Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sandeep Joshi

I want to know if Iíll have a daughter. I want to make her a nurse.

Nursing talent
As the Trained Nurses Association celebrates its centenary this year, it has been projected that India needs 2,00,000 nursing personnel

Despite considerable expansion in the nursing services in the country since Independence, a stark imbalance exists in the nurseís population ratio in India, where there is one nurse for every 2,250 persons. In contrast, the number of people served by one nurse in the developed countries ranges from 150 to 200 and even countries like Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Thailand have a better nurse-population ratio.

Headcount went north, productivity moved south
IT's Top 3 added over 57,000 workers in '07

India's three biggest IT firms, TCS, Infosys and Wipro, together added 57,554 persons to their payrolls in 2007, but rising staff costs coupled with the impact of the rupee rally and turmoil in the US economy have affected their average employee productivity.

Smart Skills
Log on to opportunities
Usha Albuquerque

The Internet is a strong contender for our time and attention. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Orkut and many others have thousands of users hooked for hours on end. And while parents may monitor and teachers complain, we have to acknowledge that the Internet is creating hundreds of jobs and thousands of new business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shyness a stumbling block for job-seeker
The shy person is at a disadvantage in a career chase. He keeps his talents under wraps while others less talented outsmart him as they are outgoing.
The shy person is unsure of himself. He is scared of others. He cannot go up the ladder of success because he is tense, ill at ease, and has a series of tight sequences inside.

Bits & bytes
Yahoo to  slash jobs
Yahoo Inc plans to cut hundreds of jobs as part of an effort to refocus its faltering business and boost its sagging stocks. The job cuts are expected to number around 500, out of 14,000 employees globally, although their precise locations have yet to be finalised, media report said.

Career Hotline
Adding to your skills
Pervin Malhotra
Q Unlike most of my classmates, I just love maths. I have a genuine knack for understanding and solving complicated math problems. Please tell me how I can develop my skills further?
ó Lakhvinder Jaiswal

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