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Man murdered by wife’s lover, 2 others
Body dumped in backyard
Tribune News Service

SP Naunihal Singh inspects the site where the body of Harnek Singh was dumped by the accused
SP Naunihal Singh inspects the site where the body of Harnek Singh was dumped by the accused in Basti Jodhewal in Ludhiana. — A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, October 3
Illicit relations took another victim when a former Army man was murdered in cold blood by the lover of his wife. He was helped in the crime by her paramour and a friend. The body was dumped in the septic tank in the backyard of the house in Karamsar colony in Basti Jodhewal about three months ago. Both the accused continued to live in the same house as before and deflected queries about the deceased by saying that he had gone to his native village.

This was revealed in the interrogation of Balbir Kaur and Jagdish Kumar, who have been arrested for the murder while the search is on for the third accused, Ram Bhuvan, who is still at large. Both the accused hail from Uttar Pradesh.

According to police sources, the 50-year-old deceased Harnek Singh hailed from Dhanola village in Sangrur district and had eloped with Balbir more than 10 years ago. The 40 year old was the wife of an Army man and has four children. The duo had been living as man and wife for the past decade in the colony.

Tracing the sequence of events the sources said the deceased used to work as a mason and was mostly helped by migrant labourers. Gradually, he came to trust Jagdish and Rakesh and offered them to live in a portion of the house. They, too, in turn helped in the household chores and gradually earned the respect of the deceased and the children.

Over a period of time, Jagdish developed illicit relations with Balbir which came to the notice of Harnek. He objected to the relationship and tried his best to distance the lovers but was vehemently opposed by Balbir. Fed up with the routine quarrels, the duo hatched a plan to get rid of Harnek and in this deed the help of Jagdish was solicited.

On the fateful night intervening July 7, Balbir served food to Harnek which was laced with some intoxicant. When he passed out, Jagdish and Ram Bhuvan killed him with sharp-edged weapons and dumped his body in the septic tank in the rear of the house. They cleaned the mess and decided to live as nothing had happened.

The murder would have gone unnoticed but for a person who had loaned some money to the deceased. he came to the house many times to get his loan but was always informed that Harnek had not returned from his village. One day he went to the native place of the deceased and was shocked to know that Harnek had not visited the village for quite some time. This aroused the suspicions of his relatives, who enquired from others but could of trace him

Sensing that something was wrong they came to Ludhiana and informed the police. After preliminary investigations Balbir and Jagdish were taken into custody and interrogated. They have confessed to the murder, the sources said.

Teams have been sent to various places in UP to arrest Ram Bhuvan and a breakthrough is expected soon, the sources added.



Space for 19 parking lots identified
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
The Municipal Corporation has plans for beautifying the city and reducing traffic congestion here. Mr S.K. Sharma, Commissioner of the MC, said the civic body had stepped up its drive to have green cover on both sides of the entry points to the city.

Mr Sharma said greenbelts were being extended, medians were being improved and ornamental plants were being planted. Besides, the MC had sought expert advice on landscaping, improvement of intersections and beautification. “The stress is on aesthetically improving the city without spending much,” said the MC Commissioner.

To improve traffic and remove bottlenecks, the MC was building two railway overbridges at Dhuri Line and Dhandari Kalan. The work on a 2.5 km elevated road, from Jagraon Bridge to Chand Cinema, was also on.

A study of traffic in different parts of the city had led to the identification of 19 more spaces for parking lots for reducing traffic congestion. Engineers and planners had been told to make area-specific plans to decongest roads. A comprehensive traffic-reduction plan for the problematic areas of Samrala Chowk and Vishwakarma Chowk was being made. More areas would be brought under this area-specific study.

The MC had already taken up more than 225 development projects and engineering works in the city, that would cost more than Rs 110 crore. The Rs 32 crore water-supply-augmentation work was near completion. When ready, it would ensure that the supply of safe drinking water reaches more than 90 per cent of the city’s population. Rs 3 crore would be spent on installing 20 more tubewells and 25 submersible pumps in the heart of the city.

During his first visit here, the Punjab Local Bodies Minister, Mr Jagjit Singh, had been shown how, under the integrated development plan for the city, work had commenced on 17 major development projects. These projects had estimated cost of Rs 76 crore. In the 70 wards of the city, 189 development works were on.

