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Professional courses to cost more at PU
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20
Panjab University is all set to hike the existing fee in all professional courses by two and a half times from the forthcoming academic session (2002-2003).

The hike will apply to the tuition fee as well as laboratory charges paid by students joining in the first year in all professional courses, except the MBA (Evening). The university seems to be left with no alternative except fee hike to meet up the budget deficit in wake of the dwindling grants by the supporting governments, particularly Punjab.

However, a sizeable number of the Senate members feel that students should not be made to pay extra because of the lesser government support.

The professional courses on the list of PU include Bachelor of Library and Information Science, LLB, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Science, Master of Technology, Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering, Master of Computer Applications, LLM and Master of Mass Communication, besides others.

The recommendation for a fee hike for the professional courses has been made by a committee comprising Prof K.N.Pathak, Vice-Chancellor, Prof R.J.Hans Gill, Dean, University Instructions, Prof Nirmal Singh, Prof S.C.Jain, Prof K.K.Mangla, Prof Sanjay Wadwalkar, Prof D.P.Jindal and Dr R.K.Singla.

The committee, while proposing the fee hike for the professional courses, has resolved that ‘ in respect of tuition fee and laboratory charges and all other charges (examination fee, fees for certificates, re-evaluation) an increase of 10 per cent be made from the academic session 2002-2003 for all other courses.

The university desires that ‘ a development fund be paid by every student of the university teaching departments and regional centers from the forthcoming session.

Students studying for professional courses should pay Rs 1000 annually; students studying science should pay Rs 500; and students studying other courses should pay Rs 250 annually.

In another intended move the university says ‘‘an amount equal to 75 per cent of the laboratory charges to be paid by the students of the university teaching centres and regional centers be given to the departments for meeting the recurring expenditure for the benefit of the students from the coming session’’. The university does not plan to change the existing fee structure for the self-financing courses; foreign, NRI and NRI sponsored seats.

It was noted that ‘the total amount of fees and funds which students pay at Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjabi University and Roorkee University was four to five times more than PU. The amounts charged by the Thapar Institute were more than five times as compared to PU.’

Taking a view of the comparative rates in the neighbouring universities and the tight financial resources at university’s disposal, a fee hike was unanimously recommended.


Big budget sought for higher education
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20
The need to awaken and adapt to the changing times was stressed on the concluding day of the regional seminar on ‘Higher education: a social responsibility’ at GGDSD College, Sector 32, here today.

Delivering the keynote address, Dr M.R. Aggarwal from the Department of Economics, Panjab University, discussed the government's attitude towards education since Independence especially in respect to finance. He was of the opinion that the state and private sectors should work collectively for the social benefit. Their co-existence would help to achieve the goals of higher education.

While reading his paper on ‘Higher education - qualitative changes’, Prof NP Manocha stressed on the need to evolve a system to improve the quality of higher education. While Dr Vipnesh Bhardwaj, in his paper, traced the roots of Indian education, Prof Vivek Sharma presented a paper on ‘An entrepreneurial response to higher education’.

Later, the Principal, Dr A.C.Vaid, welcomed Dr A.C. Jhulka, a renowned economist from the Department of Economics, Panjab University, chief speaker of the third technical session.

In his keynote address, Dr Jhulka shared concerns regarding budgetary proposals for higher education, which have gone down from 0.9 per cent of GNP to 0.4 per cent of GNP when it should be at least 6 per cent.

Prof P.K. Bajaj presented a paper on ‘Political perspective of higher education’. He said the example of Pt Madan Mohan Malviya, who collected funds from general public and spent on higher education, should be followed. He dwelt upon the importance of character building in education to check youngsters from indulging into criminal activities.

Dr V.K. Tiwari, an educationist from DAV College, speaking on ‘New education policy derivatives — some implications’, criticised the government for imposing cuts in grant on higher education. He strongly advocated the neighbourhood school system, and allocation of 6 per cent of GDP on higher education. He also called upon the teachers to think and analyze their role as teachers in the changed scenario.

