Tale of a beautiful mind
Vikramdeep Johal
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
by Mark Haddon.
Vintage Books, New York.
Pages 226. $ 4.99.
There is a wonderful story by Latin American writer Jorge Luis Borges, Funes the Memorious, about a youth who is rendered immobile on being thrown by a horse. The mishap, however, makes his perception and memory infallible. Funes starts seeing, hearing and remembering things in such mind-boggling detail that it makes his life magnificent yet virtually insufferable.

Mission to Forbidden City
Parshotam Mehra

Duel in the Snows: the true story of the Younghusband Mission to Lhasa.
by Charles Allen.
John Murray.
Pages 350. 20.

towards the fag end of the Great Game, a century and more (circa 1800-1907) of intense rivalry between the great White Tsar and John Bull for mastery over Central Asia, the British mounted an armed expedition to Lhasa.

Off the shelf
Nanak in faith and history
V. N. Datta
Janamsakhi Tradition: An Analytical Study
by Dr Kirpal Singh.
Singh Brothers, Amritsar.
Pages 254. Rs 395.

Nanak never wrote or left any record of his life and achievements, while his contemporary, Babur, bequeathed to posterity his unrivalled autobiography, the Tuzak, which has become a standard source of authoritative contemporary evidence in historical knowledge.

Punjabi review
Rewarding journeys
Shalini Rawat

25 Mulk 75 Gallan
by Gulzar Singh Sandhu. Navyug Publishers, New Delhi. Pages 168. Price 140.
reader, what do you say of a book that is at once a collection of notes, a memoir, a travelogue, a journal and a souvenir all rolled in one and then denies all these categorisations in the preface itself?

Iyer-onic view of the foreign 
Rajnish Wattas

Sun After Dark.
by Pico Iyer. Alfred A. Knopf. Pages 223. $12.50.

defines what classical travel writing is all about. And the quintessential Pico Iyer is always on the move in this quest. Gently observing, analysing and interpreting what the eye sees; and also what it does not see.

Short takes
Diplomatic pitch
Randeep Wadehra

Cricketing Ties
Edited by Renuka Chatterjee and Nandita Jaishankar. Roli Books. Pages 143. Price not mentioned.

Once an archetypal English game, cricket is fast becoming a global phenomenon with a distinctive subcontinental flavour. The recent Indo-Pakistan Test and one-day series was watched keenly not only in the traditional cricket-playing nations but also by diplomatic circles in the United States and elsewhere.

A treat for thrill seekers
Harish Dhillon
Adventure Sports
by Brig TPS Chowdhury (retd). National Book Trust. Pages 366. Rs 110.

by Brig Chowdhury is a unique book in many ways. It is the first of its kind published in India. In fact, one wonders if such a comprehensive book on the subject has been published anywhere in the world.