“The Finance and Contracts Committee (F and CC) of the MC had cleared more than 160 development works at its last two meetings — on September 7 and 20. Tenders had been invited for 101 more development works, Mr Sharma said.



Being unethical for a pittance
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
It sounds incredible but is a hard truth that certain city nursing homes are planting ‘spies’ in rival institutions to divert patients to their hospitals.

Though such allegations have been in the air for quite some time, detection of some “unfaithful” employees by Guru Teg Bahadur Charitable Hospital (GTBH) has confirmed what was hitherto only a suspicion.

Dr Wahegurupal Singh, Medical Superintendent, GTBH, disclosed that some low-ranking staff of the hospital was diverting patients to a nearby private nursing home on a commission basis. Revealing the modus operandi, Dr Wahegurupal Singh said patients who arrived for treatment were told by the lower staff that the hospital did not have qualified doctors and adequate medical facilities. So it would be better if the patients were shifted to the nearby nursing home.

The Medical Superintendent said an inquiry would be conducted against the “planted” receptionist and sweeper of the hospital. “It is unfortunate that because of a meagre amount of commission, people were indulging in such an unethical practice, said Dr Singh.

Talking about the particular incident, Dr Waheguru Pal Singh said on October 1, a 26-days-old child was brought to the hospital by his father. He went to the reception seeking help, where he was told by one of the receptionists that the doctors in this hospital did not care for the patients and that it would be better if he took his child to the nearby hospital. One of the sweepers also agreed with the receptionist, saying that his child would not be properly treated at the hospital. “The whole episode was narrated to me by the father next day, who also identified the receptionist and sweeper of the hospital who had suggested him to take the child to a nearby nursing home”, said Dr Wahegurupal.

The father took the child immediately to that nursing home where he was charged Rs 3,000 for a night and he again took the child to the GTBH next day. Dr Harinder Singh, the attending doctor at the GTB Hospital said: “The child is suffering from pneumonia and his condition is quite serious. Unfortunately, the man has no money for further tests but the child is being given proper treatment at the hospital”.

According to some reliable sources, these “planted employees” get at least 30 to 40 per cent commission from the nursing homes where patients were diverted. Dr Wahegurupal said: “This is a charitable hospital and it is most unfortunate that people bribe our employees to run their own establishments. Such incidents have been reported earlier also but because of lack of evidence, the guilty persons had gone scot-free”.



Surgery for rectal prolapse
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
Fortysix-year-old Ashwani Kumar of Hamirpur had tried almost everything possible — ‘desi’ medicines, alternative therapies allopathy and exercises — but nothing cured him of his 10-year-old problem of rectal prolapse. He was finally referred to the CMC by doctors in Dharamsala.

Dr Rajeev Kapoor, Professor of Surgery at the CMC, said after investigation, the patient was suggested to go for a surgery. “Surgery has been successful in completely curing the prolapse”, said Dr Kapoor.

Dr Kapoor said a prolapse was a protrusion of some part of the bowel through and outside the anus. It might occur in childhood or in the adulthood. If the prolapse increased in size, it could cause severe problems like discomfort, bleeding, incontinence or poor control of the bowel. A feeling of constipation or incomplete emptying of the rectum might be the symptoms. “Ashwani had been suffering not only physically but on emotional, social and professional front also as the problem affected his ability to stand for long time, work and travel”, said the doctor.

In children treatment of constipation was all that was necessary to correct the prolapse. In adults, if a complete prolapse of the rectum occurred then surgery was usually required. The operation might be performed via the abdomen or the anus, he said.

“I had lost all hopes to recover from this problem as no remedy seemed to work. Now, I am able to resume my social and professional life without any complexes. Also, 80 per cent of my bowel incontinence has been cured as I am doing regular exercise,” said Mr Ashwani Kumar.



Lucky and unfortunate, special child needs help
Shivani Bhakoo

Ludhiana, October 3
Two-year-old Laila is an abandoned child of her parents, but she has become a darling of doctors, nurses and the other staff of Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH). Laila has been lucky to survive one of the rarest congenital malformations — conjoined twining.