Speaking on crisis in higher education in Punjab, Dr Jagwant Singh emphasised the need to redefine the objectives of higher education. Prof Vivek Sharma discussed the changes that had already taken place and were likely to take place in the environment by 2015. He talked about world market, privatisation, tailor-made education and cafeteria approach to education.

Dr Ramesh Kapoor, Dean, College Development Council, Panjab University, in his valedictory address, stated that higher education was in a bad shape.

He added that in the times to come, survival of teachers would depend on their updated knowledge of their subjects. He strongly stressed the need to bring about reform in the examination system as well.


Mohali areas head for water shortage
Kulwinder Sangha

SAS Nagar, March 20
With the demand for water increasing as the mercury begins to rise, the Department of Local Government has failed to give clearance for the sinking of four new tubewells in the town and the Municipal Council is still in a fix over taking charge of others whose water discharge is below the estimated quantity. The four tubewells were to be sunk in Phases-I, II, IV, and XI. This summer Phases II and IIIA besides LIG houses in Phase XI and Shahi Majra village are likely to face water shortage.

The civic body had been getting the work of sinking new tubewells done from the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board (PWSSB). But the board has not been able to give the desired results as in most cases the water discharge from the tubewells sunk by it is far below the estimated figures. This made the council pass a resolution at one of its meetings that it would get the work of sinking tubewells done from a private contractor on an experimental basis.

The resolution had been forwarded to the Department of Local Government for approval about five months ago. However, so far no decision on the issue has been taken by the higher authorities.

Almost a year ago the PWSSB had sunk five tubewells in Phases III-A, V, VII (two tubewells) and IX. These areas face water shortage. Only one of these tubewells is giving the estimated water discharge. In the case of the others, the water discharge was far below the estimates, adversely affecting the supply position. As such, the civic body is reluctant to take over these tubewells.

At a council meeting in February, a resolution was passed that tubewells with a discharge of 7,500 gallons per hour or more could be taken over. The Public Health Department then took over tubewells sunk in Phases V and IX. However, the taking over of three tubewells sunk in Phases III-A and two in Phase VII is not possible at present because the water discharge from these tubewells was between 4,500 gallons per hour and 6,000 gallons per hour.

Shahi Majra village was connected to the water supply network of the Industrial Area, Phase IV, in 1999 on the condition that a tubewell would be sunk in the area within two months. However, even after two years this has not been done resulting in an acute water shortage in the area. Residents of Sector 71 are already facing an acute water shortage. However, in this case the responsibility of supplying water to the area lies with PUDA.

Mr Kulwant Singh, Municipal Council, President, said that he was waiting for permission to sink the new tubewells from the higher authorities. However, the groundwater level had gone down in Phases I to VII and tubewells were failing. In the long run PUDA would have to solve the water problem by providing an independent pipeline from the Kajauli waterworks. The project should be begun on priority as its completion would take at least three years.


Tough day for MC staff
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20
Staff of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh in charge of parking lots invited the wrath of the people on the first day of taking over the paid parking lots in sectors 17, 8 and 9 today. The MC seems to be heading for incurring a loss by managing the parking lots on its own.

A Haryana Tourism official, Mr Chander Mauli, today fell down when the Corporation staff allegedly pulled the rope in order to stop him. Mr Mauli had to be taken to hospital after getting hurt but was discharged after preliminary medical check-up. Another visitor to the Sector-17 E parking lot, Mr Karan Soni, allegedly had his car bumper broken near the Capital Book Shop again because the staff pulled the rope.

The Chief Engineer, Mr V. K. Bharadwaj, said if the allegations were found to be true and MC staff was found to be ‘’guilty’’ then the MC would give compensation for the losses.

The Municipal Corporation seems set to incur losses for managing the parking lots with the minimum salary alone for those manning parking lots costing Rs one crore a year to the MC.

