A celebration of culture and history
Reviewed by Mahesh Sharma
The Dussehra of Kulu: History and Analysis of a Cultural Phenomenon
by Karuna Goswamy, Aryan Books in association with IIAS, Shimla. Pages 313. Rs 3,600
The Dussehra of Kulu is an exceptional event where number of deotas, representing particular area and community of the erstwhile kingdom, gather at the Dhalpur ground to pay homage to the presiding deity, Sri Raghunathji, who is the ruler of the Kulu state since the mid-sixteenth century.


Prison diaries: Life behind bars
Reviewed by B. L. chakoo 
Colours of the Cage: A Prison Memoir by Arun Ferreira. Aleph. Pages 176. Rs 295

Sometime in 1984 when I was at Warwick University, UK, a friend of mine spoke to me about the police atrocities on innocent people in the 1984 riots of Punjab. Many impoverished peasants and educated people who wanted to be good citizens for no fault of theirs were suspected to be ‘terrorists’ espousing a new radical theology of unwavering devotion to the formation of Khalistan.

Seeing our identities through western eyes
Reviewed by Harjeet Singh Gill
In/Disciplines: Notes on  Politics,  Education and Culture by Rajesh Sharma. Three Essays Collective. Pages 207. Rs 345
In in/disciplines, an anthology of disparate papers, the author has dealt with the complexities of Punjabi identity, literature and a number of other concerns vis-a-vis state of education, politics and culture in present-day India.

Seeking perfect answers
Reviewed by Aditi Garg
Throwing Sparks by Abdo Khal. Bloomsbury Qatar  Foundation. Pages 349. Rs 499
Abdo Khal surprises with his nimble narrative in his first novel to be published in English. Having started out as a preacher, he became a primary school teacher. Throwing Sparks won the International Award for Arabic Fiction.