Saturday, January 5, 2002  

Are we teaching our children the Right Values?

Pictures by Kuldip Dhiman Pictures by Kuldip Dhiman
As consumerism in India reaches new heights, it is perhaps time to pause and think whether we are imparting moral education and a value-based upbringing to our children or not. The parents’ task becomes more difficult because children in India today have almost as many entertainment options as their counterparts in developed countries. Parents do not have the time to spend with the kids if it means taking them to the beach or the lakeside. They'd rather spend on the video game that would keep the child busy and out of their hair, says Aruna Rathod.

Holidays are holding economy to ransom
K.R.N. Swamy
HE News Year is here and it is important to note what excessive holidays are doing to our national economy. A few years ago an efficiency expert checking on holidays found that, for that year, virtually every third day was a public holiday for the offices of a state government.