Thursday, December 21, 2000,
Chandigarh, India
C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


HUDA cashing in on public money
By Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, Dec 20 — Cashing in on the advantage of using interest-free public money for carrying out development works in the state under their jurisdiction, the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has taken to extending last dates of the schemes it has floated.

Of the eight schemes floated by HUDA this year, four have been extended by one month and booking for three others is still open following a decision to extend these by one month as well while the eighth one was not extended at all.

All these schemes of residential areas drew a tremendous response from the public which is evident from the fact that a total of 11,867 applications were received for 2,756 plots in a scheme floated in June this year. The scheme brought in Rs 84.16 crore.

In another scheme for plots in Sector 4 of Kurukshetra, the department received over 1,500 applications for 1,448 plots, netting Rs 6.50 crore in the process.

Extension of the schemes prove to be more lucrative as it allows HUDA to make use of public money for a longer duration. Sources said that the amount so generated is used for carrying out development works though repayment of the money does not pose a problem for HUDA. “Around the time of repayment, another scheme is floated which brings in the required money. This is passed on to the applicants and the process goes on. We have never suffered on account of this,'' an official informs.

The Chief Administrator, HUDA, Mr N.C. Wadhwa, contends that the idea behind extending the last date is that more and more people be given an opportunity to apply. He adds, “Besides, we try and fix a draw within six months of the closing of the scheme. There is no delay in repayment as well since, as a rule, money is paid back within a month, the outer limit being 45 days.” He, however, does not deny that this money is put to use elsewhere in urban estates. Officials insist that HUDA being an agency for carrying out developments in all urban estates runs on a “no profit, no loss” basis and there is no better way of utilising borrowed money for the advantage of the public.

Another reason the officials cite for extending last dates is that some of the schemes are floated for different areas clubbed together. “Under such schemes, the high-potential zones generally have a tremendous response but extension is important in case of low-potential get a better response if extended,” he adds. 



Officials ignoring bylaw violations
Tribune News Service

PANCHKULA, Dec 19 — In violation of the bylaws of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), business houses continue to have sales counters on the premises of industrial units here.

While the Estate Office is forever busy removing small encroachments, big fishes continue to be spared by HUDA.

Though anti-encroachment drives, few and far between, are undertaken by the department, these have failed to dampen the spirits of the owners of the retail outlets. Most of these shops are located in a particular part of Industrial Area.

The only outcome of a raid is that the rolls of cloth kept outside the premises are shifted inside to please the raiding officials. Within a week, encroachments are back in place as usual. Though HUDA officials are aware of this, they have turned a blind eye to it. “If they are serious in their work, the business houses cannot dare to violate bylaws. It shows that owners of these units enjoy the support of officials,” an employee of HUDA said.

A dhaba has also come up illegally on a private plot in the area. The Vice-President of the Panchkula Industrial Association, Mr J.P. Singh, defended the owner of the dhaba. “He is a handicapped man and has no other means of livelihood. The plot next to my shop was vacant and I saw no harm in letting him set up his dhaba there,” he said.

The Estate Officer, Mr D.P. Singh, said, “We leave the work of removing encroachments to junior officials and have no prior information of encroachments. We will look into the matter when the next anti-encroachment drive begins.”

Meanwhile, the Administrator of HUDA, Mr Shrikant Walgad, said a permanent solution to this problem was being worked out. “Since the owners of these units have failed to abide by regulations, we can issue resumption notices or take action if they are unwilling to obey the rules,” he said.


PGI amendment Bill introduced
Tribune News Service

NEW DELHI, Dec 20 — The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh (Amendment) Bill 2000 has been introduced in the Rajya Sabha.

According to the statements of objects and reasons of the Bill, the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh was established as an autonomous body under the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Act, 1966.

Section 5 of the Act governs the composition of the Institute Body of the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh.

Clause (g) of Section 5 of the Act provides for three Members of Parliament, of whom two shall be elected from among themselves by the members of the House of the People and one from among themselves by the Members of the Council of States.

Further, Sub-section (2) of Section 6 provides that the term of office of a member elected under Cause (g) of Section 5 shall come to an end as soon as he ceases to be a member of the House from which he was elected.

In the absence of a provision for the termination of membership of the Institute Body, after a Member of Parliament had become a minister, difficulty arose in operating the provisions of the existing Act as the person continued to be a member of the Institute Body.

