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Monday, May 20, 2002
Downloads of the week

Advanced Administrative

Networking is the key to the modern world computers. However there are some complexities involved in the process of networking and also its proper running, which can cause some problems to users. Now for all your networking related problems there is a perfect solution in the form of shareware software called Advanced Administrative. This is an easy-to-use network diagnostic utility containing of a set of 11 utility, which are capable of taking care of all networking related problems. Though, these utilities are as such meant for professionals yet the easy and user-friendly interface of the software and its overall design makes Advanced Administrative Tools easy to use. Moreover, there are several practical functions in this software, which could be used and appreciated by anyone. This software includes a port scanner that analyses hosts and the different services that have been started on them. Moreover, there are hosts of other services available in the software. Under this software, the network monitors the details all information about the incoming and outgoing connections and even provides the facility to track the route of the data packets in between the machines. You can also limit the networking access to any computer and to any desired extent. There's another very interesting feature in this software, which is called as Whois client. Under this feature you can verify e-mail addresses, validate hyperlinks and retrieve all kinds of user details. Furthermore, you can also keeping check on resources of the computer through the Resource Viewer, which reveals the resources of executable (EXE and DLL) files. Above all, this software serves as a Registry cleaner to clean up the Windows Registry. This utility for network computers and can be downloaded from www.glocksoft.com


ContextView Pro

It is almost impossible to remember each and every information, which you have stored on your computer. Often, with the file names also, it is difficult to recall the details of the files. However, this daunting task can be made easy with the help of software like ContextView Pro. This is an user-friendly software, which adds a load of functionality to the regular Windows application like Windows Explorer. Using this software, you can view many kinds of files without having to load extra applications. It is a versatile software and supports a lot of file formats. It is not only limited to the regular file formats but also covers common images, audio tracks, movies and even compact discs. Despite its amazing functionality, you need not possess any special skills for using this software. All you need to do is simply right click on the file you wish to the preview. This would provide necessary options for information related to the file. You can also select multiple files for previewing and thus you need not select each file individually to preview. Also using this software, you can load small thumbnail of the file in a resizable window from where the file could be loaded easily. The multi functionality of this software also allows you navigate through multi page files. This software is a good multimedia tool also, as you can trim, crop, and resize the image files, without using any other image editor. Furthermore, you can also apply a variety of filters, including adjusting brightness, colour resolution, contrast saturation etc. You can also send e-mail directly from within this software. Overall it can be downloaded from www.mystikmedia.com


No doubt, the Internet is no doubt a great source of information, but has its own evil also. The biggest problem related to the Internet is of security. While being on the Internet you are exposed to several kinds of risks including, hacking, virus attack, data threats etc. However, using a firewall these threats can be countered effectively. In a majority of cases the solutions involving the use of firewalls is an expensive proposition and thus works out well in case of corporates. Now for the individual PC users, there is a good news in the name of Terminet, as even they can have a personal firewall, which can address to their many problems. Terminet is a user-friendly personal firewall, which can handle the individual Internet usage of employees and family members. This software has three modes or user levels of Internet usage. Under the first, Stealth mode, outgoing traffic could be enabled but incoming traffic can be blocked whereas in case of open mode there are no initial blocking conditions. This software is actually flexible and gives enough scope to create your own instructions and also govern the Internet usage at individual levels as per your criteria. For example, you can enable the use of the Web, e-mail, FTP and Telnet only for a particular Internet user. However for others you can restrict the access of particular IP addresses and Websites. Thus, this software can stop the inappropriate usage and possible intrusions into the PC. This software can be downloaded from www.danu.ie