Wednesday, July 5, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


AISSF(B) refuses to dance to Daler’s tune
Accuses the singer of poking fun at the Sikhs

From A.S.Prashar
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, July 4 — Daler Mehndi, billed as India's top pop star, has landed himself in trouble once again with the Sikh organisations.

The All-India Sikh Students Federatrion (Badal), which is a wing of the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), today sought a ban on the pop star's latest album, Ek dana, do dane, for allegedly portraying the Sikhs in a bad light and for trying to poke fun at the Sikhism.

In a joint communication addressed to the Jathedar of Akal Takht, Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti, the AISSF (B) chief, Mr Tajinder Singh Sandhu, and more than a score of other office-bearers of the student body said the pop album should be banned immediately while Daler Mehndi should be summoned to Akali Takht for awarding a suitable religious punishment. What the AISSF found to be particularly objectionable was the use of small children in Sikh garb teasing a small girl. The scene also shows her slapping the boy twice.

"The song ridicules the Sikhs", complains the communication. "This has deeply disappointed the Sikh sangat. The AISSF demands that the owners of the company who have produced the song and the pop star, Daler Mehndi, should apologise to the Sikhs...Otherwise, the AISSF will not allow Daler Mehndi to hold any programme in Punjab".

The AISSF also sternly warned all TV channels to closely scrutinise all programmes before airing them to ensure that it did not contain any scene which might hurt the sentiments of any religious group or related to any particular religion. Every programme should be cleared by the censor board.

Mr Sandhu also expressed concern over the growing trend among the youth towards obscenity, fashion etc which was taking them away from their own culture and religion. He appealed to the young boys and girls not to forget their religion. He said they should follow their culture and remain faithful to their religion. He appealed to the Punjab Government to ban all obscene songs being shown on TV channels.

The communication has been signed by Mr Gurdip Singh Leel, Mr Kuldip Singh Gujarwal, Mr Kulwant Singh Ranike, Mr Tejinder Singh Bhupi, Mr Harinder Singh Narang, Mr Charan Singh Virk, Mr Bhupinder Singh Bains, Mr Paramjit Singh Sandhu, Mr Harpal Singh Pala, Mr Balbir Singh Jamalpur, Mr Jasbir Singh Khalsa, Mr Bagga Singh Sandhu, Mr Mandeep Singh Bedi, Mr Gurinder Singh Sodhi, Mr Lakhbir Sandhu, Mr Hardeep Singh Sal, Mr Gurpreet Singh Randhawa, Mr Sukhchain Singh Sidhu, Mr Kulwant Singh, Mr Bagga Singh Ghudani Khurd, Mr Dalbir Singh Billa and Mr Inderjit Singh.

This is the second time that the Sikh organisation have objected to the song of Daler Mehndi. His first album Bolo tara rara..also roused the ire of the Sikh bodies which accused him of trying to commercialise Nishan Sahib by wearing it on his turban while dancing to the tune of music.



Congress activists stage dharna
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, July 4 — Congress and Youth Congress activists staged a demonstration and sat a dharna at the Clock Tower Chowk here today to voice their protest against ‘misrule’ by the SAD(B)-BJP coalition government in Punjab.

The protestors, led by the PPCC member, Mr Parminder Mehta, raised slogans against the hike in power tariff, the burden of other taxes and rise in the prices of essential items. As a novel way of protest, the demonstrators carried lanterns, empty kitchen utensils and ‘pakhis’ and many of them were wearing only vests instead of shirts.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Mehta lambasted the state government for effecting yet another hike in power rates and putting a greater financial burden on the poor, who were already reeling under the burden of increased local and other taxes. He said the government, led by Mr Badal, had jacked up bus fares, rates of sales tax on various items of daily use, municipal taxes, rates of octroi, and registration fee for land deals to the extent that even middle class people were finding it difficult to make both ends meet.

The government, he lamented, had discontinued payment of unemployment allowance and pensions to old people and widows. To make matters worse, the two alliance partners - the SAD(B) and the BJP leaders were making contradictory statements on issues like power tariff hike and privatisation of octroi collection.

