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Monday, October 12, 1998
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50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence 50 years on indian independence
50 years on indian independence

India in American designs

I AM hopeful that by now the people and politicians of India are aware of what is happening in our neighbourhood. As soon as the BJP-led government exploded nuclear weapons, the artificial balance forced on India by the USA and its allies became meaningless. Moreover, as Pakistan did not have a nuclear bomb it was not able to react to the Indian moves for more than two weeks. It is only after a US military delegation visited Pakistan that Pakistan did explode something that looked like a nuclear device. Moreover, some of the Pakistani bombs have been referred to as duds by the Western media, only for political reasons.

These stories have been carefully planted to give the impression that Pakistan is genuinely testing its own bombs. After these events the US-led Western media unleashed a propaganda war so as to psychologically depress India and prop up Pakistan in order to try to salvage the global balance.

The aim of this propaganda was also to try to destabilise the effective and aggressive leadership which exists in India at present. Also Pakistan as a bait for its sponsors is often mentioning that it is willing to sign the CTBT, etc. if India joins in too. India must never sign the CTBT as this is a trap. Rather than sign the CTBT India must now push for total global nuclear disarmament.

It is also unfortunate that not only does the USA continue to arm Pakistan (though now in a more subtle manner) but also it is providing Islamabad with satellite images of Indian military positions, so as to enable the former to continue its covert war in Kashmir. Also, often the USA raises the Kashmir issue in the international arena in order to blackmail India, although it is well known that the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir is legally and morally a part of India. Moreover, rarely does the USA raise the Tibet issue though China has illegally annexed Tibet.

Basically, there are two reasons for this US approach towards India and China. Firstly, China is a known ally of the USA. Secondly, most credible experts now are of the opinion that India has now emerged militarily and industrially more powerful than China. As this disturbs the global balance (which in the past was favourable towards the USA), hence, this US political game. However, if the USA persists with raising the Kashmir issue India must not hesitate to raise the issue of “the Blackman” African-Americans at the UN, etc. The African-American has been used as a beast of burden here in the USA, and his condition only gets worse with the passage of time.

We Indians hope that India will now continue its missile and nuclear programmes without any inhibition. This must, however, be done in a calculated way so that we gain militarily and politically, and do not exhaust our resources. One might mention that the competition of India is now with the USA as for every bomb India now tests Washington will match that for Pakistan. However, this must in no way deter us from continuing our missile and nuclear testing. No power on earth can now prevent India from emerging as a global super power in the near future. The US game is technically over!

Dayton (Ohio, USA)
(Received in response to The Tribune’s Internet edition.)

* * * *


Is it homage to Gandhiji?

October 2 was observed as Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti as has been the practice every year. Among other functions held throughout the country to pay homage to the Father of the Nation, it was also observed as a dry day, as “prohibition” was an article of faith with him. But people were not found serious enough in this respect. Though liquor shops kept their doors closed from the front side behind the closed doors the sale was more brisk. I am sure the police was not unaware of this. Actually, it is in the habit of seeing such things unseeingly.

What about the Press? I won’t agree if it says it was not aware of this. Godse killed the Mahatma once and he was hanged for this, but we kill the Mahatma every moment, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year, and nothing happens to us. Those who swear by him do him damage all the more. We have become morally bankrupt, double-faced, butchers, murderers, swindlers, first-class adulterators, and ritualistic to the core. Why waste a day as holiday then?

Ambala Cantt

* * * *

Medical education

This has reference to the news-item “Medical education panel submits report,” dated August 20. Some recommendations need a very careful examination. Enhancing the retirement age of medical teachers to 65 years will not improve the quality of teaching. Moreover, the teachers who want to get promoted when they are more fit and active will get totally demoralised.

Further, will the reservation of 15 per cent seats for NRIs improve teaching? Will it not be a downright shame to deprive our own boys and girls of a medical career? I am sure the Akali-BJP government in Punjab is aware of the humiliating treatment meted out to our own young scientists working in the USA. NRI students can corrupt teachers with their costly gifts, trips abroad, etc. All this will have an adverse effect on teaching.

Teachers, no doubt, should be paid well. But permitting private practice to teachers will give rise to all sorts of corrupt practices. Even junior doctors and postgraduate students are likely to bribe their teachers by bringing private cases to them. Moreover, poor patients will be deprived of getting the best treatment from senior teachers. Only the rich will afford to get their attention.

Instead of blindly accepting the report, the government should try to improve the efficiency of the government medical staff. It should provide more facilities for the benefits of the poor. The report, therefore, needs a careful and close study by the Punjab government.


* * * *


Unfair quota policy

The views expressed by Mr M.R. Sharma on the reservation policy in The Tribune dated 28.9.98 should be appreciated by all right-thinking persons. The article highlights the sentiments of millions of people belonging to the non-Scheduled Caste category, who have been suffering since Independence, thanks to the policy of reservations.

In every field, more than 50 per cent seats are reserved for one or the other category. Very few seats are left for the general category and those too are taken away by influential persons. Thus, the common man has no option but to curse his/her luck.

Mr Sharma has rightly observed that even if this policy of reservations is continued for another 500 years, the condition of the targeted groups will remain the same. Even the so-called champions of Dalits are now saying that the reservations should be abolished. But who will bell the cat? No political party can take the risk of losing votes. Only a mass movement by the people, including the Scheduled Castes, can bring this menace to an end. This is the only way to prevent the nation from being divided on caste/communal lines.


* * * *

Himachal pensioners

Thankfully, the Himachal Pradesh government issued a notification for the revision of the pension of the retirees of the state on 31.8.98. This is based on the recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission.

A sufficient number of copies of the notification were sent to the regional and divisional offices of the banks and treasuries. But it is regretted that the banks and treasuries seem to be going at a snail’s pace with regard to the process of an early disbursement to the pensioners.

The government reduced the amount due to the pensioners by 50 per cent during the current financial year. It will be appreciated if the respective banks and treasuries arrange an early payment, preferably before the fast approaching Divali.

Courtesy demands that the banks and treasuries should oblige their customers even if this means a little inconvenience to them.


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