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I am 28 years old. Since the past few days, I have been dreaming of knives. In the last dream I saw that I was admiring one.

Devaki Patel, Nakodar

Dreaming of knives portends separations, quarrels and losses. More could have been predicted had you given the description of the knives.

I am 29 years old. I dreamt of a rainbow but I saw only part of it. Then suddenly it burst from a corner, and something like ash began to fall on everybody.

Drishti, Gurdaspur

A rainbow depicts unusual happenings. Things seem promising, but to see part of the rainbow means that you shall not get all that you expect or deserve. Ashes stand for woes.

I am an 18-year-old student, in love with a girl. In my dreams I see us together and smiling, but we are unable to talk. I get depressed and start crying. In reality too we have never expressed our love.

Sunil Dharmani, Ghumarwin

Your dream expresses your frustration. You desire to express your love but are unable to do so. Your crying portrays illusionary pleasures which shall end in gloom. You will not gain anything by sticking to your fancy ideas. Get over your infatuation, and concentrate on building your career.

I am doing my MBBS. A few days ago, I dreamt that I had to cross a bridge which was somewhat broken at the centre. It was raining and the river was flooded. I was afraid to cross it but I succeeded in doing so. Recently I again dreamt that I had to cross the same bridge I began weeping. This time, however, the weather was clear and the bridge was not broken. I again crossed the bridge.

XYZ, Shimla

The earlier dream portrays a problem in your life which showed no signs of getting solved. Your drive to find a solution makes you cross the bridge in spite of the existing problem. The second dream shows that though the existing problem is solved, you carry doubts and feel insecure. In both dreams you cross the bridge, so do not doubt your success.

I am studying in B.A. Part III. I often see dogs howling in my dreams.

Aastha Saini, Chandigarh

Such a dream is not considered lucky. It foretells long separation from friends and bad news about someone known to you.

— Vinaya Katoch


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