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Monday, June 30, 2003


Promoting Linux in Ludhiana
Naveen S. Garewal

pirated copy of Windows Operating System is what runs most computers in a majority of homes as well as small and medium business establishments. A beginning has been made to break the hegemony of Microsoft by a small group that has taken upon itself the task of training the common man in the use and implementation of the Linux operating system. Sucharu, a non-profit NGO, aims at implementing Linux and software solutions.

Unzip and get SoBig virus
new variant of a computer virus spreading around the Internet on Thursday spoofs the e-mail address of the sender, making it difficult to determine the source of infection, anti-virus experts said. Computer security companies were rating the virus, dubbed .e," as a medium risk for both corporate and consumer users.

Who let the dogs out!
CARED of losing your pooch? Japan’s largest home and office security provider Secom Co Ltd thinks it can offer the paranoid pet owner a little peace of mind. Secom said it plans to unleash a new service later this month to track missing dogs, using satellite-based global positioning systems (GPS) and mobile phone networks.

Cellphone in pouch, confidence in heart
Malvika Kaul

woman vegetable vendor recently used a cellphone and called Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam on his mobile. The President was only a few feet away from her and the cellphone she used was borrowed. But it was a special day for her and thousands like her: the launch of the Thaili (pouch) Phone Programme of Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA).

‘Brainstorming’ through cellphones
Deepak Bagai
OST of the electrical equipment like microwave ovens, mobile phones, mobile phone base stations, shavers, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, radio and TV transmitters, power lines and electricity networks generate electromagnetic fields. Some of these devices create low frequency electromagnetic fields and others like mobile phones create high frequency electromagnetic fields. The radiation emitted is non-ionising and thus does not affect the living tissues.

by Sandeep Joshi

My child is actually reading a book. Thank God! They haven’t made a Harry Potter CD.

Some ringtones violate Copyright Act
Abhijeet Kulkarni
aanta Laga, Saathiya and Babu ji Zara Dhire Chalna may sound great as ringtones. But did you ever wonder how legal is it to download pop numbers. Those in the industry say many portals and cellular operators are jumping on to the bandwagon but a majority of them operate illegally, according to industry sources.

Chips in helmet for hand-free calls
TMicroelectronics announced that the company’s Bluetooth chipset has been chosen by LensLogica for an innovative motorcycle helmet solution that allows hand-free wireless calls with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and easy communication between two helmets that are within the Bluetooth transmission range of a few meters, enhancing safety and comfort.

India ko No Kia
Satya Prakash
INNISH mobile phone giant Nokia has ruled out any immediate plans to establish a manufacturing or assembling unit in India to cater to its growing market in the country. "We are catering not just to the Indian market. We are a global player and we decide our strategy keeping in mind the needs of our global market," Nokia’s Vice President Sales South East Asia Pacific (SEAP) Tyler McGee says.

Net makes Iran govt squirm
Firouz Sedarat
HE diary of a former prostitute is one of the hottest Websites in Iran, a strict Islamic society where the Internet is coveted for the access it gives users to a forbidden world. The anonymous author, who presents herself as a 24-year-old former sex worker, says she does not want to just titillate readers in the conservative country that bans sex and romance outside marriage.


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