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Monday, August
27, 2001
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Know all about the country you like

THERE are a lot of sites that provide detailed information on various countries. They can be of particular relevance to those who want to enhance their general knowledge or wish to know more about the land they choose to immigrate to. Here are a few sites that may tell us about the limitations of various countries — boundary wise that is.


The site provides various interactive maps of India — road network, rail network, tourism map and dynamic map of India. The general information section provides detailed information about geological map, mineral map, universities and transport networks like air, road and rail. There are various sections in the site like India — states, union territories and cities, which provides the information and maps of all these. The utilities section provides information about air schedule, rail schedule, state profile, latitude and longitude. Other options available gives information about stock exchanges, hotels, rivers etc. The search section helps in searching distance between cities, pin code, STD code etc. The new section provides information about various industries, non-conventional energy sources, canals, wildlife maps of India etc. The top 10 section provides links to click able map of India and other maps. The links to Indian fairs and festivals, interactive description of India and the state of Indian economy are also available. Other attractions section provides greeting card, wallpapers and screensavers. The bulletin board option help users to post their queries and suggestions. The membership option is also available.


This site contains small .gif maps of the countries of the world. The quick maps option shows the country map. The name of the country can be selected by clicking on the country name by clicking on the first alphabet of the country. There are various options available like map index, geographic.org, search, geography, climate, countries and population. The world fact book option provides profile of the country selected. The flags of all countries option show the flags of various countries. Besides this, it has options like map, geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications and defence that gives the information about these areas of country selected. The feedback option is also available that helps in getting users views and suggestions. The ‘diagraphs’ Internet code options shows the codes of all countries. The flag identifier option helps in identifying flags of countries. The immigration superhighway option shows the details about the topics related to immigration.


This site contains online world atlas including maps and geographical information of the countries and continents listed alphabetically. Blank/Outline maps option provides blank and outline maps to print out or for personal or educational use. The options geography, cartography provides detailed information about these topics. Information about cultural and physical geography, cities and transport, climate and weather, country facts, rivers and streams, time and time zones and various other topics is available. Photos option provides you the satellite and aerial photos and images of earth. Fun, games and humour option provides variety of jokes, online games, online quizzes related to geography. The forum option helps you to ask questions, communicate and share everything about geography. Articles on various topics are also available. You can chat and also subscribe to the newsletter for keeping you up-to-date on these topics.