A failed contract for the three parking zones had been given for Rs 1.25 crore. The salary bill of the workers manning parking lots would come to a minimum Rs 3,600 per person per month.

An estimate suggested that as many as 450 persons would be required for manning the parking lots in the future after the decision not to charge at the entry.

In this situation it would be difficult for the Corporation to auction the parking lots at current rates.

Meanwhile, the MC staff had a tough day today as it was accused of mismanaging the parking though the Corporation had removed one of the major complaints of the people of charging them on entry.

The staff had to face queries of the people throughout the day, regarding why they were being charged when they could not park the vehicle in the parking lot.

The MC staff said the government vehicles were reluctant to pay for the parking and lot of visitors tried to fool them by saying that they had got the parking slip from the other person and then coming out saying they had not found place to park the vehicle.

The MC had put the staff in a manner so that the parking receipt could be given as soon as it was parked, leaving no room for a person to get the slip at any place where the vehicle had not been parked.

The autorickshaw operators were asked by the MC today to take permission for plying and stationing their vehicles in lot while operators said the stands had been approved by the Housing Board in 1990.

The staff has requisitioned women workers for dealing with women visitors after a woman police Constable almost broke into tears after a verbal duel with a woman.

Visitors kept complaining that they were being charged despite not being able to park their vehicle. The staff termed it as an excuse to avoid paying the parking charges.

The Anti-Paid Parking Joint Action Front today urged the authorities to hand back the parking lots to the Traders Association to run it free of cost instead of bearing the burden of managing them despite a loss to the Corporation and inconvenience to the people.

They said paid parking had not been successful in the city since 1992. The front attacked the Congress saying the party had been exposed and considering this situation they should withdraw paid-parking scheme.

The front also condemned the Municipal Corporation for causing ‘’harassment’’ to people.

An Income Tax Department official said there was chaos when he, as usual, went to park his vehicle and was not allowed to enter the “pass parking” zone unlike the earlier arrangement.


City newsmen shocked over attack on Tribune cricketers
Our Sports Reporter

Chandigarh, March 20
The unsporting behaviour shown by the Dainik Bhaskar cricket team and its supporters, who attacked The Tribune cricket team in one of the semi-finals of the first Inter-Media Cricket Tournament organised by the Chandigarh Press Club yesterday over the decision of the umpire has evoked sharp criticism from all quarters.

Naib Singh, Manager, Cricket Stadium, Sector 16, said it was really unfortunate that the Dainik Bhaskar team and its supporters indulged in rowdyism and that, too, in front of nearly 40 young trainees. This action has tarnished the image of their own establishment. Naib Singh said he could never expect such unruly behaviour and use of abusive language by the Dainik Bhaskar team and its supporters. The Tribune players were taken by surprise by the immature aggression shown by their opponents. The Dainik Bhaskar team, along with its large supporters, it seemed were even prepared to have a fight off the ground.

Even former Ranji player Arun Tuli was present at the time of the incident, and children were also seen airing their innocent views. “If elders fight like this, then what will we learn”, said one of the trainees. Yograj Singh, a former international cricketer and father of Yuvraj Singh, was also abused by the Dainik Bhaskar team and its supporters when he tried to pacify players. One of the players who was present there said even children got agitated when slogans were raised against Yograj by them.

He said trouble started when Satish, whom Dainik Bhaskar considered to be their star player, was declared runout by the umpire, Azad. They were on the verge of losing the match, with nine wickets down. It was at this point of time that events took an ugly turn.

The moment the Dainik Bhaskar batsman was declared runout by the umpire, Dainik Bhaskar players and supporters entered the ground and beat up the umpire brutally. The Tribune players tried to defend the umpire, but were also beaten up mercilessly. Tribune players namely Munish Sharma, Vikas Ghai, Karan Saini and Navtej were thrashed with stumps and bats. Their T-shirts were torn and they sustained deep injuries.