Among other party activists, Mr Joginder Sarhali, Mr Sarbjit Singh Bunty, Mr Nirmal Singh Bittu, Mr Ravinder Sian, Mr Aiyaz Mohammed, Mr Kamal Kumar, Mr Sushil Malhotra and a large number of women workers participated in the dharna.



The railway station that needs divine intervention
ByDr Rajeev Gupta

LUDHIANA, July 4 — Whenever you use your telephone, one of the most useful and important numbers that you want to dial is always out of order and if at all it works, no one bothers to pick it up, and you know that it could happen only in a great nation like India.

You guessed it right. It is the railway enquiry number “131”. Many friends and colleagues tell me that it works in a similar way in many other cities also. Here at the Ludhiana railway station, it remains in a deep coma and no one has any plans to rectify the problem.

The railway station is the face of any city, and how filthy Ludhiana’s face is, has to be seen to be believed. Thousands of businessmen from all over the country regularly use the Ludhiana railway station and a large number of non-resident Indians either alight at the station to visit their homes in Ludhiana or to board trains to other towns and villages in the state.

The outside business community and the NRIs get one of the biggest shocks of their lives by the unhygienic and filthy conditions of the city station. The tracks remain littered with human excreta. The station stinks badly. Flies infect food items sold at the station. Ludhianvis, however, do not seen to mind all this. Even if they mind, they do not react. And if they react, no one listens to them. If anybody listens, then no one seems to act. Most of them have learnt to live in filthy and foul-smelling neighborhoods, littered with heaps of garbage that becomes haven for rag pickers, stray dogs, rats and dead animals. All the city residents feel safe and secure in their airconditioned bedrooms and drawingrooms or on the lawns of the Lodhi or the Satluj clubs.

During the hot summer it is a torture to visit the station. One has to stand in the scalding hot air, blowing on the platform from all the sides and the hot exhaust from the airconditioners fixed in the rooms facing the railway platform no.1. Passengers should feel grateful that the railway authorities are provide at least hard plastic chairs on these platforms.

Once you are at the railway station and are waiting for the trains for a couple of hours, do not dare to ask for the toilets. You have to have colour blindness and nasal atrophy to use those stinking toilets, which are completely devoid of any modernisation. Ludhianvis should thank Britishers for giving them the railway station at least. Had the Britishers not constructed it, one wonders how the Railway Department would have managed, since no improvement has been done till date.

There is hardly anything refreshing about the refreshment-room. One gets only a single brand of cold drinks there. You are politely told by the waiter that the popular ones are not available for a couple of months. You are forced to pay Rs 10 for a brand that your ancestors used to drink in the good old days.

One hopes against hope that the railway authorities will come out of their slumber and take necessary measures to provide a decent railway station. Considering the present ineptitude of the railway authorities, no one knows when the dream would turn into a reality. Adds one of my friends, who is native resident of the city, “Ludhiana is a politically-orphaned city and people here are only obsessed with money. As long as they make money, they show no concern about the dirt and filth around them.”Back


Three cinema hall owners booked
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, July 4 — The police today crackdown on three cinema halls in the city and booked the owners for displaying obscene posters under Section 292 of the IPC.

The exercise began in the morning with the police deputing parties consisting of four personnel each in front of three cinema halls — Reikhy Cinema, near railway station, Chand Cinema, near Jalandhar by-pass, and Sangeet Cinema, near Industrial Area. Later, around 3 p.m. the party led by DSP Detective Satish Malhotra and CIA in charge Maninder Bedi began the last leg of the operation by beginning the raids.

The crack-down began at Reikhi Cinema and the police seized several posters of scantily clad women and other such obscene scenes that were displayed on the notice board and pasted on the walls. Though the cinema hall was showing “Phool Aur Kante”, poster of “Jai Bhavani” was seized. The next police stop was at Chand Cinema and Mini Chand and the obscene posters of “Mast Jawani” and “Garbh Gyan” were seized. A raid at the third cinema hall, Sangeet, which was otherwise showing “Refugee” also yielded similar results.