Accordingly, the government decided that to prevent such a situation from recurring a clear provision should be made in all relevant Acts and the rules made thereunder that consequent upon an MP becoming a minister or minister of state or deputy minister or speaker, deputy speaker - Lok Sabha or Deputy Chairman -Rajya Sabha, his/ her nomination/ election on the Institute Body shall be deemed to have been terminated.


Alarming rise in liquor smuggling
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — The hard facts about cool liquor smuggling in Chandigarh will hit you like a strong drink. In the first year of the new millennium, 22,817 bottles of whisky were recovered after 528 persons were arrested under the Excise Act.

The head spinning figures spilling out of the Police Department reveal that the recovery was more than double as compared to the previous year. In 1999, 11,320 bottles were taken into possession by the police after 423 persons were apprehended.

In all 436 cases were registered under the Excise Act by the police till November 30. In 1999, the number of such cases was much less. Just 324 cases were registered, reveal sources.

Senior officers in the Police Department confirm that the figures, though startling, is an indicator of the large scale smuggling clandestinely going on in the city.

“Smugglers carrying liquor beyond the permissible limits are the only ones taken into custody,” says a senior officer on the condition of anonymity. “No action can be taken if the number of bottles in the person’s possession is less than 12”, he added.

The pilferers, the officer discloses, are active mostly in the city colonies. “A substantial number of arrests are made every year by keeping a close vigil in the colonies on the activities of smugglers belonging to certain criminal tribes”, he asserts.

The bottles are carried mostly in the hand bags slinging around the shoulders, even in the school bags. Pouches, in some cases, are also hidden in the blouses by the women, say sources.

The business is very profitable. The Superintendent of the Chandigarh police, Mr Baldev Singh, said, “After every case of whisky purchased by the smugglers, something like Rs 200 is saved. The bottles are then sold lose to the customers”.

He adds, “For the tipplers, buying liquor from the smugglers is very convenient as they get the bottles on a nominal discount, that also at their door steps.”


Water supply to be augmented
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — The water supply and sewerage disposal committee of the MC at its last meeting held today passed various items on the agenda for augmenting the water supply and for proper disposal of storm water in the city.

The chairperson of the committee, Ms Ranjana Shahi, said a sum of Rs 67.80 lakh had been passed for augmenting the pump machinery at the Sector 32 water works. This is a major work, for it affects water pressure in the entire belt from Sectors 44 to 47 and Sectors 31 and 32. However, it will be taken up in a phased manner keeping in view the finances required for the same

Besides, Rs 18 lakh had been passed for providing storm water drainage scheme in the remaining areas of Transport Area, Bapu Dham Colony, Phase-II and Sector 26. This takes care of a long-pending demand of the residents of these areas.

The members also approved Rs 1,37,400 for providing additional road gullies to dispose of rain water in the back lanes (H No: 1 to 16 and 17 to 29) in Sector 28-A. And a sum of Rs 1,39,800 has also been passed for providing additional road gullies on the V2 and V3 roads in Sectors 31 and 32 and 46-47. To increase the pressure of water in the multi-storeyed Housing Board houses in Sector 47-D, Rs 5 lakh have been approved for making the booster arrangement.

The committee also sanctioned Rs 2.16 lakh for the construction of public toilet block along with public health services and electric installations at Sector 41-D. A sum of Rs 3.70 lakh has been passed for providing storm water drainage and road gullies on the circular road in Burail.


Flat auction nets Rs 3.32 cr for CHB
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — The Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) netted over Rs 3.32 crore through the auction of 16 dwelling units in Sector 38 (West) here today.

There was an overwhelming response to the firstever auction of the residential property by the board with over 300 persons making the security deposit of Rs 50,000 for participation in the auction. All flats were sold out much above their reserve prices, according to sources. The highest price of over Rs 35 lakh was fetched by an HIG (Independent) flat covering an area of 2037 square feet. The lowest price of Rs 7.20 lakh was fetched by the lone LIG flat with an area of 557 square feet.

Among the four HIG (Upper) flats the highest price fetched was Rs 24.90 lakh. For the lone HIG (Lower) flat the highest bid received was about Rs 23 lakh.

Sources said all seven MIG flats were also auctioned with the highest price netted by a flat being above Rs 17 lakh. This category of flat has an area of 1062 square feet.

The unallotted residential property on account of cancellation and surrender has been auctioned for a period of 99 years on leasehold basis on the ''as is where is'' basis, the sources added.


Resentment in Jain group
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — Despite tall claims made by the in charge of the BJP units of Haryana and Chandigarh, Mr Ram Dass Aggarwal that he has been able to unite two factions of the local unit by fielding a unanimous candidate for the post of Mayor, eight councillors owing allegiance to former MP Satya Pal Jain did not attend the meeting called by the party President, Mr Dharam Pal Gupta this evening.