Rajesh Deol, coordinator of the meet, squarely blamed Dainik Bhaskar players and their supporters for this unwarranted action. He said the meet was going on in a cordial and supporting atmosphere. The journalist community of the city has been shocked by the incident.

The members of The Tribune team who played the match were: Sanjay Kalia, Akash Ghai, Munish Sharma, Navtej Singh, Vikas Ghai, Ajay Chauhan, Ajay Thakur, Karan Saini, Vinay Choudhary, Ashok Yadav and Vikas Malik.


Stench and slush in Panchkula village
Bipin Bhardwaj

Panchkula, March 20
Choking sewerage pipes, heaps of garbage, broken streets, low water pressure, parks covered with polybags, stench and slush all around dot Abheypur village of this city for the past many years, thanks to the inefficiency of Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA).

Residents of the village complain that HUDA employees dug up a manhole of the blocked sewerage pipe about a week ago but did not turn up to cover the same.

The waist-deep manhole has become a deathtrap for residents here. Five children and two milkmen have met with accidents here during the last seven days, complained Mr J.P. Mishra, a trader.

Mrs Madhu Bhandari, sarpanch of the village, complained that representations, highlighting problems that were being faced by the villagers, have been given to the Deputy Commissioner repeatedly but no action has been taken so far.

Knee-deep stinking water accumulates on the streets in the morning and further aggravates the problems of the villagers. The general public has to opt for other alternate routes or wade through the slush and sewage.

The shopkeepers surrounding the streets were facing huge losses as hardly any customer comes to purchase from them. Moreover, five shops were not being rented out because of this prolonged problem, lamented Mr Satpal Saini, a local shopkeeper.

President of Village Mahila Mandal Paramjit Kaur said that The Panchkula Municipal Council has done nothing to solve their problems. Deep potholes have appeared on the inner streets and a light shower is enough to fill these potholes.

Muddy water enters houses and residents have to flush out it with the help of buckets. The worst-affected are school students who wade through knee-deep dirty water for a long distance.

Residents complained that water pressure to the village gets low whenever they complain of any blockage of the sewerage pipe.

The authorities were not available for comments. 


Amusement in Thunder Zone
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 20
The residents of the city and its surrounding townships would soon get another amusement park within a motorable distance. Thunder Zone, an amusement park spread over 11 acres on the Chandigarh — Sirhind road, offering rides, sky balloons, wet park, is proposed to be inaugurated on April 13.

The management claims that the park would provide amusement of international standards. The park would also offer a ropeway from the entrance gate to till the end of the park. There would be 12 dry rides and 14 wet rides.

A ‘name and logo hunt’ competition was organised by the management. Logo designed by Ms Saru Singh, a resident of Sector 15, was adjudged the best logo, while, Mr Ramandeep Singh Brar, student of Panjab University and Mr Piyush Goyal, a resident of Sector 7 jointly shared the prize for the most ‘outstanding name’ for the park. This was stated by Mr Manjit Singh, Director, Doaba Amusement Parks Private Limited in a press note issued here today.


Powermen injured, hold dharna
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20
The UT Powermen Union today held a dharna to protest against the failure of the Chandigarh Administration to lodge a complaint against a mob of jhuggi dwellers of Bhagat Singh Colony ( located south of Sector 49), who attacked some electricity department employees yesterday when they went to remove illegal connections. A mob had pelted stones on the powermen resulting in serious injuries to two employees, Mr Gurbax Singh and Mr Sarwan Singh.

The general Secretary of the union, Mr Bhag Mal Rana, said the Administration should have lodged an FIR and also arranged for adequate police force to curb such cases. After the protest dharna, the union discussed the matter at its working committee meeting. If the authorities did not act soon a dharna would be held tomorrow also, the union threatened.

