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Monday, May 20, 2002
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Subcontinental game, played all over

THE origin of Kabaddi can be traced to pre-historic times when man learnt how to defend in groups to ward off animal attack for survival and food. Though kabaddi is primarily an Indian game, not much is known precisely about how the game came to be played in the present form. There is, however, a common opinion that the game is 4,000 year old. Besides India, this game is played in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Japan. Punjabis living in the USA, Canada and UK have their own kabaddi teams. This game was officially included as a medal sport at 1992 Asian Games in Beijing and will be played at the Asian Games 2002 in Pusan, South Korea.



The Southampton Kabaddi Association, UK, has created this Website. This association promotes kabaddi amongst young people, delivers coaching and training programmes and encourages the development of kabaddi as a vehicle to promote a diverse society. The Website provides information about the history of the game and illustrates rules of the game. This association organises kabaddi awareness day, game demonstrations and leader course.


This Website that contains a proposed calendar of kabaddi events in the year 2002 in Malaysia, history of the game, development news and views, falls under the ambit of Kabaddi Association of Malaysia, a duly registered governing body for this sport in Malaysia. It was accepted as an affiliate of the Olympic Council of Malaysia. The association aims to inculcate young persons into basic kabaddi activities at the grassroots level, to introduce substantial and quality kabaddi programme at club, state and national levels and to prepare a strong team for the 2002 and 2006 Asian Games, 2002 World Cup, 2003 and 2005 Asian championships.


This Website belongs to Esplanade Kabaddi Club, Japan. It is amazing to know that the local people of Japan also play kabaddi. Though the Website is constructed in a script not understood by us, it deserves a special mention as the site has photographs of Japanese playing the game. It contains information of matches played by Japan with India. Photographs of Indian players can also be seen. Kabaddi is also included in the Hiroshima City University games.


This is a Website of Canadian Punjabis. It contains events of the 2002 Kabaddi Tournament held at Ontario. An image gallery of these events is also available. A list of top-raiders and top-stoppers for 2001 is given. You will find a list of winners and runners-up countries of World Cup Kabaddi during the last decade. Results of Ontario Kabaddi Open Championship and other tournaments can also be seen. From the site, you can play video clips of the game. If you have any kabaddi video clips, you can e-mail them to the Website and it may be displayed to the world .

Sarabjeet Singh Kanwal