Abandoned by their parents in the ICU of the CMCH on December 12, 2000, Laila and her twin sister were successfully separated on March 14, 2001, in a complicated 9-hour surgery performed by a team of doctors led by Dr V.P. Singh, Head of the Paediatric Surgery Unit. A few months later, while her twin sister succumbed to severe chest infection, Laila survived and, since then, is being looked after by doctors and nurses of the Paediatric Surgery Unit. No one from her family has, so far, turned up to take her home.

Dr V.P. Singh said: “Her medical, material and emotional needs are taken care of by the medical team. If one person feeds her, the others bring clothes and toys for her. We had even celebrated her first birthday at my house.”

However, this is not the end of her story, as Laila is blind and her mental development is delayed. Dr V.P. Singh said: “She suffers from convulsions and needs special care and regular medication. She has been in the CMCH for almost 21 months now and, so far, the hospital has spent Rs 2.5 lakh on her treatment. For her proper development and upbringing, the child may soon have be handed over to the Missionaries of Charity at Jalandhar.”

Philanthropists are, now, the only hope for this poor child. Any social organisation or individual wishing to help the child financially and pay her medical bills can contact the Paediatric Surgery Unit in Ward Number 2 of the CMCH.



Murder mystery solved
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
The police claims to have solved the murder mystery of Sunder Pal (22), a chemist, with the arrest of Gursewak Singh and Ajay Kumar, cousin of the deceased. According to a press note released here today, the police on the statement of Jai Pal of Gita Colony, registered a case against Ajay Kumar of Ajit Nagar and Gursewak Singh, a resident of Rodey Phatak, and another unknown person under Sections 364 and 34 of the IPC. The complainant suspected that his brother has been kidnapped with an intention to commit murder.

According to the police, Ajay Kumar was under training in the said chemist’s shop and Ajay didn’t turned up on September 29 on asking the reason, an altercation took place between the two.

The police after investigation arrested Ajay Kumar who during investigation confessed having murdered Sunder Pal after inflicting injuries and by strangulation and there after thrown the body packed in a gunny bag in Abohar Canal at Akhara Bridge, The body was later recovered.

The police has also taken into possession the Maruti Car (HR01H-9569) which was used during crime and produced both the accused, Ajay Kumar and Gursewak Singh, in the court of Mr Tejwinder Singh SDJM, Jagraon, who remanded them in police custody till October 8.



An ‘American Desi’ look at India

Looking at India through the eyes of second-generation immigrants, “American Desi” which will be released in the city tomorrow, is a romantic comedy which is all about marriage, mehndi and bhangras.

The story, set on a US college campus, follows the exploits of an Indian college student whose path in life takes a sharp detour down a road to self-discovery.

Directed by Piyush Dinker Pandya, the film stars Deep Katdare who featured in the popular police series, “New York Undercover”, and has also acted in theatre classics such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “Measure for Measure” as well as the Bruce Willis-Denzel Washington film, “The Siege”.

Playing the female lead is Chandigarh-born Purva who played Dr Priya Shailendra in the medical series, “ER”, and Kaytha Trask in the White House drama series, “The West Wing”.

Playing the oddball assortment of roommates of the hero are Ronobir Lehri, Rizwan Manzi and Kal Penn. His bete noir is Anil Kumar who wants to thwart Katdare’s attempts at winning his lady love’s affections. TNS



Villages get mechanised dairy project
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 3
Dr Y.S. Rajan, Scientific Secretary to the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India, today inaugurated a mechanised dairy development project in Chowkiman and Jandi villages, besides the Milk Plant, here today.

The prestigious project has been set up with the financial assistance by the Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) and is being run by Milkfed and the Milkmen Union.

Dr Rajan, while addressing the gathering of workers, appreciated the human resources development policies being implemented by the management of plant.

He stressed that any plant /unit/organisation can usher in new technologies only if there are cordial relations between the management and the unions. He said Punjab has the highest yield per animal in the country but it was yet low as compared to animals in other countries. He said an animal here yields 2,000 litres annually as compared to 8, 000 litres annually in Denmark.