Meanwhile, sources said senior officials, including the Chief Engineer, Mr Puranjit Singh and the Superintending Engineer, Mr J.S. Sachdeva , visited the site . The Chief Engineer told his officials to get an FIR lodged against the culprits who had caused injuries to staff of the electricity department.


Residents demand community centre
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20
Residents and the councillor of Sectors 27 and 28, Ms Harpreet Kaur Babla, here today demanded a community centre, wall-sealing, recarpeting of roads, development of green belts and beautification of markets.

The demands were put forward when the Municipal Corporation Chief Engineer, Mr V.K. Bharadwaj, the Superintendent Engineer, Mr I. S. Sokhi, and the Medical Officer Health, Dr G. C. Bansal, among others, visited the ward.

The Executive Engineer, Roads, Mr Mukesh Anand, the Executive Engineer, Electricity, Mr P.K. Kashyap, and the Executive Engineer, Horticulture, Mr Lakhwinder Singh, also accompanied Mr Bharadwaj.

The Chief Engineer assured the people to look into their problems expeditiously.

Mayor visits Sector 38 market

The Mayor, Ms Lalit Joshi, was shown lack of basic amenities in the Sector 38 market, here today.

The councillor of the ward, Ms Kamla Sharma, the Chairman, Roads Committee, Mr Pardeep Chhabra, the Deputy Chairman, Sanitation Committee, Mr Sohan Lal, and the leader of the Congress in the MC, Mr Subhash Chawla, were also present, among others.

They were apprised of faulty streetlights and water supply system and poor sanitation.


Attitude is everything

Sometimes, for a moment, a person feels that he or she has achieved what he or she wants, but, the feeling is gone the next moment. To save ourselves from this situation, we need to identify which thoughts and actions will lead us to a state of peace and harmony. Thoughts govern our mind and determine our success or failure. Our attitude determines whether we are happy or unhappy.

Attitude is more important than circumstances, money and health. If we have a positive attitude, we can make the best out of the worst possible conditions. Positive thinking will lead us to happiness. It difficult to be perfect, but our life should be a message for others and our thoughts a lesson for them. Then, we will have happiness which is self-sustained.

Make yourself safe today and forget the past because the day of man’s salvation is now. I don’t mean that we should not prepare ourselves for tomorrow, but that the best possible way to achieve happiness is to focus all our intelligence and enthusiasm on today’s work. It is not important how one makes his or her living; just be true to yourself and you will be a happy soul. TNS


AWWA chief visits Asha School
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20
The president of the Western Command Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), Ms Deep Surjit Singh, today visited Shivalik Shopping Centre in Chandi Mandir, where she inaugurated shops.

As part of her farewell visit, she also visited Asha School for mentally challenged children and distributed sweets among them. At the AWWA vocational training centre, she addressed staff members, who are engaged in various welfare activities for the benefit of the station families.

During her tenure, she nurtured the AWWA into a cohesive organisation, moving steadily towards identified goals. She instilled the qualities of self-reliance, confidence and determination in wives and dependents of other ranks.


Two impostors caught
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 20
The local police nabbed an uncle-nephew due posing as priests who were reportedly trying to rob a resident of Sector 15 this morning. According to police sources, Makhan Nath and Sidhu Nath, both residents of Dhuri, were first overpowered by Mr Krishan Kumar, gunman of a senior SAD (B) leader, Mr Gurpratap Singh Riar.

ASSAULTED: A Sector-32 resident, Mr Manoj Sharma, reported to the police that he was assaulted by some persons with a sharp-edged weapon on Tuesday night. They also threatened him, he alleged. Mr Sharma was admitted to Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, with serious injuries, said police sources. The complainant was also robbed of his money. A case under Sections 148, 149, 341, 323, 324, 506 and 392 of the IPC was registered.

