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Sunday, September 30, 2001

The mysteries of birth and rebirth
D.C. Sharma

THE reincarnation of the Dalai Lama has proved a puzzle for modern scientists. A unique tradition indicates how Tibetansí spiritual Guru reveals, through the contents of a sealed letter, in advance how and where he would be reborn in order to help, guide and emancipate his pupils. Dalai Lama, meaning ocean of wisdom, is not a name but a tradition. When one Dalai Lama expires, a search for his next birth immediately begins, as per directions given in the sealed envelope.

The Tibetan temple at McLeodganj (Upper Dharamsala) where monks meditate, often realising their past and future lives under the spiritual guidance of the Dalai Lama
The Tibetan temple at McLeodganj (Upper Dharamsala) where monks meditate, often realising their past and future lives under the spiritual guidance of the Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai Lama, whose real name is Bestanijin Ragya-Matyatho, had taken political asylum at McLeod Ganj (Upper Dharamsala) in India in 1959. He was born in 1935. The 13th Dalai Lama had expired in1933 but had left no direct indication as to where and how he would take his next birth. The Tibetan scholars went to the sacred pool, Lahao-Lahatse, in Tibet, which is famous for revealing its future events. There, they read the three letters in its crystal clear waters sounding as "a", "k" and "m".

The first letter sounding as "a" revealed the researchers should reach ĎAamdo Provinceí. The second "k" revealed the ĎKumbak Bodh Matthí in that province. The third "m" meant a "monk" who would give them further clues. The said monk at the appointed place directed the scholars to reach a particular green-blue bungalow where a black and white dog was seen tethered at its gate.


Surprisingly, the scholars there found a child of about two years playing with a colourful ball. The child curiously asked one of those scholars how the latter was wearing the mala the former used to wear in his previous birth. Hence it was confirmed how the 14th Dalai Lama was actually the 13th Dalai Lama reincarnate.

Hindus and Christians also believe in the theory of rebirth. Ravana is considered to be Hirayankshipu reincarnate. Lord Krishna is considered to be Lord Rama reincarnate.

In Punjab, near Kotkapura, there is a tiny village named Gurusar because Guru Gobind Singh had once stayed here for a night. Some years ago a girl child was born here. When she was three, she would tell her naive mother: "You are not my mother...My mother lives at village Buraj!..." Again and again, she would repeat the same. Fed up with the childís behaviour, one day, her parents asked: "Suppose we take you to Buraj, will you locate your house in that village?" "Whynít" came the instant reply.

Covering 20 km, her parents dropped the little girl (Meeko) in the heart of Buraj. The little girl passed through various curved lanes, and finally reached a big pucca house. There, Meeko addressed the 37-year-old: "Ma, Iím your Gindo.... I had died lying on that cot in the compound then Dr Brij Kishore couldnít save me..."

The landlady was simply stunned. Meeko even narrated how she had been anxious to see her ailing father. The lady revealed how the landlord had died the previous week and had even been missing his Gindo while lying on his death-bed.

In Ohio, USA, a woman had a five-year-old son, Romi. During her second pregnancy Rohit had gone to stay with his grand parents. But one day, the woman realised that the foetus was not alive. But she had a strong intuition that the tiny heart would resume beating, may be after some days.

Suddenly, she had also heard (at the same time) the cry of a child as if her Romi was praying for help. But Romi was 50 km away from her. Mysterious as it seems, while climbing the stone wall of a deep well, Romi had actually lost his balance, and had fallen into the well and died on the spot. A second or so after she had heard the cry, she felt the foetus inside her moving suddenly. The poor mother knew nothing about her sonís death, until Romiís grandparents turned up with his dead body.

The new born child was named Phillip. He was not told anything about his dead brother, Romi. But one day he told his mother: "Mom, donít call me Phillip. Call me Romi ..." "But why son?" asked the grief-stricken mother.

Phillip made a face, kissed his mother, and said: "Now donít feel sad, mom. I wonít go near that well now..."

"Which well?" asked the mother out of curiosity.

"The same well which I had fallen into...." The small child even took them to the spot where the well used to be though the grieving grandparents had already got that filled with mud in order to put the sad incident behind them.

Believe it or not, we all have lived many lives before. The experience of our previous lives sometimes proves useful even in our present life. But some agonies of the previous lives are painful even in the present life. Thatís why some fear water and others fear fire. Some even fear one or the other person for no known reasons. Actually, our soul carries the imprint of our previous live to the present one. Thatís why some children perform miracles at a tender ege!

Ian Stevenson of New York had conducted an intensive research about thousands of newborn children. He has proved how children upto the age of 3-5 when put in certain circumstances, can tell about their previous lives.

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