Hooda should make Haryana corruption-free

The Tribune has done well in featuring Haryana’s new Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Haryana is a fast developing state but besides corruption, it is confronted with the serious problem of unemployment, particularly in the rural areas. The people of Haryana, especially the youth, have very high expectations from Mr Hooda.

To achieve efficiency in the administration and streamline the delivery mechanism, he should select a team of honest, dedicated, upright and intelligent officers without any bias. He should work hard to get the Right to Information Bill passed on the pattern of the Maharashtra government.

Along with overhauling of the education system, rural development and poverty alleviation mechanism need restructuring. Women in rural areas also need special attention.

PURAN SINGH, Nilokheri (Karnal)



No asylum for Taslima

In “This Above All,” Khushwant Singh wonders why the present government is dragging it’s feet in offering asylum to Taslima Nasreen (Saturday Extra, March 26). No one knows better than Khushwant that India, with her Gandhi-Nehru-Rajiv brand of secularism, is the only democracy to have banned Rushdie’s Satanic Verses.

Our politicians are against the author of Lajja because she has said what they should have been bold enough to say and lacked the moral courage to say. Here is an example: “Haider, even Khalida Zia has demanded that the Babri Masjid be rebuilt. Can you tell me why she does not talk about the temples being rebuilt?” Suranjan asks.

And this is not all fiction, Taslima has given dates and names to make the point. The failure to accept Taslima as an Indian is the symptom of the same lack of courage and morality. Will the writers’ associations, if there are any, and journalists’ clubs raise the demand in her favour?

L.R. SHARMA, Jalandhar

Surjeet’s legacy

Reference, “Surjeet: A legend in his lifetime” by Harihar Swarup (Sunday Oped, April 10). Harkishanjit Singh is perhaps the only politician who has not stood even in a panchayat election. Though he claims to be a Marxist, he gleefully hobnobs with persons like Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav and the votary of the Muslim vote bank, the Congress party.

GEETANJALI KORPAL, Advocate, Amritsar

Trauma of Partition

This refers to the “Rapture and recovery” by Rumina Sethi (Spectrum, March 20). Many famous writers and poets lamented the division of the country. Our political masters, who were to take over from the British, were least bothered about the impending holocaust and trauma. These very leaders had a biased approach in accommodating the minorities which forced Jinnah to leave the Congress party.

These leaders ultimately became champions of the demand for Pakistan. Wounds of Partition were so deep that those who saw the mayhem during 1947 are still unable to forget it. In a decade or so, those who migrated will be no more to tell the gory tales. Both the governments should allow these old people to visit their birthplaces freely to meet their vanishing friends.


Dressing down

Amita Malik has often expressed her resentment with the sexy dresses which women like Mandira Bedi or Roshni Chopra wear during the Fourth Umpire programme during cricket matches. But it is shocking to see her making similar observation regarding actresses in Koffee with Karan programme of Star World (Saturday Extra, April 2).

I don’t know why the columnist wants to see actresses in sober dresses while being interviewed on TV. They are, after all, not participating in the Dandi March. They are a part of a business that thrives on glamour.

These women are generally made to wear such dresses in movies and even while posing for magazines. So what is wrong if they wear similar dresses while appearing on TV?


In poor taste

This refers to a picture published on the film page (Spectrum, March 20) of an actress of Norwegian descent in a semi-nude posture. One fails to understand the reason for its publication because neither did the picture have any aesthetic appeal nor was it artistic.

The Tribune is read by mature and serious readers who do not approve of this rubbish. Displaying of such obscene pictures should be discouraged.


Equality check

Khushwant Singh’s article “Equality check” (Saturday Extra, March 12) was thought-provoking. Adult franchise is an expression of the confidence in people’s sovereignty and conforms to the principle of equality. It also promotes national unity, especially where diversity is prevalent.

The right to vote is of paramount importance for ensuring people’s participation in our vibrant democracy. That is what will make the process a roaring success.

Besides a mere exercise of political rights by the people en masse, it also means their active involvement which influences the decision-making activity of the government.

Electoral reforms are an urgent need of the hour to strengthen our democratic system. For that, education can play a decisive role. A reform that ought to be addressed presently is that the right to vote should be given to those who are at least matriculates so that they can vote judiciously and exercise discretion.


Search for solitude

In Khushwant Singh’s article ‘Search for Solitude’ (Saturday Extra, April 2), the writer’s sombre reflections are refreshing. A question remains unanswered: If perchance his wish is granted by the Almighty, from where would he get his usual masala about ‘people and places’ of which he writes about so frequently in his jaded umpteen columns?

KARTAR SINGH MEET, Jalandhar Cantt


It is true that it is a waste of time and energy to attend undesirable gatherings but man is a social animal and cannot live in isolation. Sometimes it is isolation induced by age. The regular intake of vintage scotch might have created such feelings in the mind of the author to make him avoid socialising or facing human beings.

Telling lies to avoid company and sitting all by himself shows Mr. Singh is inclined towards the materialistic world instead of creation of nature. Wine and women will follow him till the last.



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