Mr Bedi said, “We had received secret information about all these cinema halls displaying such posters and so a raid was planned and conducted.” Disclosing further Mr Malhotra said, “Interestingly the cinema halls had displayed these posters as a sales gimmick. In fact a few of these were not even showing the movies whose posters were displayed.”Back


E-commerce begins but in a desi style
From Deepkamal Kaur

LUDHIANA, July 4 — E-commerce has started in Ludhiana though in a desi style. Since banks are not equipped for online transactions by credit card and the government has not given a green signal for it, some 200-odd business houses have started e-commerce where products are being displayed on the Internet, negotiations are also online but transactions are made off-line, i.e., by cash, cheque and demand draft.

Several businessmen of the city have their websites in which products and services offered by their company have been displayed and charges have been quoted along with these products. Even the delivery charges are mentioned. These websites also include a page carrying a form to be filled by a customer who visits this site. If a buyer wants to know more about any product before purchasing it, he can either fill a query form or send an e-mail to the company. Products are generally sent via courier.

The businessmen who are going online are also doing marketing on the Internet. E-mails are being sent to some enterprising people and one-to-one business chats are being conducted on ICQ, MSN, AOL messenger and yahoo messenger. Says Mr Tejinder S. Ravi, proprietor, Futura Internet Services, “The online chats save a lot of money. A chat extending up to one hour costs only Rs 30 and one can give more clear instructions via this method. Moreover, these chats can be saved and can, therefore, be produced later as a proof.”

The Nahar Group of Companies has its site that gives a complete list of its products along with the charges. The company which is making yarns and also garments is doing domestic marketing through the site. Says Mr Ravi, supervising complete operation and developing e-business for the company, “We have a plan under which all dealers and retailers of the company will have an online section for complete reporting, including dispatch and order status. This will help the company to know how much material has been sold by the dealer and the latter will be able to book further orders online. This will also improve relations with the dealer by acting as a faster mode of communication.”

Mr Neeraj Dhanda of Sadem Industries is selling bicycles, bicycle components, moped parts and tools through his site The products are sometimes even dispatched by air to far off places.

Another site being developed for Ludhianvis by Cyber Frames with the address will allow cutomers to buy birthday cakes and other confectionary items. All items will be dropped at customers’ place.

Most of the companies are also planning to acquire Automatic Shopping Cart software that helps prepare complete information and order along with the money transactions. These companies are further developing their websites which will act as complete offices having reception to administrative section. These will also give a complete scene of the production plant. These will also give complete financial results of last year and also the details of present production capabilities.

Preparations are being done for developing proper e-commerce facilities. Once the banks are equipped and all dealings are made security proof, the process will take off, thus giving a boost to the business houses besides giving to the customers an easy way to buy the required items without stepping out of their doors. 


Function in memory of
 Baba Maharaj Singh on July 6

From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, July 4 — A state-level function will be held to observe the martyrdom day of Shaheed Baba Maharaj Singh, one of the founders of the freedom movement in the country, at his native village, Rabbon Uchi, in Payal tehsil of this district on July 6. The Punjab Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, will be the chief guest, while the Minister for Information and Public Relations, Mr Natha Singh Dalam, will preside over the function.

To review the arrangements for the function, the Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K. Sandhu, convened a meeting here yesterday which was attended, among others, by Mr Jagdev Singh Talwandi, senior vice-president of the SAD(B), Mr. Charanjit Singh Atwal, Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Mr Jagdish Singh Garcha, Minister for Technical Education, Mr Lajpat Rai, Member, Rajya Sabha, Mr Sadhu Singh Ghudani, MLA, Mr S.R. Kler, ADC, and Mr Amarjit Pal, SDM, Payal. The Deputy Commissioner directed the ADC and the SDM, Payal, to oversee all arrangements at the venue in coordination with Mr Ghudani.

Baba Maharaj Singh, the chief architect of first revolt in the British army cantonments at Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur in 1850, was born on January 13, 1770. Though a saintly figure, devoting his time in worship, he spearheaded the first ever movement against the then British rulers, which was to commence on January 3, 1850. However, someone tipped the British government and he was arrested six days before the date fixed for the revolt. He was under imprisonment for more than six years first at Fort William, Calcutta, and later at Singapore. As a result of torture and inhuman conditions during detention, he lost his eyesight and was later afflicted by the deadly disease of cancer, which claimed his life on July 5, 1856.Back


Bengali is SBI’s DGM
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, July 4 — Mr Dipal Shantaram Bengali has taken over as Deputy General Manager of the State Bank of India, zonal office, here on Monday. He has come from the zonal office Pune on promotion and has 36 years of experience in the bank.

