Never enforce the quota system

I have been reading the views of readers on the issue of reservation being published in The Tribune with great interest and concern. No teacher differentiates in his teaching on the basis of the caste of his pupils. Neither does any educational curriculum create any such differentiation. If so, then how does a student after getting a medical or engineering degree remain or is termed as backward? Should he or she be labelled as “backward engineer” or “backward doctor”? No doctor or engineer would like to have such a tag.

Then why is reservation beyond any graduation degree being enforced upon the nation? Do we still feel that our education system is faulty to such an extent that it cannot eradicate the backwardness of its students even up to the graduation level? If it is so, then there is a need to overhaul the whole system instead of correcting it by ‘cut paste’ doctrine.

The UPA government seems to be in a hurry to enforce the proposed reservation for the OBCs to claim itself to be the sole champion of their cause. The policy, which is going to influence the future course of the nation, deserves to be discussed, also beyond the benches of Parliament, in a calm and constructive manner.



One could not understand the psyche of Indian politicians when they claim on many occasions that there is threat from terrorists trained in Pakistan or Maos in Nepal. Are we clean on our policies? Have we set our house in order? Are our citizens satisfied with out policies? Is there no frustration among the youth?


Politicians never cared or bothered to take stock of the situation. They are more concerned about their vote bank. They are just dividing society for their petty gains. Terrorists kill one, two or 10 persons but the policies being adopted by the present politicians are worst than AK47 with more killing power. In one amendment, the future of millions of Indians can be brought to zero with after-effects of frustration among the youths. The “Divide and Rule” policy adopted by the politicians is more dangerous than the so-called foreign hands. One can’t blame now the British for dividing India on a communal basis. We are now dividing Indians on a caste basis. No difference. Indians badly need some drastic change in the present political system. Otherwise the day is not very far when there will be a civil war-like situation.



The Government of India is trying to fool all the parities by its new formula—“27 seats for OBCs will be extra, the general category seats will remain the same.” All sections of society are fooled. Political parties can get away with the jugglery of figures because their vote bank knows no arithmetic.

Er. Col (retd) D S GURM, Ludhiana

Why not the Army?

As many as 11, 256 posts amounting to 27 per cent of the Army’s strength in the rank of Lt-Col and below are vacant. This shocking information was passed on in Parliament by the Defence Minister, Mr Pranab Mukerjee.

The main reason for the shortage in the Army was the paucity of suitable candidates meeting the criteria for selection. Parents and their children are opting for civil services, MBBS, IIMS, IITs, hotel management, fashion technology. Armed forces are never the choice of youngsters. Only those who have served the Army have their wards in the forces because to serve in the forces has become a tradition in some families.

Sons or daughters of few politicians have ever opted for a career in the forces. Why are sons and daughters of politicians to be seen in politics only? Is this only way to serve the country?

Dr NARESH RAJ, Patiala

Poor teaching

This has reference to a letter by Mr Vikram Vashisht, carried in The Tribune of May 22. It is heartening that besides the Himachal government’s efforts to provide quality education and to achieve 100 per cent literacy rate in the state, the NCERT has placed Himachal Pradesh in the lowest bracket after Bihar in imparting quality education. I am not in agreement with the contention of Mr Vashisht that the private school teachers are more qualified than government school teachers. There is a safe recruitment system in the state and qualified teachers are being inducted in the Education Department.

It seems that Mr Vashisht has blamed ex-servicemen teachers for the deteriorating quality in the state. Ex-servicemen are more dedicated, qualified and experienced. Most of the ex-servicemen teachers are having a 15 to 28 years’ experience of teaching.

MUKHTIAR KATOCH, Baijnath (Kangra)

False deduction

Every year when board results are declared , newspaper headlines scream: Girls outperform boys , as if this were a sign of women empowerment. The statistic should be a cause of concern rather than celebration. If boys and girls were really equal, their performance in examination should be more or less similar.

If more boys fail than girls, it is because many parents send their boys to school simply because they are boys, while many girls are educated only if they show signs of being highly motivated.

Newspapers should delve deeper into statistics and the phenomenon . What is the male-female ratio in the examinees? Also, there is enough anecdotal evidence that in higher class rooms, the girl presence falls sharply. A rigorous analysis will help formulate a proper policy. In the meantime superficial celebrations should be kept on hold.

Rajesh Kochhar, Chandigarh



Energy conservation

The gap between the supply and demand of electricity is widening everyday as the generation is not able to keep pace with the increase in demand because of rising incomes as also aspirations of the people. However, little attention is being paid to demand management which can reduce the suffering to some extent.

In the sphere of domestic lighting, the government should remove all taxes on CFL lamps to encourage their use. Those who cannot afford these lamps, the SEBs should supply them and recover their cost in say 10 instalments. The 60-100W lamps can be replaced with 20W CFL lamps.

As far as commercial establishments are concerned, BIS had laid standards of illumination for various activities, but the same are not being observed. Excess illumination results in extra load of air-conditioning also as all energy used in lighting is converted to heat.

Keeping in view the acute scarcity of power, most commercial activities can be carried on with illumination level of 300-500 lux. The owners should be advised to limit their lighting load accordingly.

There is also need to use dimming devices with streetlights, as there is little traffic on main roads after 10 P.M.

S L BHATIA, Consulting Engineer, Panchkula

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