Symbol of spirituality
Roopinder Singh
Sri Harimandar Sahib: The Body Visible of the Invisible Supreme
by Daljeet and P.C. Jain.
Sri Harimandar Sahib: Adrish Nirakar Shakti da Drish Swarup
by Ma Anand Bharati, Daljeet and P.C. Jain. Photographs by Rajbir Singh
Prakash Books, New Delhi. Pages 176 each. Rs 1,595 each.
THE Golden Temple is indeed a tangible expression of the living spiritual tradition of Sikh faith. Art and architecture often combine to give us magnificent edifices, but when celestial music is added, the experience is sublimely soul stirring, so much so that this epi-centre of Sikh faith attracts over hundreds of thousands of visitors daily.


Books received HINDI

Painful story of Palestine
Janine di Giovanni
City of Oranges
by Adam LeBor Bloomsbury 18 £
EVERY good journalist knows that the best way to engage a reader in a complicated story is to create a great narrative and build a microcosm from the macrocosm. City of Oranges is a fine example of how to tell the story of an otherwise complicated and twisted historical tale by putting it in the hands of a rich cast of characters.

Critical multiculturalism
Harbans Singh
Multicultural America: Conversations with Contemporary Authors
by Nibir K. Ghosh. Unistar. Pages 208. Rs 395
EVEN a casual student of American literature finds what Morris Dickstein terms as "the ever shifting margins of American society" in Multicultural America as something very close to the Indian experience. It is this aspect of the American literature that Nibir K. Ghosh has tried to explore in his illuminating conversations with contemporary authors in America.

More Bollywood fare
Rachna Singh
The Essential Guide To Bollywood
by Subhash K. Jha. Roli Books. Pages 176. Rs 395.
100 Bollywood Films
by Rachel Dwyer. Roli Books. Pages 251. Rs 295.
FILMS are an integral part of the Indian psyche. Most Indians grow up singing ‘filmi’ songs or mouthing ‘filmi’ dialogues. Dialogues like Gabbar Singh’s, "Kitne aadmi the?"or Shashi Kapoor’s, "Mere paas ma hai", have been recorded in the annals of Bollywood history. Jha’s The Essential Guide to Bollywood taps the Indian love for cinema and cine stars.

Sanity vs strife
Komal Vijay Singh
Tremors of Violence: Muslim Survivors of Ethnic Strife in Western India
by Rowena Robinson Sage. Pages 262. Rs 295.
THIS is an urbane and analytical social treatise that examines and attempts to define the Muslim identity. The premise of the study has come up in the backdrop and aftermath of increased, organised violence in recent times against Muslims.

Matter of honour
minent author Mahasweta Devi and well-known theatre personality Habib Tanvir were appointed as National Research Professors in recognition of their unique contributions to the fields of literature and theatre, respectively.

Double delight of jungle world
Rubinder Gill
The Thama Stories
by Kamala Laxman. Puffin Books. Pages 124. Rs 150.
Delightful adventures of little Thama, the beautiful and happy baby elephant, elicit more than a chuckle as the stories progress. Kamala Laxman has written happy and simple stories for children, chronicling experiences of Thama with other creatures of the forest, who he wins over with his childish naivet`E9 and pranks. To add to the delight are illustrations by the famous R.K. Laxman.

Discourse on separatism
M Rajivlochan
Religion, Identity and Nationhood: the Sikh Militant Movement
by Paramjit S. Judge. Rawat Publications, Jaipur. Pages 272. Rs 550.
Paramjit Judge has been most judicious in this book. He takes a magisterial view of historical sociology, treading with equal majesty over the terrain populated by historians and sociologists. In the process, he gives us one of the most balanced explanations of the imbrications between religion, the nation and identities, both personal and collective.

Dan Brown in the dock
Cahal Milmo
N the ornate setting of the Royal Courts of Justice in Central London, the author of The Da Vinci Code, who made £45m in 2004 alone, is being sued for allegedly ripping off the work of two biblical sleuths bent on rewriting Christian history, to provide the basis for his bestseller.

Enjoyable tales
Randeep Wadehra

  • Shielding Her Modesty & other stories
    by Sita Bhaskar Frog Books. Pages: 135. Rs. 200.

  • Death demystified
    by Isher Singh Sobti. Pages: viii+149. Rs. 150.

  • Glow of the Setting Sun
    by Virendra Menhdiratta (translation: MM Mathur) Unistar. Pages: 136. Rs. 250.