Tuesday, September 26, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


‘People should protest against proposed petro 
price hike’

By Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — As the hike in the prices of petroleum products is on the cards the sale of petrol and diesel has witnessed a spurt in Chandigarh, SAS Nagar and Panchkula. In certain cases a substantial hike in the diesel price has accounted for bulk purchase of the commodity.

Whereas the residents of these towns are getting the tanks of their vehicles filled with petrol or diesel to the capacity before the hike is imposed, those belonging to the agricultural sector are making a beeline to the petrol stations to buy diesel in bulk. The petrol station owners even claim that the otherwise rejected empty barrels are attracting customers and the sales have picked up.

While the sales are going up, the proposed hike in the prices has attracted a strong criticism at the hands of residents of the three towns. Most of the people contacted by Chandigarh Tribune felt very strongly about the prices of all commodities going up frequently. Almost all of them termed the proposed hike as the "biggest blow to the common man".

Similar views were coined by Mr Anil Sharma, marketing executive and resident of the city, who said that it was the common man who had to bear the brunt of the situation. He said: "The proposed hike of about 33 per cent will be too much for me. Why for me only, it will affect all who form the middle class of society. We are already living in a very costly city and you can well imagine our condition after the prices of petrol and LPG are raised. I am the only earning hand in the family and I will have to shell out extra amount to make for the expenses now."

Mr N.C. Singla, former manager of the State bank of India, said that the prices were being increased time and again. He said: "Why does the government raise the prices of petroleum products every now and then. Why it does not hike it at one time only? We are already over-burdened and certainly this will add to our tale of woes."

Ms Paramjit Kaur, an employee in the Education Department, said: "The domestic gas went up just recently. And the hike is on the anvil again. When it comes for paying the dearness allowance they very coolly declare it to be 3 per cent, but when it comes to raising the prices of essential commodities they talk not less than 33 per cent. Is it not too much on the part of a government of a poor country like ours? How can I stop driving the scooter now when I have so many other duties to discharge being a government servant, a mother and a wife. Aren't they making our life too complicated and miserable?"

Mr Gulzar Singh, a resident of SAS Nagar, had his tale of woes. He said: "I have to reach the post office in Sector 17 at 5 a.m. and I have to reach there from SAS Nagar. How can I do without a scooter now when the schedule is already very tight. Had I been living nearby my workplace I would never have bought a scooter in the first place. Earlier people used to start and agitation against the policies of the government. Now nobody comes up to protest against any policy. What will happen to this country? Every other day the prices of LPG, petrol and diesel are going up. Consequently the prices of all commodities will go up as the transportation will be costlier."

Mr Harminder Singh, another resident of SAS Nagar, said that when he came to SAS Nagar in 1990 the petrol used to cost Rs 13 a litre. "Afterwards I have always noticed that the prices have gone up only and never come down," he said.

Mr Atamjit Singh, a diesel transporter based at SAS Nagar, said that he sold off his seven trucks as he was incurring losses. He blamed it all on the repeated hike in the diesel price. "A trip to Guwahati used to cost Rs 18,000 earlier, but afterwards it cost me Rs 29,000 a trip. Now you can make out the fate of all the transporters after a substantial hike is imposed."

Manpreet Kaur, a student of the GCG-42, termed the increase as most unfortunate for the student community. She said: "We are already overburdened with the fee structure that is revised time and again. The high petrol prices will add to the agony of our parents who are already overburdened with the expenses. It will be all the more difficult for the students who are taking tuitions and travel distances to reach their destinations every day."

Mr Om Grover, a businessman, said that he would switch over to his scooter and would start using his car occasionally. "What else can I do. Everybody will be doing this to cut down their expenses that are already skyrocketing," he said.

The petrol station owners, especially in Chandigarh, are very unhappy with the decision. Mr Sanjeev, manager of Brahmswaroop and Sons filling station in Sector 28, said: "Our sales have already shifted to Panchkula as the Chandigarh Administration recently increased the sales tax on petroleum products. Our one-third business has been shifted to Panchkula. With the new hike the consumption will definitely go down and we will suffer on that account."