Sources reveal that Mr Gupta had called a meeting to plan a strategy for the forthcoming Mayor’s elections but the eight councillors by not attending the same have only given an expression to the prevailing resentment within the group over Ms Ranjana Shahi’s candidature. All the five councillors of the Gupta group were present at the meeting.

Earlier, Mr Gupta and the SAD president, Mr Gurpratap Singh Riar accompanied Ms Shahi to meet a few councillors of the Jain group, Mr Prem Sagar Jain and Mr R.L Arora, but they refused to go with her to the nominated councillors for seeking support.

Once again there is unrest in the party. The dissident group had two years back also opposed the candidature of Mr Rajender Kumar by the party and had fielded Mr K.K Adiwal of their group on the post. They had been expelled from the party.

Even this time, these councillors are resentful against the party for declaring Ms Ranjana Shahi as the party candidate and ignoring the seniority of Mr Prem Sagar Jain and Mr R.L Arora.

Mr Gupta, when contacted said that he had gone with the party candidate to the nominated councillors to seek support. On the issue of differences with the Jain group, he said that he was hopeful that he would be able to resolve the same by way of amicable talks, till the day of the elections.


Estate Office decision irks lawyers
Allotment of chambers in District Courts Complex
By Kiran Deep

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20—The Estate Office decision regarding the draw of lots for the allotment of four chambers has caused a great deal of resentment among the District Courts lawyers.

Lawyers complain that there is no logic behind allotting four chambers out of 186 in the court premises. The lawyers allege that the Estate Office had issued the notice only to save themselves from the High Court direction and the decision was taken just to create differences among lawyers. They also complain that the Estate Office has not given details of the chambers which were to be allotted.

The Estate Office had issued a notice on December 18 for the draw of 12 slots in four chambers in the District Courts. It was stated in the notice that draw for allotment will held on December 22 at 3.30 p.m. at the back side of the Estate Office building. The copy of the notice was forwarded to the District and Session Judge, Additional Session Judge I, President and General Secretary of the District Bar Association,Tehsildar, Chandigarh.

The president of the District Bar Association, Mr N. K. Nanda, when contacted says that the Estate Office had not taken District Bar Association into the confidence and not informed us regarding their decision of allotment and lawyers came to know about the Estate Office decision only when a notice was displayed on the boards. Mr Nanda further added that the Bar had decided to remain on strike till December 22 against the decision of the Estate Office. The lawyers have decided to remain on strike against the decision of the Estate Office for draw of chambers.

The general secretary, Mr Beni Parshad, says that members of the Bar had tried to contact but none of the officers of the Estate office is willing to talk with us. Therefore, lawyers had decided to abstain from work. He further added that the Estate Office decision was to divide and rule lawyers.

The UT Sub Divisional Magistrate, Mr Prithi Chand, while talking to Chandigarh Tribune, said that the “Estate Office has to obey the direction of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and had given enough time to the Bar Council to take unanimous decision regarding the allotment of the chambers”.

Mr Prithi Chand informed that this is first phase of the allotment, we are allotting only those chambers, which were empty due to (1) death of the allottee and (2) in those cases where the chambers were vacant as neither the allottees nor the two co-allottees were there. Mr Prithi Chand also informed that soon they are going for the second phase allotment, where the chambers are vacant due to they missing of the either allottee or co-allottee.

As per the original conditions of allotment of 108 chambers which took place in 1986, there had to be one allottee and two co-allottees which were to be decided upon in consultation with the Administration. It may recalled that about 300 lawyers had filled application invited by the Estate Office for reallotment of chambers in 1998 and each had submitted Rs 1000, along with the application.

It may be recalled that in an affidavit before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the Deputy Commissioner suggested that the draw of lots should be held for allotting the chambers to “eligible candidates who had applied for allotment”. He added that the chambers, after the draw of lots, should be “filled by taking the consent of the principal or the co-allottee”. This, he claimed, would help in avoiding friction, as otherwise the chamber might be allotted to advocates not getting along very well. He also stated that “principal allottee or co-allottee had no right to assign his slot or any vacant slot in the chamber to anybody including his children at his own level as per the terms of allotment”. Going into the background of the problem, he stated that several chambers had been occupied by advocates without authorisation, “perhaps with the active connivance of the original allottee”.

