119 Years of Trust Stamp Quiz THE TRIBUNE
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Saturday, April 17, 1999





1. Identify the stamp.

2. When was the stamp issued?

3. In which denomination was it issued?

4. Who printed the stamp?

5. On what occasion was it issued?

6. What is the monetary unit of Uruguay?

7. If a stamp bears the name Osterreich K.K. post, can you tell the name of the country, which has issued it?

8. Which is the term applied to perforations where the holes are not punched out due to blind or missing perforating pins which leave the paper depressed or unmarked.


1. National Defence Academy.

2. 19.2.99.

3. 300 paise.

4. Calcutta Security Printers Ltd.

5. On completion of 50 years of the National Defence Academy.

6. Nuevo.

7. Austria.

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