CAUGHT RED-HANDED: Ram Kumar, a resident of Sector 24, was arrested for stealing a car stereo on Tuesday night. The accused was reportedly caught red-handed by the complainant. Dhana Singh, a resident of Sector 38, was caught red-handed while he was stealing a sewer cover near Sectors 37, 38, 24 and 25 roundabout on Tuesday night. In both cases, the stolen objects were recovered.

SCOOTER STOLEN: Mr Tashi Gyalson, a resident of Sector 16, reported to the police that his LML Vespa scooter (PB-02-M-1309) was stolen from Sector 10 here on Tuesday. Mr D.S. Raghu, a Panchkula resident, reported to the police that stereo/radio was stolen from his car, which was parked at Kisan Bhavan, Sector 35, here on Monday night. Two cases of theft were registered.

BOOKED: A case under Section 3 of the Prevention of Defacement of Property Act was registered against KMC Audio Singer Company for pasting a poster on an electric pole near Sahib Singh traffic light point, Sector 17, here on Tuesday, said police sources.


THEFT AT GROCERY SHOP: Thieves struck at a grocery shop at Majri Chowk and decamped with Rs 2,000 from the cash box late last night.

According to the police the thieves entered the shop after breaking the roof of the shop in the absence of the owners. Apart from the cash they also took away goods worth thousands of rupees.

A cash has been registered with Sector 5 police station and the police has started investigating the matter.

ONE ARRESTED: The police has arrested Vishav Mohan Mangla, a trader of Kalka town, for misbehaving and disrupting government servants from performing their duties here today.

In a press note Mr Manoj Yadava, SP, said the accused misbehaved and disrupted Sub Divisional Officer (Operation) when he along with some staff members were on a surprise check in Kalka town on Tuesday.

A case under Sections 332, 353 and 186 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against Vishav Mohan Mangla with Kalka police station.

ILLICIT LIQUOR SEIZED: The Panchkula police has claimed to have arrested a person from smuggling liquor and seized 100 pouches of illicit countrymade liquor and 12 bottles of beer in two separate incidents here today.

SP Randhir Singh, a resident of Balu village in Kaithal district was arrested while carrying 50 pouches of illicit countrymade liquor and 12 bottles of beer in a Jeep (HR-16B-2240) near Barwala bus stand.

In another incident a resident of Sultanpur, Pawan Kumar eluded the police leaving 50 pouches of liquor near Ramgarh bus stand.

Cases under the Excise Act have been registered with the Chandimandir police station and hunt to nab Pawan Kumar is on, the police said.


Silverware sparkles
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20
This one has been structured by Meerut-based Alka Jain, who seems to have a great rapport with silver. Being displayed at Aroma for the third time, the products cover a vast range — from intricately-designed lamps to small glass objects.

The forte of Alka Jain, however is silver plating. In this section she has developed a great variety which includes candle stands resting on strong silver base, interwoven with glass beads. Among the other attractive artifacts are lamps, done up with a variety of motifs, candle stands, photo frames, potpourri holders, containers and a host of decorative pieces in different metals.

Yet another delightful section is the one where glass is doing the entire talking. Vegetables developed out of coloured glass is hard to miss, so is the amazing range of chest stands and fans. The hallmark of each design is its blend of contemporary and folk designs.

Back home, Alka Jain is catering to the domestic market and is also exporting to many countries. She also deals in weddings by providing silver base products like containers and trays. She says, “We are running a fullfledged unit in Meerut where we deal in pure silver, electro plated nickel silver, glass beads and wood at times.” The exhibition will go on for two days.



Mr V. S. David, Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India , zonal office, Punjab, inaugurated direct SWIFT connectivity at the NRI branch in Sector 17 here on Wednesday. Provision of SWIFT at the branch will enable NRI customers to remit their funds directly to their accounts from any part of the world. Remittances between foreign offices and correspondent banks would be prompt, said Mr David. TNS

Dr Ramesh Dutt Sharma, Minister for Public Grievances, Health and Medical Education, Punjab, inaugurated a showroom at Basant Market here on Wednesday. OC

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