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Saturday, August 8, 1998




By Karuna Goswamy
Please print out his page to solve the crossword.


1. One of a famous musical ‘duo’ who died recently

6. Important joint in the lower part of the body

9. Besides; in addition

11. Expanse; region

13. There was one "of the Sixth Happiness", at least in films

14. Can be strung on a necklace

16. Extreme side of a road or path often used for parking

19. The family name that is firmly associated with Dhrupad singing

21. A kind of dog with large spots on its coat


1. Peruvian city

2. The most celebrated of all Christian festivals (abbr.)

3. Kind; variety

4. State; affirm

5. Loose outer wear, as in ancient Rome

7. UP township at the fringe of Delhi

8. Ravana’s island kingdom

10. — Remick, well-known American actress

12. Make a mistake

14. A "Bhat" in the Indian tradition

15. King Nushirwan, "the Just", was called by this name

17. Hans —, famous Swiss sculptor and painter

18. What the gods confer upon those that they favour

20. India’s tourist paradise.

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