Tsunami calls for poll postponement

IN your editorial “Tsunami’s terror – A lot of rehabilitation effort is needed” (Dec 28), you have rightly mentioned that massive earthquakes and volcano eruptions have an elemental dynamics of their own and that instead of being overwhelmed by them, mankind has to constantly learn to exceed itself and to take these on the chin.

The first and foremost requirement is to make a concerted effort at the global and national level for massive relief to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented natural calamity.

All kind of wasteful expenditure at individual, social and governmental level has to be cut and ploughed back to these people in distress. The enormity of damage caused is so severe that the nation is faced by a near emergency. The first and foremost case of cutting expenditure that comes to my mind at this juncture is in the form of postponing assembly elections in some states. This will save the political parties and the government several hundred crores of rupees which can be directly diverted for relief supplies.

S.C.Chabba, Ropar




As tsunami toll increases day after day, the whole nation mourns and prays in terror. At this point of time, the role of our representatives becomes doubly vital as they have to be direction-givers for the rest of the people of the nation who, though having been fortunate enough to not have undergone such physical and material sufferance, are still restless regarding their role and their concerns’ utility.

Dr Manmohan Singh has asked all the government employees to donate their one day’s salary which should just be a small step in the right direction. Our MPs and MLAs, who owe their statures to public service, should come forward to donate extensively and our ministers should not only facilitate huge funds from their respective ministries but also from their personal accounts.

They should take a clue from Japan’s politicians, all of whom donated their months’ salaries for the rebuilding of the country after it faced the consequences of World War



We need to take note of the fact that the bodies of victims of the tsunami disaster are being disposed of in the most uncivilised manner. The world may not care for the poor of our land but let us show them that we do. Let us give the deceased a proper, civil and indeed a dignified burial or cremation.

The bereaved families need to be assured that God is in full control of the situation caused by the tsunami and that His children in India are there to render all possible help.

Omar Luther King, Delhi


One of the most depressing features of all previous disasters has been the embezzlement of the relief fund through corruption.

After the destruction of Pompeii by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD, the Roman empire sentenced to death anyone found robbing the dead — death by crucifiction.

Surely the people who embezzle funds and support from the tsunami disaster victims should also be sentenced to death. This should be made clear now, not after any robbery.

Nathan Allonby, McLeoad Ganj (HP)


Bush proposes, God disposes

US invasion of Iraq was to give the US a more pliable regime in Iraq, to undertake a lesser category of regime change by using Iraq, its people, its armed forces and its staging post to once again try a first degree regime change in Iran.

That goal seems to have been botched as the much touted democratic rule that the US is promising to Iraqi people and the doubting world, with the never factored possibility that the majority in any democratic result would bring in a Shia majority rule in Iraq, and would strengthen Shia ties between any new Iraqi regime and the brotherly Shia Iran.

As the dire prospects of a new axis of evil appear to be developing with Iraq too joining the cavalcade, US planners are rushing to new tactics to introduce new spanners in the works, using the classic strategy of “divide and rule”.

It is anybody’s guess how far the new Shia-dominated government will be handicapped by US stranglehold on all its lifelines. But the prospects of a new factor — unplanned, unintended, unexpected — is bound to further mess up the clean frontlines drawn up by Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.


Stumbling block

This is in response to MB Naqvi’s “Only Motions of Negotiation”. The Pakistan government has converted trade and people-to-people contacts into levers to apply on India.

Pakistan military is the biggest stumbling block in the peace process. India should try for the early restoration of democracy in Pakistan.

AMAN GOYAL, Chandigarh

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