Similar views were echoed by Mr Ghanshyam Dass, manager of Tiwana Service Station, Sector 43. He said: "When it comes to them (Central Government), they don't compromise on anything and now they are asking the state governments to reduce the sales tax. How can the states leave their profits?"

Mr Ravi Mehra, owner of Mehra Motors, however, differed in his opinion. He said: "Sales will go down but for a few days. This is the psyche of the customer. Initially they try to cut on the consumption but soon everything comes back to normal."

Wg Cdr Kulwant Singh (retd) was of the different opinion. He said: "This hike is justified. I even say that the government should stop all the subsidies on the cooking gas from now onwards. When our children can spend Rs 100 per day on junk food cann't we pay the right price for the petroleum products."

Lieut-Gen K.S. Mann (retd) said that he could not deny the fact that the hike would affect everybody. "But can we say that a developing nation can afford to suffer a deficit of Rs 24,000 crore? The main thing is that the government should cut down the extra expenditures instead of letting the common man suffer alone,"he said.


Creative use of waste to save environment
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — The nine-day Regional Round Square Conference was inaugurated at Vivek High School here today. As many as 80 students and nine teachers from eight schools in the country and one from Oman will attend the conference on ‘’ My responsibilities towards the environment’’.

Mr B.D. Attri, renowned environmentalist, will conduct workshops during the conference. He enlightened the students about the importance of human proximity with nature and of our responsibility towards preserving our environment. He displayed many attractive creations made out of corn sheaths, banana bark, tailor’s waste , wafer packets, dry flowers and plastic wastes including table mats, rugs, collages and posters.

The vice principal, Ms Daman Duggal, disclosed that the aim of the conference organised every year was to take school children beyond academics and make them aware of global issues. This time it was environment which was the issue. The students are from the seventh and eighth standards. The nine schools participating are Indian School; Oman, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla; Vivek High School, Chandigarh; Assam Valley School, Tezpur; Welham Boys, Dehradun, the BRCM Bhiwani; Scindia School, Gwalior; Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar and Lawrence School Lovedale. The students have been divided into four groups named after trees. The first group is Nili called Gulmohar, second, Java-ki-Rani, third Amaltas and the fourth is Kachnar.

She further said, the children will participate in academic sessions, to get practical knowledge by working on looms and other machines installed in the school premises. To make students familiar with the city, they will be taken to visit Cacti Garden, Rock Garden and an organic farm near Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. They will also visit Shimla and Pinjore gardens.

The children will be involved in different types of recreation work. They will make various items out of recycled paper, tailor waste, waste wool and tie and dye. The children will give a helping hand in recycling various types of waste and creating nature — friendly products. The use of solar energy for domestic purposes, recycling of waste materials, including paper, screen-printing, use of dry flowers, collage-making with tailor and polythene waste will also be highlighted .

Ms P.K. Singh, Principal of Vivek High School, stressed the students to accept responsibility to preserve their surroundings and to live in harmony with nature .

An exhibition of items made by the students during the workshop will be held on October 2 at the school premises from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. Vivek High School, the host, will bear the boarding and lodging expenses of the students and teachers. Around 11 students from the host school will also participate. It is a voluntary movement and the children have paid a nominal amount to their respective schools for their fare, informed Ms P.K. Singh, Principal of the school.

The Round Square organisation is spread over five continents and embodies one of the 20th century’s foremost revolutions in education. The children will also meet Nek Chand on the last day of the conference.Back


When dreams flow from strokes of a brush
By Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — Full many a pearl in the purest ray serene, the unfathomed depths of the oceans bear; full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness in the desert air 

— On rare chances is this sweetness preserved and respected. And one such opportunity presented itself when the slum children of Janata Colony, Sector 25, had a chance to display their works at the reputed art gallery of the local Government College for Arts, Sector 10 today. As the 18-odd proud painters from the slums went around the gallery showing their 300 works to artists like Brahma Prakash and Prem Singh, the ambience resembled a fairytale story — the happiness of little children who fall in the genre of the lesser fortunate, coming true who prove their worth when given a chance.

