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Chetan Bhagat has written another book that has its finger on the pulse of the youth. Roopinder Singh reviews his latest offering and talks to the banker-turned-author whose first work sold over 1,35,000 copies
One Night @ the Call Center
by Chetan Bhagat. Rupa. Pages 290. Rs 95.
CALL centres are all about people. About people being reduced to voices, of people losing their identities willingly for the lure of a good job, of people toiling into the night and doing what it takes to make a success of themselves. Chetan Bhagat has his finger on the nerves of the youth.

The book will make a difference only when grown-ups read it: Chetan Bhagat

A look at backwardness
Gopal Krishan
Addressing Regional Backwardness: An Analysis of Area Development Programmes in India
by Krishna Mohan; Manak Publications, New Delhi, 2005. Pages 310. Price Rs.400/-.
FACTS are startling. The book testifies. Barring some industrial-urban concentrations scattered in general and the green revolution pockets of Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and deltaic tracts of the peninsular India, virtually the whole of India has been covered by one or more of the seven backward area programmes analysed in the book under review.

Books received PUNJABI

Feminist take on security
Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal
Women, Security, South Asia: A Clearing in the Thicket
eds. Farah Faizal and Swarna Rajagopalan. Sage Publications. Pages 215. Rs 295.
THE book explores sources of security and insecurity in women’s lives, and highlights women’s perspective on security matters in the South Asian region. Security has been defined in wider connotations and includes environmental, physical, economic, societal and even emotional security.

A poetic landscape
Arun Gaur
by Pablo Neruda. Rupa. Pages 370. Rs 295.
LAST year Pablo Neruda would have been hundred years old. So, the world celebrated the occasion on July 12, 2004. His poems were recited from the mountain tops, ships saluted his home on La Isla Negra (Chile), where he lies buried by the side of his third wife Matilde Urrutia, a crater in Mercury was named after him, the Oscar award-winning documentary Il Postino focusing on the period when Neruda was exiled in Capri was screened, and many seminars were held in universities.

Leaves from the past
Harbans Singh
50 Years of Government College Lahore (1864-1913)
by Dr Syed Sultan Mahmood Hussain. Izharsons, Lahore. Pages 566. Rs 450.
THE importance of the book lies not just in the chronological information about the first 50 years of the famous college, nor does it lie in the fact that it promises to take the reader through a nostalgic journey through the years, which laid the foundation of a city and its culture as it was known to our ancestors.

Sued for scanning books
David A. Vise
IVE major publishers sued Google Inc. recently, alleging that the search engine's plans to scan millions of library books so they can be viewed on the Internet is a blatant violation of copyright law. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan, the publishers asked a federal judge to block Google from resuming its scanning of books on Nov. 1.

She sang from her soul
Begum Akhtar; The Story of My Ammi;
by Shanti Hiranand; Viva Books. Pages 170. Rs 1,295
Mohabbat karne wale kum na honge teri mehfil me lekin hum na honge — true to one of her last recordings, even 31 years after her death, people revere Begum Akhtar for her ghazals, knowing little about the person behind the rich voice.

Mixed offering
Komal Vijay Singh
Post Box No. 99 and Other Stories
Edited by Ruskin Bond
Rupa. Pages 98, Rs 50
THIS is a mixed bag of fine and not-quite-so-fine stories written by 12 school-going authors. These award-winning stories are the end product of the Classmate Young Author Contest, which was designed in 2003 to discover new talent and encourage future young authors.

Intellectual par excellence
E is in his 70s and first became known for his theory of transformational grammar. Noam chomsky is now at the top of the thinkers’ hit parade. More than 20,000 voters from around the world took part in selecting the winners from a list of 100.

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