Mr Bengali, in his address to the bank staff, exhorted them to render excellent customer service. In the present competitive scenario in the banking industry, the need of the hour was to modernise and update the technology and technical skills of the employees. “For this purpose, the SBI was in the process of installing off-site ATM’s and computerising a large number of branches,” he added.

He further remarked that in the near future, about 75 per cent of the SBI business would be conducted by hi-tech branches with a view to render prompt and efficient service to the customers.


Farm officer’s services appreciated
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, July 4 —The state body meeting of the Agriculture Technocrats Action Committee was held here recently in which the services of Dr Gurcharan Singh Rajajung, Chief Agricultural Officer, were appreciated.

Dr Satnam Singh Pardhan, General Secretary, Dr Balwinder Singh Sohal, President, Punjab Agriculture Officers Association, Dr Avtar Singh Othi, Vice-President, PDSA said that Dr Gurcharan Singh provided knowledge to the farmers on the changing scenario of agriculture in the light of new economic policies of liberalisation.

The AGTAC further praised Dr Gurcharan Singh for organising special farmer training camps to combat the impact of GATT where the Indian farmers had to shift their agriculture comparable to world agriculture standards i.e. to increase quality-based productivity levels of their crops. Dr Pardhan further said that Dr Rajajung’s plan to demonstrate high-tech cultivation of maize, mentha, pulses oilseed and other minor crops had proved a mile stone for other districts of Punjab.


 Dept told to pay relief 
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, July 4 — The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Chandigarh, has directed the General Manager Telecom here to pay a compensation of Rs 5000 along with rental rebate of one month and refund of the re-connection charges to Punjab Weaving factory, New Madhopuri, here for causing harassment to the later by disconnecting its telephone.

The factory had complained that its telephone connection had been cut without any notice due to which it suffered some losses in the business. The complainant had appealed to the state forum for compensation as he was not satisfied with the order of the district forum here which awarded him rebate in the payment of telephone rent of one month only.

According to a copy of the orders received here today, Mr S.S. Sarna, representative of the factory, contended that disconnecting of the telephone over the non-payment of a disputed bill without giving notice of at least seven days was not justified.

The forum upholding the appeal ruled that harassment was caused to the subscriber and directed the General Manager Telecom here to pay the compensation within a period of two months.Back


Are old-age homes happy homes?
BY Asha Ahuja

‘Zamin Na Sataye , Falak Na Rulaye

Bure Din Khuda Kisi Ko Na Dikhaye

Sitam Par Sitam Gar Hote Yun Hi Rahe

Akida Khuda Ka Bhram Uth Na Jaye’

These are the sentiments of most of the inmates of the Ludhiana Senior Citizens Home, located in Sarabha Nagar. It came into existence in the year 1979. The Red Cross took the initiative of starting the home as it was flooded with requests of the destitute and discarded old men and women. So this home for senior citizens came into being.

At present, there are 27 inmates in the home and the Red Cross provides only free accommodation. It is also responsible for the maintenance of the building. The inmates — both men and women — pay Rs 1350 each per month. Earlier, they paid only Rs 1000 but the price hike was necessary due to the rise in living costs.

When you enter the home, lush green lawn soothes your eyes. The garden is not really looked after well but it is a blessing for the inmates, for they can bask in the sun in the winter and enjoy the cool breeze in summers. The building, in contrast seems quite neglected. The first thing a visitor notes is the crumbling foam of the black rexin sofas. The walls have not been painted for years. The floor is grubby and needs some rigorous scrubbing.

There is a ‘living room’ with a TV set which also doubles up for a library. Newspapers are read in that room. But there is no news stand.