In this sense, today’s show of paintings by about 30 slum children of Aasha School is more than just an exhibition. For the children, it is their world of dreams come true. More laudable is the effort of Zulfikar Khan, the man who runs Aasha School single-handedly, coupled with the support of Mr Prem Singh, principal, Government College for Arts, who guided the children during the workshop.

Says Zulfikar, “These children certainly deserve some of our attention. The idea behind arranging the seven-day-long painting workshop in the school was to boost the morale of these children. We wanted to make them feel special.”

And the children responded more than favourably. As Vikrant and Vicky, two among the lot of 30 told The Tribune, “We have to go out for work in the mornings. But after the day’s work, the experience of painting was great. We loved every moment at the workshop.”

No wonder then, that the painting workshop which was originally meant to span three days had to be extended by four more days. Informed Mr Prem Singh, “The objective has been fully realised. I was amazed to see the richness of the ideas which came to the fore. During the workshop, the children had a chance to lay bare their hearts, and did so through vivid colours and powerful themes.” The children were also encouraged by the fact that they had Dr M.P. Minocha, Director, Family Welfare, UT Administration, to inaugurate their works today.

The works in water colours, crayons, pencil colours and sketch pens, expressed a lot of the hidden talent of these 30 children. The paintings are sincere in themes and strong in form and content. The children have portrayed their dreams — right from their urge to make it big in life, to their itch to build their own house. Sumit, one of the young painters worked on two paintings, and in each he showed a house. When questioned he replied, “This is my house, which I will build one day. I will also write my name on it, so that no one steals it.” The innocence touches one’s heart, and so did the skill of the little ones who created appreciable works despite the fact that they had no easels. They worked on simple cardboards.

Among other themes on display were Divali festivity. The kids also painted a lot of trees and birds, underlining their yearning for freedom. One child has painted traffic around the Matka chowk, not to miss its flowery roundabout.

While the exhibition will be on for some days, a group of 17 children of Aasha School have another surprise performance in the pipeline. This performance will come in the form of a play titled Khichdi in the same gallery on September 27.


Army loses 200 cr a year
Import of glacial clothing

By Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — The Army continues to lose Rs 200 crore annually on the import of glacial clothing and equipment due to the lack of a local supplier base and the inability of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to indigenise a number of key items.

Despite the fact that the Army has been involved in glacial operations since 1987, when, under Operation Meghdoot, it occupied the Siachen Glacier, little headway has been made in this direction.

Though the DRDO has been engaged in the indigenous design and development of related equipment and allied stores, the basic requirement of the troops is still being met from foreign suppliers.

The issue has assumed a different dimension with operations along the Line of Control having increased significantly after the Kargil conflict and winter deployment in glacial areas and extreme high altitude posts in the northern sector assuming larger proportions.

One of the major focus areas at the recently held Army Industry Partnership-2000 here was the participation by industry in the indigenisation of such equipment.

Requirements for the indigenous production of 24 items have been projected by the Army before industry. The clothing items include down jackets and down trousers, inner and outer glacial gloves, woollen socks and multipurpose boots, cold weather undershirts and drawers, glacier caps, glacial wind cheaters and overgarment blouses and trousers.

Besides, allied stores for which the Army is seeking domestic production are boot crampons, Goretex suits, sleeping bags, survival blankets, rescue bags, rucksacks (70-L type), snow goggles, rock pittons, ice axes and shovels, altimeters, under-slung cargo nets and 10-12 man glacier tents.

Troops deployed in high altitude and glacial areas such as Siachen and areas in the Kargil sector are issued with a 53-item personal kit containing special clothing and mountaineering equipment.

