Tuesday, December 5, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Upgrade rural hospitals: Jacob
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, Dec 4 — The Punjab Governor, Lt Gen J.F.R. Jacob, today underlined the need for upgrading health infrastructure, especially in rural areas, to provide health cover to the rural population.

Presiding over the annual general meeting of the Punjab State Red Cross, here today, Lt Gen Jacob said that it was the duty of a welfare state to provide health cover to its citizens. He stressed that the hospitals must be equipped with all facilities.

Underlining the need for launching a campaign against the deadly disease of Hepatitis-B, the Governor said that its spread had to be checked quickly. He said with the help of NGOs, patients of tuberculosis must be identified and provided treatment and help.

Commending the work done by villagers of Sarai Banjara and other adjoining villages for providing timely relief to the injured victims of the train accident at Fatehgarh Sahib, he said that a Rs 10 lakh cash grant had been announced by the Chief Minister, Punjab, for the villages to help them continue with the good work.

Earlier, speaking at the occasion, Dr Baldev Raj Chawla, Health Minister, Punjab, informed that the government was constructing 154 hospitals at a cost of Rs 422 crore. Out of these, 40 hospitals are already operational and 30 more will start functioning within the next month.


Finish quackery, says IMA
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 4 — The local branch of the Indian Medical Association has criticised the administration for not taking concrete steps to check the menace of quackery which is spreading at a very fast rate in the city and its surrounding areas.

At a meeting held before the inauguration of the Doctors Club in the IMA complex here by Dr S.B.S. Mann, Director-Principal of the Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, the President of the association, Dr G.S. Kochhar, said the so-called medical practitioners were either unqualified or were prescribing allopathic medicines in which they were not qualified. Even the Supreme Court and the Punjab and Haryana High Court had issued instructions to the state governments to stop quackery in their respective areas.

The Punjab Government recently instructed all its medical officers to identify quacks in their areas and register cases against them. These medical officers would be held responsible for any quacks working in their areas.

Dr Neeraj Kumar, Secretary, IMA, stressed that the IMA was fully committed to stopping this unhealthy practice. He appealed to the local administration to identify these quacks and stop them from playing with the lives of citizens.

The members of local branch of the IMA also expressed their concern over the increasing trend of bureaucrats taking over posts from technocrats in various fields and institutions. Citing the example of the Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, where the post of Secretary, Health, had been separated from the Director of the institution, Dr J.G. Jolly, a senior member, said this was a retrograde step which would harm the interests and slow the progress of the institution. "The technocrat, besides being a senior person, is also an expert in the filed and knows what is best for the institution." He appealed to the authorities concerned to reconsider this step and restore the original status.

Recently, Mr Ajit Jogi, the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, had decided to start a three-year course of medical education instead of regular five-and-a-half-year course to send these doctors for working in rural areas. This issue was also discussed in detail by the Indian Medical Association. Members expressed their shock and surprise at how these poorly trained doctors would be able to look after the health of citizens independently. Instead of restoring to these gimmicks, the state government should try and provide adequate facilities in these rural health set-ups so that qualified doctors were encouraged to work there and were able to give their best.


Upgradation of cancer treatment facilities
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 4 — The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has sanctioned Rs 2 crore to the Radiotherapy and Oncology Department at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, for setting up a Cobalt 60 teletherapy unit for treatment of cancer patients in the hospital.

According to Dr Subhash Singh, head of the department, the unit is expected to become operational within the next four months. Besides this, the department for Precise Computerised Treatment Planning is also planning to acquire a brachytherapy unit.

In the absence of these facilities, cancer patients requiring the cobalt ray treatment were either being referred to the PGI or to hospitals in Delhi.

The Radiology and Oncology Department at the GMCH came into being in 1998 and gets about 30 patients in advanced stages of cancer every month. The Cobalt 60 teletherapy unit is used for giving selective radiation to specifically kill the cancer cells while protecting the normal tissues and the body organs.

According to doctors, change in life patterns, contaminated vegetables, synthetic foods, chemicles and anabolic steroids are responsible for the ever increasing number of the cancer patients.

As many as one million new patients are added to the list every year. Experts say that the numbers would possibly double within the next decade.Back


Anshul moves into semis
By Our Sports Reporter

Chandigarh, Dec 4 — Anshul of Haryana, played a versatile game to down Nitin Bhagat of Delhi, in the under- 13 boys’ section, thus moving to the semi-finals on the second day of the VI Tara Chand memorial North Zone Badminton Tournament being played here today. Prerak Sharma of Haryana, who had created a upset yesterday, today booked a berth in the last four of Under-10 section, when he won in a crucial tie from Dhruv Sharma at 15-12, 10-15, 15-8. Sahil Arora of Punjab, who had shown his stellar form at the recently concluded Junior National badminton meet at Chandigarh, today outplayed Akash Sethi of Chandigarh in three games.

