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Sunday, April 25, 1999
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Into the world of desire-ridden lives

ANURADHA SINGH is young and innocent and determined to make it big. Canny is a tall glamorous super model, running away from a past which still haunts her. Anisha Merchant is born in the fashion industry and is its brightest star.

Mini Mathur as Canny in KhwahishKhwahish on Sony is the story of these three women, their lives, their loves, their jealousies and their fantasies. Woven into the lives of these three women are Udai Burman — an underworld businessman who makes a bid to monopolise the fashion industry, Nakul Batra — a bright young lawyer who hopes to marry Anuradha someday and Arjun Sen — an assistant photographer who has a way with women.

Set in a world of the rich and the glamorous, these are people whom you have only read about. Now you can live their lives, loves and adventures every week and see how ordinary these people are in their desires and ambitions and disappointments.

Of human bondage

It’s a soap based on relationships, romance, emotions and sacrifice. Ashiqui on Zee every Monday is also about the search for true love.

The story of three sisters Shobha (Farida Jalal), Anita (Anita Raj) and Pooja (Pooja Dadwal) who believe that the most important ingredient in a successful relationship between man and woman is reciprocity.

The three sisters are involved romantically with Sushil (Arun Govil), Akash (Vijayendra Ghatge) and Prem (Vivek Mushran) respectively. And all three are looking for that one important aspect in their partners.

How the interwoven characters and their relationships face the trials of love, sacrifice and their goals in life forms the crux of this absorbing serial on Zee.

Talent scouting

The nationwide hunt is on again. The MTV VJ Hunter — the mystery man in the yellow suit — is back on the streets gunning for fresh, new talent.

From the local hang out just around the corner, to the coolest hippest club and onto the friendly neighbourhood pan-wala. He’ll be looking everywhere for that right face, right expression and, most importantly, the right chatter.

And the rewards are in plenty. Instant recognition, a fat pay check and chance at becoming a celebrity. The first hunt in 1997 yielded VJ Maria, VJ Nikhil and VJ Amrita. Today, they have gone on to become popular youth icons. So, here’s your one big chance to impress that man in the yellow suit!

Talk of talk shows

He’s a man on the go. For almost two decades Tom Alter has been on the fringes of Bollywood but now he’s suddenly blossomed on the small screen. He’s been flooded with offers ranging from hero to villain and from newscaster to anchor thanks to his excellent cameo in Junoon.

Tom Alter surrounded by glamour in Aap Ki TaareefOne of his most favourite talk shows these days is Aap Ki Taareef on DD2 every Thursday which he anchors with aplomb. "What I like most about the show is that it has both celebrities and ordinary people on it. So, if there is Sushmita Sen and Anoop Jalota, there could be the man on the street in the next show."

Which explains why the unusual format has caught the fancy of viewers and Alter’s deft handling is adding to its popularity. So, no one should be surprised why Aap Ki Taareef is notching up high TRPs and why it is adding immensely to the stature of the British actor.

Diversity in unity

It’s a cliche oft repeated. Joint families may have their problems but there are immense benefits as well. That’s the message which emerges from Zee TV’s new serial Saath Saath.

A scene from Saath SaathThe serial revolves around Ram Kumar and Shakuntla and their four sons and two daughters. However, the pivotal character is Muskaan, the second daughter-in-law of the family who believes in the traditional joint family system and wants everyone to live together happily.

She goes to ridiculous lengths to achieve this but discovers that there are some fundamental differences between brothers which just cannot be bridged. Will she succeed in her efforts? For the answer watch Saath Saath. That is, if you like mushy type of serials.


This fast-paced drama follows ‘the best of the best’ — a band of talented, energetic, determined young people, hand picked for their unique skills — as they struggle to make the grade and become members of an elite marine multi-skill task force.

Pensacola: Wings of GoldFilmed on an actual military base, Pensacola: Wings of Gold incorporates real military aviation, including a UH-1H ‘Huey’ gunship helicopter and F-18 fighter jets.

The series stars Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor James Brolin who plays Lt. Col. Bill Kelly, a tough, fearless war hero who’s made his career and his name — as a top gun fighter pilot, one who shoots for the sky and stops at nothing.

Unexpectedly and somewhat reluctantly, he finds he’s been named to a new position; to take the best young specialists in military warfare — including chopper and fighter pilots and demolition experts — and turn them into a task force ready to tackle a myriad of missions that feature only one common denominator — danger!

Watch this edge-of-the-seat series every Monday on AXN. It’s action and thrills are guaranteed to set the pulses racing.

— Mukesh Khosla


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