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Monday, August 27, 2001
Downloads of the week


This download is for all aspiring and also accomplished Web developers as it features loads of Java scripts and graphics that can be added to a Web site. This is an excellent program for all those who take interest in the Web development and even a novice can also use this software for making his or her own site as this software is well-organised and neatly categorised into various categories. You can use the drop-down menu to browse through status bar, text, image, sound and link effects. The Java scripts offered in this program are very comprehensive and covers all major areas of Web development like search engine capability, redirect and time function, security and tons of other material that a Web developer can well appreciate. These scrips are quite user friendly as you can test them in your Web browser before actually using them on your site. Thus based on this practical test you can see what suits your interest and also the design of your Web site. However, the best part of this program is that it does not require the user to posses any kind of formal knowledge of Java and other Web languages to use this program, as the user is not required to write any code. All you have to do to use this program is to simply cut and paste the pre-written script into your Web editor. Not just that this program will also tell you what is to be inserted between your tags. This tool for the Web developer includes a separate category called Web elements, which offers good graphics. You can browse these libraries and use the file you want in your web site. Above all this program is free and can be downloaded from www.cyberiapc.com


It's Time

Time is the biggest treasure in the world. Those who can manage their time well can achieve dizzy heights in their life. This fact is reflected in the life histories of many great persons. So, if we say that the software "Itís time" can help you make most of your time and life would not be wrong. This software is basically a kind of PIM or the personal information manager and features a full-featured alarm and reminder system for Windows. Using this software you can set alarms for the future events, schedules, meetings, occasions and get informed by your computer about the occurring of the same. You can set an unlimited number of events and can be rest assured of timely alert for the same. The best feature of this software is its ease of use and also its user-friendly interface that makes it best suited for any kind of user and also any kind of occasions, which may include birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, errands, computer tasks, meetings and schedules. You can set the events on a one-time or recurring basis; both categories are managed from separate tabs on the interface. This program is flexible and its various options would depend on the type of reminder you set. The simplest reminders could be just setting a particular date and time from the multi-year calendar Whereas you may also schedule reminders to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. This program is flexible and can be adjusted as per userís need that may also include repeating the alarms at the time intervals specified by users. The alarms can also be set to repeat unless the users responds thus it also makes sure that the event has been noticed by the user. Moreover the program also displays a snooze buttons, which will remind you again after a specified period of time. Well! Besides all this, this program is also a wonderful and multifunctional clock. This software can be downloaded from www.rkssoftware.com


If you have a small or big office and you also use computers, then this is a great software for you. This software is an easy-to-use, multi-functional mail server that enables to send and receive e-mails not only across the Internet but also over LAN. This means that you will also be able to use e-mail for your interoffice communication rather than the age-old system of sending memos on paper. In the long term, this practice of sending and receiving inter office mails will not only save manpower and time but also a lot of cost that is simply wasted in paper, printing and communication. Besides being an excellent e-mail tool, it also protects from e-mail viruses as it provides centralised, generic protection against all e-mail viruses. Some other features of this program are scheduled mail sending and receiving, autodial and disconnection, support for multiple domains and unlimited pop3 accounts, e-mail archiving, monitoring, filtering etc. Moreover this program is user-friendly and also the smallest mail server consuming just 230 KB and is also super-fast SMTP/POP3 mailserver with auto-dialer/scheduler, autoresponder, mail forwarding, content scanning engine for e-mail virus blocking. It provides a cost e-mail solution for small home/office or an SOHO kind of environment with single Internet connection. Since it can handle unlimited pop 3 accounts, so it can also suit the needs of the big organizations also. It also has other features, which caters to the need of large organisations. For example, it has a powerful content scanning engine to check incoming e-mails for spam, viruses and offensive or confidential content. This software can be downloaded from www.pppinfotech.com

ó Raman Mohan