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Monday, May 20, 2002
Latest Offerings

For the convenience of our readers we are providing rates for mouse with this issue:

Operating System

Designing Software

Desktop Publishing 


Operating System

Windows XP Home edition

Windows XP OEM

Lynx Red Hat 7.2 (Deluxe) 

Lynx Red Hat 7.2 (Professional)

SCO Unix (Enterprise) 

SCO Unix (Host) 

Rs 6000/-

Rs 4500/-

Rs 4,200/-

 Rs 7,200/-

Rs 70,000/-

Rs 48,000/-

Designing Software

Corel Draw 10 

Auto Cad 2002 (Full Pack) 

Auto Cad 2002 (Light Edition) 

Photoshop 7.0 

Rs 30,000/-

Rs 90,000/-

Rs 30,000/-

Rs 33,000/-

Desktop Publishing 

MS Office XP Standard Edition

MS Office XP Prof Edition


Pagemaker 7.0 

Rs 18,500/-

Rs 24,500/-

Rs 35,000/-

Rs 33,000/-


These are the average prices from various dealers in Chandigarh.