All that Jazz

The foursome from France is all set to take music lovers on a trip of their kind of music, says Smriti Sharma 

Going by their looks and outfits one might just mistake them for rock stars, but they are the hip-n-happening jazz musicians who are here to play their kind of jazz music and this one, they promise is going to be rocking. And for the first time, music lovers will get to listen to a fusion of piano and synthesiser.

When it comes to jazz, even this foursome, agrees, Miles Davis is an unbeatable king of jazz. Ask them what’s their definition of jazz and they are quick to add, “attitude, language, tradition, an act of integrating concepts and improvisation. It’s about breaking the boundaries, no matter what the accompanying instruments are’.

For Erik Truffaz, who plays the trumpet (apparently the pack leader), after being inspired from Miles Davis, it was Mozart and Verdi that he performed as a part of Orchestre De Suisse Romande.

So the group that now is, Erik Truffaz, likes to play a mix of jazz and the world music that includes electronic music, playing with acoustics.

Surprisingly, it was Indian flute maestro Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia who motivated Erik. He heard him five years ago in France.

On an invitation by Alliance Française in Chandigarh, the group is on an Indian tour for the first time and this happens to be seventh concert in the league.

Did they think of mixing bhangra beats? “What’s that, you mean the doom, doom? Would like to,” Marc Erbetta, on the drums, is quick enough to add.

This band that performed recently with a tabla player in Kolkata, has a whole lot of live performances across Europe, Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Canada to their credit.

As far as the comparisons between albums and live performances are concerned, for Brazilian pianist, Malcolm Braff, playing live is definitely the best bet. “For one, you connect with the listeners instantly and you don’t have to go back and check after recording a particular piece. It like an art, a painting.”

For Jazz artistes like them, it’s of utmost importance to create their own niche and their strength lies in stretching the boundaries of contemporary jazz by incorporating drum and bass and hip hop rhythms.

After getting a tremendous response in their earlier concerts in India, they are all set to dish out music from their albums when they will be performing tomorrow at Tagore Theatre.

So folks, are you ready to be rocked by this jazz(y) pack?

Roving eye

Going by the number of filmmakers and Bollywood stars visiting the city for work and pleasure, the city seems to have finally arrived on the filmi circuit.

Keeping the inflow intact, Friday saw veteran cameraman and director of over a 100 documentaries, G.L. Bharadwaj in town.

Born in Lahore, Bharadwaj was discovered by late Mahender Malhotra, who was quite impressed with his sense of composition. After coming to Bombay, the Mecca of artistes, Bharadwaj started his career as a still photographer with Raj Kapoor under the R.K. Films’ banner in 1952.

Armed with a zeal to do something creative, he did five films with Kapoor —Awara, Shri 420, Bootpolish, Aah and Dilli Door Nahi.

In reality, it was his hobby to draw that brought him closer to photography. And finally in 1962 Bharadwaj started Bharadwaj Films and produced his first documentary, The Fifth Eye: Eye Of Understanding. Released by Indira Gandhi, it was a film on the indiscipline in education and fetched him many an accolade and a place in the panel of Films Division of India.

Most of his documentaries were very close to his roots — Mata Ganga, Land of Krishna, Yamuna,Welcome to India... “I was very lucky to have got those subjects,” he says.

One regret this filmmaker has is that he had to part with his documentaries after the rights were sold. For him his documentaries are his babies.

The 77-year-old feels he has accomplished all he wanted. But there is one thing he desires, “I want to see documentaries get their due in terms of response.”

This down to earth director is ready to pass on his legacy of documentaries to youngsters willing to learn. Perhaps this explains his willingness for the screening of his documentaries at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Sector 34.

With so much motivation around, we might have some fine filmmakers in the making! — S.S.

Flatter your looks

Designer Mini Singh has something very special and trendy for you to celebrate spring. She has designed some rarest and cool stylish options in perfect soothing colour combinations and different shades like greenish yellow, wine red, onion red, pink, pretty purple, magnetic magenta and chocolate. And, the ranges include sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, short trousers, kurtis and short cocktail dresses.

The collection is available at the designers’ collection shops through out the country, and also at Meena Bazaar in Chandigarh.