The most appealing thing is a gurdwara and a temple side by side. It is the perfect place for the inmates to find solace. They need it as their life is full of turmoil after they have been thrown out of their homes by their close relatives. The first inmate I met was Mr K.S. Kalra, a 94-year-old man. He had come from Kanpur during riots, and along with his wife, started living in this home. He asked me to pray for his speedy and peaceful death. Although he was happy with his life, his only complaint was that he was lonely and more people were needed in the home to talk to people like him.

How can the children whom mothers and fathers bring up with so much love and care, kick their parents at the sun set of their life. Attar Kaur, a 75-year-old inmate was a picture of despair. She said, “I am the unhappiest person in the world. I do not have a single penny with me. My daughters, both of them widows, give me clothes. My two sons bear my expenses grudgingly.” When asked why she was living here, she replied, “because my daughters-in-law hated me and wanted me out.” I have never seen a look of such hopelessness on anyone’s face earlier. That look is going to haunt me.

Mr and Mrs J.S. Sidhu returned from England because there was a discord with their children. They prefer to live in the home, for Mrs Sidhu is an invalid and cannot cook. Here, at least, they get regular meals. One good thing I noticed that the inmates had their own refrigerators and could stock fruit and other things according to their financial capacity.

Mr Ved Prakash Wadhera, Mr Onkar Nath, Dr Sidhu were quite vocal in their complaints. They alleged that in charge of the home was at times rude and also threatened them. The in charge, however, denied this vehemently.

One could never imagine that there would be so much discontent simmering in the hearts of the inmates.

The inmates complained that they were not registered. Hence, they could not cast their votes. They have to pay high electricity bills. The guest charges are exorbitant and they are not often called when they get phone calls from their relatives. This was a sore point with them. They hardly had any contact with the outside world and naturally got irritated when they were denied the opportunity of talking to their family members . Mr Malik said he, along with the honorary secretary, Mr Harshvinder Singh, went to the home and listened to the problems of the inmates for two and a half hours. He has assured that there will be improvement in the menu. White washing of their rooms and repair of sofas had been sanctioned, he said.


No relief for rain-hit
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, July 4 — Not only was a 13-year- old girl killed in an incident involving a wall collapse following Saturday’s torrential downpour, but, more than a dozen jhuggis were also damaged at Ambedkar Nagar near the Dugri road.

Mr Harnam Dass Johar, former minister in the Punjab Cabinet, who visited the locality told Ludhiana Tribune today, that goods worth several thousands of rupees had also been damaged.

Mr Johar deplored the fact that no official of the district administration or the Municipal Corporation had visited the scene of the tragedy so far. Even the area councillor and the MLA had not bothered to come forward to help the victims, he alleged.

Mr Johar urged the Deputy Commissioner to visit the area and provide necessary relief to the victims.


Orientation programme
From Our Correspondent

LUDHIANA, July 4 — An eighth batch of national programme on orientation for medical officers working in the primary health centres of the districts of Ferozepore, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Ropar, Sangrur and Amritsar was conducted at Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre for the Blind and Disabled, held here recently, according to Mrs Santosh Bhatia, DMEIO, Civil Surgeon’s office, Ludhiana.


Tongas vanish but rehras flourish
Tribune News Service
By D.B. Chopra

LUDHIANA, July 4 — Well before the advent of three-wheelers, it was the tonga that bore the brunt of transporting passengers in bulk from one part of the city to the other. Once upon a time, there used to be tonga stands all over the old city. Among the oldest ones were the tonga stands at the railway station, Ghanta Ghar and Ghass Mandi.

But gradually, the tonga gave away to the smoky three-wheeler, to the extent that it went off the road. Literally, tonga stands got converted into three-wheeler and rickshaw stands.

But a lone one still stands as a reminder of the city’s vanished heritage near the Laxmi cinema. A metal signboard placed against a wooden structure records that the stand was established in 1950. A dozen odd tongas, are parked here and there. There are mares, too. Some are having their hay while the hungry ones are trying to nibble at the manger.

Along the near boundary wall sits a cobbler whose skilled hands move swiftly as he makes bridles for the mares. To his right is a small tea stall. Some ex-tongawallahs are sitting here and there, two of them smoking hashish together. They gave me a glazed look and carried on with their smoke. As I began to feel a bit uneasy, I occupied a small bench and ordered a cup of tea. While having my tea, I gathered that they were going through a rough patch. All that they do here all day is to wait for people who need a mare for a marriage or something else.

