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, April 7, 2002

Larger-than-life lawyer’s legends
Rashmi Sharma
The Legend of Nani Palkhiwala
by M. R. Pai. Popular Prakashan, Mumbai Rs.250. Pages 142.
IT was Winston Churchill who said that one mark of a great man is the power of making lasting impressions upon the people he meets; and another is so to have handled matters that the course of after events is continually affected by what he did.


Wars fought well, who is the winner?
Rajendra Nath
With Honour and Glory: Wars Fought by India 1941-1999
by Maj Gen Jagjit Singh (retd). Lancer Publications and Distributors, New Delhi. Pages: 341. Price: Rs. 595.
THERE is dearth of military literature in India though more publications have come out since the 1999 war in Kargil. This book covers a wider scenario and discusses various wars fought between India and Pakistan since 1947. It also gives a good coverage of operations of Kargil in ’99.

Emotions, expressed freely
M.L. Sharma
Thorny Petals
by G.C. Mago. Writers’ Group, Jalandhar. Pages 72. Rs 100
THIS is Mago’s latest collection of poems written on a variety of subjects ranging from anger, love and woman to God and earth, the soul and religious damsel. The book covers 70 poems written almost in blank verse though not lacking in musical flow.


The impressionistic nuances of Hari Kunzru
Adam Mars-Jones
The Impressionist
by Hari Kunzru, Hamish Hamilton, London. Pages 496 £ 13
THERE are bags of talent to be found in Hari Kunzru's rather hyped first novel, but they're compact in size and oddly distributed through the book. Perhaps packets of talent would be a more accurate description, packets or pockets, emptied out selectively over favoured minor characters, withheld from the hero.

Educating educationists
S. P. Dhawan
Teaching and Learning
by Prema Clarke. Sage Publications, New Delhi. Pages 224 Rs. 250
EDUCATION is universally acknowledged to be one of the most significant and effective tools of individual refinement, social enrichment and national development.

Trying to get to the roots of the Kashmir problem
Padam Ahlawat
Towards the future — Jammu & Kashmir in the 21st Century
by Vernon Hewitt. Granta Editions, Cambridge, UK. Pages 236
IN his earlier book, Hewitt had raised the question if it was possible for the Kashmiris to reclaim their past. His effort was to find out how a region replete with overwhelming natural beauty, steeped in religious, cultural and ethnic diversity, had become a land of violent conflict. Six years later, Kashmir is still a land of violent conflict and international concern over open conflict is more focused.

When the magic of Goa does not enrapture
Aradhika Sekhon
Elsa’s Joint and other Goan Characters
by Remigo Botelho Published by Rupa Price Rs 150.
GOA is evocative of the sun, sea, music, carnival and colour. For films and books that wish to deal effectively with Goa and Goans, it is imperative that they convey the atmosphere that belongs particularly to this part of India.

Bottom-up approach to development
Rakesh Datta
Dynamics of Development: A Sociological Perspective
by S.R. Mehta. Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi.
Pages 252 Rs. 400
DEVELOPMENT is a complex, intricate, knotty and slippery concept. The difference lies in it being conceived differently by scholars belonging to varied fields. To comprehend it fully one has to have an appreciation and understanding of various disciplines that have bearing on it.

Return of regionalism
Kuldeep Kaur
Regionalism in World Politics: Regional Organisation and International Order
edited by Louise Fawcett and Andrew Hurrell, Oxford University Press. Pages 342. Rs 610
THIS This book is to be commended for it tries to grapple with the complexities of the current regionalist debate. In the process, it raises several significant questions: what are the factors that explain the resurgence of regionalism?

The role of ancient libraries of the West
V. N. Datta
WE are so obsessed with our national history and its allied problems that we tend to ignore what lies outside in the world. We have adopted the democratic mode of governance but have failed to imbibe its spirit, a lacuna that has created enormous problems for us in the country.

The inflated importance of politics
Jaswant Singh
Politics and Beyond
by Ramashray Roy; Shipra Publications, Delhi: Pages 244; Rs 495.

IN today’s life, politics occupies a high position and disproportionate importance in society. Ramashray Roy, in this book, casts his gaze beyond the horizon of politics and discovers that the inflated importance of politics has lowered the role of society as a promoter of collective good.