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Sunday, February 11, 2001
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Karisma conquers again!
By Madhur Mittal

OKAY, guys, the verdict is virtually unanimous: Karisma Kapoor is the chosen one to steal all the lightning ‘n’ thunder with her starrers in the first few months of 2001. After her absolutely marvellous performances in Dulhan Hum Le Jaayenge and Fiza late last year, Lolo is all set to do a ditto with Zubeidaa and Aashiq!

The songs and promos have already been splashed across TV channels. And the most significant thing I just can’t stop noticing (and admiring) is how wonderfully Karisma has lent herself to these two, wholly and dramatically different movies and different roles. Both films have been released to a terrific, initial draw... and the next few weeks will show up their box office potency and staying power....

Which one will be the eventual winner? Frankly, I can’t make my mind up. While Zubeidaa scripted by Khalid Mohammed and directed by Shyam Benegal, takes you into the world of sensitive, lyrical love storms inspired by a true story of the royal families of Jodhpur, Aashiq directed by Indra Kumar for producer Anil Sharma — is also about love, is also touching... 100 per cent entertainment with a fine music score by Sanjeev-Darshan captured by TIPS.

But, like I said, the celluloid clout is all Karisma’s. Either way....

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Break for Bobby

Incidentally, here’s a (prime) chance for Bobby Deol to get what he’s been desperately looking for of late — a solo hit. Because Aashiq has all the tinsel trappings of appealing to the masses with its undisguised glamour as well as romance ‘n’ action.

Karisma and Bobby Deol in AashiqSharing the marquee for just the second time with Karisma Kapoor, Bobby is in his typical, true element as the rebel lover — a role that always suits him to a ‘T’ somehow! So, this could turn out to be his big break to bring him back in the jockey’s saddle. And the race for super stardom. On the other hand, I honestly wonder how many viewers could digest Manoj Bajpai as "Maharaja Vijendera Singh"? For one, not me — I was too mesmerised watching Lolo as Zubeidaa!

Lean macho man!

Say, have you noticed honcho Sanjay Dutt looking increasingly slim as one new starrer of his follows another, huh? Either he’s working too hard... or not eating enough. The fact that he’s tapering off his booze intake could also be a (telling) reason for his currently gaunt looks, plus inadequate workouts at the gym.

Come on Sanjay, you know you can do better. Get back to pumping iron and let those awesome biceps ‘n’ triceps ripple all over the silver screen again. After all, you simply can’t your chela — Bhai Salman Khan — score over you, hey? Besides, your (body) fans and admirers will never whistle over a lean macho man!

Kuchh Khatti...

Film-maker Rahul Rawail had chosen not to replicate the pattern of his father, H.S. Rawail’s trend-setting movies with a Muslim backdrop a long, long time ago. He was keen to experiment, to explore all sorts of facets of Hindi motion pictures. And his latest offering —Kuchh Khatti Kuchh Meethi — is an eminent example.

Moreover, the man minces no words when he talks about his movies. The fact that KKKK has been compared to The Parent Trap (or the Neetu Singh starrer Do Kaliyaan) in almost all reviews, has left a bitter taste in RR’s mouth. "I’m considered too autocratic by people. So, I’ve stopped giving opinions on my films. What’s the point? Besides, making films starts out as a passion, then it turns into a business... and finally becomes a gamble! So, I’ve decided to make a horrifying, haunting horror film next. What the hell? I got nothing to lose!

Rumour has it...

... that Vinod Khanna and Dimple are signed for a Hollywood film, titled Leela!

... that Suresh Oberoi is turning writer-producer-director and editor!