Romantic getaway

For a perfect romantic get away to celebrate Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or any other special weekend vacation Jansport helps you make these moments extra special. This Valentine Jansport introduces a special offer that will make those love moments last longer. On purchase of Jansport merchandise worth Rs 2000 one can avail of a special Jansport pouch worth Rs 550 absolutely free. On purchase of Jansport merchandise worth Rs 5000 get a Jansport Super Break Backpack worth Rs 1100 absolutely free. The Two To Tango offer is available from January 25, 2007- February 14, 2007. Jansport will be available at select retail stores like Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle Phoenix Mills.

Hair and care

Unleash your style with new Garnier Fructis Style - A complete range of innovative and original textures specially developed by styling experts to let you easily create the most head turning styles. This unisex product range starting from Rs 70 up to Rs 199.

Timeless style

‘Timond’ introduces gold and diamond studded watches for the discerning men who believe in timeless luxury. An articulate alliance of finely crafted jewellery with authentic Swiss movement broadly epitomises the characteristic uniqueness of this eternal masterpiece. Embellished in 18 carat yellow gold studded with whole cut diamonds. ‘Timond’ is priced at Rs. 1,06,000.

Diana sofa set

Usha Lexus - the only national player in Branded Wooden Furniture with showrooms across India, brings in an exceptionally elegant and stylish range of Diana sofa sets all over India. The entire new sofa set is the result of the effort and creativity being put in to give customers the best of the quality and design.

Each piece has been polished with the best melamine stain-proof, scratch-resistant polish in the Wenge black, Walnut, Rosewood and Natural Teak shade, which is all the rage these days. Priced at Rs 45,500, Diana sofa set comes with a 3 seater along with separate single seaters.

TurboPix in DVD

If you wish to view life’s defining moments instantly on your TV then reach out for the new MCC DVD players with TurboPix technology. MCC Group has introduced two new DVD players namely TD 20 and SP 200. The new technology is an amalgamation of an inbuilt memory card reader and USB Port. This breakthrough feature allows customers to view their images instantly on their TV set without going through the usual monotonous process of burning a CD or a DVD. MCC TD 20 model is available at a price of Rs 3990 and SP 200 for Rs 3490.

Fruit paste

Britannia Industries has launched new Treat Fruit Rollz – a unique concept of soft rolls containing ‘Real’ Fruit Paste. Britannia Treat Fruit Rollz is available in four exciting flavours- Strawberry, Orange, Apple and Dates. Each pack containing 4 Fruit Rollz is priced at Rs 10 for 50 gms. Also available are 12 packs of 50 gm packed in attractive dispensers.

Glycerine soap

VVF Limited, India’s leading producer of Oleochemicals and manufacturer of personal care products have launched the wonderfully scented JO Lavender soap to add to their range of glycerine enriched JO soaps. JO Lavender contains the soothing scent of Lavender that refreshes and lingers on your body, even after a bath. JO Lavender will be available across the country in packs of 4x75g at Rs 26 and packs of 4x125g at Rs 42.

Business phone

The specialist in Windows Mobile devices i-mate™ is now further extending its product portfolio with the launch of i-mate™ PDAL, to continue satisfying the needs and preferences of its thriving customer base.

The device boast GPRS, EDGE and high-speed Wi-fi connectivity for excellent data download rates and a truly satisfying push email experience, that extends to attachments for opening and real-time working. Price: 24,990.

Nine to five man

The global leader and fastest growing lifestyle footwear brand Egle Shoes has launched its ultra comfort premium men’s formal footwear range. The shoes have soles fitted with comfort zones and shock absorbers for better fit. The range is specially designed to cater the need for the discerning Indian corporate honchos, who are constantly looking for formal footwear, which makes a bold statement with feather fits and gives superb styling.

It comes in most amazing and unique shades of black, brown and copper, priced between Rs 3590 to Rs 4990 available at Metro Shoes, Sector -17, Chandigarh.

Harmeet Kaur

Last week we looked at the prefixes ‘ante’ and ‘anti’ and how they change the meaning of the word they are attached to. Today we see how the prefixes circum-and-de-operate.

Circum – means “around; on all sides”.

The following ten words all of which have the prefix circum are commonly found.

