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Sunday, October 8, 2000

Photo: Kuldip Dhiman/Model: Manu D.The emergence and growth of women activists as a reaction to socio-economic inequality, political marginalisation and the patriarchal structure, is a striking feature of our contemporary social reality. It is due to women activists and their activities that the women’s movement which otherwise would just be on abstract concept, has become a living reality. If one analyses the role of women activists, it has been observed that they have tasted both success and failure. Though there is no dramatic change in women’s status, inroads have been made into the deeply entrenched inequalities, observes NeeluKang

Week Specials

It is culture on rewind,
Dinesh Rathod

DREAM THEME: What do dreams of horses tell,
Vinaya Katoch Manhas

  Week Specials

TELEVISION:  Intertwined lives and their story,
Mukesh Khosla

'ART AND SOUL: Feeding the Imperial Image,
B.N. Goswamy

TIME OFF: Villains and heroes,
Manohar Malgonkar

KEEPING FIT: When the kidneys fail,
B.K. Sharma

BOLLYWOOD BHELPURI: Raveena’s new gameplan!
Madhur Mittal

Belu Maheshwari

LIFE TIES: Domesticated sons are not sissies,
Taru Bahl

FEEDBACK: The world of a geisha

Book Reviews

Kabir as a rebel against caste oppression
Hindi literature Review by
Satyapal Sehgal

Denigrating Asian diaspora
Review by
Himmat Singh Gill

Those who made it big on other's shoulders
Review by
Chandra Mohan

Vittal fires another salvo
Review by
G.V. Gupta

Osho again on Sufi path
Review by
H.P. Sah

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