Though the city has bidden adieu to the mare-driven tonga, it can’t possibly afford to do so to the mule-driven load carts (Khachar rehras), which continue to thrive because of the business requirements of the city.


Firm booked for damaging cables
Tribune News Service

LUDHIANA, July 4 —The police has booked a local firm for damaging telecom cables and causing disruption of service to more than 10,000 lines thus causing a big loss to the Telecom department.

A case under Section 25 of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1985, has been registered against M/s Varinder Kumar and Company on the basis of a complaint submitted by the department at the Sarabha Nagar police station.

Two injured : Raj Kumar, alias Raju, and Amit Pal received serious injuries after their scooter was hit by an unidentified car near Mangli Nichi village. A case under Sections 279, 337, 338 and 427 of the IPC has been registered.

Colour TV recovered : One coloured television and a rickshaw were recovered from Nandon near Sita Nagar during a special nakabandi. This recovery was affected by ASI Surjit Singh, In-charge, bus stand police post. It is learnt that these articles had been stolen by the accused from a factory at Daba Road.

Two pistols recovered : The police recovered two pistols and a few live cartridges in separate incidents since Monday.

A .12 bore pistol and four ctridges were recovered from Vickey Chowdhary. Another 315 bore pistol was recovered from Harinder Singh, alias Happy, at the Shamshan Ghat area.Back



The sudden invasion of Ludhiana by newspapers from Chandigarh and elsewhere has bewildered the citizens of megacity.

"This was long overdue", is the most common comment heard from the people. “It will provide proper coverage to the activities in the cities which were hitherto ignored because of lack of space in the newspapers...Still, we never knew the city was so important as to become a major battleground for newspapers to capture the hearts and minds of the people”.

An unexpected response has been from the dealers of used cars in car bazars. “We never had it so good”, enthuses a second hand car dealer who has been affectionately nicknamed as Takloo by his friends and relations.

“Earlier,” he explains seriously, “we used to clean our cars with some newspapers published from Jalandhar. The results were invariably unsatisfactory because their substandard ink would leave marks on the car."

“But now things are different. At least one newspaper now published from Chandigarh is being put primarily to a use other than intended with remarkable results. The printing is so good that it leaves absolutely no ink marks on the cars leaving them sparkling clean."

“And moreover, the newspaper is available absolutely free, apparently as a sales promotion gimmick,” he enthuses, adding that business could soon be looking up.

And as if as an afterthought, he asks expectantly: “For how long do you think will the free supply of newspaper continue?”

Any guesses?

Telling lies

Human failings...everyone has them. And the most common of these is the habit to lie. Believe it or not, every single person, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, lies for one or the other motive. Everybody loves to criticise a lie the other person has told but when it comes to his own part, his face acts as a mirror, reflecting everything.

Children, who are taught a lesson in moral values everyday by their parents witness the small and the big lies spoken by them. As a result, they don't mind, doing the same with them.

There is no limit to lies. Ranging from marks in school test to go out with a boyfriend or a girlfriend for a date, the type and form of spoken words may be different. A large number of city residents spoken to admit a cock-a-snook attitude towards the number and kind of lies that they speak in their everyday life.

"I don't tell my parents about the girl I like. We go out for parties and I always use my window instead of my door to sneak out", says Anuj Sachdeva, a BSc second year student. He highlights every such rendezvous by naming it as either the Rahul or Mohit's party.

Rohita lies about bunking. She tells her teachers that she's not feeling well, while parents never find out. She likes to watch a movie with her friends in those snatched moments. When Raman and Amit pick up a fight, each blames the other. It becomes difficult to find out who is at fault. Sunita, who talks over the telephone for at least an hour with her friend everyday, is always ready to defend it with the excuse that the ring came from the other side even though she herself had dialled the number.

And remember, the last time you were late for office. Did you not put all the blame on the wheels of your vehicle or traffic lights or jams? What would you do if you wanted to leave office and your boss is in a foul mood? Perhaps someone in your family falls ill.