Circum-ambulate: To walk around, specially to walk around a religious symbol as in a Mandir or a Gurdwara.

Circumlocution: A roundabout way of speaking or indirect manner of talking.

Circumspect: 1. Keeping a watch all-round to avoid making an error. 2. To be careful about ones reputation 3. Wary

Circumvent: To get around or side step a situation.

Circumference: The boundary line of a circle.

Circumscribe: To draw a (imaginary) line around something.

Circumnavigate: To sail around something, around an island or the world.

Circumstance: A fact, occurrence or condition or surrounding of an act or event.

Circumsolar: Moving or situated around the sun.

Circumfluent: Flowing around or surround.

The other most commonly used prefix in English is ‘de’. Can be briefly explained as reversal of an action lessening or going down off undoing

Next week we will go over words starting with the prefix ‘de’.

In school, tongue twisters caused a lot of merriment. Try the following phrases. Speak them aloud at least three times each!!

Double bubble gum bubbles double.

Strange strategic statistics.

A Steamy Affair

There’s something about steamed puddings — very old-fashioned, very comforting and very British indeed. They are relatively less popular because this is the jet-age and no one has the time and patience required for the laborious steaming process. Then why am I talking about steamed puddings? Well, maybe I’m old-fashioned! Maybe I’m hoping to motivate at least some of you into giving it a shot, turning out this moist, tender-crumbed concoction! It would be good to remember from time to time, that there are no short-cuts to preparing a truly delicious dish. Time, patience (and passion!) need to be your first few ingredients. We need to set up a steaming vessel with a trivet at the base. An inverted saucer works just as well. Then lower a basin full of the pudding batter into it. Pour boiling water around the pudding basin, coming halfway up the basin. Another simple method for steaming a pudding is to pop it in the oven, sitting in a wide, shallow tray full of boiling water (the latter is the guest artist) Enough steam gets generated for the job though you will occasionally need to peep in and top up the water. The result of this improvisation is not top dollar, but quite acceptable.

Duchesse Pudding

100 gm butter

100 gm sugar (granulated)

2 eggs, beaten

175 gm flour

2 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp raisins

2 tbsp chopped glace 

2 tbsp chopped mixed peel

2 tbsp chopped walnuts

1 tsp vanilla essence

A little milk to mix


Half fill a large vessel with water and put on to boil. Grease a 900-1000 ml. pudding basin with butter (an ordinary metal bowl plays this part quite well). Cream together the fat and sugar until pale and fluffy. Gradually add eggs while beating. Mix together the flour, baking powder, fruit bits and nuts. Fold them into the creamed mixture along with the essence.  Add only enough milk to attain a dropping consistency. Cover with foil, secure tightly with string and lower into the boiling water. Steam for 1 ½ - 2 hours. Turn out on to a dish and serve with apricot sauce made by thinning apricot jam with hot water.

Chocolate Crumb Pudding

50 gm dark chocolate

75 gm butter

65 gm sugar (granulated)

1 egg, separated

½ tsp vanilla

2 cups fresh white bread crumbs

50 gm flour

¾ tsp baking powder

4-5 tbsp milk


Set up the vessel with water and grease a pudding basin as in the above recipe. Melt the chocolate in a pan over hot water. Beat the sugar and butter until fluffy. Add the melted chocolate, egg-yolk and vanilla. Mix together the crumbs, flour and baking powder, then fold in to the creamed mixture, adding milk till you achieve a dropping consistency. Whisk the egg-white till stiff and then gently fold it into the batter. Tip this into the prepared basin, tie-up as before and lower into the boiling water for steaming for 1 ½ - 2 hours. Serve with thin cream, custard or chocolate sauce. Note: The hot water level must be maintained at all times, with additional water poured in, HOT, not cold.

More than a 1000 words
Pradeep Tewari, winner of the prestigious 4th Annual Photoshare Photo Contest
Parbina Rashid

It was by sheer chance that the assignment to cover an athletic meet for slum children organised by Pustak, a voluntary organisation, fell into Pradeep Tewari’s lap. But the scene he captured had nothing to do with luck or co-incidence. It was years of experience of covering sport events that got him the right shot and the ‘Best of Show’ award at the 4th Annual Photoshare Photo Contest sponsored by the INFO Project at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

This young photojournalist of ‘The Tribune’ has given us double reason to rejoice. The judges’ comment that came with the award winning photograph says it all — “A stunning picture with a highly dynamic foreground that is perfectly integrated into the rest of the picture. Not hiding anything, instead showing and structuring all that has to be seen in the background. We don’t often get the chance to see the shoe soles in photography, and this one really does it well!”