He added that 108 chambers were allotted in 1986 “but with the passage of time the number of legal practitioners enrolled with the District Bar Association had increased manifold while several original allottees left the practice or passed away”. Expansion of the lawyers complex to solve the problem of accommodation, he added, was not possible “as the foundation of the building could not take any further load”.

Regarding the encroachment of the passageway, he elaborated that “several lawyers were squatting in the corridors in the District Courts building, obstructing the movement of people, causing annoyance as well as hazard from the safety point of view”. 


PSEB ‘harassing’ consumers
From Our Correspondent

SAS NAGAR, Dec 20 — Mrs Daljit Kaur, Municipal Councillor from ward number one, today accused the Punjab State Electricity Board of harassing consumers in Mohali and Shahi Majra villages in the matter of releasing domestic power connections.

She said that connections were not being released despite the consumers presenting affidavits and other relevant documents to prove that their houses were located within the village “lal dora”. She alleged that the PSEB was also harassing consumers who had got power meters on their premises for over 20 years and now wanted to increase or decrease their load. The board was asking them to secure no-objection certificates from the authorities concerned.

She claimed that power connections were easily given to persons who had “links” with PSEB officials even without fulfilling various conditions laid down by the board.

Mrs Daljit Kaur demanded a probe by a senior official into the release of connections in violation of the rules. 


ESPL employees seek CM’s intervention
From Our Correspondent

SAS NAGAR, Dec 20 — The ESPL Employees Union and the ESPL Technocrats Association has appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister to personally intervene and prevent the likely closure of the company to save the jobs of 300 employees.

The president of the employees’ union, Mr Harbans Lal Sharma, and president of the technocrats association, Mr Mohinder Pal, demanded that if the government was unable to prevent closure of the unit, the affected employees should be adjusted in other government departments or given adequate compensation for losing their jobs.

The leaders claimed that ESPL, which is engaged in the field of information technology, was on the verge of closure due to mismanagement and neglect by the Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation (PSIDC).

Instead of taking action against officials responsible for losses the authorities had put the livelihood of employees in danger for no fault of theirs.

They claimed that ESPL had been among the top five companies in the country engaged in the field of information technology. It had also been engaged in the production of capacitors, which were in great demand in the IT industry.

The capacitors’ plant of the ESPL had been approved by DoT and C-DoT and there had been a large number of orders in hand from units like BHEL, BEL, GNFC and HTL.

They alleged that the production of capacitors was stopped in 1998 in order to help a private company succeed which produced same type of capacitors. The new company, they further alleged, was owned by two former employees of the ESPL.

The union leaders said that they had been getting regular salaries and other benefits since the inception of the company and for 15 years up to 1997 balance sheets of the company showed profits. They alleged that it was shocking to know that how a company after recording a total turnover of more than 75 crores in three years(1994-1997) could show losses to the tune of Rs 20 crore without showing any extra financial burden.

They claimed that even though the company had been neglected by the PSIDC and without any kind of financial support since 1997, ESPL had been earning regular profits, and till date employees were getting their salaries on time. They alleged that losses had accumulated over the past years because of financial irregularities committed by the management. They demanded a thorough probe into the misappropriation of funds.


Woollens given to colony residents
From Our Correspondent

PANCHKULA, Dec 20 — The State Bank of Patiala (Haryana Zone) distributed woollens to residents to Rajiv Colony at a function organised at Sheran Wali Mandir, Rajiv Colony, here today.

Ms Veena Batra, wife of the Managing Director of the bank, distributed 410 woolens, including pullovers and shawls, to the residents of the colony. The garments were collected by the staff members of the Haryana Zone of the bank and local branches.

Earlier, the bank in collaboration with the Piya Sharma Charitable Trust, Panchkula, had organised a free medical health check-up camp on December 15 here. The bank has also planned such more socio-economic activities for the residents of the colony. Ms Pooja Passi, project director of the charitable rust, and Mr JR Devgun, Deputy General Manager, Haryana Zone, of the bank, supervised the function.


Probe not easy in sabotage charges
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — Even though the Chandigarh police has registered another case regarding the disruption of power supply due to sabotage during the recent strike, officials admit that the investigations into the allegations are not going to be easy.

The police will first have to identify the culprits as all the six cases have been registered against "unknown officials" of the UT Electricity Department. A senior police officer admits that the process of identification will be difficult as the employees' union might pose a problem.

The officer adds that the absence of eye-witnesses willing to depose against fellow officials will make their task more complicated. He said, "The police is solely depending upon the evidence gathered by them from the scene of offence."