In yet another thrilling match of the day, Ashish Sharma of Chandigarh brilliantly defeated Harish Chander of Punjab in straight games. Tomorrow, all matches will be played at the Sector 7 Community Centre, Panchkula.

Men’s singles:
Ashish Sharma (Chd) b Harish Chander (Pb) 15-5, 15-13; Jaideep (PSEB) b Amit Kumar (Pb) 15-10, 15-0; Ram Karan (Har) b Manu (Har) 15-3, 15-9; Harinder Singh (Pb) b Ram Lakhan (PSEB) 15-1, 15-8; Amit Chhabra (Dli) b Vipin Sharma (Har) 15-6, 15—2; Mohd Saleem (Pb) b Varun Sharma (Chd) 15-9, 15-6.

Doubles: Iqbal and Mohd Saleem (Pb) b Amit and Dilpreet (Pb) 16-17, 15-6, 15-10; Rohan and Jaideep (PSEB) b Vivek and Tanveer (Chd) 15-13, 15-7; Ram Lakhan and Chanderdeep (PSEB) b Varun and Deepak (Chd) 12-15, 15-3, 15-5; Gagan Ratti and Tejinder (Pb) b Harinder and Jagdish (J&K) 17- 16, 15-6; Ashish and Deepak (Chd) b Pawanjit and Vipin Sharma (J&K) 15-10, 15-8; Sukhvinder and Satvinder (Har) b Rahul and Ashish (Pb) 15-10, 15-3; Navdeep and Sunil (Pb) b Surinder and Varinder (Har) 15-13,15-12.

Under 19: Krishan Gupta (Raj) b Vivek Vermani 15-9, 15-8; Sahil Arora (Pb) b Akash Sethi (Chd) 9-15, 15-4, 15-8; Varun Sharma (Chd) b Mayank Behl (Pb) 15-14, 13-15, 15-12; Randhir Singh (Raj) b Panjab Masih (Pb) 15-6, 15-13; Sumit Dahiya (Har) b Naveesh Ahuja (Dli) 15-4, 15-4; Sumit Chhabra (Dli) b Ram Karan (Har) 15-4, 15-3; Randhir Singh (Pb) b Sumit Garg (Har) 15-3, 15-4; Deepak Sidhu (Chd) b Rohit Bhakar (Har) 15-11, 15-5; Rohit Kapoor (Pb) b Peeyush Aggarwal (Har) 15-10, 15-12; Sachin Garg (Har) b Vipin Sharma (J&K) 13-15, 15-11, 15-8.

Under 10: Dhruv (Har) b Karan Bhagat (Dli) 15-12, 15-7; Tapan (Har) b Abhinav Bahri (Pb) 15-4, 15-4; Abhishek (Har) b Manan DSonia (Pb) 15-0,15-0; Avish Makol (Pb) b Maheep Singh ( Pb) 15-1,15-6.

Women singles: Second round, Sharda (Chd) b Madhavi (J&K) 11-1, 11-1; Aarti Verma (Pb) b Rashmi (Dli) 11-0, 11-0; Samritika (Har) b Madhuri (Pb) 13-1, 11-3; Preetika (Har) b Manmeet (Pb) 11-0, 11-2; Shehnaz (Pb) b Himakshi (Har) 11-6, 13-10; Mala Gaba (Chd) b Meenakshi (Dli) 11-4, 11-0.


Boxing results
By Our Sports Reporter

CHANDIGARH, Dec 4 — Dharam Singh of Sarvhitkari School, Sector 40 secured gold in the Bantam Weight section of the 23rd Chandigarh State Junior Boxing championship, which concluded here today at the Boxing Coaching Centre, Sector 46.

In other matches of the day, Ashwani of SD Public School, Sector 32, outplayed Paramjit of DAV Public School, Sector 8. Other winners in different sections included, Jaspal (fly-weight), Sohan Rawat (feather), Vijender (light), Vinod (light welter), Ajay Singh (welter), Parveen Kumar (light middle), Arihant (light heavy) and Sukhpreet (super heavy). Mr Parag Jain, SSP, UT, gave away the prizes.



MC panel suggestion on community centres
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 4 — The art and culture committee of the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh (MCC) at its meeting held here today recommended that the management of the community centres should be handed over to the members of the respective centres in that area. A detailed plan regarding this was drawn by the MC sometime ago to revive some of these centres, which were not being put to much use.