That is not all. Another picture by Pradeep on Family Planning and Reproductive Health won the ‘Best of Category’ in the same contest. His photo portrays good composition and effective positioning of the main subject, documents a strong humanist moment of sharing experience and knowledge among women.

“The photograph of the athletic meet was closest to my heart not just because I could manage to catch it from the right angle, but for the inspiring picture the physically- challenged child made while competing with able-bodied children,” says Pradeep. He wanted to send the particular picture for the World Photo Contest, but unfortunately this was not one of his published works, the criteria for the contest.

Pradeep, who has 11 years of experience as a photojournalist, is not new to such awards and honours. In fact, only last year his picture on AIDS awareness won him the ‘Best of Category’ award in the same contest. With his participation in local contests and exhibitions organised by the Chandigarh Photo Journalists’ Association, Pradeep has made a mark in the city photography circle.

Buoyed by his recent success, Pradeep is all set to go for a Ph. D in photojournalism. Does it mean we are going to lose an ace photographer to the world of hypothesis and theories? “I have done my MA in history from Panjab University and mass communication from Guru Jambeshwer University. The obvious next step in my growth curve is a doctorate degree, but in practice I will always remain a photojournalist,” he says.

Pradeep’s Mission Ph.D also stems from his working experience in the city. “People often mistake a photojournalist for a photographer. I want to educate people and earn the respect photojournalists deserve,” he adds.

Pradeep’s grit sure matches that of the child he captured in his award-winning picture.

Sizzling delights
Smriti Sharma

Courtesy the ever-proliferating hotel industry in the city, food festivals are tickling the discerning foodie’s palette like never before. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Punjabi tadka, it’s all here.

In line with the trend, Manor in Sector 26 is hosting a Continental Sizzler Festival starting today. The fest promises to sizzle with its fusion Indo-Chinese sizzlers. Topping the mouth-watering menu is the Caribbean Jerk Sizzler, a delectable over-roasted chicken, flavoured with cumin and paprika, topped with pineapple and apple juices.

Next in line is the Peppered Chicken Steak Sizzler, bound to be a hit — cheesy mushroom and rosemary scented stuffed chicken topped with pepper juice.

Other must haves include Chicken Shaslik, Sizzling Lamb Delight, Lamb Chop Picatta, Fish Steaks and Sizzling Sun.

And all you vegetarians, don’t lose heart. Do check out the Cottage Cheese Steak, Cottage Cheese and Mushroom Shaslik.

For the Chinese food lovers, there are fusion combos. Try out the Sizzling Chilli Mountain Chicken served with hakka noodles or the Sizzling Lamb Black Bean Sauce.

And for those who can’t beyond Indian food, how about some Sizzling Butter Chicken served with rice and assorted vegetables? Also tempting is the Rahra Gosht with minced boneless mutton served with rice and vegetables, Paneer Tikka Masala complete with paneer chunks cooked in the tandoor. Hungry kya?

Stefani plays cupid

American pop star Gwen Stefani sees a possibility of Brangelina’s daughter Shiloh Nouvel becoming her future daughter-in-law. Gwen is playing cupid to her eight-month-old son, Kingston Rossdale who regularly plays with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby daughter.

The Hollaback Girl singer is good friends with the Tomb Raider star, and like them, their kids also get along really well.

“May be they’ll get married when they grow up. That’d be cute,” The Mirror quoted Gwen as saying. The 37-year-old pop star gave birth to Kingston, with British rocker husband Gavin Rossdale.

Reel or real?

British actress Sienna Miller has rubbished reports that she and her Factory Girl co-star Hayden Christensen had ‘real’ sex while filming a love scene for the film.

