Saturday, August 3, 2002  

Fear not fear
Gitanjali Sharma

IT stalks its enemy at any time of the day. It is ruthless and brutal as it cold-bloodedly targets humanity. It does not even spare children, the aged, the disabled and the mentally challenged. In fact, it is more merciless towards the weak-hearted and the cowardly. It can cause a lot of pain, mar destinies and take lives.

The fear of moving on

Fear not fear

A non-conforming artiste
Aditi Tandon
S a nine-year-old, Mita Vashisht would often run away from home, sniffing the streets of City Beautiful in the hope of bumping into something exciting, something life-giving. But she would be dragged back and lectured at length about the consequences of "abandoning home".

Let the spectacle of sport prevail
Ravi Dhaliwal
IN sport, passion and competitiveness are not anybody’s copyright. They cannot be, for it would be totally unnatural if the outcome of a game did not arouse passion. The fervour and enthusiasm are not only shown for impromptu roadside cricket matches, but are also witnessed at international sports events.

No refuge for mentally ill
Bijender Sharma
ESIDES the above, there are a number of other poverty-stricken mentally ill persons languishing in this temple town of Himachal Pradesh. With no institutional help and care available, they are at the mercy of the people around them. In fact, most such persons are not even in the position of approaching anybody for help.

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