Story of the Guruís life
Roopinder Singh
Guru Nanak
by Harish Dhillon. Indus Source Books, Mumbai. Pages 228. Rs 195.
HE story of Guru Nanak Devís life is so fascinating and inspiring that it has been retold by writers and bards for centuries. Here we have a contemporary storyteller visiting the same territory with a fresh perspective. Harish Dhillon likes to tell stories. He has been writing books for over 30 years now and his published works are largely novels, biographies or collections of short stories.


Books received: English

Community way to conserve
Dinoo Anna Mathew
Traditional Wisdom in Natural Resource Management: The Only Way to Conserve
by Rural Litigation
& Entitlement Kendra, Dehra Dun. Pages 229. Rs 395.
tís not a new concept that to preserve and sustain life in its fullness, man has to honour his relationship with the natural world. Living under environmentally fragile conditions, the indigenous societies in our country have over the centuries, through trial and error, struck a delicate balance with the environment.

Man and the unknown
Arun Gaur
Rupaís Supernatural Omnibus edited by Ruskin Bond. Rupa & Co. Pages 303. Rs 95.
Ruskin Bond has, in this anthology, categorised 25 stories under five thematic sections: sorcery, apparitions, transmigration, haunted houses, and vampires. They come from many countries: Greece, England, Ireland, Japan, China, Germany, India, Hawaii, and Spain.

Basically good
Priyanka Singh

Puffin has released a series of four books for children, each distinct in content but similar in their rich Indian flavour. The authors are either associated with the NGOs or have closely worked with artisans and craftspeople from time to time.

The price of Osama
Amarinder Sandhu
The Final Option
by Baqir Shameem. Frog Books. Pages 126. Rs 200.
Sought by the Americans, Osama bin Laden and his aides are captured by a Pakistan army patrol. Did that get your attention? Well it did catch mine. The Final Option has a captivating beginning. The Wakham corridor, at the border of Afghanistan, China and Tajikstan is the strategic venue of this operation. An innocent mute child fond of chocolates leads the army to the most wanted man in the world.

Maintain the fine balance
V. Eshwar Anand
The Supreme Court versus the Constitution ó A Challenge to Federalism
Pran Chopra (ed), Sage Publications, New Delhi.
Pages 287. Rs 360.
The Indian Constitution is one of the finest in the world. It is neither highly flexible like its English counterpart nor is highly rigid like the US Constitution. It presents a curious blending of the two.

Gallery of memories
Himmat Singh Gill
Counting My Blessings by B.K.Karanjia. Penguin-Viking. Rs 495. Pages 297.
Way back in 1943 he passes the Indian Civil Service examination but refuses the job and joins up as a literary assistant in the National War Front organisation in India. He then switches to film journalism, abandons that too after some time and joins Godrej, which is setting up a factory in Malaysia, as their publicity manager.

Oprahís grand delusion
Richard Cohen
Because she has led countless billions and billions of people to the promised land of books, because she preaches self-help and self-sufficiency and not least because she has shown that even a middle-aged person can keep weight off, I must tiptoe up to the amazing Oprah and merely whisper to her that in the case of James Frey, the liar whose memoir turns out to have a good deal of fiction alongside fact, she is not only wrong but deluded.

Of critiques and Karnad
Randeep Wadehra
Girish Karnadís Hayavadana
by L.S. Gill
The much-acclaimed Jnanpith Award winner Girish Karnad is a multi-faceted personality with accomplishments in the fields of literature, cinema and theatre. He is quite adept at amalgamating ideas from traditional folklore, contemporary literature, mythology and history in his creations, with results that leave aficionados of literature and performing arts enraptured.