“We have also not been able to concentrate on quality which still is low as compared to developed countries. If we are to compete with their products, we have to go in for mechanisation in a big way. The national target was to take the milk production to more than 84 million tonnes this year,” he revealed.

He also informed that as many as 88 villages in the district had gone in for mechanisation which had resulted in better quality and less bacterial count. Dr Rajan also stressed that the local plant was the best in the country.

Dr B.M. Mahajan, while appreciating the performance of this project, stressed on the need to develop three types of dairy farms all over Punjab and financial support by TIFAC should be a continuous process.

Speakers emphasised that mechanised dairy development project was conceptualised with a view that Punjab had a potential to produce even more milk and have capability to increase productivity of milch animals.

It was assumed that high production level in milk in cows and buffaloes presently obtained in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Israel and Italy can be achieved in Punjab.

In view of this, Milkfed felt that there is a need of focus on both quality and productivity aspects of raw milk for the development of dairy industry in Punjab through innovative mechanisation.

Accordingly, Milkfed submitted an economically feasible based (on the tangible cost and benefits only) proposal to the Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, the Milk Union, Ludhiana, was selected for implementation of this project in Punjab system technology adopted by dairy development in Punjab.



Ludhiana MC an asset to govt
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 3
At a time when privatisation seems to be the buzz word for bringing in effective management and getting maximum yields, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) stands apart as an exception. For those who are seeking to write off government institutions as only the loss-making agencies and a liability, the management of Ludhiana MC should serve as an eye-opener.

Ludhiana MC is the only corporation in the state which is running in profits with overflowing cash reserves after meeting all liabilities. And this, according to the commissioner, Mr S.K. Sharma, has been possible only by mobilising the existing resources. This however involves a lot of things, mostly ensuring accountability, transparency and close coordination between the members of the staff.

The MC Ludhiana is the biggest in the state among all the four including Amritsar, Jalandhar and Patiala. There are 70 councillors belonging to different political parties, with the Congress in the majority.

Ludhiana MC is the first in the entire north to have set up biomedical waste disposal plant. Immediately after he took over, Mr Sharma started fixing responsibilities for employees and contractors. While about 40 employees were issued show cause notices, 15 contractors were blacklisted. Even penalties were also realised from the erring contractors. Moreover, the contractors’ work is being reviewed from time to time to ensure timely completion of the projects.



Prof Mohan Singh foundation awards
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
Mr Pragat Singh Grewal and Mr Satbir Singh, president and member, respectively, of the Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation, giving details of Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Mela said the names of nine personalities for their contribution to the Punjabi culture had been finalised for various awards by the foundation. They would be awarded on October 20, the last day of the Mela.

The award named after Prof Mohan Singh would be given to Om Parkash Gasso, a Punjabi novelist. Rashpul Singh Pamal, dhadi singer, would be honoured with Zildar Kartar Singh Jassowal Award. Jaswant Sandila, folk singer and writer, would be given Didar Singh Award. The award named after singer Lal Chand Yamla Jat would go to Gurpal Singh Pal, folk singer. Rising Punjabi singer Harvinder Grewal would be given the Sur Shahzada award, they said.

Baba Nijjar Singh would be getting Giani Kartar Singh Sikhya Doot Award. Sahib Singh Thind would be given International Cultural Ambassador Award as he had done a lot to spread Punjabi culture around the world. A couple known for their comedy, Harbhajan Jabbal and Jatinder Kaur, would get Dr Gurnam Singh Teer Comedy King and Comedy Queen Award.

The presidents of the foundation from Denmark, England and Canada have reached here and are helping to make the mela a success. Giving details of the mela, Mr Pragat Singh Grewal said a procession comprising writers, singers and Prof Mohan Singh’s admirers would start march from Prof Mohan Singh’s House. The procession would be led by Mr Kamal Mohan Singh, son of Prof Mohan Singh. The meeting point would be Aarti Chowk and the Deputy Commissioner, Municipal Commissioner and many other personalities would be joining them. Then the marchers would proceed towards the statue of Prof Mohan Singh to garland it.