While all items were earlier imported from various European sources, some of them, over a period of time, have been indigenised. As per the available information, each kit at present being issued to troops is estimated to cost over Rs 50,000.

Till 1999, the use of glacial equipment was restricted to Siachen, but in the aftermath of the Kargil conflict, troop deployment in glacial areas and extreme high altitude posts has increased in two aspects. Some of the posts earlier vacated during winter months will be manned throughout the year and, secondly, the number of troops allocated to the Kargil sector has increased significantly.

The need for extreme-weather personal kits was felt desperately during Operation Vijay last year, when the Army was forced to shop abroad for related equipment, leading to heavy expenditure. Not only were the reserves inadequate, there was also no local supplier base. Special clothing is required in areas where altitudes range up to 22,000 ft and winter temperatures drop to minus 55°C.


Residents allege poor amenities
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — A boundary wall is the need of the hour for the residents of Sector 38 (west) MIG and LIG residents. The newly developed area is in a shabby condition. The housing board has built the flats, but the area surrounding these flats is in bad shape.

Stray animals can be seen roaming about in the area. These animals moving in hordes have made the area accident prone. No garbage disposal facility has been made for the residents. The municipal corporation has not placed any dustbin to dispose of the waste material.

“No measures for the safety and security have been made for us, the residents in the last lane. A boundary wall is needed as its absence is the main cause of all the problems here” says Mr Jagdish Sharma one of the residents. “Petrol is taken out of our scooters, cycles are stolen and other such incidents keep happening in the absence of a boundary wall,” lamented Mr Ravinder Singh Rana, another resident.

Foul smell is spread all over and in the absence of any dustbin in the surrounding areas the maids keep throwing waste on the road. Temporary water storage tanks were dug up by the housing board for construction purposes, but the pits are still open and pore danger during the night.

The last lane facing Daddu Majra is in a pathetic condition. Some people have even started to use the vacant place for defecation. The streetlights on the main road are not functioning.


Licensing authority’s apathy
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — Two city residents, an advocate and a doctor, are facing problems at the hands of the local Registering and Licencing Authority.

In both cases city residents are being harassed for no fault of theirs. In the first case, Dr P. L. Goel, a senior functionary in the Punjab Health Department, brought a car and his troubles started.

His name has been misspelt as P.L. Geol, instead of P.L. Goel. In the first registration card, the chassis number of his car is mentioned as 032605 while it is actually 032685. He applied for a change and got it. But then the office interchanged the chassis number and engine number. Since then he has been trying to get the flaw corrected but to no avail.

In the second case, local advocate, Mr Desraj Sharma, purchased a car (CH-01-Q-0551) in 1996. This car was financed by a private bank. And as per the Motor Vehicles Act, the hypothecation clause was mentioned in the RC. In 1998 he repaid the loan and got a fresh RC, saying that the HPA had been cancelled following instructions from the bank. In 1999, he purchased another car but wanted to retain his old number.

This was allowed under permission and upon payment. So his new car got the number CH-01-Q-0551. The old car was given a new number that was CH-01-Y-8929. The problem started for him then the new RC of the old car once again mentioned that the car was hypothecated.

His pleas have fallen on deaf ears and various proofs have not helped him. Files relating to his car are missing.


For him, beauty lies in waste
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — Mr B.D. Attri, who has generated power for streetlights from chicken droppings in Lawrence School at Sanawar, plans to teach the city school children how to utilise the waste to keep the environment clean.

His house in Sector 37 has become a workshop for him where he uses waste material to create beautiful objects. These include carpets, wall hangings, footwear, headgear, shopping bags and many other useful items. His wife and two sons have always helped him in his mission.

“I have seen that we always generate an increasing amount of waste and then run away from it. This has affected the environment of the Earth. I utilise waste material to produce utility goods out of it,” he said. After he retired from the Sanawar school in June, he returned to the city. Since then, he has travelled to Hisar, Ajmer, Dehradun and many other cities to educate school children about the utilisation of waste.