Mr Mehta (not real name) always tells his wife that he was doing overtime in the office even when he had gone out with his secretary. Do we tend to ignore such lies even if we are aware of it.

Massive response

The response to Ludhiana Tribune by the city population has been tremendous from day one of its launch. During this period, we at Ludhiana Tribune, have been trying to focus on problems being faced by people from all walks of life, which of course, we deem as our duty.

With the issues like insanitation, problems of drinking water, sewerage, power supply, telephone services, traffic, environment, health and transport being taken up almost everyday in Ludhiana Tribune, our offices have been virtually flooded with calls from readers throughout the day with specific problems of their localities, with the requests that these be featured in the newspaper. Ludhiana Tribune would like to assure its readers and the city people that we shall try to reach everyone and cover all localities, although the sheer size of the mega town and its population, might take us some time to do so effectively.

Another heartening feature has been the positive and in many cases, prompt response of the authorities of the departments concerned, who took remedial steps to redress the problems highlighted in the columns of Ludhiana Tribune or at least the process towards this end was initiated.

However, the magnitude of the problems, both in civic and day-to-day life of Ludhianvis, is immeasurable and we have just made a beginning. With the active involvement of its readers and positive and responsive approach of the authorities, Ludhiana Tribune would continue to endeavour to make life a little better for residents of Ludhiana.

Punjabi cuisine

The refurbished Lodhi Riwayat at Hotel Majestic Park Plaza is the latest rage amongst city residents who freak out on the typical Punjabi cuisine.

The restaurant, which was earlier specialising in the Awadh and Lucknowi, has now changed its menu and offers a lot many Punjabi dishes to cater to the needs of their customers, who according to the hotel managers, like to try various cuisines like Mughlai, South-Indian, Chinese or Mexican, but Punjabi cuisine still rules the roost.

The hotel has now hired a new chef, Shrirang Rana, who along with chef Bhagwat have prepared a new menu comprising sarson ka saag, murg mussalum, butter chicken — you name any of the popular Punjabi dishes and you get it.The special attraction in this menu, however, is the kebab thaali (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) — an assortment of five types of kebabs, daal makhni and naans.

The ambience and the interiors have also been changed. The concept of candlelit dinner to provide that special aura has been introduced as has been a ghazal singer, who enthrals the diners with rendition of famous ghazals of Jagjit Singh and Ghulam Ali. Even the uniforms of the staff have been changed to go with the overall ambience and they can now be seen sporting Nehru jackets in beautiful hues of silver and blue.

Network market

Amway, Japan Life, Herbal Life, Modi Care, Avon, the latest SkyBiz 2000 and some other similar companies which follow network marketing are having a boom time in Ludhiana.

While some of the enterprising people are utilising all their convincing power to strengthen their chain for minting money, there are others who try to keep away from such friends and relatives. A colleague while narrating his experience observed that once one of his acquaintance contacted him after a year and acted very polite. It was only after a little while when he started talking about Amway did he come to know as to why his friend had remembered him after a long gap.

Interestingly, most of the people who are into this type of marketing hail from upper class of society. It has been seen that several housewives of the city are also involved in this business. Even some students are going for this type of marketing so as to earn while studying.

This summer break gave ample time to some of the distributors from places like Delhi and Chandigarh who travelled to their friends' and relatives' places in Ludhiana with the sole purpose of enlarging their chain. At their places, demonstrations were held for which friends and neighbours are invited. Even some Ludhianvis have been seen moving up and down with a similar aim.

Keeping cool

Despite the arrival of fashionable and fizzy cold drinks, traditional Indian soft drinks like lassi, shikanjabi etc have not lost any of their popularity.

As a matter of fact, the tangy shikanjabi remains a favourite drink with the poor as well as the rich to quench one's thirst in the hot summer afternoons. The photo at the top of the page shows a vegetable seller displaying a mound of lemons which enjoy a brisk sale in Ludhiana these days.


A reader of Ludhiana Tribune, Mr Yash Paul Ghai, has sent us the following tailpiece on Union Minister for Telecommunications Ram Vilas Paswan:

Q: What do you think of Mr Paswan in the light of his freebies to the telecom staff ?

A: He should change his surname to Nashwan.Back

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