119 Years of Trust Crossword
for children
saturday plus
Saturday, July 3, 1999





By Karuna Goswamy


1. Founded by Peter the Great of Russia as St. Petersburg.

6. To fill with joy or pride.

9. Sant Bhindranwale’s village.

11. Axe with blade set at right angles to the handle.

13. Homosapiens.

14. A place in Norway within the Arctic circle.

16. Popular male name in Italy.

19. The rising price of this became the reason for a governments collapse in India.

21. One who offers himself for an office.


1. The king of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

2. Want.

3. Prime academy for training defence personnel in India.

4. Tall grass growing in wet area.

5. To have the courage to perform a difficult task.

7. Citrus widely used in a cool drink.

8. Rudolph Valentino popularised this Latin American dance.

10. You can be a vegetarian of the lacto — variety.

12. Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism.

14. — -a-brac are small curios.

15. The valley around Dehra Dun.

17. South American Indians of Peru.

18. One time and no more.

20. Pak’s secret agency.

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