He is conducting a workshop, Responsibilities Towards the Environment, in Vivek High School here. He is sensitising children about the environment and constructive waste management. Students are being taught to weave carpets out of tailor’s waste, polythene bags and used wood. They are also learning how to utilise fallen leaves, flowers and the other parts of plants to create beautiful items.

“The first time I thought of doing something for the environment was when I was at Sanawar. I was taking care of the poultry there and the production of eggs became so much that students were not able to consume the whole produce. We began selling these in the market. However, we had to close down the poultry as the school was a charitable institute and was not supposed to make profits. My job was threatened and I planned to teach school children the art of weaving cloth,” he said.

“On the first day of the exercise, students jumbled up my threads that were worth thousands of rupees. I was rather disturbed when I realised that we could use the jumbled threads also to make items. That was just the beginning. Till date, my imagination has never let me down,” he said.

Afterwards, he tried to make items from many other things like fodder stem and it worked wonders. “When students ask me, from where have I learnt this work, I reply — from my problems — and it is the truth,” he said.


Five injured in clash
From Our Correspondent

SAS NAGAR, Sept 25 — At lease five persons were injured, four of them seriously, in a clash involving two chemists in the Phase II market here today.

Among the injured were Mr L.D. Jindal of Chief Medical Hall and two partners of Nitin Medical and Surgicals, Mr Satpal Garg and Mr Ram Sarup. They were taken to the local Civil Hospital. Mr Garg was referred to the PGI for a CT scan. It is reported that the fourth injured person had been admitted to the Command Hospital, Chandimandir.

Mr Jindal alleged that he was attacked by five persons, including Mr Ram Sarup and Mr Garg, at his shop this morning. He suspected the group had come to loot his shop, as Monday was the day when his salesman deposited money with him.

He said when he resisted the group’s attempt to open the cash drawer, he was struck with a chair and bitten on both arms. His gold chain, he claimed, was missing.

However, Mr Ram Sarup said Mr Garg was his nephew. He said at a meeting of the town’s chemists on Saturday there were heated exchanges between Mr Jindal and Mr Garg.

Mr Ram Sarup claimed that Mr Jindal had called them to his shop for a compromise today. He alleged that there were 10 to 12 persons in Mr Jindal’s shop who attacked them.

Mr H.S. Chawla, president of the Mohali Chemist Association, alleged there was old enmity between Mr Jindal and Mr Garg. However, Mr Jindal denied the allegation. Mr Chawla confirmed that hot words had been exchanged at the Saturday meeting.

The Municipal Councillor of Phase II, Mr Amrik Singh Mohali, went to the Civil Hospital to meet Mr Jindal and Mr Garg and bring about a compromise.

No police case had been registered in this regard because till evening no medico-legal report had been submitted.Back


Police officials transferred
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — The police has shifted 26 officials, including 15 sub inspectors.

According to the police sources, while Mr Om Parkash (SI) has been shifted from the South police station to the East police station, Mr Sucha Singh (SI) has been shifted from the East police station to the South police station. Mr Sudershan Singh (SI), who was earlier at the Sector 31 police station, will now be the Additional SHO at the Mani Majra police station. Mr Ram Dhari (SI) has been shifted from the Sector 36 police station to the West police station.

Mr Ram Singh (SI) of the Central police station will now go to the Sector 31 police station and Sat Pal (SI) of the Sector 31 police station has been sent to the Central police station. The head of the Sector 24 police post, Mr Neeraj Sarna (SI) has been transferred to the Sector 31 police station. Mr Hari Sharan (SI) of the Central police station will be the new head of the Sector 24 police post. Mr Avtar Singh (SI) of the North police station has now been sent to the Police Lines.