Ramlila from October 7
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
The general body meeting of the Urban Estate Ramlila Dasehra Committee was held today under the chairmanship of Mr Raj Garg. It was decided at the meeting that Ramlila would begin at the Sabzi Mandi Dasehra Ground, Urban Estate, Dugri, Ludhiana, on October 7 and continue till October 14, and Dasehra would be celebrated on October 15.

Dr Shiv Gupta, general secretary of the committee, stated in a press note that Mr Vijay Aggarwal, managing director of Basant Avenue, would inaugurate the Ramlila and Mr Prem Mittal, senior deputy mayor, would be the chief guest. Mr M.P. Khosla, managing director of Khosla Properties, would distribute the prizes to the artistes.

The convener, Mr Naveen Sharma, said Dasehra Mela would be inaugurated by Mr Vinod Dhall, Managing Director of Emson Process Industries, and the chief guest would be Mr Rakesh Pandey, Minister of State for Printing and Stationery, Punjab. The Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mr A.K. Sinha, would hoist the flag and Mr Malkiat Singh Birmi, MLA, Mr S.R. Kaler, Deputy Director, Local Bodies, and Mr Prem Mittal, senior deputy mayor, would distribute the prizes.



Police PRO doesn’t have telephone
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
Though the city police claims to have gone hi-tech with the introduction of computers and all that, the office of its PRO remains a thing of antiquity — without a telephone.

An official manning the telephone at the control room, on being asked the telephone number of the PRO, said today that he could not give the number as there was no telephone in the PRO’s office.

Neither the SSP nor the DIG, Ludhiana Range, could be contacted for comments.



Old man abuses minor
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 3
A four-year-old boy was sodomised by an elderly person of the same village yesterday. Ms Ravinder Kaur, the mother of the victim, told the police that the person was known to them and often visited their house. She said her son Gurkaranvir Singh was taken away by Gurpiyar Singh from Sehan Daud village and sodomised at a lonely place. When the child came home and complained of pain, then the parents came to know that the boy had been sodomised. A case has been registered under Sections 377 and 506 of the IPC at the Payal police station, today. Gurpiyar Singh has absconded.

Poppy husk seized:
The Sahnewal police has recovered seven sacks of poppy husk from Ranjit Singh of Dalom Nagal in Gurdaspur district at a naka at Ramgarh Dhaba, near the same village. According to police sources, each sack contained 34 kg of poppy husk. A case under Sections 15, 61 and 85 of the NDPS Act has been registered at the Sahnewal police station on Thursday.

2 booked for attempt to steal: Two persons have been booked by the Sahnewal police on the complaint of the owner of the house when they had allegedly planned to rob on Wednesday. Gurnam Kaur of Jandiali village who is a widow, has complained that she was sleeping in her room on the intervening night of October 1 and 2 when she heard some noise from the roof of her house. She immediately got up and went to the roof where she found two to three persons, discussing something. They fled away on seeing her. A case under Sections 380 and 511 of the IPC has been registered at the Sahnewal, police station but no one arrested.

Truck driver hurt: A truck rammed into a stationary truck which hit a bus, on Wednesday. Mr Sarabjit Singh of Machhiwara complained to the police that he stopped his truck behind a bus which had stopped to board passengers on the Kohara-Mangarh road. In the meantime, a truck (PB04C-9514) being driven by Balkar Singh of Mubarakpur, rammed into his truck which subsequently hit the bus. A case under Sections 279 and 427 of the IPC has been registered at the Sahnewal police station. Balkar Singh was injured in the accident.

Scooterist injured: A scooterist was injured when an Esteem car hit his scooter near Katani Kalan on Wednesday. Mr Jaswant Singh of Hazara Huran village has complained that a scooter number PB-U-3110 was hit by an Esteem car number PB-29C-0339 being driven by Angrez Singh of Ferozepore. As a result the scooterist was badly injured and admitted to Sidhu Hospital at Doraha. The car driver absconded. A case has been registered against him at the Sahnewal police station.



Salesman booked for embezzlement
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
The Sudhar police on the complaint of Jaswinder Singh, president of the Burj Littan Cooperative Agriculture Service Society, has registered a case under Sections 408, 467 and 471, IPC, against its salesman, Sukhdev Singh, for embezzlement of the funds of the society and tampering with the record.

