Fact-based fiction
Amrik Singh
Black Thunder: Dark Nights of Terrorism in Punjab
by M. K. Dhar. Har-Anand Publications. Pages 371. Rs 495.
IN 2005, Maloy Krishna Dhar, a retired senior official of the Intelligence Bureau, brought out a book entitled Open Secrets: Indiaís Intelligence Unveiled. As it was more or less the first book of its kind, it was quite a sensation. Since then, a couple of other books by persons who have been connected with the Intelligence Bureau have been written. Apart from everything else, the Bureau wanted to put a stop to the unveiling of its secrets.

Books received: ENGLISH

Achievers all
Roopinder Singh
Sikhs Unlimited
by Khushwant Singh. Rupa. Pages 211. Rs 495.
THE Sikh diaspora has spawned thousands of success stories. The high achievers are too well known, but what is often forgotten is that there are many other tales to be told, to be celebrated. The book is written by a first-time author, who went on a trans-continental journey and met 14 achievers who have been featured.

Murder in the womb
Female Foeticide in Punjab: Causes and Consequences
by D.P Singh. Paragon International, New Delhi. Pages 166. Rs 750.
Female foeticide has resulted in an alarming imbalance in sex ratio across the country. The situation has been particularly grave in Punjab, which has achieved the dubious distinction of having the worst sex ratio. It is unfortunate because all the 10 Gurus of the Sikhs preached equality among men and women. The recent discovery of two graves of female foetuses at Patran near Patiala has left a serious blot on Punjab.

Crisis of survival
Satinder K. Girgla
Farmers Suicide in India: Dynamics and Strategies of Prevention
Ed. Dr Gyanmudra. Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi. Pages 170. Rs 520.
THE Indian peasantry is currently facing an epidemic of suicide, which reveals the poignant tales of our country and the desperation that marks the lives of so many millions. Suicides by impoverished farmers are new to our country, as it was only in the 1990s that India woke up to a spate of suicides by farmers. The first state where suicides were reported was Maharashtra.

Bardís influence on modern life
B. L. Chakoo
Shakespeare After All
by Marjorie Garber. Anchor Books, New York. Pages 989. $18.
"EVERY age creates its own Shakespeare. What is often described as the timelessness of Shakespeare, the transcendent qualities for which his plays have been praised around the world and across the centuries, is perhaps understood as an uncanny timelessness, a capacity to speak directly to circumstances, the playwright could have anticipated or foreseen.

Many Hughes of Tedís life
These letters lay bare his contradictions and reveal the poignant relationship with Plath, writes Suzi Feay
Letters of Ted Hughes
Selected and edited by Christopher Reid Faber. Pages 750. £30
THIS is a thoroughly exciting and absorbing book, as gripping as a good novel but tragic as only a true story can be. Itís a tale rich in dramatic irony; its protagonist is complex and fascinating, laden with contradictions he was seemingly unaware of. Despite what one must assume were the best efforts of Hughes's devoted publishers, he comes across as fairly bonkers.

For them realty rocks
Peeyush Agnihotri
Moguls of Real Estate
by Manoj Namburu; Roli Books; Pages 270. Rs 350
IN late 1980s, the usual refrain on Dalal Street was "invest in everything where machinery ticks (manufacturing sector)." The catchphrase changed to "invest in everything where mouse clicks (dotcom and IT)" in late 1990s. Ten years down the line, the buzz is to "invest in everything that consumes bricks" (construction and real estate).

Duttís the way to care and love
Darlingji- The true love story of Nargis and Sunil Dutt
by Kishwar Desai, Harper Collins, Pages 456. Rs 395.
Caught between a fruitless relationship and a family that hardly understood her, Nargis actually contemplated committing suicide, just before Sunil Dutt entered her life, rekindling in her the desire to live, reveals a recently released book, relating the love story of the duo.

Fault lines of a nation and ecology
Randeep Wadehra

  • Fault Lines of Nationhood
    by Gyanendra Pandey &Yunas Samad (Ed David Page) Roli Books, N. Delhi. Pages 138. Rs 250

  • Ecology and Human well-being
    by Raghubir Singh Pirta Shipra, Delhi. Pages: xviii+194. Rs 495

  • Maharaja Dalip Singh Cheated Out
    by Avtar Singh Gill. Jaswant Printers, Ludhiana. Pages 256. Rs 300