Mr Raghbir Singh (SI) of the North police station has been shifted to the Sector 36 police station and Mr Banarshi Dass (SI) of the Police Lines to the Public Grievances Cell. Mr Chander Mohan (SI) of the East police station has been transferred to the North police station. Mr Sat Pal (SI) of the North police station has been shifted to the East police station. An SI at the North police station, Mr Hukam Chand, will be the new head of the police post at Sukhna Lake. Mr Mahabir Singh (SI) has been shifted to the Mani Majra police station from the Police Lines.

According to the sources, Mr Gurmel Singh (ASI) of the East police station will now go to the Mani Majra police station and Mr Karan Singh (ASI) will now go to the East police station from the Mani Majra police station. Mr Ajay Kumar (ASI) of the Mani Majra police station will go to the South police station and Mr Majid Mashi (ASI) of the Mani Majra police station to the West police station. ASI Mr Mahbir Parshad of the Mani Majra police station will now go to the Sector 19 police station. Mr Ajit Singh (ASI) of the Sector 19 police station has been shifted to the Mani Majra police station.

Mr Yad Ram (ASI) of the South police station has been posted at the Central police station and Mr Tarlochan Singh (ASI) of the Police Lines at the 39 police station. ASI Mr Surat Ram of the Central police station has been transferred to the Police Lines. Mr Mohinder Singh (ASI) of the North police station has been shifted to the Public Grievances Cell. Mr Sucha Singh (ASI) of the Mani Majra police station has been transferred to the North police station.


Vision for World Sight Day
By Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, Sept 25 — This year, the functions related to the World Sight Day will be fortnight-long, unlike the usual one-day affairs on October 10. The Health Department and the District Blindness Control Society plans to check-up the eyesight of at least 10,000 students within the fortnight.

The Civil Surgeon, Dr H.C. Nagpal, said, for the first time, school teachers would be trained to carry out the exercise in their schools. He said students with eyesight problems would be examined by a specialist of General Hospital, Dr Shobhit Ghai.

Dr Nagpal also said the District Education Officer had been informed about this and the training of teachers would begin next week. Students of Classes VI, VII and VIII would be examined in schools by teachers and those with eyesight problems would be referred to Dr Ghai. The doctor would examine them on October 8, 9 and 10.

For this exercise, the district has been divided into three blocks. The training of teachers will be held in the Sector 6 General Hospital and hospitals in Raipur Rani and Kalka. While 40 teachers will be chosen from Panchkula, 30 each will be picked up from the government schools in Kalka and Raipur Rani.

The DEO, Ms Phool Khatri, said the divisions had been made to ensure that the school work did not suffer. She said the training would be over in a day’s time.

Special alphabet charts for testing eyesight will be given to each teacher after the training. These will help them spot students in their class with eyesight problems. The Health Department expects to identify as many as 700 children with eyesight problems.

The project will be funded by the District Blindness Control Society. The General Hospital and the Education Department plans to give free pairs of spectacles to children after examination by the eye specialist.Back


Expedite action on lal dora: Centre
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — The Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation has asked the Chandigarh Administration to expedite action on the extension of lal dora in 22 villages in the union territory. In the same communication the ministry has promised that 5,000 families which were uprooted to make way for the southern sectors of the urban conglomerate of Chandigarh will be rehabilitated.

The ministry in its communication that is also addressed to the Pind Bachao Committee, which is fighting for the cause of the 5,000 families, has said that rehabilitation is its topmost priority. Meanwhile, the President of the committee, Mr Angrez Singh, said that a list of families that lived in the 11 villages which now house Sector 31 to 38 has already been submitted to the Chandigarh Administration.

The demand for extension of lal dora in the 22 existing villages of Chandigarh had been pending for long. 


NSS Day celebrated
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — NSS Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in different schools and colleges in the city today. The day falls on September 24.

The weekly morning assembly was dedicated to commemorate NSS Day at the Government College of Education, Sector 20. Volunteers of the B.Ed. tutorial group number two, through their speeches traced the history and growth of the NSS and highlighted its role in social reconstruction.