According to the complainant, the accused worked as a salesman as well as cashier during the period and he caused loss to the society by showing an electricity bill payment by him though the same was deposited by Mr Bachittar Singh, secretary. The salesman is alleged to have shown credit of earnest money of Rs 60,000 and debited Rs 67,680 as his salary without showing any detail thereof. Investigation by Mr Harjit Singh Brar, DSP, Raikot, found the salesman guilty. 



3 booked
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 3
The Sidhwan Bet police has booked Iqbal Singh Hero, a press reporter of Kishanpura Kalan village Kalan and two others on the complaint of Inder Mohan Singh of Tihara village as the trio, even after receiving Rs 1.50 lakh neither sent the complainant abroad nor returned his entire money.



Hosiery manufacturers’ SOS to PM, CM
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 3
The hosiery manufacturers of the city have sought the intervention of Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee and Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to save them from bankruptcy which, they said, was imminent with a number of taxes imposed on them by the state and the Union Governments.

In a memorandum submitted to the PM and the CM, the Ludhiana Hosiery Manufacturers Association pointed out that Ludhiana was known as the Manchester of India for its massive hosiery production. However, it might not be long before, when the city manufacturers might have to wind up as they might not be able to bear the brunt of massive taxes being imposed on them.

The president of the association, Mr Naveen Sood, said as if the exiting taxes were not enough to break the back of hosiery industry in Ludhiana, the government imposed another tax as entry tax. This, he said, “may prove to be the last straw on the camel’s back”. He observed that those framing the policy were either ignorant of the ground realities or were deliberately bent upon killing the hosiery industry in the state.

Giving details of the taxes being paid by the hosiery manufacturers, he said, first they had to pay 16 per cent tax on the fibre, besides 16 per cent excise duty, 15 per cent surcharge to make the yarn. Then there is 4 per cent sales tax on the yarn plus duty on the dyeing, 19 per cent tax on the sweaters manufactured by machines and 4 per cent tax on their sale.

Pointing towards the disparity in taxation between the hosiery and the garment manufacturing, Mr Sood said while there was no tax on the garments manufactured from the cloth, a number of taxes were imposed if sweaters were manufactured from the same yard. He said the manufacturers had started moving to other parts of the country which did not have such a stringent tax regime.

Making a desperate appeal to both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, Mr Sood said hosiery manufacturing was the backbone of Ludhiana’s industry and if it was taxed in such a “draconian manner” it might not be long before it collapses under the heavy weight of these taxes. 



Ludhiana hosiery makes big leap forward
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 3
Ludhiana may be known mostly for its woollen products all over the country and abroad, but the enterprising Ludhianvis have made a great leap forward by diversifying into the manufacturing of other garments, including the designer ones that are proving to be competitive at the world level. No wonder, the international brands like the Addidas and the Reebok are getting most of their products manufactured from the city only. Both these brands get the products manufactured from Ludhiana for both the domestic as well as the international markets.

It is not just the Addidas or the Reebok, other leading international brands get their supplies from here only. “Once you are into the manufacturing business and supply to some leading brands, then others follow the suit and there is no dearth of orders”, said Mr Sanjiv Talwar, official supplier of Addidars. However, he hastens to add, “there is a common bottom line, the quality”. The international brand masters can compromise on anything but not on the quality of the product, which is of paramount importance.

According to Ms Abhilasha Batalvi, designer for Reebok, the designer wear from Ludhiana has been a great hit with the cricket stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Rahul Singh and even Wasim Akram. “In fact, on most of the occasions they carry the kits manufactured in Ludhiana only”, she added.

It is not just the international brands manufactured in Ludhiana which have are making their mark abroad. Even the local brands like the Monte Carlo, Sportking, Casa Blanca, Duke, and several other similar brands are accepted world over as the quality brands. There are others like the Gitane which are also moving ahead and have already established their mark in the domestic and international market, although not at a large scale.

Mr Aneesh Dhawan of the Gitane Exports said they had been manufacturing products for the Reebok and every second time the orders get multiplied. He said, “it has been mutually beneficial for both the local manufacturers as well as the international brands”. Because, it gives the local manufacturers the initial exposure, while the brands get the required quality at the competitive prices.


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