Sculpted for a lasting impact
S. L. Parasher set up the School of Art and Crafts in Simla in 1951. It shifted to Chandigarh in 1962 and is now known as the Government College of Art. Archana Shastri reviews two new books on the painter, sculptor and his life

S. L. Parasher 1904-1990, Time. Space. Light. Consciousness
SarNir Foundation, New Delhi. Pages 135. Rs1,000.
Kalaa: Field Notes from the Interior
by S.L. Parasher Ed. Sandy Sterner et al SarNir Foundation. Pages 132. Rs1,500.

Today is PremChand’s 125th Birth Anniversary
India’s most acclaimed writer
by Dhananjaya Bhat
Premchand, the father of the modern Hindi novel, lived in an era of social turmoil. He saw traditional village independence being destroyed by colonisers. He also noted the fallout of large-scale urbanisation and the materialistic tendencies it triggered off. His stories and novels faithfully record and analyse these changes. He made it a point not to use Sanskritised Hindi but wrote in Hindustani — the dialect of the common people.

On leadership & reforms
by V. Eshwar Anand
Soul and Structure of Governance
in India
by Jagmohan, Allied, New Delhi
Pages 516, Rs 475
INDIA'S polity is of its own making. However, the British designed its structure of governance, i.e. the public administration, which is the avowed instrument of implementation of the government’s goals and objectives. The colonial rulers designed it to suit their immediate requirements of law and order administration and the attendant tasks.

Well-crafted tsunami musing
by Arun Gaur
Only the Sea Keeps: Poetry of the Tsunami
Eds: Judith R. Robinson, Joan E. Bauer and Sankar Roy.
Rupa & Co. Pages 184. Rs 195.
OMING of the tsunami was a big event—Lucifer would certainly call it so. If it was not an event, it was at least an interlude in the terrestrial drama. But was it outrageous? And if it was so, how outrageous? Can nature or nature-god be outrageous at all? If it is so, does it cause a sea change in our metaphysical notions? And what about our conditions of living and the idea of living—the existence itself?

Cast in a different mould
by Shalini Rawat

Caste in Question: Identity or Hierarchy?
Ed: Dipankar Gupta. Sage Publications Pages 255. Rs 480.
"For O son of Pritha! Even those who are of sinful birth, women, Vaishyas and Sudras likewise, resorting to me, attain the supreme goal" (The Bhagvad Gita, Chapter IX)

Nuggets of wisdom
by Kamaldeep Kaur
Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. Virago London. Pages 282. £ 314.99.
HIS 2005 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is set in America roughly from the 1880s to the 1950s. The narrator is the pastor of a small, poverty-stricken village that is peopled with devout Christians. The narrator (who is in his sunset years) vividly describes the people and the events that have occurred in the village, in his lifetime, to treasure the memories for his son.

Get drenched with words
by Rajnish Wattas
Curling up with a book seems to be the most natural pursuit on a rainy day. It’s nice to be on literary cloud nine. Pick up your favourite – the current bestseller or a vintage classic — from the shelf to revisit. And if you’re in a clouded state of affairs, perhaps an inspirational book showering some sunshine would do.

Handy tool kit for parents
by Gitanjali Sharma 
Happy Children through Positive Parenting
by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer. Vermilion. Pages 228. £ 4.75
Are you often at the end of your tether while handling your child? Are you plagued by doubt and guilt that you are not a good enough parent? Do you fear that you have lost all parental control over your child? Do you think that your child is undisciplined and is always answering you back?

Short Takes
A novel treat
Randeep Wadehra

  • Beyond The Call of Voice

  • Nationalism

  • Poverty