Ms Surinder Tangri, Principal of the college, elaborated the motto of the NSS and motivated the students towards selfless social service.

The volunteers of the NSS unit of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 23, planted over 50 saplings of different plants, besides organising a rally with placards showing the motto of the NSS, to mark the day. The rally was flagged off by Mr Shiv Kumar Sharma, Principal of the school.

On this occasion, a one-day NSS camp was organised by the NSS unit of Government Senior Secondary school, Sector 27. Ms Bimla Gambhir, Principal of the school, stressed on the role of the NSS in decreasing environment pollution by making the public aware. Back


Consumers air grievances at camp
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Sept 25 — Telephone subscribers of Phase 3B1 put their grievances before the Consumers Protection Forum at a camp organised here today. About 100 complaints regarding water and electricity supply, public health and apni mandis were also received at the camp.

The telephone subscribers wanted that the details of the STD calls should also be given along with the bills and the telephone directory should be revised. Mr Jai Singh and Mr Nagina Singh Atwal, residents of Phase V, said they had lodged complaints regarding faulty telephone lines, but the faults had not been rectified. Another consumer of Sector 70 complained that the Telecom Department was overbilling him. The Divisional Engineer (Telephones), Mr Vivek Dua, assured the complainants that the faults would be rectified in the next 15 days. He said, the details of the STD calls had not been provided in the past because of some technical problem, but these would now be given with the bills to subscribers in the next billing cycle. He said the new telephone directory would be issued by the end of this year.

Col Angad Singh (retd), General Secretary of the forum, said most of the complaints were against the local Municipal Council and the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA). While no MC official turned up, a Subdivisional Engineer (SDE) of the Public Health Wing of PUDA was there, but could not give a satisfactory reply to most of the queries.

A number of consumers complained that sellers in apni mandis were not using standard weights and measures and rates of articles were not displayed there. Consumers also said sellers did not remove the leftovers before leaving. Mr Gurcharan Singh, Secretary of the Apni Mandis, said a meeting of representatives of consumers, sellers and officials of the district administration should be held regularly to sort out various issues.

Regarding the complaints of dirty and inadequate water supply to HM houses in Phase 3B1, the Executive Engineer (Public Health), Mr G.S. Ghuman, said he had written to the authorities concerned to dig 21 new tubewells. He said the Public Health Department was in touch with the local civic body and PUDA in this regard.

Mr M.D.S. Sodhi, Publicity Officer of the forum, said about 14 complaints regarding the electricity supply were received at the camp. Mr Boparai, the Subdivisional Engineer (SDE) of the electricity board, said passbooks containing essential information about electricity load and rules and regulations would be issued to consumers. Mr N.S. Gill, President of the forum, was also present on the occasion. 


Dharna by JAC of shrines
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — The Joint Action Committee of all gurdwaras and Sikh religious institutions of Chandigarh organised a procession and dharna here today to highlight the grievances and injustice done to them.

Later, in a memorandum presented to the Punjab Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, the committee urged for immediate redress of their grievances, besides resolving other related matters.

The committee, lamenting the apathy shown by the Punjab Government towards its demands, said that ruling party in its election manifesto has promised to undo the injustice done to them in the past.


Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — The first meeting of the Organising Committee of the IGMCACON-2000, inaugural conference of the IGMC Alumni Association Chandigarh was held at Himachal Bhavan, Sector 28, and was attended by 20 members from different parts of the country.

Prominent among those who attended the meeting were Dr Ashok Bhardwaj from Medical College, Shimla, Dr S.P.S. Kanwar from Una, Dr S.M. Mehta from Dharamsala and Dr Naresh Glodha from Hamirpur. The first global meet of alumni of IG Medical College, Shimla, will be organised in the city from December 23 to 24.

