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US steadily losing its influence

HK. DUA’s front-page report, “Pakistan giving nightmares to US” (May 20) was timely. His observations are revealing. George Washington founded American Constitution on humanism. Abraham Lincoln fought civil war to save American unity. He wisely warned, “No country should rule any other country on the basis of its economic strength and military might”.

President Bush ignored even the UN and went power drunk. He prepared, armed and funded Islamic terrorists to drive out the Soviet army from Afghanistan which later fell with the Taliban’s hands. President Bush made Saddam Hussain his target, attacked Iraq and got him hanged. 9/11 was a challenge to America’s might. Terrorism became a horrible ideology of the fundamentalists and extremists. The US nursed, financed and armed Pakistan in its anti-India foreign policy. Pakistan proved a liability. Iraq is breeding terrorists.


The Taliban are reasserting in Afghanistan. The tribal areas are still beyond any country’s approach. Japan is no longer in the US’ pocket. The Chinese Dragon is showing is fangs. The Russian bear is showing its teeth. The American eagle is helpless even in Britain. It can no longer puzzle or muzzle any nation.

Prof HARI SINGH, Kheri Jat (Jhajjar)


The US has not only been ignoring India’s repeated protests but helping successive Pakistan regimes with economic and military aid. It took the US over 20 years to realise the dangers. Till 9/11, it was helping Pakistan out of its own choice. Post 9/11, it was compelled to help Musharraf.

The US foreign policy has been based on its immediate business concerns and never on justified reasoning. It patronises unpopular regimes and ignores those who are the pioneers of democratic values.


Obama or Hillary

It is heartening to learn from H.K. Dua’s front-page report, “Obama forges ahead, crossing barriers” (May 21) that “most Americans have so far not taken kindly to” the racial prejudices during the campaign for the world’s most coveted post. It will be a long leap in the assimilation process of US society for which Martin Luther King had to lay down his life.

Win of either Obama or Hillary Clinton will create history because so far neither a non-white nor a woman has ever aspired for the US Presidency.

LAJ PAT RAI GARG, Chandigarh

Corruption virus

H.K. Dua’s front-page editorial, “The stink of corruption” (April 29) is an eye-opener for the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. They are hand in glove with each other and are looting the country. Corruption is too deep and is eating into the vitals of the country. Stringent punishment must be given to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Only then, the virus of corruption can be eliminated.

S.K. SHARMA, Jalandhar


The day is not far off when we would be heading the list of the world’s most corrupt nations. Sadly, every mechanism devised and applied by successive regimes has failed to tame the virus of corruption. The citizens should fight against corruption. The Press, being the fourth estate, should spread awareness and awaken the citizens. To root out corruption at various levels, a strong people’s movement has become imperative.



Indeed, it is the unholy nexus between some corrupt politicians and greedy bureaucrats that is responsible for rampant corruption in the country. Admittedly, not all politicians nor all bureaucrats are corrupt. However, it is for the top political leadership, constitutional authorities, academics, right-thinking citizens, law enforcement agencies and the media, in particular, to get together and form a strong public opinion in the country to synergise their efforts in a nationwide fight against all forms of corruption.

Brig GOVIND SINGH KHIMTA (retd), Shimla

Erratic weather

In April last week, the maximum temperature in Shimla hovered between 27°C and 29°C which is 4-5 degrees above normal for this period of the year. From May 9 to 12, it was between 22° and 19°C, again 5 to 6 degrees below normal. This variation of 10 to 12 degrees in the maximum temperature of the Queen of Hills in a span of less than a fortnight cannot be dismissed lightly.

This cannot be attributed to climate changes all over the globe because of carbon emissions and global warming. The sharp and sudden variations are a sort of warnings from the Nature about the impending threat to the environment and call for urgent remedial measures by all countries.

Prof V. R. SETHI (retd), Shimla

Focus on educated voters

The Election Commission is taking significant steps to make the electoral process transparent and accountable to people. In every election, the number of illiterate and poor voters is greater than the educated.

Wily politicians lure illiterate and semi-literate masses to vote for them while the educated ones remain confined to their shells. Consequently, many politicians of dubious standing nurture a large vote bank comprising illiterate and poor people which help them grab power, sometimes by defeating far better candidates.

The value of a vote should be linked to the voter’s education level. For instance, the vote of an illiterate may carry two points, a matriculate’s four points, a graduate’s eight points and so on. Such a system will not only encourage more educated voters to exercise their franchise but also motivate illiterate and semi-literate ones to achieve a better level of education. Above all, this will result in the election of better candidates who can put the country on the path of progress and prosperity.

Dr K.L. NARULA, Yamunanagar



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