan Singh said there were no CCTV cameras or security guards on the bank premises. He said the burglars escaped with an inverter and a battery, but failed to take away any cash from both the buildings.



Two youth snatch woman’s purse
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
Two motorcycle-borne youth snatched a purse from a woman travelling in a rickshaw.
The incident took place near Gurdwara Singh Sabha yesterday. The victim, Gurvinder Kaur, said the purse contained Rs 6,000 cash besides two mobile phones and gold ornaments.



National lok adalat on December 6
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 28
There is a dire need to settle disputes through lok adalats for speedy justice and in order to reduce bitterness among the parties.
This was stated by the District and Sessions Judge, KS Kang, today while addressing a meeting of judicial officers and lawyers. National lok adalat will be organised in the city on December 6.

The CJM-cum-Secretary Legal Services Authority, KK Singla, judicial magistrates JS Khushdil, Sachal Babbar, Nirmala Devi, Bikramdeep Singh, lawyer Gurjit Kalyan, Anand Sabharwal and Gulshan Arora also attended the meeting.

Kang said the lok adalat is being held on the directions by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA).

The authority has already started sensitising different sections of the society to extend their co-operation in this regard, said Kang.

Cheque bounce cases, rent cases, matrimonial disputes, motor accident claim cases, recovery suits, executions and bank loan disputes would be settled in the lok adalat by convincing the parties to litigate for amicable settlement, he added.



Spring Dale School clinch kabaddi titles
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, October 28
The students of Spring Dale Senior Secondary School, Sherpur Road, stamped their supremacy, clinching titles in the boys’ under-17 and under-19 categories at the Ludhiana Sahodaya School Complex Kabaddi Tournament hosted by International Public School here today.

In the under-17 group, the school overpowered Bhartiya Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, Kitchlu Nagar, and in the under-19 category, the Spring Dale students routed the hosts.

School director Avinash Kaur appreciated the students’ performance. Principal Kamalpreet Kaur advised them to take active part in sports for an overall personality development.



Paddlers named for state meet

Ludhiana, October 28
The sports body has selected players to represent the district at the 55th Punjab State Inter-District Table Tennis Championship to be held in Ludhiana from November 5 to 9.

The selected players are as follows: Tamanpreet and Pranay (cadet boys), Gauri and Harleen (cadet girls), Parivanshdeep, Raghuvir, Deshpreet and Nimish (sub-junior boys), Tanya, Yashmilan, Mehak and Shruti (sub-junior girls), Harnoor, Sameer, Jashandeep and Parivanshdeep (junior boys), Tanya, Yashmilan, Shruti and Manveen (junior girls), Harnoor, Shubham, Sameer and Sandeep (youth boys), Bhumika, Tanya, Manveen and Yashmilan (youth girls), Harnoor, Sameer, Sandeep Singh, Gaurav and Manpreet (men), Bhumika, Tanya, Mandeep, Yashmilan and Tarunpriya (women). — OC



athletics meet
Harkiran adjudged best athlete
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, October 28
Harkiran Kaur of the host institute was declared the best athlete at the two-day Ludhiana Sahodaya School Complex (West) Athletics Meet that concluded at Amrit Indo Canadian Academy grounds today.

A large number of students from schools in the district competed in various track and field events during the meet. The hosts emerged as the overall champions.

Harminder Singh, president of the Amrit Educational Society, and principal Jaskiran Kaur distributed the prizes.


Shot put (girls’ U-14) Anjali Arora (Guru Nanak Public School, Mullanpur) 1, Jaskaranpreet Kaur (Amrit Indo Canadian Academy) 2, Harmanpreet Kaur (SGND) 3; discus throw (girls’ U-19) Arshdeep Kaur (Peace Public School) 1, Simranjeet Kaur (Amrit Indo Canadian Academy) 2, Harneet Kaur (GHG Academy) 3; 

800m race (girls’ U-16) Suman Lata (Guru Ram Rai Public School) 1, Amandeep Kaur (GHG Academy) 2, Babli (Amrit Indo Canadian Academy) 3; 

high jump (girls’ U-16) Akashveer Kaur (Sacred Heart Convent School) 1, Amandeep Kaur (GHG Academy) 2, Richa (Amrit Indo Canadian Academy) 3; 

high jump (boys’ U-16) Ravdeep Singh (Bloosom Convent School) 1, Balkaran (Guru Nanak Public School, Mullanpur) 2, Ravideep Singh (Amrit Indo Canadian Academy) 3; 

4x100m relay (girls’ U-19) Amrit Indo Canadian Academy 1, Saint Kabir Academy 2; 

4x400m relay (boys’ U-19) Eastwood International School 1; 

400m race (boys’ U-16) Harpreet Singh (St GDS Convent School) 1; 

400m (girls’ U-16) Harkiran Kaur (Amrit Indo Canadian Academy); 1500m (boys’ U-19) Jagjit Singh (Eastwood International School) 1; 

discus throw (girls’ U-16) Jashanpreet Kaur (Peace Public School) 1; 

100m race (boys’ U-14) Jaspreet Singh (Satya Bharti School).



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