Members have recommended that the governing body will comprise six executive members including the Area Councillor, who will be the chairman of the body. Besides, three members will be elected from amongst the members of the centres and there will be two officials from the MC. The body will then appoint the staff, though some will be provided by the engineering wing. However, it was suggested that part-time safai karamcharis should be kept on contract to ensure proper cleanliness of the premises. The governing body will look after the day-to-day affairs of these centres, while the policy decisions will be subject to the approval of the civic body. The JEs ( B and R) will be deputed to supervise the functioning of these centres.

The members have also decided to launch a membership drive to encourage members to join these clubs. During the three months period of drive, members will be exempted from paying the security charges of Rs 500 and entrance fee. However, they will have to pay Rs 50 as subscription charges. It was also suggested that 20 per cent rebate will be given to the members for holding functions and marriages within the premises.

They have also decided to give 50 per cent discount to senior citizens. It also proposed guest charges and absentee member charges.

The committee also decided that the resident welfare association of the constituent sectors, which are registered , can hold one monthly meeting free of cost in the centre. The membership will be of two kinds, life and ordinary and subsequently specific fee will be charged for both.

It was further recommended that basic facilities will be provided in these centres to sustain the interest of the members. The executive members will be required to provide indoor and outdoor recreational games at specific charges, a canteen, a well-equipped library and also an STD/PCO booth in the centre. In addition, volley ball court and badminton courts will also be provided. The construction of one badminton court in each of these centres has already been approved. Arrangements will also be made to start yoga classes in some of these centres.

The chairman of the committee, Mr R.L. Arora, said that all these recommendations are subject to the approval of the Finance and Contract Committee ( F and CC) and the MC house, comprising all elected and nominated councillors. To begin with the management of community centres in Sectors 18,35 and 16 will be handed over to the members as they were the ones who had evinced keen interest in reviving the community centres of their areas and had a month ago submitted detailed proposals to the MC in this regard. Subsequently, once the membership of other centres increases , the same will be implemented there also. The centres in Sectors 19 and 44 have also shown interest.

As far as accounts and funds are concerned, the governing body and MC will have a joint account in a bank. However, the governing body will be allowed to use these funds for the maintenance and funding of various activities at the centre.

A senior official of MC said that these centres which were shifted from CITCO are not a source of income to MC but the new proposal has only drawn out to ensure that the centres are used properly.

The committee also granted permission to a party to start yoga classes in Sector 15 Community centre for three to four months. Similarly, Government Yoga Centre, Sector 23 which was running yoga classes in Sector 33 has been allowed to shift the same to Sector 47.


Sector 26 roads to be recarpeted 
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 4 — The Roads Committee, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh in its meeting held today sanctioned Rs 14.36 lakh for strengthening and recarpeting the network of roads at the Sector 26 Transport Area.

The Transport Area Union had, through several representations to their Area Councillor, sought that the roads, which were in poor condition and had been neglected for long, should be recarpeted. The sanctioned amount will be used to put 3-inch-thick bituminous concrete and 1-inch-thick semi-dense bituminous concrete lining on these roads.

The work of recarpeting all the remaining V-6 roads, in as many as 32 sub-sectors of the city will be undertaken in one go, with effect from March 2001. A decision to this effect was also taken in the meeting held today.

The Chief Engineer, Mr Puranjit Singh, assured the members that since only 25 per cent of recarpetting work of V-6 roads had been left, there was no need to set priorities. However, the work would be completed by May next year. As many as 4 pavers will be pressed into action from four different points in the city, so that they cover 8 sub-sectors each in one go. He said that work could not be undertaken now, keeping in view the prevailing weather conditions.

It may be recalled that the Committee, in its last meeting, had decided to fix priorities on undertaking this work in the presence of the Commissioner and the Chief Engineer. Ms Ranjana Shahi, one of the committee members, had earlier sought that all the V-6 roads in the city should be recarpeted for the benefit of the residents.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman, Mr Mohinder Singh, since the chairman Mr Gian Chand Gupta was unable to attend the meeting.

Extended timing for discotheques
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Dec 4 — Revelers will continue to twirl all around the polished dance floors of discotheques as the district administration today relaxed the timings for the “party crowd” till midnight. Another order has brought joy to the “net buffs”, as it allowed the cyber cafes, providing Internet services, to operate till 2 a.m on all seven days of the week.

Both orders would mean extended night life in the town where the cyber cafes and discotheque usually wind up their business by 11 p.m. The Deputy Commissioner, Ropar, Mr G.S. Grewal said the time limit had been extended keeping in view the proximity of the town with Chandigarh where the administration had recently extended the time limits.Back

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