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Monday, January 28, 2002

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From hot investments to burnt fingers by Peeyush Agnihotri
STENSIBLY, the dot.com-VC (venture capitalist) honeymoon is over and so is the cocktail party that followed it. Some portals are in high spirits, others have sobered down and quite a few are under the table. However, it is the VCs, who now suffer from a hangover that might make them not come to India. The lesson they seemingly have learnt is - fund any venture, with IT or without, but be wary of Indian dot.coms. In India, the cumulative disbursements by VCs were not more than $ 950 million till the third quarter of 2000 and 52 per cent of this was devoted to IT-related ventures.

MagNETic addiction
by Rishi Jain
ANY a times you might have come across a drug addict or an alcoholic but have you ever encountered an Internet addict. Yes, a Net addict! They are the by-products of our very own Net revolution.

Print later with virtual printer
by Vipul Verma
HE printer is the most ignored yet one of the most important peripheral of the computer system. It is an important output device and to a large extent helps in operational efficiency as far as the output of the computer is concerned. Despite its many uses, it does not get the same attention like other hardware and peripherals.

BlueLight.com hogs limelight as Kmart closes
by Andrea Orr
S Kmart Corp filed Chapter 11 for bankruptcy, 40 persons who work at the company's Internet division, BlueLight.com, were contemplating to move to a cheaper office building and hoping the lights would stay on.

'WANderful' workers who link up offices
by Sumesh Raizada
HE recent developments in the field of Information Technology has provided firms with the new techniques of improving upon their operations of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, finance and retailing. The advanced computing devices coupled with telecommunication infrastructure have assisted in reorganising their business procedures.

Recruiting PC users to combat anthrax
group of scientists and major technology corporations asked people around the world to use their personal computers to help develop a treatment for anthrax. Members of the Anthrax Research Project, including chip maker Intel Corp., software giant Microsoft Corp., computing services provider United Devices Inc., the National Foundation for Cancer Research and Oxford University, announced the effort in a press release.

The pleasure of reading books offline
by Mesha Singh Minhas
OOKS have existed from the early years of human history and have survived the onslaught of time. Are you a book freak or even an interested reader? If not then you don't know what you are missing out on.

Quark launches new version in USA
OLLOWING a widespread public test phase with more than 3,70,000 users, Quark Inc. has announced the US release of QuarkXPress 5.0, the highly anticipated upgrade to the page layout software tool.


Get ready for optical computer
by S.S. Verma
ITH the rapid growth of computers in various applications of daily life, efforts are on to make them deliver at high speed and make them smaller in size. For example, the rapid growth of the Internet, expanding at almost 15 per cent per month, demands faster speeds and larger bandwidths.

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