Saturday, August 25, 2001  

Ruskin Bond
E had moved again. My stepfather was supporting my mother once more, so she had given up the managerial job at the small hotel which was about to close down anyway. They had rented a small, rather damp bungalow on Dehra’s Canal Road, and I had a dark little room which leaked at several places when it rained. "Lonely!" exclaimed Thoreau. "Why should I feel lonely? Is not on our planet on the Milky Way?"
An Enduring Bond ---- Illustration by Kuldip Dhiman
  Spilling the beans on coffee
by Mohinder Singh
N 1984 an American plastic salesman named Howard Schultz visited Italy, and was impressed by the coffee culture there; 1500 espresso bars in Milan alone. But what especially fascinated and impressed Schultz was the deft manner in which the bartenders (barista) created a drink.

Towards a greener tomorrow
by R.N. Malik
& Anoop Kumar
REENERY forms an indispensable part of a city’s existence. It is manifested in six forms i.e. trees, herbs, creepers, shrubs, flower plants and grasses. Trees and shrubs are generally planted along the roads (arboriculture) and in green belts, while herbs, creepers, flower plants and grass are grown in gardens to enhance the landscape of a township.

Tiny ‘terrorists’ on the roads
by Rajdeep Bains
’M teaching my 12-year-old to drive," a father visibly puffed up with pride tells a gathering. He is greeted not, as you would expect, with disapproval, but with a mixture of congratulations, envy and even regret on part of the listeners that the they themselves had not done this before he did.