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Monday, May 20, 2002
Music Beat

6 megahit albums? Oye Hoye!

Harbhajan Mann, the Punjabi pop sensation who got the top position on charts with the success of his hit album named Oye Hoye. Harbhajan is a Capricorn, born on December 30 in Khemuana, a small village in Punjab. Harbhajan has created a niche in the international music market. He is one of India's top five Punjabi artists who have six megahit albums to their credit. Harbhajan started singing as an amateur in 1977-78. He performed for the Asian community when he was in his school in Canada. He learnt music from his first guru, Karnail Singh, and then from Sheik Hamed and Balbir Singh Bandhu. His first professional break came to him in 1992 while he was still in Canada with the release of ‘Chithiye nee chithiye’. The song was a superhit with the target audience in Punjab and the Punjabis living in Canada. He has already performed successfully in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Norway. Some of his big hits are ‘Jag jeondeyan de mele’, ‘Haye meri Billo’, ‘Nachlai’, ‘Lala Lala Lala’, ‘Husn jawani maalomaal’, ‘Oye hoye’, ‘Gallan gorian’. His official Website is www.harbhajanmann.com. It offers profile of Harbhajan Mann, photo-gallery, fan club, video theater, and one can also listen his songs clippings, which are available in MP3 format and can be downloaded.



This site doesn’t allow us to download the songs but we can listen song online. There are eight hit songs available for listening. Cham cham, Haye mar gaye, Dhola kyon rusnai, Akhiyan da sawan, Haal oye rabba, Sohniye nee, Lala Lala Lala and his super hit Mirza. On page www.indiahits.com/indipop.htm there are more albums names written under section "H", which further gives the list of all tracks of the album. In total there are around 29 songs sung by Harbhajan Mann available on the site.


This site is a big source of MP3 songs. The above written link will open the page where many Punjabi MP3 songs are kept. The problem is that the site is not organised and one has to find the songs of his choice. There are many songs of Harbhajan Mann, which are available for download. Songs can be enjoyed online also.


On the top of the page, four songs out of five top songs of the site are of Harbhajan Mann, the songs are in MP3 format and can be downloaded. There are many singers listed under the ‘singers’ section. There are seven hit songs available on the Harbhajan Mann page. Songs sung by many other Punjabi as well as Hindi singers are also available for download.

— Amit Puri