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Sunday, July 9, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

A star from overseas
By Madhur Mittal

VIBHA. A name that’s going to take the Bollywood music scene by storm! Born and bred in London, she happens to be a pretty, petite girl with frizzy, copper coloured hair.... and a wow smile. She looks 16, but giggles, "I could be 26, for all you know!" Okay, let that be her li’l secret... but it can never quite be a secret that, with the terrific reach her (rich) voice has, she could sing for any of today’s top heroines with aplomb.......

Vibha: On way to famePlease welcome (Vibha Sharma) who has already more than proved her melodious mettle as a playback singer in movies like, Ishq (Ishq Hua), Bulandi(Teri Meri Ik Jind), Haddh Kardi Aapne (Kuchh Tumse Hai Kehna).... and has just hit the Indipop music market with her soulful HMV album — Mehndi! A surefire sellout, I’d say, considering super-duper tracks such as Kayee Din Ho Gaye and Aye Dille Deewana.

"I love singing and dancing... and I’d like to create my own, unique niche in Hindi movies, says Vibha. And acting? She smiles (mischievously, mysteriously) and adds: "Well, I guess that will eventually happen. The offers have been pouring in ... but I haven’t accepted any so far — officially, that is!" That’s being a naughty tease, Ms Sharma!

Born of a beautiful Kashmiri mother and a full-of-life Punjabi father ( a Political Science alumnus from the Panjab University, Chandigarh), Vibha herself preferred to be trained in Indian vocal classical music Pandit Ajay Pohankar and Ms Geeta Prem after she won a singing competition in London! "I find the Hindi film industry an extraordinarily interesting and freaky place — it’s so full of opportunities! Let’s see what all I can do here, live shows apart. But the one thing I’m sure of is that I know I belong here — ‘coz I am freaky and interesting, too! Very".

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Tabu’s in love!

This is a fact, folks! The talented and terrific Tabu, is in love — really! She has evidently given up on the (long dragging) ‘affair’ with filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala and, instead, opted for a film actor.He’s none other than megamodel-turned-actor, Milind Soman!

What had earlier been dismissed as a mere, movieland rumour, is the talk of Tinseltown today. Because, during the making of Tarkeib, these two found themselves turning into a (torrid?) twosome! A couple of new films are already in the pipeline featuring this newfound romantic duo. But, more significantly and importantly, both Tabu and Milind are making absolutely no secret of the fact that they ‘love’ to be in each other’s company....!

I wonder where this new, amorous development leaves Sajid... and Madhu Sapre?!

Films? or fun?

This is the one straight question I feel like asking Moon Moon Sen’s daughter — Riya/Rhea Sen. I mean, she sure made a grand entry when she came into Hindi showbiz — it looked as if she was going to be the most sensational find of the new millennium!

But even though she’s been around for quite some time now, all she has bagged are a good number of boyfriends rather than some good films ‘n’ roles! I do keep spotting her in music videos or the city’s (night) hotshots with one guy or the other (current steady being model John Abraham, if you please)... but what on earth is she doing about a career in showbiz? At this rate, Riya is at best going to be known as "the goodtime girl", I daresay!

Ole, Om!

Om Puri has done it again.His much-talked about (English) movie, East is East has captivated viewers (as well as the box office) wherever it has been shown.In fact it has been given reviews like, "The finest British comedy in years", "A must see" and other kudos of cinematic celebration....!

Puri stars with the lovely (and talented) Linda Bassett in a central role and has, reportedly, contributed much to the film winning the London Film Critics Circle award for best film, six British Academy Awards nominations (including best picture) etc. And on July 7, the movie has opened in Mumbai itself! Ole, Om!