The 24-year-old star felt disgusted, when a tabloid reporter asked her the embarrassing question - if there had been penetration while the steamy scene.
Furious Miller replied by saying: “Oh, darling, that is so horrible. You obviously don’t know anything about making movies.” Even her publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik has denied the rumours, insisting that the scene looked real because of a good performance by the actress.

“It’s not true at all. When you do a love scene, there are five or six people on the set at a minimum. They weren’t having real sex. She’s just a great actress,” New York Daily new quoted the rep, as saying.

A spokesperson of Weinstein Company has also refuted the claims denying the outlandish report.

No film career for Kate’s kids

Actress Kate Winslet has decided not to encourage her kids to choose acting as their career, as she feels that one has to face a lot of pain and cruelty to become a star in Hollywood.
While the Titanic star believes that her daughter Mia can make a great actress, she has decided not to force the six-year-old or three-year-old Joe to take up acting.

“Mia was a very flamboyant and expressive kid, but now she has calmed down a little,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

“There was a moment where I thought, “Oh, my God, she could really end up doing this for a living! and I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. I know from my parents, when I said that was what I wanted to do, it was a big deal,” added the 31-year-old actress. One reason behind the Titanic star’s reluctance to encourage her children to take up acting are the sufferings that her thespian father and actress sisters had to experience when they were struggling to get a big break.

Rod to rock again

Rod Stewart is being paid $ 1 million to perform for an hour at one of America’s richest men’s private party.

New York business tycoon Steve Schwarzman has hired the ageing rocker to perform at his 60th birthday bash on February 13.

Schwarzmann’s wife, Christine, is believed to have approached Rod with the lucrative request. The party, costing around 2.5million pounds, will be held at Manhattan’s historic Park Avenue Armory.
The fee for the Maggie May rocker, 62, works out at 510,800 pounds.

“Rod will be flown in for the night with all expenses paid. He will perform all his old favourites. The set will last an hour,” The Sun quoted a source, as saying. Some 1,500 friends and family have been invited.

Some of America’s wealthiest citizens like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Secretary of State Colin Powell are expected to grace the occasion. — ANI

As clear as crystal
Damini Chadha

In the world of glass, crystal of any kind is considered supreme. Elite homes display their crystal artefacts with great pride. It is a prestigious and costly possession.

Traditional deft craftsmen primarily produce such cut glass type in Poland and Czechoslovakia. However, the definition of crystal is now widened to include the liquid glass type blown glass in various colours or etched glass as well as the conventional cut glass crystal. The European crystal craftsmen now make exquisite blown and carved pieces depicting Ganesh, Saraswati, Natraj and the famous four horse-driven chariot driven by Lord Krishna.

Striking show

I happened to visit a unique exhibition displaying a large variety of crystal items in an impressive and fantastic international exhibition in Germany. As we entered the main gate of the crystal ware pavilion we faced a huge translucent raw crystal rock measures about 2.00 meters by 2.5 meters. Most of the exhibits were from Kosta crystal factory in southern Sweden, which had a significant presence in this exhibition. On display was a blown piece dating back to 1742.

Crystal glasswork from other famous factories of different countries was also on display.

These included elegant coloured bowls, tableware flower vases, animal and human figures, religious symbols, wine glasses, fruits, candle stands, table lamps, paper weights photo frames and decanters in several shades, including cobalt blue.

Glass blowers

A little way off from the about six meters from the main crystal pavilion, House of Kosta has arranged a demonstration of crystal production. Workers demonstrated different styles from classical liquid glass to contemporary glassware as well as some new creations using pollution-free methods. For the first time I saw techniques of making crystal glass which involve recycling without re-melting. A glass blower is required to have very finely tuned senses. He is not to hesitate but act on the spur of moment. Because if glass is too hot the shaping handle he is using to shape the object may just melt away or pieces through the piece.

On the other hand if it is too cold it will not shape at all. Hand blowing is a highly specialised job and a living craft, which is reflected in every piece. Sometimes faults or irregularities occur in the glass. These are also marketed as seconds in the world market. In the case of conventionally cut crystal it is the percentage composition of lead in the composition, which determines its quality in world market. A very costly crystal piece is treated as a jewel.

Health tip of the day

Regular moderate exercise reduces the risk of intestinal disorders including ulcers, indigestion and in elderly also lowers the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

— Dr Ravinder Chadha

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