The Superintendent of Chandigarh police, Mr Baldev Singh, said,"The police is looking into the matter and will proceed against the culprits in accordance with the law after recording the statement of the witnesses."

The police has, till date, registered six cases against yet "unknown employees" under Section 3 of the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act. The FIRs have been registered on the directions of SP Baldev Singh.

It may be recalled that 40 per cent of the city had plunged into darkness on December 12 after public property was allegedly damaged by certain employees of the UT Electricity Department on strike as a part of the nation-wide protest by the power employees against privatisation.


Provost unit celebrates raising day
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — The Western Command Provost unit celebrated its 39th raising day in Chandi Mandir cantonment, near here today.

Raised on this day in 1962 at Ambala, the unit moved to its present location in April, 1984.

During the last three decades the unit has taken part in various operations and carried out various provost tasks.

Addressing a special sainik sammelan on the occasion, the officiating Commanding Officer of the unit, Lieut Col A.K. Gulati, greeted all ranks, civilians and their families, and exhorted them to strive for excellence.

A barakhana was also organised for all ranks and their families, retired officers and JCOs who had served in the unit.

Meanwhile, the Army Commander, Western Command, Lieut-Gen Surjit Singh, and the Deputy Provost Marshal, Col H.S. Chahal, in their messages greeted unit personnel on the occasion.


City cop third in essay contest
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — A city cop has won the third prize in the Prime Minister Silver Cup Essay Competition - 2000. The competition was open to all police personnel of all ranks and para-military forces.

Mr Hargobinder Singh Dhaliwal, IPS, Assistant Superintendent of Police (central), won the third prize in the competition and was awarded ‘certificate of distinction’. His topic was ‘Training and development of subordinates — a challenge before police leadership’.

Mr Dhaliwal, who joined the Chandigarh police in October 2000, said, ‘‘I did my MBA in HRD from Panjab University and thus the topic was of my interest’’. Mr Dhaliwal had also won the Vice-President of India Trophy for Highest Marks during the ‘golden jubilee’ batch of the Indian Police Services.

The Prime Minister Silver Cup is organised by the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad, every year. The panel of judges included the director of the Prime Minister Office and retired judge of Andhra Pradesh High Court. This year the first and second prizes also went to IPS officers.


IT towers project: searching for site
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — High cost of land and rejection of the proposed Sector 47 site of IT towers by the Singapore-based Jurong Trading Corporation (JTC) has forced the Chandigarh Administration to move the project to a new location on the periphery of the city.

The new site will be near Sarangpur village west of Sector 25. Besides the IT towers, private education institutes and healthcare facilities will also come up on these 100 acres. The rejected site was of nine acres and the JTC found it to be too small.

The IT parks need a lot of green areas around the buildings. The best companies always want their private space within the complex. The JTC has built IT parks in many places like Bangalore, Singapore, Beijing and Malaysia. A top official says that the JTC’s views are respected because the Chandigarh Administration does not have the required technology for building the IT towers. The cost of the project will be too enormous for the Administration to bear. Even if the towers are built on the Sector 47 site, the IT companies may not like the site.

The Sector 47 land, at Rs 12 crore per acre, would cost more than Rs 100 crore for 9 acres. On the UT periphery, the land would not cost more than Rs 20 lakh per acre, though the time taken in land acquisition might delay the project.

On the other hand, any attempt to reduce the cost of land in Chandigarh will open a pandora’s box.


Bank union not to join strike
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — The affiliates of the Indian National Bank Employees Federation (INBEF) in all nationalised banks have decided not to participate in the proposed strike, the call for which has been given by the United Forum of Bank Unions tomorrow.

According to a press release issued by the Central Bank of India Employees Union Haryana, the members belonging to the Central Bank of India Employees Union, having membership in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, J&K and Chandigarh shall not participate in the strike tomorrow.


Housewife dies in sleep
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — The police is looking into the death of a 20-year-old housewife who went off to sleep on Tuesday night but never woke up.

According to sources in the Police Department, Gainda Devi of Sector 32 had complained of headache to her mother-in-law Parvati Devi before going to sleep.

Sources added that her relatives had been informed about the death and probe into the matter was on. Her husband, they said, was a daily-wager hailing from Uttar Pradesh.


Punwire AGM arrested for forgery, cheating
From Our Correspondent

SAS NAGAR, Dec 20 — The local police has arrested an Assistant General Manager of Punwire on charges of criminal breach of trust, forgery, criminal conspiracy and cheating.