According to Prof Raj Bahadur, Chairman of the Organising Committee, the main objectives of the conference were to share the expertise of alumnis who had achieved excellence in their respective fields while working abroad, in other institutes of national importance including the PGI and the GMCH, with their counterparts in HP, besides a social get-together.


A complaint
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Sept 25 — The Social and Welfare Association of Sector 70 has complained to the Additional Chief Administrator (ACA), SAS Nagar, that migrant labourers were using the open space adjacent to Matour village to perform the last rites of their dead kith and kin.

Mr H. S. Cheema, a member of the association, said earlier the ACA had deputed security guards in the area to discourage such a practise. 


Burn victim dies
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — Chander Pal, a resident of Mauli Jagran Colony, who sustained burn injuries this morning, died at the PGI today.

According to sources, the deceased, who was preparing tea at his tenement, sustained serious burns when his stove reportedly burst. He was shifted to the GMCH, Sector 32. Following deterioration in his condition, he was shifted to the PGI where he died.



ITBP team scales virgin peak
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — A team of the Indo- Tibetan Border Police has scaled a virgin peak in the Brahma Glacier in the Pirpanjal ranges.

According to Mr A.S. Chinna, Commandant, Transport Battalion, the expedition was led by Mr P.S. Papta, Deputy Commandant, and consisted of Inspector Narendra Singh, head-constable Satender Singh, Swaroop, Harish and consables Farooq, Rajender and Bhupender.

The teams presented a flag to DIG N.K. Mishra and ADIG N.S. Rathore.


4 arrested in assault case
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — The police has arrested five persons on the charge of assaulting a resident of Hoshiarpur district.

According to the police, Mr Amit Abhol, a resident of Mori Wali village, alleged that he was assaulted by the accused in Sector 15 last night. Mr Abhol also received minor injuries.

The arrested persons are Harpinder Singh (Sanet village in Ludhiana district), Gurpreet Singh (Danther village in Moga district), Paramvir Singh (Chandigarh), Amardeep Singh (Bhago village of Bathinda) and Navdeep Singh (Mansakhurd village of Mansa district).

A case has been registered under Sections 147, 148, 149, 323 and 506 of the IPC.

Crushed to death
A Sector 22-resident, Mukesh Kumar, was injured when his bicycle was hit by a CTU bus (CH-01-G-5820) near the railway light point in Mani Majra yesterday.

He was rushed to the PGI where he was declared brought dead. The driver of the bus, Inderjit Singh, has been arrested and a case registered against him. The bus has been impounded.

Theft reported
Mr Sohan Singh, a resident of Sector 38-D, reported that someone stole one wrist-watch, artificial jewellery and Rs 5,000 from his residence between September 21 and 24 when he was out of station.

A case has been registered.

Stepney stolen
A resident of Burail, Harjinder Singh, has been arrested on the charge of stealing the stepney of a scooter (CH01-M-6131) belonging to Mr Deepak Pasricha, which was parked in the Leisure Valley parking lot. He was caught redhanded.

A case has been registered.

The police has arrested two persons, Anthoni and Rajwinder Singh, while drinking at a public place.

A case has been registered.


Chain snatchers
The local police has found the involvement of two chain snatchers, earlier arrested by the Chandigarh police, in at least six cases of chain snatching in the town during the past few months. The chain snatchers, Raghbir, a resident of Phase 2, and Randhir, a resident of Phase 7, were brought on production warrants from Chandigarh. Sources in the police said around 90 gm of gold jewellery had been recovered from their possession.


‘Tally’ to conduct user clinic
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Sept 25 — Tally India’s largest selling financial accounting software is conducting a unique user clinic across 27 Indian cities. This is the first time that any software company, Indian or multinational, is reaching out to its customers on this scale.

The day-long clinic is open to all registered tally customers. They can walk into tally clinics in their town, clarify their doubts and learn more about the new features that Tally is 5.4 has to offer.

The tally clinic is being held in the city on September 26 at Logictech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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