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, January 13, 2002

"I am a spontaneous actress"

Esha Deol: Befitting heiress?

Esha Deol is ready to take on Bollywood. Her debut venture Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche has been delayed and will be released this year. Earlier the movie was supposed to be released last year. The postponement means that she would have to wait a little more to figure in the popular awards events.

But Esha doesnít mind. With a handful of films opposite the best in Bollywood, Esha is ready to take off. The young daughter of Dharmendra and Hema Malini is considered to be a hot proposition in Bollywood now. But then all expectations will have to wait and even she has her fingers crossed along with all of us. Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Anusha Samir Gill

What is the role that you will be portraying in Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche?

In KMDSP, I am playing the role of a girl who is not very outgoing and is very emotional due to certain dreadful experiences that have happened in the past.

What made you to opt for playing such a character in your debut film?

It was my mom who selected this role for me. She felt this kind of a character would be ideal for me to step into the illusory world of films.


How do you see KMDSP as a film?

There are a certain twist and turns in the film, but there is nothing in the movie that can prevent it from being called a typical Hindi film.

How did you feel while doing the film?

I took it as a challenge that I had to accept. Even though my mom had chosen the film, still I was perfectly at ease while working in the film.

Which are the other films in which every one can see Esha Deol on the marquee?

I have three forthcoming films out of which Na Tum Jano Na Hum is a romantic tale, while Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa is about a guy who has the American values of a free bird and the last of the lot is Kya Pyar Karoge Mujh Se, which is a thriller as well as a love story.

How do you prepare yourself before enacting a particular scene?

I donít believe in preparing myself. I feel more comfortable by delivering the shot after reading the script just before the shot. I am a spontaneous actress.

How was the experience of working with a great actress like Jaya Bachchan?

Jayaji was like a mother to me on the sets. I felt like I was at home when she was around because she treated me like her own daughter and pampered me.

How much do you owe to your mother, Hema Malini, when it comes to acting?

My mother is my dance teacher, but not my acting teacher. I act according to my instincts.

Has your relationship with Sanjay Kapoor changed after the film?

Yes, before the film he was my uncle and now he is my buddy. Previously I use to see him as the uncle of my friend but now I perceive him as a friend who plays all sort of pranks on me. It is really great working with him.

How is your relationship with Aftaab?

Aftab is just a very good friend and thatís all.

But we have heard a lot more about you and Aftaab. To what extent is it true?

I can say just one thing and that all the talk is based merely on rumours. This was but to be expected and I was quite prepared for such a thing when I entered this industry.

How was it working with Vinay Shukla, the man behind God Mother ?

I never felt that I was working with a director who worked only in art films. He did complete justice not only to my role but also to the script that he had penned.

What was your reaction when you saw yourself for the first time on the screen?

Just great. I will cherish the moment throughout my life.

Can you take us back to your first day of shoot?

More than me, my sister and mom were nervous and were feeling as if it was going to be them facing the camera for the first time, not me. In the end everything went off well and I got an applause from everyone. This was the best part.

What was your momís reaction when she saw the rushes of the film?

That was the best day of my life, because on that day I got the best compliment of my life when my mother said: "My daughter can act".

In what type of roles will the audience be seeing you in future?

Can be anything. But one thing is certain, I will be seen in only those roles in which I am comfortable and happy.

What is the thing that has helped you the most in your acting career?

Classical dance that I have learnt from my mom has helped me the most. Not only does dancing keep me fit but it helps me in my career as well. Once you are an exponent of any classical dance, you can do any kind of dance which is very helpful.

How do you manage to take out time for dancing with three films and tight schedules?

The whole credit goes to my mom, who makes sure that I practice for at least two hours every day after my shoots and even when I am on holidaying. I give at least two performances every month. I donít think I will ever be able to live without classical dancing.

How did you manage to convince your father to allow you to act in films?

I always wanted to be a actress since my childhood and the moment my father knew that I just want to express my creativity in films and nothing else, he broke the shackles of an over-protective Punjabi father. My father has never denied us anything. I can say one thing in the end that if I feel that there is no fun and enjoyment in the profession, I will leave.

I am not here for money.

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