Mr Ashok Jerath was arrested from Chandigarh today.

Mr Gurmeet Singh Chauhan, SP, said that out of the 17 cases registered against 14 Punwire officials, Mr Jerath’s name figured in seven cases. He would be produced in the court at Kharar tomorrow.

A case under sections 406, 408, 409, 466, 467, 468, 471, 120-B and 420 of the IPC has been registered against Mr Jerath.

Mr Jerath was the ninth Punwire official arrested by the police so far.

Certain senior officials of Punwire had allegedly indulged in financial irregularities running into crores of rupees which had led to the closure of the company.

The SP said that the major problem that the police faced in connection with the Punwire case was the non-availability of records. The police had made a request on August 9 to officials concerned that the relevant record be handed over but no action had been taken so far.

Mr Chauhan said the record was lying with the official liquidator who had to take permission from the High Court for handing over the documents.

The SP said that he along with other police officials had met Secretary, Industries, and MD, PSIDC, yesterday and told them that the record was not being made available to the police. Police officials had even met the official liquidator who had assured them that the relevant record would be given to them in 10 to 15 days time.

Mr Chauhan said the police had started extradition proceedings against Mr Gurpal Singh, MD, Punwire, who had been declared a proclaimed offender by the court. The formalities were being finalised and in about a week’s time the department would be sending the case to the External Affairs Ministry.

The SP said that Mr Ved Prakash, Executive Director of Punwire, had jumped bail and now the court would be requested to declare him a proclaimed offender.


House burgled in Sector 43
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — Thieves decamped with a gold chain, earrings and some other ornaments after entering the residence of Mr Manoj Kumar in Sector 43 here.

According to the police, the thieves entered the house after breaking the locks, while Mr Kumar was out of station between December 15 and 19.

Car stolen:
In a complaint before the police, Sector 40 resident Kapil Dev alleged that his Maruti car had been stolen from the Sector 17 Bank Square. Taking up his complaint, the police has registered a case of theft under Section 379 of the Indian Penal Code.

Scooter stolen:
The theft of a scooter was reported to the police by Sector 45 resident Manoj Kumar. In his complaint, Mr Kumar alleged that the vehicle was stolen while it was parked in Sector 15. According to sources, a case of theft under Section 379 of the IPC has been registered.

Whisky seized:
The police reportedly seized 46 pouches of whisky, along with 52 quarters of whisky, after arresting Manohar Singh and Chander Ram from different parts of the city. The two have been booked under the Excise Act.


Booked for duping
From Our Correspondent

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — A resident of Panchkula was allegedly duped by a resident of Malyoa village in purchase of a house, here. The accused allegedly tried to sell a house which never belonged to him.

In a complaint to the police, Mr Sudhir Kumar alleged that Des Raj duped him of Rs 60,000 which he had paid him as the ‘consideration money’ for purchasing his house. Mr Kumar in his complaint said that Des Raj was an acquaintance of his for a long time. According to the sources in the Police Department, the accused wanted to sell a house in Malyoa village which he claimed to own.

The police sources point that Mr Kumar wanted to buy a house and thus he readily agreed to purchase the house. A deal was finalised for Rs 1,80,000 on March 17, 1999 and Mr Kumar paid the consideration money. The accused also showed him the photo copy of the papers of house. Sources said that Mr Kumar was also issued a receipt of the payment by the accused.

On October 15, 1999, the day Mr Kumar had to made the final payment and take the papers of the house, the accused postponed the deal on a pretext. In his complaint Mr Kumar said that he kept asking for the deal to be finalised or his money returned but the accused never paid heed to any of his requests. Instead the accused allegedly threatened Mr Kumar with dire consequences.

Sources said that then the complainant made some inquiries and came to know that his acquaintance had cheated him. In his complaint he said that he came to know that the house, which the accused was trying to sell, never belonged to him.

A case under the Sections 420, 467, 478 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered.Back


2 injured in road mishaps
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Dec 20 — In separate road accidents, two scooterists were admitted to the Sector 32 Government Medical College and Hospital with injuries.

According to sources in the Police Department, Sandeep of Sector 47 was injured after the scooter he was riding was hit by a truck near a wine shop in Sector 49. The driver, said sources, fled, leaving behind the truck.

In the other case, Krishan Dev of Sector 43 sustained injuries after being hit by a Maruti car near Halo Majra. The car driver, said sources, sped away.

A senior police official, when contacted, said cases of rash and negligent driving had been registered under Sections 279 and 337 of the Indian Penal Code.

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