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Saturday, August 8, 1998



I am 24 years old. Yesterday I saw a sweet child in a cradle. It kept smiling at me. I am not married so what does it mean.

Yashpal, Mandi

The dream foretells that prospertiy will smile at you. Do you have nieces and nephews? It also indicates that you will receive a lot of affection from children. Never hurt the heart of a child.

I am a student of Class XII. I was in love for one year with a girl. Since thoughts about her were interfering with my studies, I stopped thinking of her. I had almost forgotten her, but recently I met her and she smiled at me. I prayed to God that if she loves me, she should come in my dreams. I did see her in my dream but she was engaged to a boy of our class. I congratulated her and came back. What does it mean?

XYZ, Talwara

It seems more a case of infatuation than love. Your desire to believe that she loves you made you dream of her. It is more a case of ego-satisfaction and there is no hand of God. Your seeing her engaged to another boy shows the same subconscious desire which motivated you to stop thinking of her. So why not accept it?Keep concentrating on your studies.

I am studying in Class IX. Many a time I dream of being in a solitary place. I get very scared, try to run away but cannot find my way.

Varun Bansal, Solan

Do you feel neglected at home and experience the feeling that nobody comes to help you out when you are faced with problems? Such thoughts lead to such dreams. Either you are not forthcoming with your problems to your parents or harbour feelings of neglect. Try and talk about your problems with a sympathetic elder. He may be able to clear a lot of misunderstandings.

I am 25 years old. Recently, I dreamt of dew shining on the flowers and lawn in my garden. It was beautiful.

G. Bhalla, Hisar

Are you single? If so then it augurs a fortunate marriage alliance. The sparkling dew also symbolises wealth and honour about to be heaped on you. Best of luck!

I am a 20-year-old married man. A few days back I dreamt of my cousin’s death. When the body was layed down on the funeral bed he opened his eyes. Then his father, who is dead, picked him up and brought him back home. Then the father disappeared.

Rajeev Sood, Ludhiana.

To dream of the death of someone living foretells oncoming disappointments, but long life for the person. To see a dead relation come back to life indicates that you shall be called on to help someone.

— Vinaya Katoch

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